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I remember, doot-doot...
...we had a swimming pool.

Audio Line/Pet Sounds fxo tape mix  
Under the Bamboo Joke Various Artists tape mix
The Music Must Stop, Now! Quentin Crisp Pillows & Prayers compil. Lp
The Western Lands(A Dangerous Road mix) Material(w. D.J. Spooky) Western Lands Ep
Harry's House/Centerpiece Joni Mitchell Greatest "Misses" Lp
Aquarius Sound Foundation Underground, Free the Vaults, Vol. 1
Light of Life Santana(with Leon Thomas, R.I.P.) Welcome Lp
It's Daly's Tune! It's Daly's tape  
Waves of Waves The Tape Beatles Music with Sound Lp
Dark Star Dead(live-Avalon Ballroom,10/13/68) tape mix
The Last Goodbye Jeff Buckley Grace Lp
Love, Devotion, & Surrender Santana Welcome Lp
How Long Will It Take? Crabby Appleton first Lp
Lithium Pierce Turner Action Ep
Adiabatic Prolapse Ghosts of Dead Airplanes Lp
Seven Minutes of Understanding Supernatural 12" instrumental mix
Body Movin'(Kut Master Kurt remix) Beastie Boys 12" remix
Blue Chinook Novak eponymous Lp
Dialogue Johhny Depp Fear and Loathing soundtrack Lp
Combination of the 2 Big Brother&the Holding Co. Fear&Loathing soundtrack Lp
Characteristic Beat Emergency Broadcast Network Offbeat, A Red, Hot compil. Lp
Dialogue/Magic Moments Perry Como Fear and Loathing soundtrack Lp
The CIA Took My Dog Away The Asteroid #4 7" a-side
Jigsaw Puzzle Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet Lp
Talking About Cars Alienstalk eponymous Lp
Soul Bossa Nova(Dim's Space remix) Quincy Jones Austin Powers "Shagged" Lp
The Balloon Race Mr Wright Star Time Lp
Feel Every Beat Electronic eponymous Lp
Pooh Song Tortoise/The Ex In the Fishtank Lp
Draem Land Madeleine Peyroux Dream Land Lp
Dictionary of Modern Marriage XTC tape loop mix
Just Whistle Panty Christ new Lp
Biscuit Face Spacetime Continuum Double Fine Zone Lp
Sugar Town Nancy Sinatra Sugar Lp
Intro/Little Man Andrew Coleman Thrill Jockey 12" Radio sampler Lp
You Know What I Mean The Turtles Happy Together Lp
Vibe Sequencer The Lonesome Organist Cavalcade Lp
Poor Me David Garland Togetherness Lp
The Very Attractive Audio Engineer Emperor Penguin Shatter the Illusion Lp
E.P. in N.Y.C. Emperor Penguin Shatter the Illusion, Oh Yeah! Lp
Route 66 The Nelson Riddled Orchestra  

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