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WFMU's Official Program Guide:
in Print & Online

Lowest Common Denominator originated in 1986 as an outlet for WFMU to deliver the kind of strange and interesting stuff our radio station does, only in print. Now, with the magic of computers, we are able to shove Kookism, Evil Geniuses, Great DJs, Disturbing Art, Barney Bashing and much more through your innocent, unsuspecting internet connection.

Issue 27 (print and online) now available!






This issue of LCD is so special that it's got its own table of contents page! It's chock full of goodies - articles about extraterrestrial communist conspiracy records, sex records, and geographic prog-rock records, cartoons about WBAI, Mike Curb, and a really cute ghost, and more, more, more!!

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I Stream, You Stream
by Michael Pool

The Legend of Shaloman!
by Todd Norlander

The Search for Sugar Babe
by Doug Schulkind

Metal Urbane
by Andee Connors


The LCD Guide to Rock 'n' Roll London
by Dave Mandl

Do the Hucklebuck!
by Steve Krinsky

Why I Hate Radio
by Chris T.




24 Reasons to Hope for a Stock Market Crash in the New Millennium
by Dave Mandl

The Chris Gaines No One Knows
by Bronwyn C.

The Bendable Sounds of Flexi-Discs
by Mike Cumella (MAC)

The State of the Station
Special Guest Author: Irwin Chusid

The First Rock 'N' Roll Record
by Dave Wondrich


WFMU Staffer's Brushes with Fame
by Brian Turner

Excelsior, You Fathead!
Remembering Jean Shepherd

edited by Irwin Chusid

Popcorn Unlimited
by Douglas Wolk

Teabagging Quiz
by Gaylord Fields

Lance and the Invisible Realm
by Greasy Kid's Stuff's "Uncle Randy"




Blackthorne's Resignation

Hillbilly Hollywood


Kokomo Jr: Renaissance Chimp
by Dave the Spazz

Who Killed Rock 'n' Roll?




Tell The Truth Until They Bleed
by Josh Alan Friedman

The Month of Living Dangerously


The Five Absolutely Worst Acoustic Performances My Eyes Ever Had the Displeasure of Witnessing

Truckstop 2000




Jandek: The Original Disconnect

Chewing the Bubblegum with Joey Levine

Why West Coast Pizza Tastes Like Crap!


Smooth Jazz

Wild Pitches by Andy Breckman

Skipping Like A Rock by Chris T.




Looking Under the Fez

A Brief History of Freeform Radio

The Freeform Timeline

I Like Ice: A Tribute to Iceberg Slim
by Josh Alan Friedman


Dee Jay Jive-O-Rama

Nurse With Wound interview

Flabby Preludes For A Dog:
An Erik Satie Primer
by Kenny G

Sammy Petrillo Speaks Out!
by Dave the Spazz




Laughs, Love and Life with Neil Hamburger
by Tom Scharpling

Jazzbo On the Radio...

Jack Ruby: Dallas' Original J.R.


Nobody Move! It's Richard Pryor!
by Andy Breckman

James Carr: Way Out On A Voyage




The Peculiar Bookshelf

Reasons to be Cheerful, pt.#365

The Urine Cure and other curious medical treatments


Nervous Norvus: The Man with the Malroonie Mouth by The Hound

Anatomy of a Bomb by Andy the Breckman




Rodd Keith Revealed! by Ellery Eskelin

Bonomo! by Miriam Linna

The Polite Medium

Paul Page: Nautical Exotica Neurotica!


The Hound's Summer Reading List
by The Hound

The Hound's Guide to Dirty Records
by The Hound

Christ, Communists and Rock & Roll




Cherry Bomb: The Story of the Awful Cherry Sisters by The Irwin the Chusid

WFMU: The Early, Oily Days

Liner Notes Of The Gods

Captain Trips Bums Clevo


Nancy in Wonderland: An Exclusive Interview by Chris T.

Escape From Staten Island!

A Coyle and Sharpe Primer
by Kenny the G.

by various artists

"Why I Don't Play American Pie on My Show"
by Andy Breckman


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