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Gary Sullivan spelunks New York’s teeming immigrant-run shops collecting Abigbo, Bollywood funk, Cantopop, Nortec, Shibuya-kei and pure pop from Peru to Palestine—and all points in between. Grab the best of the booty at bodegapop.com … and shake your own booty with Gary here each week, live.

Wednesdays 7 - 10pm (EST) (Web-only) | On WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio (Info)
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Options February 25, 2015: Rockin' Moroccans
The music of al-Maġrib, from classic Berber, Chaabi, Gnawa & Malhun to psychedelic 70s superstars Les Frères Mégri and Nass El Ghiwane to the latest rai, rap, reggae & rock from the region.

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Music behind DJ:
Bodega Pop 
Intro   Options Bodega Pop Live  2015     
ZWM  Morocco   Options Ma Tssibch Ki Dir  2011  Morocco  0:04:43 ()
Fadaul  Tayeh   Options     Morocco  0:06:49 ()
Aïcha Tachinwite  Safi   Options Aicha Tachinwite    Morocco  0:10:11 ()
Les Frères Megri   El Harib   Options Mahmoud, Hassan Et Younès  1972  Morocco  0:16:14 ()
Jalil Bennis et Les Golden Hands  Mirza   Options   1967  Morocco  0:19:40 ()
Golden Hands  What to Say   Options 7"  1973  Morocco  0:21:56 ()
Music behind DJ:
Naïma Samith 
Zifaf Filfada   Options Waking up Scheherazade Vol. 2  2010  Morocco  0:25:34 ()
Mahmoud Kania  Ya Jwadi   Options Essaouira    Morocco  0:33:36 ()
Ihssane  Kaddemna Redat L'walidine   Options Henniw Lalla    Morocco  0:36:53 ()
Group Doueh  Zaya Koum   Options Zayna Jumma  2011  Morocco / Western Sahara  0:39:26 ()
Bnate Errma  'Aicha w 'Awicha   Options Sawt el Azhar cassette 195    Morocco  0:43:14 ()
Fawda Trio  Zid L'Mal (More Money)   Options Fawda Live    Morocco  0:46:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
Fawda Trio 
Intro ( ancestral dialogue from the Sky)   Options Fawda Live    Morocco  0:56:58 ()
Lemchaheb  Al Khyala   Options Lemchaheb  1975  Morocco  1:04:24 ()
Jil Jilala  Lotfya   Options Chaama    Morocco  1:10:06 ()
Nass El Ghiwane  Ya Men Jana   Options Essiniya    Morocco  1:25:29 ()
Music behind DJ:
Latifa Raafat 
Nasyak (instrumental)   Options Ash-shouk    Morocco  1:31:41 ()
Fnaïre  Yamdah salam (intro)   Options Yed El Henna  2007  Morocco  1:38:05 ()
Fnaïre  Yed El Henna   Options Yed El Henna  2007  Morocco  1:40:00 ()
Sultana | Tigresse Flow  The Match   Options     Morocco  1:43:00 ()
Cheba Maria  Casablanca   Options Ould Bladi  2010  Morocco  1:46:06 ()
Lmoutchou  Fuck Peace (Featuring Yasfirst)   Options Dars Khass Ba3da LAlbum - The mixtape    Morocco  1:49:35 ()
Dizzy DROS  Nhar F'Zan9a feat. Would Chaab   Options 3azzy 3ando Stylo    Morocco  1:51:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
Muslim Gauze 
Morocco Leather Veil   Options Sufiq EP  2000  UK  1:53:56 ()
Fatima Tihihit  Track 1   Options Raissa Fatima Tihihit    Morocco  2:01:34 ()
Omar Wahrouche  Yan Meghoutin Imhasidin   Options Rais Omar Wahrouche    Morocco  2:14:34 ()
Najat Aâtabou  Shoufi Ghirou   Options Ach Dart Ana (EH 1260)  1984  Morocco (Tim's favorite Najat tape)  2:20:21 ()
Oulad El-Bouazzaoui  Khoutna ya L-Islam   Options Milouda    Morocco  2:30:58 ()
Music behind DJ:
Occupy ( Test ur Democracy )   Options     Morocco  2:41:10 ()
Wachmn Hit  Hit Wachmn Hit   Options Hit Wachmn Hit    Morocco  2:46:38 ()
Ouled Cheikh Mohand  Lalla Yara   Options Lalla Yara  2005  Morocco  2:49:47 ()
ZWM  Morocco   Options Ma Tssibch Ki Dir  2011  Morocco  2:55:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
Catrina Paslaru 
Hei La Bodega   Options Hei La Bodega - Carnaval!  2000    2:57:39 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 6:58pm listener james from westwood:

Every listener's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 6:59pm Gary:

Indeed, James; indeed!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 6:59pm ndbob:

Heya Gary, James, everyone!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:00pm Gary:

Howdy, Bob!
Avatar    Wed. 2/25/15 7:04pm hyde:

where can i get me a suit like that?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 7:06pm steve:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 7:06pm Holly in NC:

Hi Gary and friends !
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:07pm Gary:

Hyde! Steve! Holly!
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:09pm Jill B.:

Hi Bodega fans! I love the suit.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:09pm Gary:

Hi, Mom!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:10pm Doug Schulkind:

We're gonna Mroc Mroc Mroc, Roll Roll Roll!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:10pm Gary:

We all have Doug to thank for unearthing Fadaul, aka the James Brown of Morocco
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:10pm Gary:

... and speak of the devil!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 7:10pm coelacanth:

howdy Gary and all
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:11pm Gary:

Coelacanth! Howdy!
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:11pm Jill B.:

Hey, are you East Coastians getting any relief from the winter weather???????
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:12pm Gary:

It was sort of tolerable out in Queens today
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:12pm ndbob:

it got up to 36 here today
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 7:12pm cklequ:

The temperature rose above 30 today. It was balmy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 7:12pm listener james from westwood:

How do, all!
@Jill: No snow today and slightly warmer, above-freezing, sunny weather in NY/NJ metro. Maybe a bit of snow tomorrow.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 7:13pm Holly in NC:

Glad you'll be partnering w Meghan, I miss her show -even though I never, ever listened in real time!

Will need to bug out soon, need to get 4 dogs out before snow starts @ 8. 2 of them love snow, no biggie, but 1 HATES it and the last (who is first) has a horrible abscess on his paw on his paralyzed leg that I need to keep dry...

@JillB - No. :-) Looking at 8-10 inches tonight, preceded by freezing rain, ugh. But it was HOT out earlier today -40s !
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:13pm Gary:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 7:13pm Jesse K:

howdy Gary and ereryone. We topped 100 inches last night!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:14pm Gary:

Poor doggie! Abscess does NOT make the heart grow fonder
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:14pm Gary:

Jesus, Jesse! Are you guys able to go to work w/out snowshoes?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 7:15pm Holly in NC:

Luckily the ABCs (state owned liquor store) were open today - they were CLOSED yesterday. If I'm going to be snowed in, I want me some gin.

@Jesse !!! OK, I will shut up now.
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:15pm Jill B.:

It hasn't been great hear in the Willamette Valley or Oregon. Overcast and very chilly.....a good day to be inside.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:15pm ndbob:

wow Holly!
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:17pm Jill B.:

Good grief Jesse, that is one heck of a lot of snow. How does one go about their daily lives in that kind on environment????
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:17pm Doug Schulkind:

We all have Adam Lore of 50 Miles of Elbow Room to thank for unearthing Fadaul! And for sharing him with me/us!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 7:18pm Jesse K:

no but it's fine really. the old subway is falling apart so it takes forever to get anywhere but I think we've got used to it. People rely on parking space savers mostly.
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:18pm Doug Schulkind:

@Jesse K
It's not the depth, it's the width!
Avatar    Wed. 2/25/15 7:19pm hyde:

@Jesse k. yeah, it's crazy there this year. my poor girlfriend takes the commuter rail into boston from attleboro, and it's been a disaster. she's had some four hour one way commutes.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:20pm Gary:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 7:22pm Holly in NC:

Clicky star Les Freres Megri
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:24pm Jill B.:

Some enterprising person should figure out a way to convert all of that snow to potable water and transport it out to the drought stricken west.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 7:25pm cklequ:

That's a really long trip to Boston from Attleboro....

Speaking of Attleboro and Boston.. is anybody else in that general area planning on heading to the Salem film festival to see the woof moo documentary next week?
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:26pm Gary:

Oh, lucky you, Cklequ! It's a pretty fun film
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 7:27pm Jesse K:

you can buy some of our snow: fox4kc.com...
Avatar    Wed. 2/25/15 7:27pm hyde:

@cklequ not i, can't make that.
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:29pm Jill B.:

@Jesse....uh.....I don't think that will do the trick out here!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:31pm ndbob:

@Jill I only remember snow a couple times when I lived in Corvallis - one time it got to minus 2 tho
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:35pm Jill B.:

NoDak Bob...well....last year we had 2 feet of snow in February, freezing rain, broken water pipes at 2 in the morning! Not this year....much, much drier. Perhaps all of the huge pipe now sitting idle, as the XL pipeline has been deep sixed (at least for now), couldn't they use the pipe to transport the water out to us folks.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:36pm ndbob:

wow that's an amazing amount of snow for the Willamette valley
Avatar    Wed. 2/25/15 7:39pm hyde:

@Jill B I read today that the California snowpack is at the lowest levels that's ever been measured, too. something like 19% of the average.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 7:40pm listener james from westwood:

I don't envy the Boston area, not now, not for the flooding they're gonna get.
@hyde: In the years I visited Las Vegas frequently, I watched Lake Mead decline and the snowcaps on the mountains west of Vegas recede. Horrible.
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:41pm Jill B.:

Wow, Ihssane's voice is truly amazing!!!!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:43pm Gary:

Mom, it's been enhanced by autotune!
Avatar    Wed. 2/25/15 7:43pm hyde:

@ljfw i think actually the flooding won't be so bad. one of the good things is that every storm has been really dry snow,--so it's really only 5-6" of water in all that snow, which isn't much more than normal water-wise. i think it'll get sloppy, but there shouldn't be too much flooding if it melts gradually.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 7:44pm northguineahills:

I think I saw this guy's pic on CNN.com a few years ago, of all places.

Group Doueh, is that legitimizing Morocco's claim of WS?
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:44pm Gary:

I look at those pictures of people's doors open and the big white block of snow where the outside should be and worry that it doesn't matter how slow that stuff melts, it's comin' inside
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:45pm Jill B.:

@hyde What is going to happen to the west???? I feel that people really have no clue as to just how bad it is going to get, let alone how bad it already is. The Willamette River is now down to about summer levels, with very little rain, comparatively, on the horizon.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:45pm Gary:

NGH! Yeah, I decided to go ahead and play them, tho I almost didn't for that very reason
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:46pm Jill B.:

Gary, When Grandma moved to Lopez we had a severe snow storm come through. One morning she opened the front door of her apartment to a over 2 foot wall of snow. She quickly shut the door and called me to come and get her out of there! Well, at that point no one was going anywhere on the island.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:46pm Gary:

This awesome lady come to us by way of the great MoroccanTapeStash
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:47pm Gary:

Poor Grandma!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:48pm glenn:

that's uh, quite the suit.
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:48pm Doug Schulkind:

One of my favorite performers to listen to and my absolute favorite to spell is Najat Aatabou.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:48pm Gary:

Mine, too, Doug -- we're definitely going to hear her a bit later on ...
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:49pm Gary:

Howdy, Glenn!
  Wed. 2/25/15 7:50pm Doug Schulkind:

I can't wait you to spell her, Gary!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:50pm glenn:

hello. meatballs are browning off.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:51pm Gary:

I'm going to cut 'n' paste -- it'll be easier :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 7:55pm Jesse K:

gotta run, thanks for the brief window to the desert Gary!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:55pm Gary:

Have a great night, Jesse!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:57pm ndbob:

excellent first hour Gary! catch the rest on the archive
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 7:57pm Gary:

Night, Bob!
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:03pm Jill B.:

Good night folks. Going to rustle up some chili for our chilly weather! Catch you next week, Gary.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:07pm Gary:

Night, Mom! I'll give you a call this weekend ...
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:09pm yaronimus:

thanks so much for a wonderful show and music!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:09pm Gary:

Well, howdy, Yaronimus -- and thank you!
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:10pm yaronimus:

all the best and appreciation from israel. i find myself talking with my friends about your blog!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:11pm Gary:

Aw, man -- you've made my evening -- thank you!
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:11pm yaronimus:

your'e welcome. i'm a fan a long time. what is that funky image if the cool guy here?
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:13pm Gary:

That's from a series of photographs by Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:15pm Gary:

Here's an article about him & his work: www.theguardian.com...
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:17pm yaronimus:

you might love music by Shushan - he's a israeli film composer, and also made a cool electro-morrocan allbum in the 90's, called "yamulana" - https://www.youtube.com/user/zindluolam/videos
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:21pm Gary:

Oh, cool -- I need to check that out -- thank you! There was this one Israeli store I used to go to when I lived in Brooklyn, but I think it's gone now. The owner knew my tastes and recommended a couple of people, including Sarit Hadad, who I really like
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 8:23pm steve:

Gary maybe you mentioned this... have you seen Palace of the Winds dvd on Sublime Frequencies? interesting kind of abstract music doc on local music in Morocco and Mauritania with no dialog. liked the music, though reading about the human right situation in Mauritania afterwards retroactively changed my perspective a bit...
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:24pm Gary:

Steve, I actually haven't seen any of the DVDs those guys have put out, and I really want to. Will have to track that one down; I'd love to see it
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:24pm yaronimus:

i think you are talking about the "Azoulai Brothers" in Jaffa (my home city). it's near the watch tower.
i know them personally and they mostly sell cds. i even designed some cds for them.their still around :)
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:27pm Gary:

Oh, sorry, Yaronimus, I mean the store was owned by an Israeli, but it was in Brooklyn ... I can't remember where, though -- it was maybe 10 years ago that I was last there
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:29pm Gary:

Unless you mean these brothers also own a store in Brooklyn?
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:30pm yaronimus:

naa, my bad.
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:32pm yaronimus:

im happy :) i found an abundance of bolywood tapes in madrotter. i've been looking for a good bolywood music sharing blog for a long time.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:32pm Gary:

Dang, there is so much glitchy noise on this track -- sorry, everyone!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:33pm Gary:

Do you know about Music from the Third Floor? www.mft3f.com
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:34pm yaronimus:

i think that it's about time there was a good documentary movie about the music blogs. bodega, holy warbles (rip), flashstrap, etc. i think they harbor a great story. about "music from the third floor" - first time i heard of it.
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:37pm yaronimus:

how rude! i can't believe they sell music you shared for free. and it's not like they give the money to the original artists. love naseebo lal.
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:38pm yaronimus:

thank you for that blog link - it looks so fresh!
Avatar    Wed. 2/25/15 8:38pm hyde:

@Gary love that Music from the Third Floor. Great Madan Mohan there a couple weeks ago.
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:41pm yaronimus:

Fnaire - good track that smells of desert winds.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 8:44pm Holly in NC:

Will miss Najat Aatabou (sniff) , but excited to listen to her on archives. She's amazing.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:44pm Gary:

MFT3F is awesome ... Hey, Holly! Did the dogs get walked?
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:46pm yaronimus:

what happened to najat????
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 8:47pm Gary:

I'll be playing Najat in the set after this one, along with a few other older things I picked up in Marrakech
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 8:49pm Holly in NC:

First round of dogs walked, on to round two (the harder round). I sooo need a vacation.
Avatar    Wed. 2/25/15 8:50pm hyde:

@Holly you can make it. think of the waiting gin!
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:51pm yaronimus:

oh, i thought something bad happened to her. i misunderstood.
  Wed. 2/25/15 8:52pm yaronimus:

cool super mario sampling.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 8:55pm northguineahills:

I swear I've heard that Sultana | Tigresse Flow track before.
  Wed. 2/25/15 9:00pm yaronimus:

i think morocans take auto tune to a creative direction.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 9:02pm northguineahills:

dj/ rupture did an mp3 cdr wfmu marathon premium in 2011 that had 3.5 hours of Maghrebi music, much of it w/ autotune. Very recommended.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:05pm Gary:

OMG, NGH, I really need to find that premium!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:14pm Doug Schulkind:

This sounds like it could be some twisted, ancient holler from the Appalachian piedmont.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:17pm Gary:

Isn't she amazing, Doug? Did you DL it yet? bodegapop.blogspot.com...
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:19pm Doug Schulkind:

Yes, Sir, I did. Thanks to you — and Tim!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:20pm Gary:

WE ALL NEED TO START PRESSURING TIM TO COME OUT TO NY SO I CAN HAVE HIM ON MY SHOW. I mean, you know, if he's going to be out here anyway or somethin'
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:24pm Doug Schulkind:

Aâtabou? Attâboy!
  Wed. 2/25/15 9:27pm yaronimus:

i gotta go to sleep. thanks so much for your lovely show.
all the best! g'night!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:28pm Gary:

I can't believe you stayed up so late, Yaronimus ... thanks for hanging out and have a great night!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 9:31pm Holly in NC:

Made it! Najat!!!!!!!! Gary, confess I am leaving after Najat for gin, dinner (leftover venison pot roast gravy over leftover rice) and sweet, sweet bed.

Everyone - have a great night! Stay safe and warm & happy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 9:33pm coelacanth:

'night Holly
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:33pm Gary:

Night, Holly! Stay warm and away from the bad bad snowy!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:34pm Flash Strap:

Man, I never get to tune into this show when it's live! I hate missing it. But not tonight! I'm tuning in late, but I'm here. Looks like a hot one Gary!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:35pm Gary:

Flashy! I loved your Synth River show, speaking of archivin' it.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:36pm Flash Strap:

Thanks Gary! Just the other day I was diggin deep and enjoying your Serge G. show from a ways back. Awesome.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:38pm Gary:

Hey, while I have you here -- I've been meaning to ask you: David Toop's Exotica: You know? You like?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 9:40pm northguineahills:

Had two phone job interviews for positions actually here in the city, today. Just w/drew most of my last of my IRA account, as w/ regular expenses, I have to get a bunch of docs notarized for the green card interview for my wife and I. (they even want us to file our taxes jointly).
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:41pm Flash Strap:

I really really like it. It's one of the only books on the subject period, so its almost automatically essential, but I also think it's just really generous and inspired stuff. The fiction prose is a little disposable, but the intertwining histories are glorious, and his plethora of sources and quotations is just invaluable. Yeah I love it. You like? I think I remember you saying you liked it in a post a couple years ago.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 9:41pm Uncle Michael:

I'm listening quietly tonight, Gary. I'm a bit under the weather.

Best of luck on those interviews, NGH.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:42pm Gary:

Michael! NGH, what Michael said
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:42pm Gary:

Avatar    Wed. 2/25/15 9:42pm hyde:

ditto. good luck, ngh.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:43pm Gary:

Yes, I love that book -- it was hugely influential for me, not just in terms of what it opened up in terms of music & thinking about music, but for the crazy prose passages -- Lassie!
Avatar    Wed. 2/25/15 9:43pm hyde:

it seems to me like there should be more books on exotica
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:44pm Flash Strap:

I also really like "Widening the Horizons", which is a little more academic and gets at some more of the structural aspects of Exotica, especially as an extension of, like, Stravinsky and Ravel. Have you read that one, or seen it? OH, and BEST OF LUCK TO YOU, NGH!
Avatar    Wed. 2/25/15 9:44pm hyde:

the bed music is revolting!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 9:45pm Uncle Michael:

I kinda liked it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 9:46pm northguineahills:

Thanks everyone, a jobby job would reduce one major stressors I have.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:46pm Flash Strap:

I feel ya, NGH.
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:52pm Gary:

Here's some more autotune
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 9:52pm coelacanth:

damn- i was out of the room and i missed something revolting.
...i'll have to backtrack!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:54pm Flash Strap:

Gary, have you heard that weird Pete Nu single, "Moroccan Reggae"? I think I got it from Continuo way back when. Not sure if it's actually Moroccan
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:54pm Gary:

Ha, ha
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:54pm Gary:

@Flash -- no, I gotta find that!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:55pm Flash Strap:

I'll send it to ya
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:55pm Gary:

Awesome -- grazie!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/25/15 9:57pm northguineahills:

Crap, it's almost 10. Thanks for the fun Gary! Cheers everyone, see y'all tomorrow!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 9:58pm Gary:

Night, NGH!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/25/15 9:59pm coelacanth:

ciao ngh
Thanks Gary
g'night everyone.
Avatar    Wed. 2/25/15 9:59pm hyde:

bye all, thanx Gary!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 10:00pm Gary:

See ya, Coelacanth!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 10:03pm Flash Strap:

Thanks Gary! Glad to have made it in time tonight!
Avatar Wed. 2/25/15 10:03pm Gary:

Night, Hyde! See you, Flash! I'll hopefully be able to tune in tomorrow & won't have to be archivin it
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