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November 14, 2008 Favoriting
Silver lining out of California: If no one over the age of 65 had voted,
Prop 8 would've failed. Bigotry is a dying art
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Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Dallas Frazier 

King of the Jungle
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The R& B Sessions
(Raven 1966)
Jerry Reed  Rockin' In Bagdad   Favoriting Here I Am
(Bear Family 1956)
Howard Crockett  I'd Like to Be Everybody For
Just a Day   Favoriting
The Many Moods of the Nysterious Howard Crockett
(Brownfield 1966)

He's Just A Scientist   Favoriting 12 Sides of John D. Loudermilk
(RCA Victor 1962)
Mickey Newbury  Future's Not What It Used to Be   Favoriting Frisco Mabel Joy
(Elektra 1971)
Willie Nelson  A Song For You   Favoriting Shotgun Willie
(Atlantic 1973)

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Samba Pa' Ti   Favoriting Abraxas
(Columbia 1970)


I Got It
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(¡Que Diablos! 1970)
La Kábala  Miami Beach   Favoriting La Kábala
(RCA Victor 1970)
Aguaturbia  Carmesí y Trébol   Favoriting Complete Tracks
(Record Runner 1969)
Los Gatos  Los Dias de Actemio   Favoriting

El Rock de la Mujer Perdida

(RCA 1970)
Los Saicos  Come On   Favoriting Sons of Yma: A Collection of Peruvian Garage and Instrumental Bands from the '60s!
(Yma 1965)

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Sabu Martinez 
High Tension   Favoriting Sabu Martínez
(SMC 1960)

Sherman "Blues" Johnson & His Clouds of Joy 

Lost in Korea
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Shout, Brother, Shout! 1950s R&B From the Legendary Trumpet Records Label
(Alligator 1952)
Guitar Tommy Moore  Your Car Machine   Favoriting My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama
(Lenox 1964)

The Way You Do   Favoriting Scratchin'
(Charly R&B 1956)
Prez Kenneth  I'm Looking For My Baby   Favoriting We're Gonna Boogie: Raw 60's Downtown Blues
(Crawdad )
Sammy Taylor  Ain't That Some Shame   Favoriting N.Y. Wild Guitars
(Blues Interactions 1965)
Dave Bonds  There Is Something About My Girl
That Is Mighty Sweet   Favoriting
Roots: Rhythm and Blues
(RBF 1966)
The Gone All Stars
feat. Buddy Lucas 
7-11   Favoriting Rhythm 'n' Blues
(R&B 1958)

Talkover Music:
Maceo & All the Kings Men 
Maceo   Favoriting Doing Their Own Thing
(Charly 1970)

António Paulino 

Gienda ya Mama
(Listen: Pop-up)
Angola 70s: 1972-1973
(Buda Musique 1973)
Victor Olaiya & His All-Stars  Pambotoriboto   Favoriting Olaiya's Victories
(Philips 1961)
Mbaraka Mwishehe Mwaruka  Talaka Kampa Nani   Favoriting Ukumbusho Volume 8
(Polygram 1980s)
The Ramblers Dance Band  Meda Gbefa   Favoriting

The Hit Sound of...

(Flame Tree 1969)
Alhaji K. Frimpong  Nkokohweree Mmienu   Favoriting I've Found My Love:
1960s Guitar Band Highlife of Ghana
(Original Music )

G.G. Vikey
Président Vikey   Favoriting G.G. VIkey (EP)
(Rivièrafrique early 1960s)

Talkover Music:
Gulintangan Orchestra of Brunei 
Gadang-Gadang   Favoriting Borneo
(Playa Sound )

Randy Weston 

African Cookbook
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African Cookbook
(Atlantic 1964)
Blue Mitchell  Togetherness   Favoriting Heads Up!
(Blue Note 1968)
Byard Lancaster  John's Children   Favoriting

It's Not Up to Us

(Vortex 1968)
Pharoah Sanders  Love Will Find a Way   Favoriting Pharoah
(India Navigation 1977)

Talkover Music:
Sonny Simmons 
Cosmic Funk   Favoriting Jewels
(Boxholder 1991)

Roy Bailey 

Palaces of Gold
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Roy Bailey
(Leader Sound 1971)
Nick Drake  Thoughts of Rain   Favoriting Second Grace: Home Recordings of Alternate Versions
and Unreleased Songs

(Nick )
Ralph McTell  Barges   Favoriting The Journey
(Leola 1972)

Keith Christmas
Travelling Down   Favoriting Stimulus
(RCA 1969)
Unicorn  Never Going Back   Favoriting Uphill All the Way
(Transatlantic 1971)
Heron  Wanderer   Favoriting Upon Reflection: The Dawn Anthology
(Sanctuary 1972)
Incredible String Band  God Dog   Favoriting The Chelsea Sessions 1967
(Mooncrest 1967)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:03am Bad Ronald:

Morning Doug!
  9:04am Doug:

G'morning to you and you and you. OK, gotta go...
  9:05am Bad Ronald:

whaddayamean? You just got here!
  9:06am annie:

morning!!! i get to hear the whole show today..
  9:07am Bruce:

Fifth Post! Wahoooooooooooo...
  9:07am Paul Sherratt:

I'm expecting this programme to find a cure for the common cold over the next hour or so !
  9:11am GP:

Morning all...doin the Bagdad dance here.
  9:14am Parq:

"Nysterious"? Aw, there I go again . . .
  9:17am GP:

Trivia of the, just looked this up...
John Loudermilk's cousins are the Louvin Brothers.

That is all
  9:21am annie:

it's going to be a great day today. hunting season starts tomorrow up here. i'm stayin in... all those crazy jersey hunters will come up and shoot our cows.
  9:22am gumby:

Charlie Louvin at 85 or something sings back-up on one of Lucinda Williams new songs. Good for Charlie, still in the game!
  9:23am gumby:

I know th efeeling Annie, I have to go out to look at a site on Monday and I told the people I'm going with better wear all orange. Crazy hunters.
  9:23am annie:

oh yeah lucinda williams.... is that a new cd for her? it sounds great! i been hearing it on another station..
  9:24am annie:

yeah gumby, i was cutting wood by the house couple days ago, lots of target practice heppenin up here.. i think about those stray bullets..
  9:24am Bad Ronald:

waitasec Annie! You listen to ANOTHER STATION?!?
  9:25am gumby:

it is new. and not one long dirge like the last one. Pretty rockin'.
  9:25am GP:

The sound on this Willie Nelson is incredible even on my stinky Windows feed.....
  9:26am Paul Sherratt:

1st set to Mr Schulkind, 6 - 0
  9:27am annie:

sorry BR, yes, i do in the mornings til 9 i listen to weru from blue hill maine..lots of blues, jazz, folk, but on wednesday i listen to fmu cause the dj is annoying ... sorry about that!
  9:27am gumby:

About ten years on FMU they use dto tell us that if you don't have to turn the station off sometimes their not pushing the limits enough, I agree with that philosophy and do turn it off or go archive often. But never on this show, Doug always brings the aural candy to my ears.
  9:28am annie:

word up, i am addicted to fmu... sometimes wish i lived closer to get it on the truck radio..
  9:30am Bad Ronald:

alright, I admit it at times I will turn off Kenny G... but then he does something like the 3 hr Chocolate City marathon and I become intrigued again...
  9:32am gumby:

I miss the Allen Watts lecture series.
  9:32am annie:

i hate leaving the room or house, never know what you're gonna hear next.... i'm a prisoner of fmu programming
  9:32am rey cruz:

whoa, there are still produce emporiums that play Muzak? allI ever hear is Lite-fm when I'm ina market
  9:32am GP:

Gumby Annie., Ronald, et al...totally agree......and while we do have some good radio here in Texas, it is not consistently amazing as is FMU. Plus it is one the few stations that I can actually listen to that is not blocked by our IT police.
  9:33am annie:

i got turned on to fmu after having to relocate democracy now.... i fell in love with tom sharpling and his antics..
  9:33am Doug:

It may not have been actual Muzak, but just a lite version. Sorry if I'm spreading disinformation!
  9:34am annie:

most of those places use sattelite radio.. easy and you can turn it on and forget it
  9:36am GP:

10-4 on that Annie. I would listen to the Pacifica network as well, but it just got to crazy after awhile...they started giving every conceivable kind of group at least an hour talk show each and they almost totally got rid of the music.
  9:37am gumby:

They used to play Steve Earle on Pathmark radio, then he went on his anti-Bush campaign and they haven't played him since. I laugh at censorship like that.
  9:37am GP:

make that *too* crazy
  9:38am annie:

when i lived in dc, i loved wpfw, the old guy on saturday ams and his blues show was phenomenal. now i hear alot of the pacifica stations have gone to talk, what a pity..
  9:38am gumby:

Ass-whoopin' version of Crimson & Clover
  9:39am rey cruz:

I used to work overnight shift at local nyc supermarket back in 80s and would unhook their Muzak setup and place the store's PA mike close to my radio speaker playing WFMU! Freaked out a lot of people. Listening to KBC was the highlight of my work week.
  9:39am Parq:

Just as only New York is New York, I've found that only FMU is FMU. Other stations just don't make it for me. If I found one that filled the gap that FMU leaves - the type of mainstream music I dig - I'd listen, but only if they were non-commercial. Mostly, when FMU's a turn-off, I just go with the CDs and MP3s.
  9:40am gumby:

Nice one Rey!
  9:40am annie:

when i had my shop i played fmu til the customers made faces, alot of my shoppers even recognized the format!
  9:41am dc pat:

I was wondering last night if WMFU starts to feel the crunch of or stupid economy, will they immediately start cutting back on internets feeds, or find other ways to get by?....will FMU eventually become internet only?
  9:42am annie:

pat, bite your tongue!!
  9:44am gumby:

This los gatos guy is capturing exactly my hung over karma.
  9:44am dc pat:

hey man, there's talk of "letting people go" around here...just trying to face other realities as well
  9:45am gumby:

errr, los gatos girl? I'm confused.
  9:45am rey cruz:

love having the choice of over the air and internet but would pick Internet-only over radio signal only. i need my fmu wherever I am at!
  9:46am dc pat:

I guess that's what I'm getting at...
  9:46am annie:

yeah, i can dig it.. lots of layoffs there? i used to work for a garden center in kensington. they had to shut down their rockville location ..(well long ago)
  9:47am gumby:

annie, don't go back to rockville.
  9:49am gumby:

Doug, not that it is subjective or anything, but this may be your greatest set ever. Los Saicos is killing my gravelly with this one.
  9:49am annie:

never.. it's funny i watched that sprawl develop slowly, especially when they bulldozed tysons corner and springfield.. ... i loved living there really, all that great food! now, though i'm happy to be away from that tension.
  9:50am annie:

i meant sterling!!
  9:51am dc pat:

I don't leave DC
  9:52am annie:

i loved delivering flowers in the region..
  9:56am gumby:

but Doug, Hound Dog Taylor was on Alligator and I dig that guy. Hound Dog Taylor - "when i die they'll say, "he couldn't play shit, but it sure sounded good""
  9:56am Cecile:

hola, muchachos.
  9:57am annie:

hola cecile
  9:58am Bad Ronald:

Buenos dias senorita!
  9:59am Cecile:

Hi, Annie and all!
that's all I got for right now. LOL!
  10:00am annie:

study the next phrase, we can wait ;)
  10:03am Bad Ronald:

Una mas cerveza por favor.
  10:04am Cecile:

The only thing I would ever agree with Sammy Hagar on (besides early Montrose):

Mas tequila!
  10:06am gumby:

Learned this one the other day.
bosques de cocoteros - forrests of coconuts.
I love that one.
  10:07am annie:

yeah, that rolls right off the tongue.. is bosques two syllables??
  10:08am bzul:

Cerveza y tequila a las diez en la manana!
Viva viernes! Viva Mal Ronaldo! Viva Cecile!
  10:09am Bad Ronald:

Si, el gorila ha salido de la cocina.
  10:10am Paul Sherratt:

Ha ! Hound Dog Taylor, yes, an exception that proves the whatever .
Thanks for the reminder about Guitar Tommy Moore. What a track that is ..
  10:14am Cecile:

Isn't this the chord changes to one of Prez Prado's mambos?
  10:15am annie:

extremely sweet tunes..
  10:17am Marino:

Chess study in the Netherlands is fed by great sounds from New Jersey!
  10:18am gumby:

"we dint have no bizz-ness, mama buy you no whig at all" with all that racket going on that Hound Dog blasted out, will always be one of my favorite recorded moments. I can not frown when Give Me Back My Whig comes up on the ipod.
  10:19am dc pat:

Kill for Peace has battle sounds
  10:20am Cecile:

War Pigs has that great air raid siren.
  10:25am PMD:

Annie, I was gonna say, when did they bulldoze springfield? i used to live there. Live in arlington now and can bike to work and avoid at least driving with the crazies. Now I just have to hope they don't hit me on my bike.
  10:27am annie:

PMD i mis-spoke, it was sugarland run.. it's a vague memory now, the sprawl goes all the way out to purcellville now..
  10:28am Paul Sherratt:

And thanks gumby for reminding me about THAT track !
  10:29am annie:

i loved driving the back road.. some pike, from leesburg to dc.. now it's all built up with large fancy houses.. one of my favorite memories is when they were working on the beltway and a sign announced " prepare for sudden aggravation"
  10:30am PMD:

Boy, they'd have to ahve those signs everywhere now. I've been here 15 years and I've seen the sprawl, believe me. Damn toll road - greenway...
  10:31am gumby:

annie I beleive we are approaching the saturation point of sprawl from sea to shining sea,
I recently walked the appalachian Trail through Maryland and was never out of earshot of a gunshot or car.
  10:33am annie:

yeah, i used to know all the short cuts.. now i easily get lost on any part of that area. bummer gumby about that.. time to take it further out to harpur's ferry...
  10:33am bzul:

My connection has gone insanely intermittent again! Oh, no, NO! Not now, not during this...somebody lay a hand on it and cure it here this mornin'!!!! Mercy, now!! Sudden aggravation, indeed, on my hard road, now!
  10:33am gumby:

On the bright side, Doug I take back what I said about your greatest set. Whenever you get into this stuff it tops itself every time.
  10:34am annie:

a laying on of hands has now commenced for bzul's radio
  10:34am PMD:

Oh, gumby, that is indeed so sad...
  10:34am Doug from DC:

The gunshot thing is getting ridiculous. I encountered this hiking in Shenandoah Co. recently. The NRA has these people so propagandized that they just go out and fire their stupid pop-guns all day long! It's dangerous, and completely retarded. The beauty of nature does not lie in shooting everything in sight.
  10:35am Paul Sherratt:

If I may ... warm greeting to a couple of new UK -based listeners Orsogrande and Hankplankton !
  10:39am GP:

Doug from may have been hunting season, so it is best to check the hunting season schedule before venturing off on any trails during that time...I think Gumby said it best earlier...if it is hunting season, best wear plenty of orange.
  10:40am Carmichael:

Zzzzzap! I made it into work early today, just to hear Doug's set. Glad to see Hound Dog Taylor discussion. "Give Me Back My Wig" is one of my favorite shitty-sounding boogie songs ever. Bruce Iglauer was probably pushing the distortion slider up to 11.
  10:41am Doug in DC:

True, but it seems ironic that I have a better chance getting shot while hiking in nature than I do visiting my friends living in the hood in DC.
  10:41am gumby:

I shouldn't be so negative. It was a good walk. When we got to the river, I think it was the Shanandoah, near Harpers Ferry it was great to stick my face in it, although it seemed very low, many exposed boulders. Met some cool people at the shelters. A 17 year old girl and her uncle out for their first backpacking experience and a 75 year old guy who walked the 40 miles in 3 days. May I be so lucky to carry my health with me fo rmany years and still treat life like a game. As I feel Getachew Merkuria does, then propels it through breath through a horn. May I be so lucky.
  10:42am paulthepostman:

Salutations one 'n all. Doug, could you add King Sunny Ade and His Electro System to the mix some time maybe?
  10:43am Cecile:

synchro-synchro sysTEM!
  10:45am paulthepostman:

Yes C, thks.
  10:46am Parq:

Nature's all right, but I never have to wear orange in my neighborhood bar, no matter what season. (Irishman that I am, I don't care for orange clothing anyway.) And despite what some may think, there've never been any shootings either, in the bar, on the walk from my house to there, or near my house. When are we going to get over this thing that gunfire "belongs" in the cities?
  10:47am Carmichael:

Paul, it's the weekend now for yuz, so you should be on your 2nd or 3rd pint by now, eh?
  10:48am Cecile:

Parq, I actually fear the suburbs more. There are like 900 gun shops north of me!

I, however, will take any leftover vension anyone has. mmmm.
  10:48am Cecile:

YAY, Randy Weston!
  10:49am Homer Simpson:

Mmmmm ... venison .......
  10:49am Bad Ronald:

Agreed Parq - Lived in the city all my life and the the only gunplay I've experienced was out of town...
  10:49am annie:

cecile, i concur on the mountian meat comment. i'm hoping my neighbours will gift me with some..i'll send some your way if i have too much.. ...
  10:50am Parq:

Every Columbine is followed by people wailing on the TV news that "this isn't supposed to happen here." The clear implication is that it *is* supposed to happen in the cities. I've had enough of that.
  10:51am The Local:

Mmmm denizens...
  10:51am Paul Sherratt:


You are right. And out of respect for Parq I'm going have a Guinness and pretend to be in Baird's Bar, Glasgow ..

  10:52am Carmichael:

They just passed an ordinance in Los Angeles that forbids all deputies from drinking while carrying a weapon. I guess it HAD to be said .....
  10:53am gumby:

Does anyone know why people put stickers of fake bullet holes on their cars? The point or logic of that escapes me.
Thanks for the horn love, Doug.
  10:54am Carmichael:

The same reason they laugh at Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy
  10:54am PMD:

Carmichael, that's just like when they put the silica packets in show boxes and it says on it 'do not eat'. Gotta make sure everything's explicit! Both to allow for idiots and for trigger happy lawyers.
  10:55am annie:

the ratio of people to square mileage and gun-ownership just increases as the population gets larger. around here it's "normal" to own guns. lots of people who hunt year-round for their food. as it should be when one lives hand to mouth. as far as violence is concerned, well i think we have become desensitized due to exposure and, in my opinion, trivialization of gun-use in our entertainment media.
  10:55am annie:

the ratio of people to square mileage and gun-ownership just increases as the population gets larger. around here it's "normal" to own guns. lots of people who hunt year-round for their food. as it should be when one lives hand to mouth. as far as violence is concerned, well i think we have become desensitized due to exposure and, in my opinion, trivialization of gun-use in our entertainment media.
  10:56am Hugo:

This cookbook is cooking!
  10:56am annie:

sorry, double-post
  10:57am Paul Sherratt:

being from out of town, so to speak, I thought you all drove around with a moose on the fender ?
  10:57am Cecile:

Parq, ITA.
I also chuckle when suburbanites complain about their kids using drugs. I grew up in a podunk town, and even WE had a drug problem. It's kind of mean, but geez. Why should living 10 miles out of town insulate you from anything? You're still living with other humans! ;)

I'm not so hot on the other comedians, Carm, but Ron "Tater Salad" White cracks me right up. That's one hell of a smart guy hiding in a schlub routine.
  10:58am DJ:

This sounds like a newer recording of African Cookbook. Are you sure it's from the original Atlantic release?
  11:00am gumby:

ha, moose on the fender. I love it. Sounds like some hipster singer introducing his guitar player.
  11:01am Doug:

I'm surely sure. That was the orig. 1964 recording that was later distributed by Atlantic in '72. Brilliant thinga beauty.
  11:02am Carmichael:


It's the uniquely American "rugged individualist" ethic. People pretend that they're feeding their starving whelps by hunting for sport. There's usually a Super-Walmart just down the road.
  11:04am annie:

in some cases, yes, but it's alot easier to go out he door and find it and not have to drive or pay for it. on the other hand, i do eat meat and wonder if i have the guts to kill an animal in order to eat it..
  11:06am Carmichael:

I'm a'snappin my fingers to this one ... I can see Ed Shaugnessy on the drums, wearing his medallion.
  11:06am Paul Sherratt:

My problem is, that apart from this lovely listener comments page, my only pictures of the US has been colo(u)red in using the Woody Allen Paintbox !
  11:07am annie:

yeah, this has been some great music, for sure!
  11:08am Charlton Heston:

Hell, if I was hungry, I'd kill a person to eat.
  11:08am Hugo:

One of my colleagues nearly got a moose delivered through the front pane of his car. Not a pleasant experience. Luckily I'm in a non-moose part of the country. These creatures oughta stay off the road, right?
  11:09am annie:

wonder if his life-time supply of soylent green has run out yet.
  11:12am Roger:

Thanks for the Byard Lancaster.
  11:13am Paul Sherratt:

Mr Heston,

What measures do you take when slightly peckish ?
(hope that translates ! )
  11:13am Carmichael:

You'll have to pry it from his cold dead hands.
  11:14am paulthepostman:

Carmichael - I believe the uniquely American "rugged individualist" ethic you speak of, is not uniquely American.
  11:15am Carmichael:


He visits the local cheese shop with his Hugh Walpole book.
  11:16am Doug:

From Ed Shaughnessy's medallion to Soylent Green. Wow. You guys are in top form today!
  11:17am Carmichael:

Perhaps not Paul, but it's the whole Daniel Boone Andrew Jackson Jed Clampett thing that really brings it home for me.
  11:17am annie:

doug, it's the musical mathemagical influence.
  11:18am Parq:

Paul, nobody's vision is more out to lunch than W. Allen's. His New York is a place where everybody's apartment is twelve rooms full of antiques and heirlooms, and nobody's black, ever.
  11:19am DJ:

Thanks Doug. Can you send me the cat# of the disc of African Cookbook you played earlier to my personal email? Thanks, Dan
  11:19am doron:

really like this album. I play harvest time a lot. Do you know of any other releases where he used this guitarist (who kinda dominates the album)? Think his name was nunez or something like that.
  11:20am Mister Moose:

Fight for the right to arm bears..wait, no, maybe that is not really a great idea because then it would be just too easy for them, and as far as staying off the roads, well shortest point between A and B and all that, so just look out for us, really it is not that hard.
  11:20am Parq:

Doug, mea culpa for all the cross-chat. Your selections are sublime, as ever.
  11:21am Carmichael:

And to bring it all back around, Doug, Charlton Heston was a regular on the Tonight Show. He marveled at Doc & Tommy's charts. He called them "swingin' ".
  11:22am gumby:

Yeah on the rugged ethic wasn't Trouble telling us about Putin wrasslin' a bear bare chested or something recently?
Maybe Sarah Pallin will be wrasslin' a bear in four years. I'd pay to see that.
Whoa Carmichael, I won't tolerate bad typing on Buddy Ebson. I dig that dancin' fool.
I never really got Woody Allen, I guess my own neorosis cause me to block his humor.
  11:25am Doug:

The guitarist is credited simply as "Munoz" on the record, but his (her?) name appears to be Tisziji Munoz. According the the Pharoah discograpy here:

Sanders has appeared on a number of LPs by the guitarist.
  11:27am GP:

I think the drummer got some....nice!
  11:27am Carmichael: has him listed as A. Munoz ...
  11:29am Cecile:

I have to agree, Doug, about India Navigation. I got turned on to them with those great late 70s/early 80s Chico Freeman records.
  11:35am Cecile:

Roy Bailey: Ain't that the truth?
  11:36am Carmichael:

Nick Drake!!!!!
  11:37am GP:

NIck Drake was cool..a little too mellow, but my wife has one of his CD's in her car that rarely leaves the player...even my dad commented on it the last time we were driving around..he wanted to know more about the CD.
  11:39am annie:

doug, you rock..i love this song...
  11:39am Carmichael:

Pink Moon is one of my all-time faves.
  11:40am Paul Sherratt:

Saw Mike Waterson a couple of weeks back. He wasn't mentioned on the billing so it was a fine surprise
  11:40am annie:

and i love his "gypsy" , he is one fine musician
  11:40am Doug:

More on the (not so) mysterious Mr. Munoz:
  11:41am Carmichael:

Some Ewen McColl would fit into this set very nicely.
  11:42am paulthepostman:

...this is nice Doug , thanks. Ever been here before?
  11:45am annie:

PTP- thanks for the link.. more fun to be had!!
  11:49am Carmichael:

Ya, thanks Paul. I really enjoy Martin Carthy, the Copper Family, the Watersons, etc ...

I'll be visiting this site often.
  11:50am annie:

what a great set of music these last three hours!!
  11:52am Carmichael:

Someone else knows who Unicorn is? [jaw dropping]. What a great Friday.
  11:53am Doug from DC:

Was Shirley Collins' version of God Dog the original, or was ISB's?
  11:54am annie:

charmichael you are among friends, i'd say..
  11:54am El Thatchmo...:

My Man! The Touch of the Velvet Hand on the Clay Table. The all knowing Grin!
  11:54am gumby:

Thanks for the tunes Doug and the thoughts everyone. My hangover has disappeared.
  11:57am paulthepostman:

that's ok annie, re 'bringing home the bacon...' I once designed an exhibition for the Ancaster Estate about the life cycle (involving culling, naturally) of the estate deer and was paid in haunches of venison!
  11:57am Hugo:

Incredible String Band! Memories of John Peel's "Top Gear" 1968/69 ... All that's missing is a 10-minute tune by Soft Machine ...
  2:10pm DJ:

Re: African Cookbook, I totally recommend the Comet Records (France) version of African Cookbook (album has same title) from 1969 and now available on CD from Comet.
  6:38pm heinz:

Hello American Friend,

Just as you I am very happy with the result of who is going to be your next president. I was up all through the night after the election here in Sweden. After that I have discussed with some other friends ove USA, some republicans which I previously thought were reasonable educated people despite that:-) But some of their current reactions are scary. Obama is a communist, muslim terrorist, new Hitler/Stalin with a narcissictc personality disorder.

When reading I came back to one of my journalist heroes

but also

I am hoping that there is hope and chance for positive change for people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir (where I lived a year) Palestine etc.

Kind regards,
  4:54am Richard D:

Thanks for the R&B set, Doug. Always look forward to your show! Obama 08!!!! I am working for Obama's re-election for 2012.
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