The Antique Phonograph Hour with MAC

Playlist for Nov 7, 2000

Every Tuesday afternoon, 7 PM to 8 PM.
78s and cylinders played on actual period reproducing devices.
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The Girl From UtahColumbia BandColumbia 1914
The Whistler And His DogArthur Pryor’S BandVictor 1913
The Nightingale And The FrogSybil Sanderson FaganColumbia 1919
Imitation Of The MockingbirdSherman Sherry PowellColumbia 1914
A Day With The BirdsEdward AvisColumbia 1920
The One StepModern Dance InstructionColumbia 1914
The Daily Dozen #1Walter CampHealth Builders 1921
Health ExercisesProf. Charles H CollinsVictor 1922
Bake Dat Chicken PieCollins & HarlanVictor 1907
The Pickaninny’S ParadiseSterling TrioVictor 1918
Turkey In De StrawBilly Golden Victor 1913
Little Alabama CoonColumbias Ladies QuartetteColumbia 1914
Laughing SongHenry KlauserVictor 190?
Laugh And The World Laughs With YouWeston & YoungCameo 1922
And Then I LaughedCal StewartVictor 1907
Frankie And JohnnyPaul Biese TrioColumbia 1921

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