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June 2, 2017 Options
One hand clapping in the forest
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Ramblin' Thomas  Ramblin' Man   Options b/w Poor Boy Blues
(Paramount 1928)
Willie Bee  Ramblin' Mind Blues   Options b/w Can't Control My Mind
(Vocalion 1937)
Memphis Minnie  Nothing in Rambling   Options b/w It's Hard to Please My Man
(Columbia 1940)
Honeyboy Edwards  Roamin' and Ramblin'   Options b/w Wind Howlin' Blues
(Library of Congress 1942)
Lowell Fulson  Ramblin' Blues (Crying Won't Make Me Stay)   Options b/w Fulson's Blues
(Big Town 1946)
Johnny Shines  Rambling   Options b/w Cool Driver
(J.O.B. 1952)
Austin "Walkin' Cane" Charanghat  Ramblin' on My Mind   Options Murder of a Blues Singer
(Charanghat 2007)

Talkover Music:
Frank Armstrong & the Stingers 
Humpin' (aka Stuffed Peppers)   Options b/w Feel Like I Want to Holler
(Modern 1967)

Noriel Vilela  16 Toneladas   Options b/w Todo Enrolado
(Copacabana 1971)
Adoniran Barbosa  Conselho de Mulher   Options Adoniran Barbosa
(Odeon 1975)
Zé Kéti  Opinião   Options Sucessos de Zé Kéti
(Mocambo 1964)
Silvio Caldas  Boneca   Options Eles Fizeram Sucesso
( 1935)
Téo Azevedo  O Novo de Hoje já é Velho Aqui   Options Grito Selvagem
(Central Park Tapes 1974)
Jorge Costa  Só Vai No Onda   Options Samba Sem Mentira
(Beverly 1975)
Paulo Diniz  Marginal III   Options Quero Voltar Pra Bahia
(Odeon 1970)

Talkover Music:
Nicola Conte 
Forma 2000   Options Boss Per Due
(ESL 2000)

Charles Tyler  Man Alone   Options Eastern Man Alone
(ESP 1967)
Marilyn Crispell / Barry Guy / Gerry Hemingway  Shadow Play   Options Cascades
(Music & Arts 1993)
Sonny Stitt & Paul Gonsalves  Theme From Lord of the Flies   Options Salt and Pepper
(Impulse! 1963)
Rova Saxophone Quartet  Sidelines   Options Steve Lacy's Saxophone Special Revisited
(Clean Feed 2015)

Talkover Music:
Joe Henderson feat. Alice Coltrane 
Water   Options The Elements
(Milestone 1973)

Duane and Gregg Allman  God Rest His Soul   Options Delta Swamp Rock: Sounds from the South
At the Crossroads of Rock, Country, and Soul
(Soul Jazz 1968)
Jackson C Frank  Yellow Walls   Options Blues Run the Game
(Sanctuary 1965)
Dino Valente  Shame on You Babe   Options Dino Valente
(Epic 1968)
Big Star  Femme Fatale   Options Sister Lovers
(Ardent 1974)
Ernie Graham  Sebastian   Options Ernie Graham
(Liberty 1971)
Hackamore Brick  Peace Has Come   Options One Kiss Leads to Another
(Kama Sutra 1971)
Dion  Now   Options Kickin' Child: The Lost Album 1965
(Norton 1969)

Talkover Music:
Samba Pa' Ti   Options Abraxas
(Columbia 1970)

The Summer Sounds  The Leaves Are Turning Brown   Options Up — Down
(Laurel 1969)
The Spike Drivers  Often I Wonder   Options b/w High Time
(OM 1966)
Mick Softley  You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine   Options Sunrise
(Columbia 1970)
J.J. Light  On the Road Now   Options Heya
(Liberty 1970)
Rodriguez  Like Janis   Options Cold Fact
(Sussex 1970)
International Submarine Band  Sum Up Broke   Options b/w One Day Week
(Columbia 1966)
The Quarter After  Changes Near   Options Changes Near
(Evil 2007)
Gregg & Duane Allman (w/The 31st of February)  Melissa (demo)   Options
( 1968)

Talkover Music:
Milt Jackson 
Olinga   Options Olinga
(CTI 1974)

McKinley Mitchell  Now That You're Gone   Options The One-derful! Collection,
Volume 1 - One-derful! Records
(Secret Stash )
Prince Conley  I'm Going Home   Options b/w All the Way
(Satellite 1961)
Wayne Carter  Mad Mouth Woman   Options b/w Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo
(Mootrey's Studio 1973)
Hunt's Determination Band  Are We Through (inst.)   Options b/w Are We Through
(Earwax 1972)
James Knight & the Butlers  Save Me   Options b/w El Chicken
(Cat 1971)
Ghetto Brothers  I Saw a Tear   Options Power-Fuerza
(Salsa )
Black & Blue  Of All the Hearts to Break   Options b/w Good Morning New Day
(Game 1971)
Irma Thomas  That's How I Feel About You   Options b/w Save a Little Bit for Me
(Canyon 1969)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 8:35am annie:

in the still of this i thought it was a burger.. good morning all!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 8:41am Doug Schulkind:

You can practically hear it sizzling, annie. Good morningburger!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 8:45am annie:

oh yes, breakfast: 2 pieces of rye toast, one-eyed with an egg in each. and small dose of bacon..
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 8:46am Doug Schulkind:

Egg fried in the center of rye toast? How very Parisienne of you, annie!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 8:47am annie:

mais, oui!
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 8:51am listener james from westwood:

Always appreciate the rye commentary on these playlists.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 8:53am doctorjazz:

Seems something has gone awry...
Hey, drummers!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 8:54am Doug Schulkind:

The good ol' boys were eating omelets and rye, Listener James!

Here's your scalpel, doctorjazz. Let's operate!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 8:56am ausmanx:

and i was thinking it looked like a cheese sculpture. good evening, all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 8:56am Brian in UK:

Hello Boss and fellow devotees. Is a Runcible Spoon of any use?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 8:56am annie:

i hope you said that with a smirk, LJ
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 8:58am Doug Schulkind:

If it were a cheese sculpture, Han Bennink would be playing it!

I loved Brian & the Runcibles. Their early records, before the sold out.
  Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 9:01am Maggie B.:

bread with an egg in the middle is a Parsienne thing? For some bizarre reason, my husband's family called this "eggs in the army". i don't think anyone else on the planet calls it that.
Morning you guys!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 9:01am ausmanx:

brian, a runcible spoon is always useful for any percussionist. fresh from two nights of chris corsano at my house, doug... amazing. and now tony buck's staying with us, so it's drummer central just now...
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 9:02am listener james from westwood:

@annie: Always!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:02am Doug Schulkind:

Bon jour, Mother Maggie!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:03am Doug Schulkind:

Maybe the Drummer Stream should just mic your house and let it run?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 9:04am mauri:

I didnt eat much eggs till this spring. Now Ive had em almost everyday. I feel egglier.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 9:08am ausmanx:

well, you know doug, when you next visit sydney...
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:08am Doug Schulkind:

Did someone egg you on, mauri?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 9:10am Ike:

Morning. There's an Indian restaurant in Jersey City called Eggmania. You can tell it's authentic because some of the egg curries come with three slices of buttered white bread.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 9:10am mauri:

the corporal egg.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 9:11am doctorjazz:

Great old blues.
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 9:11am duke:

Heel Drummers and other egg people
  Fri. 6/2/17 9:11am Mr C:

Pittsburgh not Paris: a Mean Joe Greene meme, a Woody Allen movie, Johnny Daye's memorial? OR Give the Drummer Some!!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:11am Doug Schulkind:

Ike, hello! Hello, duke!
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 9:12am Mayuko:

Good morning! Slower morning than usual today, and glad to get to tune in live!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 9:13am doctorjazz:

Allman's Ramblin' Man to come?
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:14am Doug Schulkind:

Good morning, Slow Mayuko! Good daybreak, Fast Mr C!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:15am Doug Schulkind:

This set totally inspired by the Allman's "Ramblin' Man," but I'll be playing other Allman tracks later.
  Fri. 6/2/17 9:18am Ramblin' Ray:

Did someone call my name? Greetings drummer people all!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:18am Doug Schulkind:

Happy (continuing) birthday, Mayuko!
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 9:23am Mayuko:

Oh, thank you Doug! I was scheduled to born on June 8th, so it's still birthday-ish week for me. It just seems like I came to this world in haste.
AND TO YOU TOO! Happy continuing birthday, Doug!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:23am Doug Schulkind:

You have been summoned, Ramblin' Ray! (Which is better than being summonsed.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 9:25am Brian in UK:

Summoned by Bells was a John Betjemen poetry collection in lieu of nothing much. Just like the image.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 9:25am ausmanx:

heard this week that the Allmans first big non-local show was supporting the Velvet Underground. now that would have been a night to behold...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 9:28am thedunkel:

Good Morning Mr. Drummer! Good morning all!
  Fri. 6/2/17 9:28am d:

sounds like what tom waits tries to do with his fake "old blues man" singing
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 9:32am Uncle Michael:

I'll be playing all the same songs as Doug, in case you miss them.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 9:35am annie:

ok, it appears that no work is coming my way this morning and the sun is beckoning... so: patio, book, coffee, and drummer in the background..
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:36am Doug Schulkind:

Welcome welcome, thedunkel and d!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:36am Doug Schulkind:

Hello my dear brother Uncle!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 9:37am Uncle Michael:

  Fri. 6/2/17 9:49am d:

thanks - love the show.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:50am Doug Schulkind:

My pleasure, d. More love to come!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 9:52am coelacanth∅:

hello Doug and all
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 9:54am Andrew Waterloo:

good morning
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:55am Doug Schulkind:

Hey everyone, have you met your Andrew Waterloo?

Hell∅, coelacanth∅!
  Fri. 6/2/17 9:56am Mr C:

Whoa. A Charles Tyler listening event. Rare indeed.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 9:58am Doug Schulkind:

Charles Tyler is so much better here than when he was singing for Aerosmith. Just my opinion.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 9:59am doctorjazz:

Great track, this Man Alone. The bass particularly jumped out at me, so I checked Discogs (true OCD), 2 bass players listed:
Brent McKesson, Kent Brinkley
?both playing? Think so...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:00am doctorjazz:

(now that there is bowed bass, obvious there are 2 basses...a cello is listed in personnel as well, but not on this track)
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:01am ndbob:

morning Doug and everyone!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:02am Doug Schulkind:

Good catch! You're right, cellist Dave Baker plays only on one (other) track on this record.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:02am Doug Schulkind:

Great to see you, ndbob!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:05am Mark the Sardine:

Quite a track
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:07am Doug Schulkind:

I think you'll dig this one, too, Mark the Sardine!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:07am Doug Schulkind:

Here is a nice Allman piece to read whilst listening, if you like:
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:12am doctorjazz:

Need I say, I'm loving this set!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:12am Doug Schulkind:

This ROVA track comes courtesy of our good doctor, doctorjazz who sent it to me this past week. Thanks, doc!
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 10:14am βrian:

Continuing on the piscine theme, I had some mighty fine mackerel in olive oil last night.
  Fri. 6/2/17 10:14am Mr C:

That's a great Allmans story. Reading Big O book, which is not quite all that. But worth reading. A little condescending..
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:16am Doug Schulkind:

Also from Oxford American is Amanda Petrusich's lovely Allman piece from 2016:
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:17am Doug Schulkind:

Did you eat partially mackeral, βrian?
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:18am ndbob:

Amanda wrote a great book on 78 collectors
  Fri. 6/2/17 10:19am βrian:

[I am not getting it ...]
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:20am Doug Schulkind:

Yup, ndbob. So glad she is appearing in the New Yorker now.
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 10:21am βrian:

Why did she stop at 78?
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:21am ndbob:

as in 78 rpm - who tend to be the most obsessive collectors of all
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 10:22am βrian:

Not the wax cylinder folks? I wouldn't know.
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 10:22am Little Danny:

mornin' Doug and all
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:23am ndbob:

Tho some 78 collectors do collect cylinders
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:23am ndbob:

hi Danny
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 10:31am Little Danny:

Nice! "God Rest His Soul" is such a stunner
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:31am coelacanth∅:

rest in peace Gregg, and the Allman brothers
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 10:32am Uncle Michael:

According to Gregg's autobiography, he sold the rights to "God Rest His Soul" *and* "Melissa" to Steve Alaimo for $600.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:32am Doug Schulkind:

Little Danny is here, y'all!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:33am Doug Schulkind:

@Uncle Michael
And then the Allman's manager later bought 50% of songs back!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 10:33am Uncle Michael:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 10:34am Brian in UK:

How many songs have been sold for the price of a case of beer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:35am Stanley:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 10:36am Brian in UK:

Is it fifty years since I bought Sgt Pepper?
Is it forty nine and a half years since I sold Sgt Pepper?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:36am Andrew Waterloo:

Jake: Where's the Cadillac? Elwood: I traded it for a microphone Jake: OK.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 10:36am Brian in UK:

Stanley reverse the figures.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:37am coelacanth∅:

hopefully no one will keep trying to capitalize on a legacy that never once has been lived up to since Duane died.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:38am Stanley:

Doug, friends. I made it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:38am Andrew Waterloo:

Paul McCartney encouraged Michael Jackson to invest in publishing, to buy some songs! MJ bought the Beatles catalog.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:40am Doug Schulkind:

ausmanx mentioned the Velvet Underground earlier. A wonderful VU cover is coming up next.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:40am coelacanth∅:

what i read is that Paul laughed when Michael told him he'd buy Paul's songs....i imagine nervously.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:42am Stanley:

@Brian - I'm sure you could get hold of the deluxe, fifty years anniversary re-issue complete with book and commemorative poncho.
If you're missing it.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:42am Doug Schulkind:

Stanley, you are a maker, not a taker.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:43am doctorjazz:

Has anyone heard the Beatles Sgt Pepper Stereo remixes? Heard some of them on Fresh Air last night; kinda weird, didn't do much for me.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:44am Doug Schulkind:

This track was recording at Dino's 1968 sessions for Epic, but wasn't included on the original LP. It's eight minutes long, but it is amazing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:45am coelacanth∅:

the Dino V song is Most Excellent
  Fri. 6/2/17 10:46am Listener Gregory:

Sgt. Pepper's was like 40 min long. Therefore, the 50th Anniversary Edition must be 4 CDs long. Plus DVD.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:47am Doug Schulkind:

Listener Gregory, awwwwwyeeeeeah!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:48am coelacanth∅:

i don't care to hear any remixes or remasters - in general, in fact.

....i want that poncho though!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 10:49am Brian in UK:

Stanley, oddly never missed it. Took me a few years to realise that Revolver & Rubber Soul were the best. But those were the times. You could not go anywhere in London without hearing it in 1967.

The term 'bonus tracks' immediately puts me off.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:50am Doug Schulkind:

@Brian in UK
Just a parlour trick to get people to buy what they already own.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:54am coelacanth∅:

in my life, pepper has gotten well-less than 1/2 the plays of each of the majority of other beatles albums, but it was pretty ground-breaking at the time.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 10:55am Brian in UK:

A commemorative coffee table might go down well.

I think this one takes the biscuit with the faux Alphonse Mucha Princess Hyacinth cover.
  Fri. 6/2/17 10:55am Listener Gregory:

What puts me off in reissues is the 75-page booklet. Oh, and now the CD doesn't fit in any known CD case in the world.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 10:56am Uncle Michael:

If only Frank Capra had CGI. If only DaVinci had Photoshop. If only Shakespeare had spellcheck. If only George Martin had Pro-Tools. Just think of what they might have accomplished.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:56am Stanley:

Brian, my old man used to work in Soho back then, walked down Carnaby Street every day, saw the sights, smelt the smells and despite all that he seems to have gone through the 'swinging sixties' without them having any effect on him whatsoever.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 10:56am Doug Schulkind:

Hackamore Brick. Park Slope represent!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:57am Stanley:

I much preferred the cover to 'We're only in it for the Money'
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 10:57am Brian in UK:

Stanley, did he wear a bowler hat?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 10:58am Brian in UK:

This Dion could be a Roy Orbison song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 10:58am Stanley:

Haha, good one, Brian. Unfortunately not.
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 10:58am Little Danny:

I am not a Beatles superfan I still rate Pepper's at #1, a smidge higher than Revolver, even despite "Tomorrow Never Knows," my fave fab four track
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 10:59am Uncle Michael:

Lovely set, Doug.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:01am ndbob:

I have to say I'm really disappointed by that Dion record - that song is pretty good - but overall the album doesn't come close to living up to all the hype about it
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:04am Doug Schulkind:

Wow, I robustly disagree. I think it is a miraculous collection.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:07am ndbob:

@Doug I think most do - and I think I might have been more impressed without all the hype - is Dion's version of Spoonful on it? I know the 45 is from that time - and it's great
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:07am Doug Schulkind:

That's what makes horse races.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:09am Doug Schulkind:

Hype is a powerful factor to process. It didn't put me off in this case. (Spoonful is not on this release.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 11:10am coelacanth∅:

i was going to say that i'm surprised that i really like that dion track ("now") because what else (which is very little) i've heard from the album i thought was inferior mimicry of Dylan, Ochs, etc...
(it probably does help my objectiveness that i think his commercial material was utter wombat shit.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 11:11am Uncle Michael:

The one problem I have with the hype around the record is this notion that Dion foreshadowed (or invented) folk-rock. To me, the record demonstrates that *Tom Wilson* had the blueprint for folk-rock in hand when he got Dylan into the studio to record "Bringing It All Back Home".
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:12am Doug Schulkind:

Sister Rosetta Tharpe invented folkrock. Everyone knows that.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:12am ndbob:

I love most of Dion's commercial material - Here is Spoonful - check it out later
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 11:12am doctorjazz:

It's always hard to shut out the hype and get an opinion not colored by it. The worst thing to hear is that something is "the greatest ever" of its type; I'm often disappointed by the real article.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:13am ndbob:

Good point UM
  Fri. 6/2/17 11:14am Listener Gregory:

Perhaps if the Dion CD came with a 50-page booklet with three essays and never-before-seen photos, we would all get it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 11:15am coelacanth∅:

the overwhelming majority of hype i'm exposed to comes via wfmu, and i seem to be mostly uninfluenced by it, despite my disappointment in the hype itself.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 11:18am coelacanth∅:

ndbob, i do want to hear that, though not now. what i was referring to was "runaround sue", "the wanderer", and that kind of sexist drivel.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:18am Doug Schulkind:

Well said, Listener Gregory.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 11:19am Uncle Michael:

If I rejected all rock and roll that was sexist drivel...
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 11:21am βrian:

We've been playing the crap out this Rodriguez at home lately. Can't seem to get sick of it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 11:21am coelacanth∅:

i'm usually into it when a reissue comes with a giant booklet, if it's actually informative.

UM, of course! but those songs don't have much else going for them either.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 11:21am Stanley:

Rodriguez - not a guilty pleasure at all.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:22am ndbob:

Sorry Coelacanth - I love that music - "Sexist drivel? don't think so
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:22am Doug Schulkind:

These Rodriguez sides are sublime.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 11:22am Stanley:

'A monkey in silk is a monkey no less'
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:23am sinner:

....stumbling in late. Afterparty last night......
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:23am ndbob:

Well to each his own
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:24am Doug Schulkind:

Brother sinner! You've hopped the joyride mid-ride. Have some joy!
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 11:26am Jeff Golick:

Better late than...
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:27am Doug Schulkind:

Welcome to Neverneverland, Jeff Golick!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 11:28am Stanley:

Far out set, Doug.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 11:29am Uncle Michael:

Top of the hour. You know the drill.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:30am Doug Schulkind:

Uncle Michael's House of Dentistry, apparently.
  Fri. 6/2/17 11:30am jessie:

wow, back to your own high school music roots.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:31am Doug Schulkind:

I feel like I'm about 13, jessie. For the past hour or so.
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 11:34am listener james from westwood:

Must jet out for a bit; thanks mightily and will catch the last chunk in the archives!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:37am Doug Schulkind:

Put your tray table and seat-back in their original an upright position, Listener James!
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 11:40am Little Danny:

Oh man I love this Prince Conley. Can't imagine I'll ever have the original 45
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:41am Doug Schulkind:

I have the original MP3, Little Danny!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:42am Doug Schulkind:

Speaking of can't understand a word she say, I can understand what the hell Mr. Carter is saying. She got a mouth full of WHAT?

What's he saying?!?
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 11:42am Little Danny:

So do I. Even that's gotten expensive!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:43am Doug Schulkind:

She's always got a mouthful doubt?!
  Fri. 6/2/17 11:43am d:

i thought it was "mouth poked out"
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:45am Doug Schulkind:

I've bumped this Hunt's Band instrumental from the last three shows due to time. Thrilled to finally get it in!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:46am George from Bristol UK:

Just read 'Brian in UK' @10:36 comments. Two of the LP releases of May 26 1967 were 'Sgt. Pepper' and 'Absolutely Free'. I bought one of them. I still have it. Guess which one it was, you mothers ? I never bought the other one, on any format. Beat that.
  Fri. 6/2/17 11:47am Mr C:

Miami funk. The drummer and bass are killers
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:48am sinner:

Anyone wanna off this single to me for less than 200?
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 11:49am Little Danny:

This is an absolutely massive set, Doug
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:49am GIVE THE DRUMMER RADIO:

I love Uncle Michael's Hinky Dinky Time radio show. It makes me happy. I recommend you tune in and get (or stay) happy, too.

His program begins in 10 minutes. It runs for three blissful hours.

His playlist page is here:
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:50am GIVE THE DRUMMER RADIO:

Rest in peace, Benjy Melendez.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 11:50am Uncle Michael:

I never dreamed you'd leave in summer?
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:52am Doug Schulkind:

@Little Danny
If you're gonna do massive, don't be all half-assed about it. Amirite?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 11:53am Artie Haywire:

Lovely show, Doug.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:54am Doug Schulkind:

Oh HEY, Artie!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 11:55am Uncle Michael:

I'm going to go plump the cushions in the next room. See uo all shortly. Thanks for the music, Doug.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 11:55am doctorjazz:

Thanks, Doug, till next week.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:55am Doug Schulkind:

Uncle Michael will be paying tribute to Gregg Allman, next...
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:56am ndbob:

excellent show Doug!
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 11:57am Doug Schulkind:

Irma Thomas is authorized to speak for Give the Drummer Some. A message to you, my dear listeners.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/2/17 11:58am Brian in UK:

This is the way to finish this melange.
Thanks Boss.
Avatar    Fri. 6/2/17 11:59am duke:

Thanks Doug!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/2/17 12:00pm Stanley:

Great show, thanks Doug
El Chicken, yup.
  Fri. 6/2/17 12:01pm Ramblin' Ray:

Thanks Doug.
Avatar Fri. 6/2/17 12:01pm Doug Schulkind:

Love you all, y'all! Thanks for hanging out with me!
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