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November 15, 2013 Options
Things are looking up
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Gending Tari Dan Tembang  Tari Ganongan   Options Reyog Ponorogo
(Fajar )
Ramphan (Buakham) Inthawong & The Sisomphet Group  Ue Cha Cha   Options Phleng Klom Luk 4 Pak
Lamyong Kulapsimuang & Nang Talung Ying  Mae Son Luk   Options To Tan AIDS
Sravanti Mazumdar  O Priyo Bandhu Ami Jai   Options Aay Khuku Aay
(Music Master )

Talkover Music:
Q-Burns Abstract Message 
Feng Shui   Options Feng Shui
(Astralwerks 1998)

Swift Jewel Cowboys  My Untrue Cowgirl   Options Chuck Wagon Swing
(String 1939)
Byron Parker & His Mountaineers  The Letter That Went to God   Options Bluegrass Roots
(Old Homestead 1940)
Julius King  I Want a Slice of Your Puddin'   Options The Post-War Blues: Eastern and Gulf Coast States
(Post War Blues 1952)
Joe "Penny" Pennington  Lookin' Back on Hank   Options A Tribute to Hank Williams
( 1990)
Mike Yeager  Pitchfork and Shovel   Options b/w Little Boy Again
(King 1969)
Ed Askew  Mr. Dream   Options Ask the Unicorn
(ESP-Disk 1968)
Peter Jefferies  On an Unknown Beach   Options The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World
(Ajax 1990)
Tír na nÓg  Piccadilly   Options Tír na nÓg
(Chrysalis 1971)

Talkover Music:
Bud Isaacs 
Cowboy Conga   Options Bud's Bounce
(Bear Family )

Majoie Hajary  Les Apotres
Notre Pere   Options
La Passion Selon Judas
(CBS 1970)
Pat Matshikiza & Kippie Moeketsi  Kippie's Prayer   Options Tshona!
(The Sun 1975)
Jorge Amada & Dorival Caymmi  Cantar De Amigo de Gabriela   Options Canto de Amor à Bahia e Quatro Acalantos de "Gabriela, Cravo e Canela"
(Festa 1958)
Trio Ternura  Cartão Postal   Options Trio Ternura
(CBS 1971)

Talkover Music:
Emil Richards 
Bloodstone (March)   Options New Sound Element "Stones"
(Uni 1966)

Tomasz Stańko  Mike Spike   Options Fish Face
(PSJ Record Club 1973)
Errol Parker  Lorre   Options Errol Parker
(Brunswick 1963)
John Lewis & Albert Mangelsdorff & the Zagreb Jazz Quintet  Autumn Leaves   Options Animal Dance
(Atlantic 1962)
Tony Oxley  Quartet 1   Options February Papers
(Incus 1977)

Talkover Music:
Daphne Oram 
Rhythmic Variation 2   Options Electronic Sound Patterns
(HMV 1962)

Nestor Gansou & Son Ensemble Chincounmé  Qui Est là, C'est Nestor   Options ESDB 7
(Echos Sonores Du Benin 1972)
Franco et le Tout-Puissant OK Jazz  Kinsiona   Options Mabele
(Soneca 1974)
Moreno Batamba & L'Orch. First Moja-One  Rehema-Piri   Options Sister Pili + 2
(Stern's 1977)
Madiodio Nguingue  Kuy Def Lou Bakh   Options Sultanu Arifine

Talkover Music:
Odell Brown & the Organ-izers 
Tough Tip   Options Ducky
(Cadet 1968)

Girlie & Laurel Aitken  Fire in Your Wire   Options Birth Control
(Pama 1969)
Watty Burnett  Open the Gate   Options Disco Devil:
The Jamaican Discomixes
(Trojan 1977)
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble  Baggage Claim   Options Fly: A Prelude to Customs
(Pheelco Entertainment 2013)
Barbara & Ernie  Searching the Circle   Options Prelude To...
(Cotillion 1971)
Donny Hathaway  Magnificent Sanctuary Band   Options Donny Hathaway
(Atco 1971)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 8:37am Uncle Michael:

May we look forward to a Nabakovian playlist? Greetings from the Cornhusker state.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 8:39am Doug Schulkind:

Way better than a Pavlovian playlist. I hate when people drool on my comments board. Greetings Uncle M!
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 8:48am listener james from westwood:

howdy, UM and doug, and all the ships at sea!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 8:48am Uncle Michael:

I'm at sixes and sevens...two hundred miles from my studio. I will probably get to hear a few minutes of Joe before meetings commence.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 8:49am Uncle Michael:

I am at sea!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 8:49am Doug Schulkind:

Listener James, I blow my foghorn in your honor!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 8:49am Doug Schulkind:

Uncle Michael, but are you dressed to the nines?!
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 8:51am Jeff Golick:

Is that Lita Ford?
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 8:51am duke:

I'm only dressed to the 8's, can I still stay?
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 8:51am Jeff Golick:

Hello, fellow earlyboard earlybirds.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 8:52am Doug Schulkind:

No, Jeff Golick, it's Mayor Rob Ford, before the plastic surgery.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 8:53am Doug Schulkind:

Hey duke! You can stay as long as your 8 is positioned "strategically."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 8:56am Uncle Michael:

I'm just lucky to be avoiding a wardrobe far.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 8:58am ndbob:

morning Doug and everyone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 8:58am doca:

Hello, Doug and Drummers
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 8:58am Jeff Golick:

something something loins something something
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 8:58am Doug Schulkind:

Hi and welcome, ndbob!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:02am Doug Schulkind:

Howdy doca!
  Fri. 11/15/13 9:02am alan:

Sad news again... Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre...age 77. We're losing so many creative musicians. Maybe you can find something is his to share with all of us.
  Fri. 11/15/13 9:03am ttrish:

I'm at sixes and sevens. Or this side of nine, anyway.
9am begins. Good morning.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:03am Jeff Golick:

@Doug: I would've guessed "before the crack."
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:05am Doug Schulkind:

Greetings Brother Alan. Yes, such news is relentless and devastating. Always nice to you see you.

And nice to hang with you, trish! You're well past 9.5 in my book.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:06am doca:

@alan: It's very sad to hear that, fortunately improvised music keeps going with the new generations
  Fri. 11/15/13 9:07am jk:

Morning Doug and all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:08am Uncle Michael:

I lost audio.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:08am Uncle Michael:

I found audio.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:09am Doug Schulkind:

Hey hey jk!

Anyone else have connection problems?
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:09am ndbob:

no Doug
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:10am Doug Schulkind:

Music is coming through loud and clear on my mobile (pronounced MOH-byle)
  Fri. 11/15/13 9:11am jk:

I'm listening without a hitch on my telephone
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:15am Brian in UK:

Hello Doug.
Just this minute returned from the mountains in North Wales.
Is this Indonesian?
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:16am Doug Schulkind:

Yes indeed, and welcome back, Brian in UK!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:16am Brian in UK:

Your shows are lyonized all over the globes.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:17am Doug Schulkind:

Our next selection, Ue Cha Cha, is actually a lullaby from Thailand. Imagine putting your little dear ones down for nappy using this recording.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:17am Doug Schulkind:

You ain't lyin', Brian in UK.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:20am Doug Schulkind:

Oh jeez, I've put the audience to sleep.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:22am doca:

i'm wake, sort of, I guess...zzzzzzzz
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:22am ndbob:

Ha - wide awake here:)
  Fri. 11/15/13 9:22am ttrish:

Nope. Interesting listening.
I'm wondering if those gentle, little trills are dream conducive.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:22am doca:

I heard once that in Japanese tradition the bedtime stories are almost always horror stories, so the children wouldn't want to listen to it 'till the end and sleep. Don't know if it's true neither if the technique is efficient, but it sounds interesting
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:23am Doug Schulkind:

Sounds like that plan could backfire something awful, doca.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:24am Jeff Golick:

I try to make my bedtime stories as boring as possible. Last night's was a gem about a girl who was very good at running, and kept running in longer and longer races.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:24am Hugo:

Reog Ponorogo apparently hails from East Java.

Interesting piece here:

including neighbourly quarrels - culture is serious busniness!
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:24am Jeff Golick:

Not sure which one of us fell asleep first.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:24am doca:

It's just what I think, Doug
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:25am listener james from westwood:

that would explain "the ring"/"ringu" and other j-horror
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:26am Brian in UK:

Think of Struwwelpeter and suchlike.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:26am doca:

@listener james: I guess it pretty much explains 90% of Japanese culture
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:28am Doug Schulkind:

@Jeff Golick
No more bedtime stories for our 13-year-old. Instead we have heated discussions over the NYT Magazine's Ethicist column. Sleep on that, suckah.

Remind me never to be a Japanese youth.

Hello to you, Hugo and to you, too, Apricozy! (Hugo's cat, Apricozy, slipped out of the house a while back and found her way onto a fishing boat for three weeks.)
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:28am Doug Schulkind:

Recognize this sappy number?
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:28am listener james from westwood:

i proofed a book on modern japanese history recently. i hoped for, but did not find, a digression that would detail the origins of manga and its particular conventions vs. western comics. sadly, not. great book, though.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:29am listener james from westwood:

raising that child right, you are.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:30am ndbob:

Seasons in the Sun I hear
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:30am doca:

@listener james: What's the book?

In Brazil we have "Boi da cara preta", which is not a very comforting lullaby actually
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:30am listener james from westwood:

your adjective of the day, courtesy of the book i'm editing: violaceous. sounds very dolemite-esque but means something's purple. so it's more prince-esque.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:30am Alex In Illinois:

Seasons in the Sun! It took me a few lines. This song seems less depressing sung in a language that I don't understand.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:31am Doug Schulkind:

Ding ding ding, we have a winner! Alex in Illinois, please come pick up your kewpie doll (after the show).
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:33am listener james from westwood:

was "seasons" the winner of the worst song contest wfmu ran online in the wee early days of its website? it was something just as hyperglycemic.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:33am Jeff Golick:

@Doug: uh, ndbob might have a claim on that doll...?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:33am Hugo:

@Doug: More like three days, but it could have been three weeks. We're not letting the fellow on the left out at night time, but day time's OK.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:34am jk:

do you happen to have a Thai version of the Terry Jacks bside Put the Bone In?
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:35am listener james from westwood:

cracking first set!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:36am ndbob:

@Jeff I guess I do:)
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:36am ndbob:

@James - I think Pat Boone's Tutti Fruiti won overall - but Seasons was a big winner too
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:37am Uncle Michael:

The history of "Seasons in the Sun" will cast it in new light for many people.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:37am holland oats:

drumma, peoples... i tip my hat
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:38am Doug Schulkind:

Thanks a lot, jk. Now I gotta go hunt that down.

Oops. I thought I read three weeks. So glad it wasn't that long.

How-DEE, holland oats!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:38am ndbob:

I think the Kingston trio did the original version of Seasons
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:41am Doug Schulkind:

Zat true, ndbob?!

Our next selection posits a tough moral question: Can one have a "slice" of puddin'?
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:41am ndbob:

@Doug pretty sure - I'll check now
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:43am Uncle Michael:

Maybe it's some Dickensian puddin' and not some Nabokovian puddin'.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:43am ndbob:

@Doug - ah Rod McKuen was first, (1961) Kingston Trio second (1963)
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:44am holland oats:

does tom ford like puddin'?
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:44am still b/p:

Sooooo, so hungry for puddin' Serious puddin' deprivation.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:45am northguineahills:

Huh, how did I get to work so early...
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:46am Doug Schulkind:

Ha! Terry Jacks was doing a cover of a cover.

@still b/p
Never enough puddin.

@holland oats
If you mean, Rob Ford, that would be an affirmative.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:46am Uncle Michael:

You didn't eat your meat.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:46am Doug Schulkind:

Ha ha ha! My plan is working!
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:47am holland oats:

ah yes, sloppy me
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 9:47am Uncle Michael: should play that Larry Holley song.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:48am Doug Schulkind:

@Alex in Illinois
Please ship that kewpie doll to rightful winner ndbob. And not C.O.D.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:50am ndbob:

It would be difficult to top Rob Ford's press conference yesterday - but I have a feeling he will
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:50am still b/p:

Aren't there two dolls anyway...your little deuce kewpie?
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:50am Alex In Illinois:

Okay. And this time I will make sure that I send the kewpie doll and not the cowpie doll.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:51am Doug Schulkind:

@Uncle Michael
Larry Holley's song about Buddy, you mean?
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:54am Doug Schulkind:

The U.S. Postal Service has rules against that, Alex.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:55am Doug Schulkind:

Jesus Fucking Christ:
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:56am holland oats:

Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 9:56am holland oats:

  Fri. 11/15/13 9:57am ttrish:

Rob Ford is a great example of how inarticulate/boorishness and entitlement are not mutually exclusive.

He's above laws and codes of conduct. He's a politician.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 9:59am Doug Schulkind:

Just played a track from Roy Harper's new record a few shows ago.

One could say Rob Ford is a consumer of laws. In one gulp.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:01am dc pat:

HOLY!....Lolita... Just saw Dr. Strangelove. The studio insisted on using Sellers for 4 parts. Glad they did.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:02am Doug Schulkind:

Hello dc pat!
  Fri. 11/15/13 10:03am ttrish:

He may be a big guy, but it's his ego that's gigantic.

His physical size is his problem. His ego and entitled garbage shouldn't be ours.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:04am northguineahills:

Always dig Ed Askew.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:04am Doug Schulkind:

I feel you, trish, though I would take 10 Rob Fords over 1 Rudy Giuliani.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:08am northguineahills:

Well, Rob Ford is entertaining if you don't live in Ontario.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:09am βrian:

Toronto has Rob Ford; Wisconsin has Scott Walker.
  Fri. 11/15/13 10:09am ttrish:

Yeah, it's municipally subjective isn't it?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:11am Jesse K:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:12am Brian in UK:

Doug, not the first time this Harper business has surfaced.

The flocking wallpaper ain't great either!!
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:14am Webhamster Henry:

Listener James:
The Worst Song Contest is here!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:14am Doug Schulkind:

Oh yeah, Brian? Is this the first time Harper has been charged? Yucko.

Scott "Little Koch" Walker you mean?
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:18am Jeff Golick:

Meanwhile, this, of course, is the Most Wanted Song ever:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:18am Brian in UK:

Yes, Doug. It has been hearsay before. 'Harper as a kiddie fiddler' that sort of thing. Sorry to be so crude.

Scott Walker taking a tilt at politics. Never.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:19am Doug Schulkind:

@Jeff Golick
I can't play that or it would go over the air. Can you hum a few bars? Into your keyboard?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:20am Brian in UK:

Do not get this 'guilty pleasure' malarkey.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:21am Webhamster Henry:

The Most Unwanted Song gets lots of play on WFMU.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:22am Jeff Golick:

@Doug: it's the aural equivalent of this:
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:22am Jeff Golick:

Why am I not surprise, Webmaster...
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:25am Doug Schulkind:

The longtime beloved New York rock deejay Dave Herman just got busted on pedophilia charges.

@Jeff Golick
Maybe we can get Banksy to add a Nazi?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:27am doca:

trio ternura!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:30am Parq:

My Lolita gif moves only intermittently, which is just as well, as I have work to do.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:31am listener james from westwood:

thanks, webhamster h!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:33am Jesse K:

so the show is pavlovian after
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:33am ndbob:

My friends brother wrote his dissertation on Amado - and is now a professor at Pitt
  Fri. 11/15/13 10:35am Webhamster Henry:

The WSC is more than 15 years out of date .. There are 1 1/2 decades of awfulness not accounted for !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:35am Brian in UK:

Stick a few black olives on there, Doug, maybe a few precooked mushrooms in garlic & butter long sliced thickly.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:35am Doug Schulkind:

I've got my eyes on your, Parq. And my ears.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:37am holland oats:

watch the hand...
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:37am Jeff Golick:

Throwing this out there: The challenge implicit in the (lame, imo) article title might raise hackles --- and moreover might not be true in the case of the GTDR horde --- but I found several new avenues to explore.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:37am Parq:

Two words, Doug. Roasted garlic. Roasted garlic cloves. OK, that's three words, wait ...
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:38am Doug Schulkind:

@Brian in UK
Yes, black olives do very nicely. I have also been deploying roasted eggplant in much the same way you suggest mushrooms. The problem is, if I put mushrooms, my daughter will disown me. Even if they are not on her side of the pizza.

Whoa! I just caught your comment above about Amado and Pitt. What a wild convergence.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:39am Doug Schulkind:

Go with "roasted garlicloves" and no one will blink an eye.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:40am ndbob:

@Doug Yep - I presume he knows about that record but I will find out
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:40am Jeff Golick:

@holland oats: It's an interesting GIF; I think there's a pause inserted when she raises her head, and it doesn't seem to be a loop -- possibly it reverses and goes back in the other direction?

More coffee? Why, yes, thanks.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:40am Doug Schulkind:

@holland oat
I wonder what she's reading.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:41am dc pat:

crap am I missing pizza discussion?? Here's my favorite right now: caramelized onions, garlic sauteed spinach, goat cheese. Need something smokey in there though.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:43am holland oats:

can't look at it without hearing shelley winters prattle on in my head
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:43am Parq:


A novelizaztion of "Paths of Glory".
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:44am Doug Schulkind:

@dc pat
Wow. Carmelized onions is a lovely idea. I have been tossing on raw onions, but the carmelized is a nice touch. Do you have the goat cheese replace or merely top the mozzerella?
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:44am holland oats:

<-- shelley (btw)
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:44am ndbob:

Toronto city council votes 39-3 to limit Mayor Rob Ford's powers -
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:45am Jeff Golick:

I would not have pegged this Stańko as 1973 -- sounds more recent than that. Liking it...
  Fri. 11/15/13 10:46am ttrish:

I like the sounds of that spinach being garlic sautéed.
Smokey? How about some kinda smoked eggplant.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:46am dc pat:

replace mozz. You really don't need mozzarella when you deploy the goat cheese.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:47am dc pat:

I want to get some smokey chiles on there too. Not sure what form though.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:47am Doug Schulkind:

Our next artists is an Algerian pianist making nay in Paris. Soon, he would move to New York and reinvent himself as a drummer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:47am Uncle Michael:

baba ganoush me
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:48am dc pat:

hmmm. sounds like a good idea ttrish. How do you smoke an eggplant?
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:48am Doug Schulkind:

Errol Parker is the father of minimalist artists Elodie Lauten, btw.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:50am duke:

Errol is anything but minimalist.
  Fri. 11/15/13 10:50am jill:

I'm cleaning my office right now - this is perfect music for this horrible chore. I highly recommend it as inspiration! Thanks, Doug!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:51am Doug Schulkind:

Good morning Jill! (Uh, you forgot to vacuum under the loveseat.)
  Fri. 11/15/13 10:52am ttrish:

Here's a near - recipe : Char on a bbq or under a broiler til the skins are charred and blistered. And then bake for 30 min til cooked soft.

Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 10:53am Doug Schulkind:

There you go again, charring the char!
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:55am listener james from westwood:

ttrish: at a restuarant in las vegas, this was my go-to dish over several visits: mushroom-cheese ravioli, w/ sauteed mushrooms, spinach, garlic, and pignoli. amazing.
  Fri. 11/15/13 10:55am ttrish:

Or simply broil or bake it. Maybe with some smoked paprika?? Arctic char is more my taste in char.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 10:56am Jeff Golick:

Just discovered that Joe McPhee will be at the Guggenheim in two weeks, with Arto Lindsay and Richard Hell and The Thing, then immediately after discovered that it is sold out: What a world.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 10:59am Parq:

That Lewis-Mangelsdorff was superb.
  Fri. 11/15/13 10:59am ttrish:

Sounds like tasty dining @ljfw.
I hear the rumblings of lunchtime looming in the distance.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:00am Doug Schulkind:


@Jeff Golick
I heard that the Guggenheim was going to Hell, but instead it's the other way around.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:02am Hugo:

Watched Atomic playing here last Friday which has two-thirds of The Thing. Those guys are travelling all the time!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:04am Doug Schulkind:

On Twitter, the great financial writer Matt Taibbi suggest people Tweet haikus in response to JP Morgan Chase's #askJPM Q&A. Here is his submission:

Ask Chase Anything!
Public replies: Blow us, you
Cheap gangster fuckwads
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:07am Todd76Pct:

Kalaparusha Maurice Mc Intyre RIP - November 9,
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:07am Brian in UK:

@d c pat what about smoked goats cheese?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:08am Brian in UK:

The Turks do great things with smoked aubergine.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:10am Brian in UK:

@d c pat try this
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:10am Gary:

Just made it here now--had a crushingly busy morning :(
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:12am Brian in UK:

Sorry mate just realised trish has that covered, been trying to contact my motherf... utility company.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:15am Doug Schulkind:

Hi Gary! I thanked you earlier for unearthing Sravanti Mazumdar's cover of "Seasons in the Sun."
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:17am Doug Schulkind:

I've been depressed ever since seeing Danilo Parra's short film about Kalaparusha.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:20am Gary:

Oh yeah, I love that version. I know it's a very, very sappy song, but some of my earliest sonic memories are of listening to it on the beach and having this feeling like it was important and profound and that I should be crying (but wasn't)
  Fri. 11/15/13 11:21am ttrish:

@Brain vive la différence!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:22am northguineahills:

Man, this be a'groovin'!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:24am Doug Schulkind:

According to our astute audience, Terry Jack's version of "Seasons in the Sun" was a cover of the Kingston Trio's cover of Rod McKuen's original!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:25am Uncle Michael:

Rod McKuen's wasn't the original...keep digging!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:26am Uncle Michael:

Rod translated the Brel song.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:26am Doug Schulkind:

Man, this "Seasons in the Sun" drinking game is killing me!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:27am Uncle Michael:

And it was NOT sappy...the singer is dying and talking to his wife and his wife's lover...his friend.
  Fri. 11/15/13 11:28am paula:

thanks for the link doug! this is great :)
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:28am Gary:

OMG, Rod McKuen wrote that?
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:28am Doug Schulkind:

Welcome aboard, Paula!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:29am Uncle Michael:

Le Moribund was the original.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:29am Parq:

Terry Jacks was also responsible for one of the key pieces in Irwin Chusid's original "Atrocious Music" series -- the predecessor to "Incorrect Music".
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:29am Gary:

Oh, wait, I see -- Brel's Le Moribund, got it
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:29am Uncle Michael:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:30am Parq:

I saw a production of "Alive and Well" about five years back at the Zipper in the west 30s, that included a completely different translation of the Brel original. I remember that the first two lines of the chorus were "Let us sing, let us dance, write graffiti on the wall."
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:30am ndbob:

@UM ty - was going by the originals project website
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:32am Uncle Michael:

YW Now let's talk about the song that was the basis for Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea!"
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:33am Doug Schulkind:

My vote for best Brel cover ever: Nina Simone's "The Desperate Ones" (Les Désespérés)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:34am Uncle Michael:

Scott Walker was WAY ahead of the pack, singing Brel in English.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:34am Brian in UK:

Now that is a bundle of laughs.

Hey ducky.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 11:35am Jeff Golick:

That was a great set, Doug!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:36am Todd76Pct:

@Doug: Oh, I know! Saw it on your recommendation and felt the same sadness...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:36am Parq:

@Doug, others, you should check out Camille O'Sullivan's Brel covers, including a castration-anxiety-inducing "Next" and a brilliantly exuberant "Jackie".
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:37am Brian in UK:

@UM love Joanna, that is Brel?
By the way must listen to your Tuesday show. The first part with rock operas, terrible name. Bought Nirvanas epic when it came out. This is where a CD does not do justice to the artwork.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:38am Brian in UK:

Ooops meant Jackie.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:40am Doug Schulkind:

@Jeff G
Thanks for that great comment!

Wow, gotta hear that.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:40am Uncle Michael:

Scott's "Jackie" is a favorite of mine. I like that Nirvana record!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:40am Parq:

Brian, assuming we are talking about the "Cute cute cute in a stupid-ass way" song, yes, it's a Brel.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:41am Doug Schulkind:

The Sensational Alex Harvey's "Next" is pretty harrowing and great.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:43am Brian in UK:

@parq Guess that sums up our DJ!!!!

@UM The Alan Bown covered 'We Can Help You' and they wrote 1999 well before the blessed one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:44am Parq:

Doug, yeah, like that, only with a beautiful woman, and you can practically feel her nails digging into you as she sings it.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:45am Doug Schulkind:

Reading your comment whilst looking at the playlist gif is a bit unnerving.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:45am Hugo:

That sounds like the Upsetter!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:47am Doug Schulkind:

Yup. Lee Scratch Perry produced it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:49am Brian in UK:

Thanks for renewing my passport back into FMUland, Doug.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:49am Uncle Michael:

I almost chose "1999."
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:50am Doug Schulkind:

@Brian in UK
Don't forget, you need a booster on that diptheria shot.
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:53am Doug Schulkind:

Mighty Joe McGasko will be live on the stream next, filling in for Uncle Michael's Hinky Dinky Time! Joe's playlist page will be here:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:54am Brian in UK:

Thanks, boss, will check with vet

@UM think Brigitte Bardot recorded 'Wings of Love' as well. 'He wants to be in love he wants to be a butterfly'. How Sixties. Love it.
  Fri. 11/15/13 11:55am ttrish:

Joe fill-in on the drummer stream. And a Gateway to Joy - Donna fill in for Bryce on the main stream. Good thing I have two ears. Or, heh.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:57am Hugo:

On the subject of the Upsetter, this is one of the very best dub albums ever made:

It has come in several versions, but this is the one I have (I think). Classic!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:57am Doug Schulkind:

Donna B!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:57am ndbob:

excellent show Doug!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:57am doca:

Thanks for the wonderful show, Doug, switching in to Bryce on the "normal" WFMU stream now. Bye-ya!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:58am doca:

Oh, it's not Bryce, but Donna. Cool
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 11:58am Doug Schulkind:

My pleasure. Thanks for hanging with me everyone!
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 11:58am listener james from westwood:

many thanks, doug! see yinz on joe's list!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:59am Parq:

<waves and winks>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 11/15/13 11:59am Uncle Michael:

I'm going to dig deeper into the Nirvana covers, Brian. Thanks. maybe I'll feature those with the Teenage Opera tracks.
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 12:00pm Jeff Golick:

Regards and thanks, Doug!
  Fri. 11/15/13 12:00pm paula:

great show!
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 12:02pm listener james from westwood:

donna?! w00t! a later archive listen fer shure!
Avatar    Fri. 11/15/13 12:03pm Alex In Illinois:

Going to try to transport to Joe's page .. .
woooooshooopwoooooshooooopwoooooshooopwoooooshooooopwoooooshooopwoooooshooooop . . .
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 12:25pm stjp:

belated gratitude from salt lake city!
Avatar Fri. 11/15/13 12:55pm Doug Schulkind:

Belated gratitude from yours truly!
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