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August 20, 2013 Options
Everyone, this is Luna. Luna, this is everyone...
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Theme Music:
James Brown 
Cold Sweat (pt. 1)   Options b/w Cold Sweat (pt. 2)
(King 1967)

Kiko Mendive  Luna Lunera   Options Un Cubano en Mexico
Generoso "Tojo" Jimenez  Señorita Luna   Options Trombón Majadero
( 1960)
Xiomara Alfaro  Luna Rossa   Options Cuban Originals
Los Trotamundos  Carita de Luna   Options
Orquesta Saunsin
(Vocal: Manolo Monterrey) 
Viaje a la Luna   Options
Los Zafiros  La Luna en Tu Mirada   Options

Talkover Music:
Grupo De Capoeira Angola Pelourinho 
Luna   Options Capoeira Angola from Salvadore, Brazil

The Alegre All-Stars  Bembe en la Luna   Options
Tito Puente  Vete Pa' La Luna   Options
Los Teen Agers  Carita de Luna - La Historia de Tommy   Options
Willie Colón  Calle Luna Calle Sol   Options

Talkover Music:
Grupo De Capoeira Angola Pelourinho 
Luna   Options Capoeira Angola from Salvadore, Brazil

Manuel Caraballo  La Luna Pisotia   Options
Los Mutables  Pasos en la Luna   Options Back to Peru: The Most Complete Compilation of Peruvian Underground 1964-1974
Combo Dilido  Noche de Luna   Options
Las Malas Amistades  Luna   Options Maleza
El Combo Loco  Cumbia de Luna   Options
Edmundo Arias  La Luna y el Pescador   Options

Closing Theme:
Specks Williams 
We Gave the Drummer Some   Options b/w Specks' Blues
(Jax 196?)

Listener comments!

Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 5:35pm Jeff Golick:

I liked it better when you had red nail polish, Doug.

Meanwhile, Luna is a doll. WHO'S A GOOD DOGGIE?! YOU ARE!! YES, YOU ARE!!
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:40pm Doug Schulkind:

I didn't want my nails to clash with the leash, silly.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:50pm Gary:

Wut up, dawg? <------[gratuitous]
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:52pm ndbob:

Heya Doug, Jeff, Gary everyone
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:52pm Doug Schulkind:

[Radio show tilts head, quizzically.]
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 5:53pm Jeff Golick:

I'm *preeetty sure* that dog is winking at me. As if to say, "Yo, we got it goin' on, dawg." <----[doubly gratuitous, and also flagrantly copycattish.]
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Doug and Jeff G/Gary/NDbob/everyone!

Awwww, is that the new dog? She looks precious!
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:53pm Doug Schulkind:

Hey ndbob! How's your summer going?
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:54pm Doug Schulkind:

@Matt from Springfield
Slurp slurp slurp!
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:54pm Gary:

Hola, Luna!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

I can see the German shepherd in her. My wish for much happiness with the newest member of The Schulkindy Project!

*holds out palm to be slobber-IDed, pats head with the other*
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:55pm Doug Schulkind:

Woof woof, hombre!
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:55pm ndbob:

Heya Matt!.. Superbusy Doug - will still be in Baltimore until the end of the month - then back to ND then on to Indiana
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 5:55pm Jeff Golick:

Turning off the upcoming Mary Halvorson Septet for this, so, y'know: bring it.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:55pm ndbob:

Hope to be back to a more normal listening schedule in a few weeks
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 5:56pm Jeff Golick:

Happy birthday, Milford Graves.

Ok, just had to get that out there.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:57pm Doug Schulkind:

She's a sheppard/rottweiler mix. With may a sprinkling of mastiff.
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@NDBob: always glad to see you stop by though!

The weather's warmed up again and the humidity's up. So we're back in the DOG days of summ[onslaught of tomatoes]
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:59pm Doug Schulkind:

@Jeff Golick
Just read about a manatee named Snooty that turned 65 today. Milford is seven years older, but not seven years cuter.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 5:59pm ndbob:

So soon I won't really be ndbob - but always here:)
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:01pm hyde:

classic head tilt there
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

@Bob: Are you becoming IndiBob? Twould be a good segue from your current moniker! :)
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:04pm ndbob:

@Matt sounds good- I guess people would get used to it pretty quickly - and a new icon too
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:04pm Doug Schulkind:

Howdy hyde!
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:05pm Doug Schulkind:

Not only the classic head tilt, but notice the classic furrowed brow. Classic!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:06pm hyde:

public service announcement that may be of interest to drummer fans: for the next 5 days on Hulu you can watch Trances--a 1981 doc on the Moroccan band Nass El Ghiwane free (w/ some limited commercials, like a minute every 15 or so). It's worth a watch:
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:07pm Doug Schulkind:

Thanks hyde! Glad to know it!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:09pm Jeff Golick:

Thanks, hyde!

...serious chair dancing going on over here...
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Generoso portion of Jimenez mambo here!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:09pm hyde:

@Doug I watched it today, it's pretty cool. There's 5 or 6 other movies they are showing for a week free that are all from World Cinema Foundation restorations.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:09pm northguineahills:

Crap, I have to go an Apple store to fixed my drowned phone. Never been inside one.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:11pm ndbob:

I've been in an Apple store but never had to get anything serviced at one
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:11pm Doug Schulkind:

@Jeff Golick
Images of you, the steelworker, flashdancing for the judges. Not pretty.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:14pm Doug Schulkind:

Good luck with the phone and with the blue-shirted Applebots. Actually, I've had very good experiences in our local A store. They fixed my daughter's iPad FOR FREE when all looked lost.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:15pm northguineahills:

Viva la Luna!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:17pm listener james from westwood:

Lunaaaaa! Welcome to the family!
good tuesday, all!
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:18pm northguineahills:

Aight, see y'all later!

(Any Dean Wareham?)
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:18pm Doug Schulkind:

Greetings, Luna James from Westwood!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Great Tuesday to you, El JFW!
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:18pm ndbob:

Heya James!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:19pm Matt from Springfield:

@NGH: And best of luck getting your phone functional! At least, the WFMU app part of it!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:22pm listener james from westwood:

i've got the craters, but luna's got the sparkle.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:24pm Doug Schulkind:

Of course, you've got the Bleu cheese, too, LJFW!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/20/13 6:25pm Holly in NC:

LUNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, look at that face. Oh oh oh. xoxoxox Kisses...

(collects self) Hello Doug & friends :-)

Cat I'm currently caring for very thoughtfully brough me an, erm, "very large mouse" this morning. Thanks, Pearl! Meanwhile Perky the dog is terrorizing the chickens, I need to go take him for a very intense romp to wear him out. back in 20ish...
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:25pm ndbob:

Heya Holly!
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:26pm Doug Schulkind:

Speaking of pooches, the trumpeter on this Alegre All-Stars cut is Pedro "Puchi" Boulong.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:26pm ndbob:

I need to go soon.. excellent show Doug... good to be back listening - and congrats on Luna!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:27pm listener james from westwood:

adios, bob, and good luck w/ the romp, holly!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Take care NDBob!
See ya in 20ish, Holly!
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:28pm Doug Schulkind:

My dearest Jessie, just emailed me this:

If you just adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue, you may be dealing with the honeymoon effect. Basically, your little stinker may be holding off his worst behaviors as he adjusts to his new environment. Then, as days go by, he may become more relaxed and his normal vocal personality may finally emerge. That's when you hear dog owners complain about such new behaviors which help provide a more accurate insight as to why the dog was surrendered in the first place.

If your recently rescued dog has a hard time barking and you don't know his history, there may be chances his previous owner had him debarked. Debarked dogs may still vocalize but may only make lower pitched sounds. Alternatively, if the dog just appears not interested in barking, it could mean that's just his nature or his previous owner may have used a bark collar to suppress his bark. Even worse, the dog may have been abused every time he barked. With time and gentle training techniques, you can help your little fellow finds his voice again.

"De-barked"?? Holy hell!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:28pm Jeff Golick:

Sorta relevant, and just in over the Twitter transom:

Join Best Friends and Neko Case in ending the killing in America's animal shelters. Every time you share this video, Neko and Anti Records, will donate $5 to Best Friends.* Share to help Save Them All.

*up to $10,000.

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/20/13 6:30pm Holly in NC:

Debarking is fucking heinous, just as bad if not worse than declawing. I can't even - Google will fill you in.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:32pm Doug Schulkind:

The shelter where we were introduced to Luna is called Animal Friends. It is a remarkable place. Not only is it a "no-kill" shelter, it retrieves animals from other shelters that are. Our Luna had been at such a facility. She is so freaking adorable that it's unlikely she would have been euthanized, but still.

Hi Holly!! (I don't even want to know.)
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:34pm Jeff Golick:

(Ok, this was worth turning off Mary Halvorson.)
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:35pm listener james from westwood:

friends of mine picked up a kicky little terrier mix from a shelter earlier this month. chickie by name. she's quite catlike. will jump up and perch on your lap for a better view given the chance. gets along swimmingly with their 4-year-old, too.
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:37pm hyde:

btw, if anyone wants to come to my neighborhood and adopt the yappy dog down the street that barks for a half hour straight every morning at 6:30 or so, that'd be super
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:37pm Doug Schulkind:

Mary Halvorson? I would perch on any lap for a better listen.
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:38pm Doug Schulkind:

Jesse "Schnouzer" Kaminsky is up next here on the Drummer Stream with Kaminsky Kamoutsky. Jesse's playlist page is here:
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:39pm Jeff Golick:

That's how I turned her off, coincidentally.
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:43pm Jeff Golick:

We got our cat -- then a kitten -- from the vet down the block. Turns out she's a total asshole. Random swipes at one's toes from beneath the bed. Clawed my daughter -- who loved her unconditionally and insisted on picking her up all the time -- all over the place (the pediatrician had questions). We're all scared of her.
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:46pm listener james from westwood:

chili brewing on the stove. if anyone's hungry, line forms to the left. is five-alarm OK or do you want more spices?
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:47pm Doug Schulkind:

This is not the first radio show dedicated to a four-footer. Remember my memorial broadcast for Mouse?
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:47pm listener james from westwood:

i stayed over a house where the resident cat would attack your hand or foot for no reason. even after i took off the mouse costume. what a jerkface.
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:48pm hyde:

@Doug I love that picture of Mouse
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:49pm Jeff Golick:

Can I get mine to go, LJFW?
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@LJFW: I usually only eat medium spicy that a 4.5 alarm here?...
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:49pm Doug Schulkind:

@Listener James
Remember the restaurant in lower Manhattan called Exterminator Chili? (On the site of an old... you guessed it.) The chili came in three degrees of hotness: Residential, commercial and industrial.
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Good concept for a chili place.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/20/13 6:54pm Holly in NC:

@ljfw - more spice! More spice! anchos, gualiljos & cascabel for depth, pequins for heat! Also I like woodruff.
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:54pm listener james from westwood:

we package for all occasions and offer sour cream as a fire extinguisher.
doug, i never made it to that joint, bur i do remember seeing it during visits downtown. i came late-ish to chili. friend of mine made some thermite slag masquerading as chili on memorial day '94 and i was hooked.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/20/13 6:56pm Holly in NC:

@Jeff - Sounds like your vet let you adopt an improperly/non socialized kitten, with a child in the house VERY uncool & irresponsible.. Not that I know your vet, nor am I judgemental or anything ... ;-)
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 6:56pm Doug Schulkind:

@Holly in NC
At first I thought you wrote "penguins." Which are cool but not at all hot.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/20/13 6:57pm Holly in NC:

Penguin chili. Ick!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:58pm listener james from westwood:

holly, that same friend makes a lovely wing rub with dried anchos. comes on slow. i'd eat a sneaker coated in that rub.
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:58pm hyde:

Thanks for the good musics. I'm out of live playlist action both Fri and next Tues. for separate job interviews, so I'll catch you all in the archives for the time being...
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Penguins chill their chili before eating it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/20/13 6:58pm davex:

Hi Doug and Drummers - just checking in for the last bit. Best from Germany!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:58pm Jeff Golick:

@Holly: I think you are probably correct. We're not huge fans of the vet, either, really. Of course, my kid didn't help with the socializing any.
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:59pm Jeff Golick:

Thanks for the Luna tune-as, Doug!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Glad to indulge ya Doug! Thanks for the tunes!
Have a good night Luna and all you Lunatics!
Avatar    Tue. 8/20/13 6:59pm listener james from westwood:

i'll open a few tins of sardines for the penguins.
many thanks, doug, and best of luck, hyde!
Avatar Tue. 8/20/13 7:04pm Doug Schulkind:

Heya davex! Thanks for staying up late!
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