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June 14, 2013 Options
Existential crises on parade
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

The Chicago Footwarmers  Get 'em Again Blues   Options b/w Brush Stomp
(Okeh 1928)
The Delta Boys  Every Time My Heart Beats   Options b/w When the Saints Go Marching In
(Bluebird 1941)
Jane Lucas & the Hokum Boys  Ain't Goin' There No More (No. 2)   Options b/w That's the Way She Likes It
(Gennet 1930)
Little Howlin' Wolf  You Can't Keep Her Long   Options Sings the Blues
(Blues Factory 1976)
Rev. W. Herbert Brewster & His Camp Meeting of the Air
(solo: Queen C. Anderson) 
The Hope of This World Is Jesus   Options b/w When I Shall Meet Him Face to Face
(Gotham 1950)
Southern Wonders  As an Eagle Stirreth Her Nest   Options b/w The Chapel
(Peacock 1955)
Charlie Musselwhite w/Harvey Mandel  Cristo Redentor   Options Stand Back! Here Comes Charley Musselwhite's Blues Band
(Vanguard 1967)
Otis G. Johnson  All Thing   Options "Everything" God Is Love '78
(Holy Spirit/Numero 1978)

Talkover Music:
Milt Jackson 
Olinga   Options Olinga
(CTI 1974)

Frankie Armstrong  The Death of Parker   Options The Critics Group: Waterloo, Peterloo
(Argo 1968)
Cyril Phillips  The Lakes of Coolfinn   Options The Brave Ploughboy:
Songs and Stories in a Sussex Pub
(Xtra 1974)
Minty Smith  The Basket of Eggs   Options The Travelling Songster:
An Anthology from Gypsy Singers
(Topic 1975)
Joe Hutton  Bonny North Tyne/The Redesdale Hornpipe   Options Bonny North Tyne
(Topic 1974)
Colin Wilkie & Shirley Hart  Snowy Sunday   Options Wild Goose
(MPS 1969)
Ken Hyder's Talisker  Diddlin' for the Bairns   Options Dreaming of Glenisla
(Reel Recordings 1975)

Talkover Music:
Steven Bernstein 
Let My People Go   Options Diaspora Soul
(Tzadik 1999)

Ernest Jaillet  Bourree Lozerienee   Options Global Accordion: Early Recordings, 1927-1948
(Wergo )
The India Trio  Brigach and Ganges   Options Jazz Meets India
(Saba 1967)
Jacques Dutronc  La Compapade   Options Et Moi et Moi et Moi
(Vogue 1966)
Mina Aoe  Nagasaki Blues   Options
Kim Jung Mi  Your Dream   Options Wind
(World Pyschedelia Ltd 1973)

Talkover Music:
Gulintangan Orchestra of Brunei 
Gendang Sri Rama   Options Borneo: Traditional Music of Asia, Volume 6
(Playa Sound )

Shorty Sullivan  Gotta Have Your Love Tonight   Options b/w Tell Me, Tell Me
(Von )
Jimmy Revard & His Oklahoma Playboys
(Vocal: Lucky Ford) 
Waltz of the Sea   Options b/w Holdin' the Sack
(Everstate )
Doug Hardin  Letters   Options
Fidlo (Leon Erikson)  Hopelessly   Options b/w Triflin' Heart
(Daffan 1957)
Tex Cherry & Band w/Jim Ross  Dirty Jim Blues   Options b/w Cannon Ball-Fox Chase
(Mel-O-Tone 1956)
Orden Saxton  Rock-a-Way   Options Bison Bop, The Bop That Never Stopped
Volume 19
(Bison Bop )
George Darro  Eye'n You Up   Options b/w Too Much Snow
(Nationwide 1960)

Talkover Music:
S. Brugnolini 
Polyphony   Options Speedball Experience
(Editions Giaguaro )

Oscar Dennard  Tangier Blues   Options The Legendary Oscar Dennard
(Somethin'else 1958)
Chico Hamilton  Gonna Get Some Right Now   Options El Exigente (The Demanding One)
(Flying Dutchman 1970)
Curtis Fuller  Bang Bang   Options Imagination
(Savoy 1959)
Paul Flaherty  Once Your Care... You Always Care   Options Voices
(Wet Paint 2001)

Talkover Music:
Odell Brown & the Organ-izers 
Tough Tip   Options Ducky
(Cadet 1968)

Daudi Kabaka  Jela Kubwa Na Viboko   Options Golden Hits
(Polydor )
Phyllis Dillon  Picture on the Wall   Options One Life to Live
(Treasure Isle 1970)
Afro National Band  Mr. Who You Be   Options b/w Dem Kick
(HMV 1973)
The Upsetters  Mr Dubz   Options The Return of Sound System Scratch
(Pressure Sounds )
Anambra Brothers International  Praise the Lord   Options Led By Uncle Victor Chunkwu
(R.A.S. )

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 8:46am Holly in NC:

Just saying hello & good morning ... off to media-free world for the day! Proactive geeetings to all other FOD :-)

PS - That's my cat in my pajamas (some sort of quip there, roll with it)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 8:47am Brian in UK:

Ahoy Capt'n what bearing are we taking this forenoon?
I've spliced the cabin boy. Aha matey.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 8:47am Doug Schulkind:

Stay free, Holly in NC!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 8:48am Doug Schulkind:

Back to the poop deck with you, Brian in UK.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 8:50am Jeff Golick:

Hola. That Dizzy photo in the GTDS email alert was ballsy. But you didn't quite have the nerve to go whole hog (i.e., -- NSFW on account of extreme [but tasteful] male tennis nudity).

Ok, that's it for me today.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 8:51am Doug Schulkind:

Oh my god, is that a young Lee Konitz?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 8:54am Holly in NC:

Finally, tennis holds my interest for more than 2 seconds :-)
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 8:54am duke:

Good mornings Drummer types.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 8:54am listener james from westwood:

howdy, all! happy friday! gotta duck into the shower but will crank the tunes so I can hear thru the dancing waters!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 8:56am Uncle Michael:

Soft-boiled this morning, actually...
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 8:56am Doug Schulkind:

Wait a minute, Listener James, what if the duck doesn't wanna go in the shower?

Duck meet duke, let's play the FEUD!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 8:57am ndbob:

morning Doug and everyone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 8:57am Uncle Michael:

Man, I hope the Bird track *I'M* playing today is still viable, three hours from now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 8:58am Brian in UK:

I'm pooped already this week.

@Jeff Good ole Eadweard Muybridge. He talked his way out of gaol after killing his wifes' lover.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 8:58am Doug Schulkind:

I think of you more as a sassy frittata, Uncle Michael.

Hi ndbob!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 8:59am ausmanx:

looks a bit nervous to me; there's something goin' on in the corner of the room. good evening all from the frozen south
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 8:59am Uncle Michael:

Good morning everyone.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 8:59am bobdc:

Morning Doug! It's becoming a rarer treat for me to get to hear the show live, so I'm psyched for today's show. (And after threatened power loss last night, I appreciate everything that requires electricity a little more.) Excellent Bird gif!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:00am Doug Schulkind:

@Brian in UK
If Muybridge scored for his prison football squad, would the announcer would scream GAAAAOOOOOOL GOOOAAAAAAL! ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:00am Brian in UK:

ausmanx what's happening downunder? No cheap comments, Doug!!
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:01am hyde:

it's that time again.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:01am Doug Schulkind:

Top o' the evening to you, ausmanx!
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:01am listener james from westwood:

that dirty duck needed a wash as much as i did.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:02am Doug Schulkind:

Seek... and hyde!
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:02am Jeff Golick:

@Brian in UK: looking at the photos, one might've thought he'd kill the wife instead.

Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:02am bobdc:

ausmanx: in the corner of the room, would you believe Buddy Rich in a checked shirt and the tiniest rack tom ever?
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:03am Doug Schulkind:

If you told Buddy Rich he had a tiny rack tom, he'd punch you in the schnozz.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:03am listener james from westwood:

i was a very literal child. when we got to colonial america in grammar school and the teacher described how "gaol" was pronounced "jail," it outraged me. inconsistent! and on that day, a copy editor was born.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/14/13 9:03am Michael:

Morning Doug and all from very wet Boston speaking of ducks and showers.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:06am ausmanx:

good link, bob! they all look a bit cramped in there, huh? bird needs some elbow room... and as for that photo in the email, Doug, that has been deleted, trashed and shredded.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/14/13 9:07am Stanley:

Lash that dog to the yardarm, Brian and give him fifty lashes!
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:07am listener james from westwood:

road trip ahoy! safe travels, and best wishes to mom for a speedy recovery!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:11am Brian in UK:

@Jeff Muybridge took some wonderful shots in Jellystone Park, he was not averse to chopping down a tree of two to develop a good landscape.

Hello Stanley. Precipitating north of the border?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/14/13 9:15am Stanley:

Nope, its fine with occasional sunshine, here in Edinburgh. Its becoming a bit of a habit this listening at work business on Friday afternoon.
A good habit for a change.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:16am Brian in UK:

Jane Lucas?
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:19am still b/p:

Muybridge shot Yogi Bear naked in a picnic basket snatching sequence?

Good morning.
I haven't the gift of style or the gift of physique as displayed in the tennis visuals offered so far this morning, so I'll just never ever take the court.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:19am Jeff Golick:

Great soundtrack to accompany a massive morning bill paying session.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:20am Doug Schulkind:

Greetings Michael! Howdy Stanley! (No, only Mitt Romney would lash the dog to the yardarm. Speaking of Boston.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:20am Uncle Michael:

Pay those massive bills with a check your ass can cash.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:21am Brian in UK:

@still b/p it was a bit of a boo boo. Cue closing credits.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:22am Erella:

Jeff, come on over here and pay some of mine any time you like.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:22am Doug Schulkind:

Here is a big fat Bill:
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:23am Doug Schulkind:

But he'd have to pay in Canadian dollars, Erella!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:23am ndbob:

good one here!
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:23am hyde:

E. Muybridge married a woman half his age who everyone thought was bad news but hime, so when he shot her lover the all male jury (11 of whom were married) pretty much said "yeah, we get it". Also, Leland Stanford paid for his defense.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:23am pat from the district of columbia:

ok the trick to listening to Doug and Keili as the same time is getting the levels right...
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:25am Doug Schulkind:

I've been liking your new formal moniker, dcpat!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:25am still b/p:

Just before those credits, bare-ass Yogi's famous final line is, "I have always depended on the blindness of rangers."
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:25am ndbob:

amazing Hyde.. never knew that
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:26am pat from the district of columbia:

Black Pus + Rev W. Herbert = amazing.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:26am pat from the district of columbia:

Hanx Doug.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:26am hyde:

@ndbob there's a great book called "the inventor and the tycoon" that's all about stanford & muybridge. it's really fascinating.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:27am Doug Schulkind:

What a coincidence! Rev. Brewster's informal nickname was "ol' black pus."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:27am Uncle Michael:

The trick to listening to me and Bryce at the same time is psychedelics.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:28am listener james from westwood:

i've got to hit the library anyway today. might have to request that muybridge book.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:30am pat from the district of columbia:

I guess it was actually ..+ Southern Wonders....Hey, this ain't easy y'know!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:31am Doug Schulkind:

Twas my fault, pat. I was late updating the playlist on that Southern Wonders. Hey, this ain't easy y'know!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:33am pat from the district of columbia:

Thanks Doug, yer doing fine. I had to shut off Keili to listen to this Otis
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:34am Brian in UK:

It has never been proven whether Stanford (a horse lover) employed Muybridge to show that all four horses feet left the ground when it galloped for a bet. He did prove it nontheless.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:35am listener james from westwood:

i thought my wi-fi had crapped out again!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:37am pat from the district of columbia:

Doug 1, Keili 0....not that it's a competition..
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:42am hyde:

@Brian in UK fwiw, it's one of Stanford's mares that is in the famous "Horse in Motion" study that was revealed to the press in the 1870's that showed a horse's four feet do all leave the ground & it was also shot at Stanford's personal racetrack. Hall's contention in that book is that most of the doubt about the history of that comes from the fact that Stanford betrayed Muybridge by not giving him full credit for what happened.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:43am Doug Schulkind:

Keili and I are doing a kind of good cop-bad cop tag team thing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:44am ausmanx:

i think this promiscuous conflating of playlists and streams should be reported to the NSA. but i suppose they know already.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:46am still b/p:

Promiscuous conflating sounds like something you could be charged with in Muybridge's day.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:48am Doug Schulkind:

WFMU submits its playlists three weeks in advance for NSA vetting.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:50am Doug Schulkind:

Mmmmm, bacon.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:51am listener james from westwood:

they must enjoy the conet entries. they listen for a bit and are all like, "hey! i think i know this guy!"
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:53am duke:

On the internet, only the NSA knows you're a dog
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:53am Brian in UK:

@hyde, this book is new, I guess. There was a great exhibition in London two years ago. It may have transferred over to the US. There was friction twixt Stanford & Muybridge who was very resourceful.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:54am ndbob:

I saw the Muybridge exhibit at the Smithsonian years ago.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:54am Doug Schulkind:

Hahahaha! The NSA thinks I'm a 13-year-old girl. It's been trying to get me to meet it at a "ice cream parlor" across town.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:54am listener james from westwood:

"woof woof woof. hello, my name is rags. woof woof woof."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:55am ausmanx:

trying to conceal your subversive intent with all this English stuff won't wash with the G-Men, Schulkind...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:57am Uncle Michael:

The NSA wants to know if I can score it some weed...or fertilizer.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:57am Doug Schulkind:

Um, that's Miss Schulkind, ausmanx.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 9:58am Uncle Michael:

Listener James is leaving little batteries all over the carpet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/14/13 9:58am davex:

Hey Doug and Drummers!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:58am ndbob:

I haven't really made up my mind what I think of the NSA issue - not enough information yet
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:59am listener james from westwood:

uncle michael heard my "sleeper" dog whistle!! you are the k-i-n-g king!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:59am Doug Schulkind:

The great Joki Freund on sax.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 9:59am holland oats:

drumma drumma drumma peoples drumma peoples drumma
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:59am pat from the district of columbia:

came back from getting coffee and couldn't figure out who was playing what...
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 9:59am Doug Schulkind:

Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:00am Doug Schulkind:

Humma humma, holland oats!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:02am ausmanx:

GTDS will be on a recorded loop next week as all staff have been marched off to the cooler, or Juvenile Hall in your case, Miss Doug (i really don't like the sound of what they're doin to the bairns). incidentally, any recordings of Manx origin lurking in your hoard, Doug?
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:03am duke:

Never heard this Talisker outfit before. Very interesting. From wikipedia "Scotland and Siberia are now the strongest influences in his current work."
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:04am ndbob:

Quite a combination there Duke
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:04am Jeff Golick:

"Diddlin' for the Bairns" also a punishable offense. To the stockades!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:04am Uncle Michael:

Sgt. Schultz is bringing me a modem. He just doesn't know it yet.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:04am hyde:

@Brian in UK that exhibit looks great! i think you're right about the history of that incident not being completely proven--a lot of it is hazy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:05am Brian in UK:

Doug, we are going up to the North Tyne/Redesdale next weekend. Border country where the reivers would cross and steal cattle. Dangerous country before the union of thrones. (sounds like a bluddy George Martin fantasy novel)
  Fri. 6/14/13 10:05am trish:

My ~mutthood.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:06am Doug Schulkind:

Read my comments about this record in my Favorites of '07 round-up:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:07am Brian in UK:

Bunch of Celts. (Kilts)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:08am Uncle Michael:

If I can't find a way to get serviced, I'm going to have to compile my top ten list for 40 years ago, each year.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/14/13 10:11am davex:

@Brian Where are you normally in the UK?
  Fri. 6/14/13 10:11am Hugo:

Good to hear the Hyder gang. Not so good to hear the Reel gang is quitting. I eventually got this record on vinyl and the two that followed.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:12am northguineahills:

I'm old, but not that old yet, but I'm still sore (even more sore then earlier this week) from Sunday, when I rode my bike all over Brooklyn w/ my music gig bag (40 lbs/18 kg) on my back to play on Governors Island. I suppose I'm just not in shape.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:13am Alex In Illinois:

Yay! Squeezebox time!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:14am Doug Schulkind:

Hello Hugo! Yes, sad news about Reel.

Greetings, Alex in Illinois! (Ill, a noise)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:16am Brian in UK:

@ davex when I am normal (I suspend this every Friday around this time) I live in Watford about 20 miles north west of London.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:17am Uncle Michael:

This cooks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/14/13 10:20am davex:

@Brian: Yes, it is about time for "normality" to end in this general part of the world. And I happen to know Watford myself, stayed there with friends for a few days in fact, many moons ago.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/14/13 10:25am Stanley:

@ Brian - I'm off to France for 10 days on Sunday. I presume you won't be tuning in on Saturday? If so, have a good holiday and catch ya in a couple of weeks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:30am Brian in UK:

Stanley going on 22nd. So missing that week & 29th. Where are you going dans la belle France?
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:33am Doug Schulkind:

Waxidermy on this record:
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:34am pat from the district of columbia:

this singer is one syllable away from being a dictator.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:35am Carmichael:

Korean Psych music? I'm down wit dat. Good morning, Doug and everyone.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:36am ndbob:

morning Carmichael!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:36am pat from the district of columbia:

star for this.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:38am hyde:

this background track is funkier than pat boone's cover of "we are family", admittedly.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:41am listener james from westwood:

there should be a big german compound word for the eager feeling one has to star a song that's just started playing but that hasn't appeared on the dj's playlist yet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:42am Uncle Michael:

Tonsil floss.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/14/13 10:42am davex:

James: Do you really want me to make one up?
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:44am duke:

@hyde There's not much scarier than Pat Boone doing Smoke on the Water
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:45am Jeff Golick:

Gotta run: heading out to the WFMU mother ship for to pick up some stuff. Can I get anybody anything?
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:45am Doug Schulkind:

G'morning Carmichael!
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:45am hyde:

@duke unless it's pat boone doing "papa's got a brand new bag"?
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:45am Jeff Golick:

[takes a long slow drink of water]
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:45am Carmichael:

Heya Bob. Has summer hit in NoDak yet?

@Jeff: I'll take the Rodion GA cd.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:46am Doug Schulkind:

@Jeff Golick
Give everyone a hug and squeeze from me.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 10:47am ndbob:

@Carmichael off and on . cloudy windy and cool today - only got to 80 once - but that should change soon
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:47am hyde:

@ Jeff Golick please put up a note for me requesting a new installment of Gateway to Joy. I need one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:48am Carmichael:

I have a video of Pat Boone singing Tutti Fruitti in full nightclub schmaltz mode. It's the scariest thing I've seen recently.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:49am Carmichael:

@ndbob: I'ts been summer here since mid-April. I kinda miss having seasons.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/14/13 10:51am davex:

@Carmichael: Where is your weather located? The seasons have been changing here in eastern Germany about twice a week.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:52am Jeff Golick:


Ok! Got it. See y'all on the flip side!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 10:55am Carmichael:

@davex: I'm in Northern California, the Capitol city. First, it gets cold. Then it gets hot. Then it gets cold again. That's my weather.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 10:59am bobdc:

Did he just sing "I'm a vegan" in a low, insinuating voice?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/14/13 11:01am davex:

@Carmichael, yes I do remember the intense heat the one time I was there - quite impressive.
  Fri. 6/14/13 11:01am Rob in SAV:

Some hot talkover music right now, Doug.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:08am Doug Schulkind:

@Rob in SAV
Glad you like! Here is where I got it:
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 11:09am duke:

This is some fine trumpet work
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:09am northguineahills:

Not to be confused w/ talk...over music... ;)
Need to look up the Brugnolini track myself.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:10am northguineahills:

Thanks Doug, for the funkufrolic link.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 11:11am Alex In Illinois:

That cat is either circular breathing, or maybe he has an air hose in his mouth.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:11am Brian in UK:

@hyde totally agree with you about Donna's show. Content & title.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 11:11am listener james from westwood:

that was one looooong note!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:12am Brian in UK:

Well I'm applauding.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 6/14/13 11:12am joe:

'ello folks
Shhhh don't tell Keili I just snuck over.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 11:12am listener james from westwood:

@Jeff @hyde: seconding the gateway to joy. donna's shows are magic.
  Fri. 6/14/13 11:13am Hugo:

Special! Checking Discogs, Oscar Dennard died in Cairo in 1960, aged 32.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:13am Doug Schulkind:

Sounds a lot better without a dozen little choppy breaks in it!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:14am Doug Schulkind:

Hey Joe, where you going with that keyboard in your hand?
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:14am jill:

good morning drummers and drumettes
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:15am Doug Schulkind:

Hello to you, Jill!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:16am Doug Schulkind:

Hugo, there is some dispute as to when Dennard died, 1960 or 1958.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:20am Hugo:

and apparently aboiut his exact birthdate, too.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:22am pat from the district of columbia:

man, how do you make your birth date ambiguous? I'd love to have that...dc pat (b. 1968, 1971?) is an amazing....
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 11:30am listener james from westwood:

you know who was uncertain about his birthdate? werner heisenberg.

i'm here all week.

::gets the hook::
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:31am Doug Schulkind:

Give the Drummer Some: Radio show AND existential crisis hotline!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:32am Brian in UK:

Hope the trip is good, Doug and your Mom regains her good health.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:34am Doug Schulkind:

Thanks Brian, very much.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:34am Brian in UK:

Being an existentialist means never having to say...............
Ah back to the poop deck.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:34am Hugo:

Nothing here but the recordings ...
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:35am Doug Schulkind:

Hinky Dinky Time with Uncle Michael follow this show at noon (Eastern). The playlist page for HDTWUM is right here:
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 11:37am hyde:

thanks once again for the sounds and such. signing off.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:38am jk:

THAT. was a top notch set there, Doug.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:39am Uncle Michael:

@DC Pat: My Wikipedia page is locked over just such a controversy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:40am Uncle Michael:

aitch dee tee WUMMMMMM!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:40am Doug Schulkind:

At first I thought you said "singing off" hyde! Which wouldn't be a bad way to go.

Thanks jk. You are a man what knows.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:41am Uncle Michael:

I need jingle singers to nail that for me.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:42am Doug Schulkind:

And as usual, HDTWUM will be presented in HD.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:43am Brian in UK:

Get ready let's do Rocksteady.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:43am pat from the district of columbia:

U. Mike: Funny, my friend set up a Wikipedia page for his group. He stupidly told us and we all went in and adjusted everything--bam. no more wikipedia page.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:44am Uncle Michael:

He has no sense of humor?
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:45am pat from the district of columbia:

actually it was the Wiki folks who shut it down.
  Fri. 6/14/13 11:46am Rob in SAV:

45-minutes belated thanks for that link Mr. Schulkind!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:46am Doug Schulkind:

That poor guy in the wheelchair. He has no sense of femur.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:47am Hugo:

To compound the mystery of the Dennard record, it's not even certain whether it was recorded in 1958.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:47am Uncle Michael:

He's living in a femur trailer. How funny do you think that is?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:48am Brian in UK:

Remember Jeff Golick's link at 08:50 when presenting the show. NSA are aware of the clothing requirements or lack of when on the stream.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:48am Doug Schulkind:

@Rob in SAV
My pleasure! (I typed that 45 minutes ago.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:49am Brian in UK:

@UM last message was for you.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:50am Doug Schulkind:

You are following the same investigative path on Dennard that I did! You will find that the new info dries up fairly soon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:50am Uncle Michael:

I'm naked. It's causal Friday (I'm just punning for effect).
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:51am Hugo:

Thanks to all at the mothership for the premium goodies. The youngest kid insisted on wearing his hoodie to school today. He'll probably have to explain what those (wfmu) initials stand for.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:51am Brian in UK:

Good man.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:52am Uncle Michael:

He should tell them it's a word in Swedish.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:52am Hugo:

I'm a casualty of causality.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:52am Doug Schulkind:

Today is my kiddo's first day of summer vacation!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:52am Uncle Michael:

Needs more umlaut.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 11:52am duke:

The NSA just took Verizon at their word when Verizon said they had a Share Everything Plan
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:52am ndbob:

excellent show Doug!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:53am Uncle Michael:

Those "Can You Hear Me Now?" ads were really just instrument calibrations.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:54am Brian in UK:

What ndbob said 'cause he knows a good thing when he hears it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:54am Hugo:

NSA = Never Say Anything?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:55am Uncle Michael:

Thank you for assembling my audience, Doug. Well done!
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:55am Doug Schulkind:

I thought you were an excellent listener, ndbob. (As usual.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:56am Uncle Michael:

See you on t'other side.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:56am northguineahills:

Thanks Doug! as always, loved the sounds!

I need to get my hands on that Paul Flaherty.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 11:56am listener james from westwood:

a rare friday when i could listen without working. all the better. thanks, doug!
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 11:56am Alex In Illinois:

This is one of the fastest-passing 3 hours ever.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:57am Doug Schulkind:

Get yourself to HDTWUM PDQ or it will be a huge SNAFU unless you are wearing your SCUBA gear.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:58am Doug Schulkind:

I'll take that as a compliment, Alex. Or should I say "a compliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiment."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 11:58am Uncle Michael:

Have a good weekend, Doug.
Avatar Fri. 6/14/13 11:59am Doug Schulkind:

With me, in my weekend condition.
Avatar    Fri. 6/14/13 11:59am duke:

Great show. Have a safe trip and best wishes to Mother Drummer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/14/13 12:01pm Brian in UK:

@ngh what's Paul Flaherty ever done to you?
Good weekend everyone.
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