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Playlist for 10 January 2013 Options | Loser

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Artist Song Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Aimee Mann  Long Shot   Options I'm With Stupid  DGC 
(...and god, I know I'm one!)
Steely Dan  Do It Again   Options Can't Buy a Thrill  ABC    0:03:02 ()
King Missile III  Failure   Options Failure  Shimmy Disc/ Knitting Factory    0:08:34 ()
R. Stevie Moore  Why Am I Here?   Options Tra La La La Phooey!  Comfort Stand    0:12:56 ()
Dick Curless  Loser's Cocktail   Options   Capitol    0:16:41 ()
Music behind DJ:
David Holmes 
Rodney Yates   Options Let's Get Killed  Go! Discs    0:19:08 ()
Shel Silverstein  Fuck It   Options unreleased (?) album      0:23:44 ()
Mekons  Darkness and Doubt   Options Fear and Whiskey  Sin    0:28:08 ()
Beck  Loser   Options Mellow Gold  DGC    0:33:34 ()
Biz Markie  Busy Doing Nuthin'   Options I Need a Haircut  Cold Chillin'/Warner Bros.    0:37:20 ()
Lovin' Spoonful  4 Eyes   Options Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful  Kama Sutra    0:40:48 ()
Skeeter Davis & NRBQ  I Can't Stop Loving You Now   Options She Sings, They Play  Rounder    0:43:40 ()
Music behind DJ:
David Holmes 
Slashers Revenge   Options Let's Get Killed  Go! Discs    0:46:49 ()
June Christy  Something Cool   Options Something Cool  Capitol    0:50:05 ()
Nick Lowe  Lately I've Let Things Slide   Options The Convincer  Yep Roc    0:54:22 ()
Parliament  All Your Goodies Are Gone   Options Up for the Down Stroke  Casablanca    0:57:51 ()
Patty Waters  It Never Entered My Mind   Options College Tour  ESP    1:02:47 ()
Mose Allison  Lost Mind   Options Allison Wonderland (anthology)  Atlantic/Rhino    1:06:12 ()
Gary Burghoff, Reva Rose  Dr. Lucy   Options You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (original cast album)  Decca    1:09:47 ()
Beatles  I'm a Loser   Options Beatles '65  Capitol    1:13:16 ()
Jimmy Newman  Dropping Out of Sight   Options 7-inch single (originally)  Decca    1:15:53 ()
Music behind DJ:
Vince Guaraldi 
I'm a Loser   Options Vince Guaraldi & Bola Sete Live at El Matador  Fantasy    1:18:31 ()
Ergo Phizmiz  The Morning After   Options Concentrate on the Brass  Ergo Phizmiz    1:21:32 ()
Devin the Dude  Doobie Ashtray   Options Just Tryin' ta Live  Rap-A-Lot     1:25:21 ()
lb  Ashes to Ashes   Options Pop Artificielle  Shadow    1:29:15 ()
Psapp  Curuncula   Options Tiger, My Friend  Leaf    1:33:34 ()
Fountains of Wayne  Everything's Ruined   Options Fountains of Wayne  Tag/Atlantic    1:39:23 ()
Music behind DJ:
David Holmes 
Don't Die Just Yet   Options Let's Get Killed  Go! Discs    1:42:17 ()
Andy Kaulkin  All My Good Is Gone   Options Six Foot Seven and Rising  Bong Load    1:46:26 ()
Steve Fisk  I Wish I Were Dead, Pt. 1   Options Over and Through the Night  K    1:50:21 ()
People Like Us  Nobody Loves You   Options Stifled Love  Mess Media    1:51:08 ()
Wanda Jackson  Back Then   Options I Wouldn't Want You Any Other Way  Capitol    1:52:27 ()
Dorothy Parker  Résumé   Options An Informal Hour With Dorothy Parker  Spoken Arts    1:55:44 ()
Young Adults  Kill Yourself   Options Live in Providence, 21 March 1978 (WBRU broadcast)  Young Adults    1:55:58 ()
Peter Blegvad  Crumb de la Crumb   Options Downtime  ESD/ReR    2:00:09 ()
Music behind DJ:
Floyd Cramer 
Last Date, slowed down   Options 7-inch single (originally)  RCA     

Listener comments!

  Thu. 1/10/13 11:44am listener james from westwood:

soy un amador
i'm a lover, baby, so why don't you kiss me
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 11:47am charlie:

i heart your re-write, LJFW!
  Thu. 1/10/13 11:48am Katya Oddio:

Same song my noodle went to first
  Thu. 1/10/13 11:48am Arnie Pectin:

Born to lose?
  Thu. 1/10/13 11:49am listener james from westwood:

that, too, is a fine musical choice!
good thursday, all!!
  Thu. 1/10/13 11:49am Katya Oddio:

and I've lost someone who's dear to me
  Thu. 1/10/13 11:51am Michael:

Ooops. Auto nick. Hiya charlie, james and Katya. May hit 50 today. Not a loser temp.
  Thu. 1/10/13 11:51am Doug S:

This program is a lose-lose! Hello from a train somewhere in Pensyltucky.
  Thu. 1/10/13 11:53am listener james from westwood:

that's the sound of the man working on the train, gang
  Thu. 1/10/13 11:54am ndbob:

hey Charlie and everyone!
  Thu. 1/10/13 11:55am Katya Oddio:

Happy day, gang! No losers, just bad circumstances that effect one's abilities to perform at peak.
  Thu. 1/10/13 11:56am Katya Oddio:

Man, Doug, your stream is the bizness. Viva Give the Drummer Radio!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 11:57am kat330:

Hi, Doug! Hi, James, Katya, Arnie, Michael, Doug and Bob!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:01pm Laura L:

Looking forward to some songs peppered with salty language!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:02pm Katya Oddio:

Hey, kat330. Laughing even before the first set. "Get the kiddies in the room, so they can experience all the loss." Love it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:02pm charlie:

Greetings, Katya, Arnie, Michael, Doug, and Bob! Yes, Doug, it's a lose-lose, win-win situation here today!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:02pm Carmichael:

Aloha, Amigos. So Doug is mobile, an air-conditioned gypsy. Let's lose this thing!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:02pm charlie:

And also kat330 and Laura L!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:03pm Doug S:

Amtrak won't let me stream audio, but they forgot about the WFMU iPhone app. What losers! Go Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:03pm kat330:

Oooops, that should have been HI, CHARLIE!!! to start off. Phone rang just as I was trying to send that first note off. So *I'm" the loser, not you, Chaz!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:04pm ndbob:

Heya Kat and Carmichael!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:05pm listener james from westwood:

heh, i'm more used to hearing this steely dan cut slloooowwwed down as ken's talkover music.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:05pm charlie:

God bless the WFMU iPhone app, and all who sail with her.
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:06pm kat330:

So Doug, say it two times, twice as nice! Where are the rails taking you?
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:06pm Dervish:

I'm already enjoying this collective race to the bottom.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:07pm Carmichael:

Aloha Bob!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:07pm charlie:

Robert Christgau described this song as being the "tragic tale of a loser so compulsive he can't get himself hanged."
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:07pm kat330:

This show makes a great double feature with Fabio's Strength through Failure.

Lovin' the Dan.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:09pm ?:

Hello all. No matter which album it's from, Do It Again is a good song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:09pm charlie:

And a late hello to Carmichael.
@? - Finally updated the album title :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:10pm charlie:

More salty language here...
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:10pm kat330:

@katya: [settled down a bit better now] I wrote Charlie that I have cottonballs at the ready, and soap and Q-tips ooops! guess I need to wash now! :)
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:11pm Carmichael:

Robert Gordon's Born to Lose has always been a favorite.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:11pm Tower:

It would help if I had put my name on that last comment. I'm a failure at posting.... it's not worth living... wait, maybe I can embrace failure ... turn it to an advantage ... maybe not
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:12pm kat330:

Are the Beatles too obvious a choice I wonder?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:13pm charlie:

Hi Tower!
No choice is too obvious for Busy Doing Nothing, kat!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:13pm βrian:

KM is such an inspiration!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:14pm ndbob:

Heya Todd!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:16pm kat330:

I think the universe is saying something when I didn't have time to comment during last week's Lovers" program, but here I am (all thumbs) for the "Losers" show. [and next week is an appt. during most of the time slot :/ ]
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:16pm charlie:

Yes, @Brian, I find that song quite cheering!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:16pm Tower:

Today's topic reminds me of the Tower label biker movie soundtrack, Born Losers. Very nice cover to the album.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:18pm Dan in Seattle:

Pour salty language in our wounds, Charlie.
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:20pm kat330:

I guess "Dark Horse" is not really in the running.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:20pm Carmichael:

Martin Mull did a song a few decades ago called Loser's Samba. It'll make you want to jump off the roof.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:21pm Carmichael:

Dick Curless!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:21pm Katya Oddio:

Have you read yet WFMU engineer Justin Colletti's piece about the controversy over unpaid internships? The industries that abused the young are losers who lost out on the services, innovation, loyalty, and drive of young workers.

  Thu. 1/10/13 12:21pm Tower:

Dick Curless also had lots of 45's and LP's on the Tower label. This one's a Capitol release though.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:22pm jan:

Listening to Charlie is the grand prize for Thursdays!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:23pm βrian:

Martin Mull : http://youtu.be/cMA2--E103Y
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:23pm Carmichael:

A Tombstone Every Mile is my favorite Curless. And also Chick Inspector.
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:24pm kat330:

Speaking of losers, the Oscars weirdly stuck Bigelow and Affleck in that category this morning.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:25pm Katya Oddio:

  Thu. 1/10/13 12:26pm Doug S.:

Bigelow must be just tortured over the decision.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:27pm charlie:

Thanks for joining us, Jan!
Thanks for the info, Tower!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:28pm kat330:

Are people looking at you funny, Doug, as you chuckle at your phone? ;)
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:28pm Tower:

LOL over the Shel Silverstein. Not many people here right now so I can crank it!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:28pm Katya Oddio:

Charlie, that ani-gif of Secret Cigarette is too cute. Here's another:
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:29pm Doug S.:

They're just a buncha losers, kat330. (In other words, my people.)
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:32pm kat330:

Ray Wylie Hubbard performed a narrative on last night's Letterman to prove how a loser can really turn things around to win in the end. To paraphrase the song's ending: "Every day in which your gratitude is higher than your expectations will be a good day."
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:33pm frenchee:

Charleeee waves the flag for losers....yay! And Frenchee salutes it!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:35pm frenchee:

AH! There it is, we were waiting, right gang o losers?
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:35pm kat330:

@Katya: Sweet! That feline's third eye wide open, not third eye blind.

@Charlie: Oh, of *course* there'd be Beck -- oh, and Radiohead might crown a bit later?
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:36pm Matt from Springfield:

And you know this had to played today!
Loser from Springfield, joining this fabulous non-winner!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Shel Silverstein "FUCK IT"?!? Wow, I GOTTA check that out later!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:36pm charlie:

Heya, Frenchee!
Nice sentiment, kat330!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:36pm Carmichael:

Ya knew this song was coming ....
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:37pm Ricardo Montalban:

It's my armchair psychologist's opinion that this episode suffers from low self esteem.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:38pm northguineahills:

Haven't been here for Charlie in ages....
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:38pm listener james from westwood:

i always assumed the "i'm a driver, i'm a winner" voice was then-pres ghw bush.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Or is it YOU who has Delusions of Grandeur, Ricardo[r]? ;)
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:39pm listener james from westwood:

never a bad day with the biz!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:39pm kat330:

All the losers are assembled here today! Hiya, latecomer losers.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:40pm Matt from Springfield:

@LJFW: Love the Biz! And hey! He did a theme rap for this very show! Awesome!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:40pm northguineahills:

Soy un perderdor
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:41pm Katya Oddio:

Can help but jump around with Biz BDN on BDN!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:41pm listener james from westwood:

charlie has friends in high places, and losers in low ones.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:41pm Matt from Springfield:

"Aaaaaaaaah don't even gimme that!" :D
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:44pm charlie:

Yo, Matt, Ricardo, NGH, Martha -- welcome to the losers' lounge.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:44pm listener james from westwood:

oh, snap!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:44pm kat330:

This was an epithet I heard often in 6th grade and until I got contacts several years later.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:47pm glenn:

skeeter with nrbq. *swoon*
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:47pm Matt from Springfield:

That was the Lovin' Spoonful?? Pretty heavy for them.
And Skeeter Davis, with another breakup song.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:47pm Tower:

There's some great stuff on Rounder Records.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:48pm kat330:

Loser that I am, I did not know about this collaboration. Thanks for the intro, Charlie.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Losers' Lizard Lounge!
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:48pm Brian in UK:

Those words are true today as they ever were
Those words are true today as they ever were
Those words are true today as they ever were
Those words are true today as they ever were
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:49pm ndbob:

Sure is Todd:)
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:49pm aaron in Jcity:

  Thu. 1/10/13 12:49pm Brian in UK:

@ngh are you smiling?
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:50pm Doug S.:

@Brian in UK
Looks like you're doing your best Bart Simpson impression.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:51pm Brian in UK:

  Thu. 1/10/13 12:52pm Brian in UK:

Can't skate, won't skate.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:53pm Katya Oddio:

June, like buttah baby
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:54pm Laura L:

"Magazines" on this same June Christy record would fit perfectly in your theme too.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:54pm northguineahills:

I will be smiling after yet another follow up interview in a few minutes. Thus far, all things are looking purty.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:55pm Brian in UK:

Good luck, ngh.

Doug, how's the back holding up?
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:55pm kat330:

@ngh: Good luck x10 and keep those Hubbard words in mind today!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 12:56pm kat330:

The Lowest of the Lowe.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 12:57pm charlie:

How true, kat330!
hiya Aaron in JC and Brian in UK
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:57pm listener james from westwood:

a lowe-down dirty shame that he's let things slide.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:57pm Doug S.:

Spending nine and a half hours sitting on a train is not doing wonders for my back. I am applying Charlie's show to it topically and it's helping bigtime.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:58pm Matt from Springfield:

You know things will go up soon, once they fall so Lowe.
  Thu. 1/10/13 12:58pm Brian in UK:

@kat330 What's that 'life is a telescope viewed from the wrong end'?

Watchya Charlie.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:00pm Katya Oddio:

This show and you folks make Thursdays so damn much fun
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:00pm Brian in UK:

Doug, when you have a bad back & people say sit down & rest that is the worst thing you can do. Get up & walk about every half hour, then a quart of Jim Beam rye.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 1:01pm charlie:

Good luck, NGH.
Hey, Doug, too bad you have to take a 9phr train trip with that bad back :(
Feel better soon!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:01pm kat330:

@Brian: All interconnected with Aimee Mann, Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 1:02pm charlie:

"Let Hurt put you in the loser's seat" (!)
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:03pm kat330:

@Doug: Is the trip for at least a very winning reason I hope?
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Smoky, torchy torch song!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:06pm Doug S.:

Brooklyn Dodgers radio announcer Red Barber used to always use the phrase "in the catbird seat" to describe a team or player being in an advantageous or beneficial position. This program's for dogbirds everywhere.
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:08pm kat330:

This is making me think down the list of powerful female vocals about losing, specifically Nina Simone's "My Man's Gone Now."
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:09pm Doug S.:

Tim Smith, the feller producing the documentary film about WFMU is interviewing me at the station tomorrow. I'll be doing the Friday edish of GTDS live from Studio C in the belly of the Mothership!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:10pm kat330:

@Doug: Yay, I'd say a winning reason indeed! Make sure Station Manager Ken gives you a free enema as he promises.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:11pm Matt from Springfield:

@Doug: Not even "in the doghouse", we're the dogs kicked out of their own doghouses!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:11pm northguineahills:

Wow, I knew this was Patty Waters in the first second, and all I have of hers is "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair"
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:12pm listener james from westwood:

charlie brown would be better at football if lucy didn't yank the goddamn thing away each time.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:12pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh wow! Mollusk, Doug! Mothership shows are always great, and being included in the doco!

Make sure you meet with Melvin Van Peebles when you're up there! :)
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:13pm kat330:

@ngh: I have Nina's version of that, too. Small world.

@ndbob: My sis' b'day is next Tuesday -- is that yours, too, perchance?
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:13pm jan:

Listening to "Dr. Lucy" - painful.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:14pm frenchee:

Reva sounded a lot like Kaye Ballard there for a minnit.
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:14pm kat330:

@MfS: Kiitos for the "mollusk"!

Whomp, there it is!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:14pm listener james from westwood:

hey, easy on that trainwreck talk until doug disembarks!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:15pm Matt from Springfield:

YES! Great occasion to play this sometimes overlooked "Beatles For Sale" cut!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:15pm frenchee:

Oh boy, oh boy! Señor Schulkind in studio C, that's no loser!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:16pm ndbob:

@kat Yes it is:)
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:16pm Matt from Springfield:

@Kat: I've determined that those in favor of "mollusk" as a word for "cool" should use it amongst each other, and explain it. Then gradually expand the circle of Mollusk-speakers! :)

Incidentally what is "kiitos"? Like a kudos?
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:17pm kat330:

"True, pride comes before a fall" -- on my very lo-fi poodle transistor radio, I always thought that lyric was something in French.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:18pm Matt from Springfield:

@Anchovy: I hope the previous comment explains? Mollusk = cool. Since there's only so many words to use for "cool", kat and Philo coined "mollusk" as another way to express that :)
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:19pm kat330:

@Matt: It's Finnish "Thanks!" Others in the philo-kat lexicon are "bocoors" for "but of course," and "miguel" for "might well" as in, "that miguel be true, but I couldn't possibly say."
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:20pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: I don't hear very well, especially interpreting components of mumbled/garbled sound. If I was transistor reliant, EVERYTHING would sound like French to me.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:22pm Doug S.:

I wish Amtrak would make it a little mollusker in my car.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Interesting, glad you expanded the lexicon! I saw "bocoors" before, I thought it was French beaucours or something like that. "Miguel" is like a figurative spelling of an individual's pronunciation. Like I recently coined "Zmatter of fact" because that's how I've always said it!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:23pm kat330:

How could that be necessary, Doug -- you're already the molluskest!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:25pm Matt from Springfield:

@Doug: There isn't a Mollusk Car on your train? Amtrak's doing a trial program where they have a chill lounge car called the Mollusk Car. Which, also serves a menu of shellfish and lobster bisque, naturally.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:25pm Doug S.:

My New Year's resolution was to be less shellfish.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Ergo Phizmiz, always a delight! 'Specially with collab-ing with People Like Us!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:26pm Katya Oddio:

Heart Ergo Phizmiz -- and his little girls!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:26pm kat330:

Mmm, shrimp cocktail.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:29pm Matt from Springfield:

NOO!! WHY is the reefer all gone?!
This wouldn't be a problem if we had "Sensory Gardens" on every porch!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:29pm kat330:

@Katya: IIRC, you're a FMA curator, yes? So does that mean you comb the interwebs for music to add; or only create music yourself to upload; or people know to bring their music to you? [probably a bit of all the above]
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, thanks Katya! I'm always in the market for "outsider" music. Did you write the description for that entry?
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:32pm Matt from Springfield:

"Ashes to ashes, funk to funky / We know Major Tom's a junkie"!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:33pm kat330:

@ndbob: Wow, then what a lucky guess! Was really just manipulating a way to get the info from you since I only had a general idea. :)
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:35pm Brian in UK:

What about those who are afraid of winning?
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:35pm kat330:

@Brian VERY valid point.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:36pm ndbob:

@kat Quite a good guess:)
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:37pm kat330:

Though it IS true my sister's b'day is next Tuesday, too.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:37pm Katya Oddio:

Kat, yes x 4. Matt, no. Ergo Phizmiz did. He has a FANTASTIC catalog and several side projects on the FMA.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:38pm Katya Oddio:

Matt, if you like kids performing, may I suggest a pet project Kazoomzoom?
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:39pm Matt from Springfield:

@Katya: 4 yeses to 1 no? I'm such a loser... ;)
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:40pm kat330:

Thanks, Katya!

Matt, you gotta pepper 'em with questions to better your odds.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:40pm Katya Oddio:

Gah, I'm such a loser for phrasing it like that. No one will ever love me, if I keep it up. ;D
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Psapp is great, excellent arrangements too! But then again I'm such a psapp for keyboards and tape loops.

And thanks for the other link Katya! Everyone wins, with children's recordings!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: Gotta spread out a number of questions--just keep shooting buckshot until I hit something! :)
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:44pm kat330:

Sure wish I could have found a local children's choir to perform my contest entry. Would've been so much more mollusk that way.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:46pm northguineahills:

That David Holmes sounds A LOT like Gainesbourg.

I haven't seen Noah (Retard Riot) Since 2008.
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:46pm kat330:

This Holmes bed music suggests some ambivalence between the track and album titles.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:47pm Katya Oddio:

Awww! And with all our hearts we will ALWAYS never love you, loser Martha!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:47pm Katya Oddio:

Kat, the birthday song contest?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 1:47pm Vicki:

Hello! Here's one... mediamogul.seas.upenn.edu...
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:48pm Doug S.:

One of my great radio regrets: I had Laura Veirs booked to perform on my show soon after her Carbon Glacier record came out. On that album, she does a song called "Snow Camping" on which a choir of children sing. The same day as Laura's appearance on my show, a group of school kids from Hoboken was visiting WFMU and I was going to endeavor to have them sing with Laura on Snow Camping, but Laura called and cancelled at the last minute. Oh well. What a loser.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@charlie: After all the "My Dick" Amanda played yesterday, there is NAUGHT too puerile for GTDR! ;D
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 1:49pm charlie:

Oh, hi, Vicki -- yes, thank you.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:50pm Tower:

I have lots of Uwe Schmidt as Senior Coconut and Atom tm.
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:50pm kat330:

@Katya: Yep, here: freemusicarchive.org...

Aww, Doug, that is the opposite of mollusk. :, Had you already done a lot of rehearsing with them?
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:52pm Katya Oddio:

Cool, Kat!!!

Vicki, think first hearing of "Nobody Loves U" was via a Frenchman on this show
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 1:52pm Vicki:

Oh did you have it lined up already?!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:52pm kat330:

Hey, there's nothing more bracing than a good hard cry from time to time.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:53pm Doug S.:

No. It was all a grand idea that never had the chance to gel. I was going to surprise Laura with a gaggle of kids.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 1:53pm Vicki:

oh yes - nice playlist katja
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:54pm listener james from westwood:

some of those judy garland tapes really make for rough listening.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 1:55pm charlie:

No, Vicki, I had the "drug attic" track cued up :)
But I've played it a lot before....
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:55pm ndbob:

excellent show Charlie!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:55pm Katya Oddio:

Wish Judy was still with us punching it out like Wanda is.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:55pm listener james from westwood:

not sure who i want more to provide the score for the film version of my life: air, david holmes, or the whitefield bros. maybe all 3. air can take my flintstone-vitamin-addled 1970s.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:55pm Brian in UK:

Was that a giggle of kids. See you later baked potata.
Nice one, Charlie.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 1:56pm Vicki:

ah! The whole of Stifled Love is a loser album
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Great one, Vicki!

Love this Wanda Jackson!
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:57pm northguineahills:

I love losing this set, Charlie.
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:58pm Katya Oddio:

It's a wonder any of us survive.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 1:58pm Vicki:

we don't, eventually
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 1:58pm kat330:

Loved every last note, sigh, and bawl, Charlie! Thank you!

May not see y'all next week, so everyone have a great week and keep your daily gratitude higher than your daily expectations! :)
  Thu. 1/10/13 1:59pm Carmichael:

I'll be back later for Failure. See ya, Losers!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 2:00pm charlie:

Thanks for being here, losers, I mean friends. Going overtime one song, then I'll leave, I promise ;)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 2:00pm Vicki:

Nice show Charlie, only tuned in towards the end cos I've been out - will listen to the archive once you've finished though!
  Thu. 1/10/13 2:00pm frenchee:

ha! So long, suckahs!
Great show, Charlie
  Thu. 1/10/13 2:01pm listener james from westwood:

this loser show lost so hard it went through a loser warp and came out winners. thanks, charlie, and safe, back-friendly travels, doug!
Avatar Thu. 1/10/13 2:01pm kat330:

[Only saying goodbye to those I see here on BDN exclusively]
  Thu. 1/10/13 2:01pm Matt from Springfield:

So thoroughly a loser show, it ended up winning! Thanks charlie!
Have a great afternoon everyone! See ya later kat, if not sooner!

Gratitude higher than expectations!!
  Thu. 1/10/13 2:01pm listener james from westwood:

lol, judas priest got sued for songs less suggestive than this one!
  Thu. 1/10/13 2:02pm Tower:

Great show and great company, or commiseration, whichever you prefer. Thanks Charlie! See ya all!
  Thu. 1/10/13 2:02pm Michael:

Thanks charlie - fun show as always. Watch out for the mud or you'll be a .....
See ya next week!
  Thu. 1/10/13 2:05pm Doug S.:

Losing is for lovers.
  Thu. 1/10/13 2:05pm Katya Oddio:

Suppose we'll see by who is missing next week who took the advice offered in this show. Stick around, gang!
  Thu. 1/10/13 2:08pm joerg:

wel done Charlie, you're a winner
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 1/10/13 2:08pm charlie:

I predict full attendance! See you all next time.
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