Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland Additional wings of Bill Kelly's "Hall of Shame:"

Great DJ Wing · Great Radio Station Wing · Great TV Shows · Great Movies

The Great DJ Wing

The patron saint of "The Teenage Wasteland," Murray The K

Allan Freed

Dr. Demento

Wolfman Jack

The Mad Daddy

Cousin Bruce Morrow

Big Dan Ingram

Vin Scelsa

Glen Jones

John Zacherle

Dave The Spazz

The Hound


The Great Radio Station Wing


CKLW-AM (Windsor, Ont.)

WORC-AM (Worcester, Mass.)

WKBW-AM (Buffalo, N.Y.)

WCBS-FM (New York, N. Y.)

The Great TV Shows



Where The Action Is

American Bandstand

The Clay Cole Show

The Simpsons

The Three Stooges

The Great Movies

Gunga Din

Animal House

Pride of The Yankees

I Was a Teenage Mummy.

Who is the Panjandrum of Punk??

X-Ray burns!

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