Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

January 14, 2001

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Ballad of the Hip Death - The Ultimate Spinach
Railroad Bill - Andy Breckman
Before The Swine - Wolf Roxon
Ace of Spades - Everlounge
Diamond Head - The Ventures
Can't Stop The Want - The Creatures of the Golden Dawn
Number 9 Train - Tarheel Slim
Nothing To Say - Rally Days
Where The Girls Are - The Gossip
I Should Know - Tom Thumb & the Casuals
Geo Logical Lust - The Causey Way
I Saw Linda Yesterday - Dickey Lee
Yeah Yeah Yeah - Nixon's Head
Let Me Come On In - The Strollers
Keep In Touch - The Canadian Rogues
Ice Cold Lemonade - Death By Chocolate
Streets of London - Ralph McTell
Surfer's Slide - Jackie and the Cedrics
Arrested - Harry Viderci
Summertime Blues - The Outsiders (FL)
The Goon - Bleed
Things You Do - The Morning After
Wishing Well - The Seeds
Yes I Understand - The Chesterfield Kings
The Hippy Hippy Shake - Chan Romero
Horror Show - The Forgotten
That's Not The Way - The Levis
Sir Harris At Large - The Voice of a Generation
Let's Go To The Beach - The Cave 4
The Bargain Store - Dolly Parton
Mongoloid - Ass
Shake 'n' Stomp - Dick Dale & the Daletones
25th Hour - The Lime Spiders
Baby Made A Fool Out Of You - The Zip Codes
I Want You - The Alcoholic Hell-Tones
I Tell No Lies - The Shoutless
Only For Sheep - The Bureau
Silence Is Golden - The Tremeloes

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