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Playlist for Oct 15, 1999

The Songs You Remember

Sol Invictus "A Palace of Worms" ALL THINGS STRANGE & RARE
Apsu (untitled) 7"
Steve Dirkx "Wait! Love!" THE BUTCHER'S COVERS
Bobb Conn "Who's The Paul? #16" BOBBY CONN
Vicky Leandros "Theo, wir fahr'n nach Lodz" 25 HITS DES JAHRES

Ancient Chinese Secret ??? CAVEAT EMPTOR
Rush "Working Man" RUSH
Ritual Tension "Hotel California" 12" single
Adult "The Pleasure Passenger" ENTERTAINMENT
Projekt Karpaty Magiczne "Ethnocore" ETHNOCORE
Mice Parade "[attempt] / More Music for Mallets, Voices & Organ [and other stuff]" RAMDA
Lagos/Venosta/Mariani "Estudio Sobre la Liquidez" ELECTRONIC ADVENTURES IN FLAMENCO
Reverberi "Stairway to Heaven" STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

Ranaldo & The Loaf "Dichotomy Rag / A Critical Dance" ARABIC YODELLING
Guy Klucevsek "Awakening" V/A LEGENDS OF ACCORDION
Les Anglais "I Love Paris" V/A MISFITS
Danny Cohen "New Mexico" MUSEUM OF DANNYS
The Magic Pacer "Dragon Lady" DIG THIS DIG THAT

Julian Cope "Autogeddon Blues" AUTOGEDDON
Prolapse "Diamonds o Monte Carlo" DEANSHANGER EP
Amon Duul 2 "Yeti Talks to Yogi" YETI
World (of Dreams) Don't Let the Dog Die" WHO IS YAHDOOSH?
Premature Ejaculation "The Worst Hell" ASSERTIVE DISCIPLINE
Jeannie C. Riley "Satan Place" HARPER VALLEY PTA

Mythos "Oriental Journey" MYTHOS
Streetorgan "The Cuban" Je t'ai vu Passer" SALSAS & MERENGUES
The Residents "The Booker Tease" DUCK STAB

Chinese Instrumental Ensemble "When Will You Come Again" MASTERPIECES OF CHINESE SONGS OF THE '30S

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