Scott Williams

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for Mar 7, 1999


Snakefinger's Vestal Virgins "Sawney Bean / Sawney's Death Dance" Night Of Desirable Objects
Quintron "It's Moving Me" These Hands Of Mine
Calvin Hampton "Triple Play" New Music In Quarter Tones Comp.
Roxy Music "Amozona" Stranded

Family Jams "Ra Hide-Away" Family Jams
Strangulated Beatoffs "Exorcist" Porky The Pig & Bess 7"
Pastor Ediemae Layne "Funeral Eulogy For Elder Marguerite Mcclain" Dancing With Death Comp
W/ Marcel Dupre "Cortege Et Litanie" Organ Music
W/ Amber Asylum "Secret Ions" Songs Of Sex & Death
The Tianjin Buddhist Music Ensemble "Lanhua Mei" Dancing With Death Comp.
Marcel Dupre "Prelude Et Fugue In Fminor Opus 7 #2" Organ Music
Kevin Ayers "Why Are We Sleeping" Bbc Radio 1 Live In Concert
Steve Hillage "Hurdy Gurdy Man" L
Robert Wyatt & Ivor Cutler "Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road" Rock Bottom

Robert Wyatt "I'm A Believer" Unconditionally Guaranteed: Uncut Magazine Sampler CD
Big Star "Try Again" #1 Record
W/ The Frogs "Weird On The Avenue" Starjob Ep
Nico "Chelsea Girls" Chelsea Girl
Jim O'roarke "Prelude To 110 Or 220 / Women Of The World" Eureka
Smog "Teenage Spaceship" Knock Knock
Asteroid #4 "Losing Touch With My Mind" A Tribute To Spacemen 3
Thomas Dinger "Ballgefluster" Fur Mich

Lol Coxhill "I Am The Walrus" Ear Of Beholder
John Denver "Junk" Poems Prayers & Promises
Comus "Bitten" First Utterance
Gillian Welch "My Morphine" Unconditionally Guaranteed (See Above)
Vashti "Winter Is Blue" Tonite Let's All Make Love In London Sdtk
Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters "Tonite, You Belong To Me" The Jerk Videotape (Can Anyone Lead Me To The Soundtrack Album?)
Erik Satie "Gymnopedies #2" The Impressionists, Conducted By Bernard Herrmann

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