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Playlist for January 24th, 1999



Incoherent "Sick (As In Barf) Filter" D.I.Y.
Melt Banana "Giggle On The Stretcher" Charlie
Art Linkletter (Untitled Naughtiness) Celebrities At Their Worst Vol. 2 Comp
Psywarfare "The Straight Life" Circle Gets The Square
Shirley Collins "Cambridgeshire May Carol" Fountain Of Snow
Duotron "Kill Me" Complete Book Of Duotron
Ellis Chadbourne "Pagan Love Song" Americana Vol. 1 - Vox Populi Comp
Art Ensemble Of Chicago "The Key" Fanfare For The Warriors
John Carpenter "Tombstone" Halloween Sndtk
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Backwards Dog" Tatay
They Might Be Giants "Fingertips #1" Apollo 18
The Altar Boys "Frank Sinatra" Goomba Party Comp.
The Feederz "Day By Day" Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?
Lalo "Box Gap" Clepxidra
The Feederz "Subscription" Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?
Squid Pro Quo "Hertz Theme" Happy Hour For A Pack Of Screaming Cannibals Tribute To Raymond Scott
Marrakech-El Mouqef Mosque "Adhan Call To Prayer" Anthology Of World Music - Morocco Comp
Palinckx "Potje Met" It's Frontal Dog
Uchihashi Kazuhisa & Hans Reichel "See You In The Court" King Pawns
B.O.R.B. "Aaaagh" Marvelous Sound Forms Twisted Village Comp
Klaus Nomi "Silent Night" CD Single
Tmbg "Fingertips #2" Apollo 18
? "Kamang Siado" Music Of Indonesia Vol. 17
Jerry Goldsmith "The Intruders" Planet Of The Apes Sdtk

Michael Zerang "Elizabeth Loves The Monster" Redmoon Theatre's Frankenstein
? "Adios, Motherfucker" Henry, Portrait Of A Serial Killer Sdtk
Martin Landau / Howard Shore "Beware!" Ed Wood Sdtk
Bernard Herrmann "Finale" The Day The Earth Stood Still Sdtk
Don Cherry "Don's Dawn" New York Eye & Ear Control Sdtk
John Lurie "Italian Walk" Mystery Train Sdtk
Paul Sawtell & Roy Webb "The Racket Main Title Theme" Murder Is My Beat Sdtk Comp
Thomas Tree & Cory Coppage "How Does She Do It So Quickly" Short Cuts Sdtk
Angelo Badalamenti "The Black Dog Runs At Night" Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Sdtk
Huebler & Schwab "People's Playground Version A" Vampyros Lesbos Sdtk
Vashti "Winter Is Blue" Tonite, Let's All Make Love In London Sdtk
Paul Giovanni "Fireleap" The Wicker Man Sdtk
Tmbg "Fingertips #3" Apollo 18
Pink Floyd "Interstellar Overdrive (Reprise)" Tonite, Let's All Make Love In London Sdtk
Allen Ginsburg "Tonite, Let's All Make Love In London" (Ditto Above)
Tmbg "Fingertips #4" Apollo 18
Ollie Halsall & John Halsey "Bum Love" Miniatures Comp
The Residents "We're A Happy Family / Bali Hai" (Ditto)
Roger Mcgough "The Wreck Of The Hesperus" (Ditto)
Morgan Fisher "Green & Pleasant" (Ditto)
John Otway "Mine Tonight" (Ditto)
Tmbg "Fingertips #5" Apollo 18
Scott Thompson & Joe Sealy "I'm Gay!" Brain Candy Sdtk
Michael Kamen "Ducts" Brazil Sdtk
Tmbg "Fingertips #6" Apollo 18
Pete Challis & Phil Diplock "My Way" Miniatures Comp
Robert Wyatt "Strangers In The Night" (Ditto)
Stinky Winkles "Opus 5" (Ditto)
Mary Longford "Body Language" (Ditto)
Andy "Thunderclap" Newman "Andy The Dentist" (Ditto)
David Bedford "Wagner's Ring In 1 Minute" (Ditto)
Tmbg "Fingertips #7" Apollo 18
Jean Manse & Roger Dumas "On M'appelle Simplet" Chansons De Films Sdtk Comp
Angelo Badalamenti "La Cle De La Victoire" City Of Lost Children Sdtk
Erika Eigen "I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper" A Clockwork Orange Sdtk

Fred Frith "The Entire Works Of Henry Cow" Miniatures Comp
Maggie Nicols "Look Beneath The Surface" (Ditto)
Joseph Racaille "Week End" (Ditto)
The Work "With Wings Pressed Back" (Ditto)
Neil Innes & Son "Cum On Feel The Noize" (Ditto)
Tmbg "Fingertips #8" Apollo 18
Big Brother "Picnic Poop Lullaby" The Blank Years
Frank Zappa "Sleeping In A Jar" Uncle Meat
Big Brother "Idiot Shit" The Blank Years
Herbert Distel "Toscany In Blue (Last Minute)" Miniatures Comp
Lol Coxhill "An End To The Matter" (Ditto)
Ken Ellis "One Minute In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich" (Ditto)
Steve Miller "Alice" (Ditto)
Jack Mudurian "I've Been Working On The Railroad" Downloading The Repertoire
Ego Plum "Le Cirque Macabre" Anthology Of Infection Vol. 1
Jack Mudurian "Any Bonds Today" Downloading The Repertoire
Tmbg "Fingertips #9" Apollo 18
Norman Lovett "John Peel Sings The Blues Badly" Miniatures Comp
Patrick Portella "Serrons Nous Les Condes" (Ditto)
George Melly "Sounds That Saved My Life (Homage To Ks)" (Ditto)
Robert Fripp "Miniature" (Ditto)
Andy Partridge "The History Of Rock & Roll" (Ditto)
Phantom Captain "Breather" (Ditto)
The Beatles "Her Majesty" Abbey Road
The Beatles (No Title "Can You Take Me Back") The White Album
The Beatles "Dig It" Let It Be
Tmbg "Fingertips #10" Apollo 18
The Beatles "Maggie Mae" Let It Be
King Crimson "Big Top" Lizard

Ron Geesin "Enterbrain Exit" Miniatures Comp
Alejandro Vinao "An Imaginary Orchestrina" (Ditto)
Quentin Crisp "Stop The Music For A Minute" (Ditto)
Simon Desorgher "Tetrad" (Ditto)
Ralph Steadman "Sweetest Love (Lament After A Broken Sashcord On A Theme Of John Donne)" (Ditto)
Rd Laing & Son "Tipperary" (Ditto)
Tmbg "Fingertips #11" Apollo 18
Stuart Frank "The Weary Whaling Grounds" Sea Chanteys & Forecastle Songs Comp.
N/A "Ice Cream Truck #1" Sounds For Little Ones
98. "Science Report"  
Tmbg "Fingertips #12" Apollo 18
N/A "The Happy Dragon's Tongue" Sounds For Little Ones
Stuart Frank "The Balaena" Sea Chanteys...
Trevor Wishart "Beach Double" Miniatures Comp
John White "Scene De Ballet" (Ditto)
Ivor Cutler "Brooch Boat" (Ditto)
Zazou "Do Tell Us" (Ditto)
Michael Bass & Ellen Tenenbaum "A Miniaturization Of Bartok's Sonata For 2 Pianos & Percussion (3rd Mvmnt)" (Ditto)
Stuart Frank "Liverpool Judies" Sea Chanteys...
Tmbg "Fingertips #13" Apollo 18
? "Casper The Friendly Ghost" Toon Tunes Comp
Civility #8  
Civility #12  
Tmbg "Fingertips #14" Apollo 18
Civility #16"  
Tmbg "Fingertips #15" Apollo 18

Tmbg "Fingertips #16" Apollo 18
Martin Chambers "A Swift One" Miniatures Comp
Bob Cobbing & Henri Chopin "Refreshment Break" (Ditto)
Dave Vanian "Night Touch" (Ditto)
Metabolist "Racing Poodles" (Ditto)
Jessica Kane "Hack Splat" Varicose Days
Frank Pahl "Commercial - Pschological Gravity" The Romantic Side Of Schizophrenia
Tmbg "Fingertips #17" Apollo 18
The Residents "Dimples & Toes" The Residents' Commercial Album
Tmbg "Fingertips #18" Apollo 18
? " Prostitution" Only In America Comp
Gavin Bryars "After Mendelssohn (137 Years)" Miniatures Comp
1/2 Japanese "Paint It Black" (Ditto)
Simon Jeffes "Arthur's Treat" (Ditto)
Mark Perry "Talkin World War 3 Blues" (Ditto)
Michael Nyman "89-90-91-92" (Ditto)
? "Mystery Track" Only In America
Ka "Haiku Urbain" Haiku Urbains
R. Stevie Moore "I Could Be Your Lover A" Contact Risk
Pierre Bastien "Haiku Urbain" Haiku Urbains
R. Stevie Moore "Sponge Bath" Contact Risk
Tmbg "Fingertips #19" Apollo 18
R. Stevie Moore "I Could Be Your Lover B" Contact Risk
Tony Buck "Haiku Urbain" Haiku Urbains
R. Stevie Moore "I Could Be Your Lover C" Contact Risk
Tmbg "Fingertips #20" Apollo 18
Jean 20-Huguenin "Haiku Urbain" Haiku Urbains
Anna Boyle "Girl Of My Dreams" Talent Show Comp
Eric Rosenzveig "Haiku Urbain" Haiku Urbains
? "Hallelu Hallelu" Talent Show
Adrian Kessler "Haiku Urbain" Haiku Urbains
Tommy Welsh ? Talent Show
Frank Pahl "Whistling For Terri" The Romantic Side Of Schizophrenia
Audrey Saint Couer "Diddlage" Celtic Mouth Music Comp
John Corbett & Terri Kapsalis "Sex Sound Study #1" Voice Tears Comp
Christof Migone "Emile Josome Hodinos" (Ditto)
Paul Giovanni "Hum" The Wicker Man Sdtk
Jill Battson "The Beggar" Voys #2 Comp
Paul Giovanni "Main Title Theme" The Wicker Man Sdtk
Frank Pahl "One Minute For Wild Swan" Remove The Cork
Big Brother "Stitches 12" The Blank Years
Jessica Kane "I Can't Help It" Varicose Days
Big Brother "Roscoe P. Coltrane (Jerry's Wailing 2)" The Blank Years
Jessica Kane "High Horse" Varicose Days
Big Brother "Poop In My Eye (Jerry's Wailing 1)" The Blank Years
The Residents "Medicine Man" The Residents' Commercial Album
Big Brother "Meheeko Instrumental" The Blank Years
Ego Plum "Sonia Pneumonia" Anthology Of Infection Vol. 1
David Cunningham "Index Of Ends" Miniatures Comp
Kevin Coyne "James, Mark & Me (In The Manner Of Tom Waits)" (Ditto)
Etron Fou Leloublan "Hep!" (Ditto)
Neil Oram & Ken Campbell & Science Fiction Theatre Of Liverpool "The Minute Warp" (Ditto)
Pete Seeger "Chorale From Beethoven's 9th Symphony" (Ditto)
Danielson "Pray 1,995 Prayers" A Prayer For Every Hour
Danielson "Ugly Tree" A Prayer For Every Hour
Frank Zappa "Zolar Czakl" Uncle Meat
Centipede "When Everything That We Know Is Forever Dead" Septober Energy
Brian Eno "Sparrowfall (1)" Music For Films
Tmbg "Fingertips #21" Apollo 18
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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