Scott Williams

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for November 8, 1998


Reservoir "Tributary" Reservoir
Flossie & The Unicorns "The Halloween Puppet Show" Lmnop
Mr. Quintron "Road Hog" Satan Is Dead
Bisk "Smooth-Skinned Woman" Ticklish Matters
Reverb Motherfuckers "Lsd-25" 7"
The Residents "Excerpt From 'for Elsie'" 7"
The Space Needle "One Kind Of Lullaby" Ips: Live Performances On Wnyu

Sanna Kurki-Suono "Tuulen Nostatus" Musta
Pale Nudes "You Never Call Me Anymore" Wise To The Heat
Capt. Qitn. "I Do" 7"
Asteroid #4 "Tinkerbell Meets Reality" Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 10 Comp (Darla)
L'ensemble Raye "Un Square Au Printemps" Meme En Hiver
Shirley Anne Hofmann's Euphoria "A Lunar Story" From The Depths
"Reverend Ike Prays For You" 7"
W/ Joshua Rifkin (Various Rags) Piano Rags By Scott Joplin
W/ Aphex Twin "#9" Space Daze Comp (Cleopatra)
Frank Zappa "Why Doncha Do Me Right?" Absolutely Free

Mercury Rev "Holes" Deserter's Songs
Amp "Just-Ice" Stenorette
Sand "Vulture 1" Ultrasonic Seraphim
Rimsky-Korsakov "Scheherazade" Hans-Jurgen Walther & The Hamburg Radio Symphony Orch.
Hopewell "Purple Balloon" Contact

Fairport Convention "A Sailor's Life" Unhalfbricking
Caravan "Walterloo Lily" Waterloo Lily
Incredible String Band "Air" Wee Tam & The Big Huge
Pentangle "High German" Solomon's Seal
Kevin Ayers "Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong" Joy Of A Toy
Margareta Juvan & Can "I'm Hiding My Nightingale" Kraut! Demons! Kraut! Krautrock Comp
Jenny Mae & Azaila Snail "Gem" 7"

Mall "Animate" Special Education
Trans-Millenia Consort "Freebasing" Plot Zero
Ennio Morricone "Lolita" Lolita (1998) Soundtrack
John Lennon "Isolation" Plastic Ono Band
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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