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The Acid Disney Playground w/ live guests HOPEWELL

Flowchart "Compilation Dream Song" VA DARLA 100, 1994-2000
Arab Strap "Cherubs" ELEPHANT SHOE
Matthew "Herbert" Herbert "Crisps" WISHMOUNTAINISDEAD
Hopewell "Anthema" split LP w/ Planetarium
Matthew "Herbert" Herbert "Royal Wedding" ditto above
some EVPs
Anders Norudde "Rammen" HIMSELF
The Rusty Nails "Oblivian" NO MIRACLE IN RUINS
Cro Magnon "Caledonia" ORGASM

The Frogs "Bear" (unreleased cassette)
Hopewell "Lazy Day" THE CURVED GLASS (available Aug. 22 on Priapus)
Legendary Pink Dots "Skeltzer Spleltzer" A PERFECT MYSTERY
Planetarium "Lullaby" split LP w/ Hopewell
Ween "Captain Fantasy" (soundboard tape from Minneapolis 3-4-91)
Miss Frosty "Why Don't You Ask Me to the Dance?" EATING ME
Optiganally Yours "Poodleman" EXCLUSIVELY TALENTMAKER

Hopewell "Christmas Now" THE CURVED GLASS
The Lassie Foundation "El Rey" EL REY
Skywave "Sixteen" ECHODRONE
Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her "Red Dress" NO! NO! NO!
Pete Miller "Peter Pan" SUMMERLAND
Carnival of Coal "Baker Street" FRENCH CAN CAN
Bablicon "Sitcom)(Bucktown" THE ORANGE TAPERED MOON

Remington Super 60 "You Used to Be My Baby" VA HARPSICHORD 2000
Flaming Lips "With You" HEAR IT IS
Mall "Philly Trips & Chemical Drips" VA DARLA 100; 1994-2000

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<HOPEWELL PLAY LIVE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Do you prefer your hippy-freakout acid trips tempered by the reassuring quality of a Disney soundtrack? Well, look no further, baby - HOPEWELL got both for you, in a nice warm tab.
Working their alchemy in the isolation of WXHDland & attending finishing school in the Acid-Disney playground that is Mercury Rev & Harmony Rockets, Hopewell brings their fine pedigree and a sadly slaughtered Milk Bunny to WFMU for an afternoon of Love & Big Space Anthems.
The songs...:

  • 1. Hello Radio
  • 2. Small Places
  • 3. Purple Balloon
  • 4. There is Something / There is Nothing
  • 5. Lumina
  • 6. The Angel is My Watermark
...and the people:
  • Jason Russo: Guitar, vocals & tape recorder
  • Justin Russo: Keyboards
  • Dalia Garih: Drums & Vocals
  • Reno: Bass & Vocals
Their new CD is THE CURVED GLASS - it's available on Priapus on August 22nd

Thanks again to Hopewell, and to Diane Kamikaze for making them sound so good.

Salome "5118" A.M.

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