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Playlist for March 3rd, 2000

The Best of Soiling Times

Styx "The Best of Times" PARADISE THEATRE
w/ Yoko Ono "Fly" FLY
Them Trucks "Legends of Palms / Palmy" TRUCK-A-RAMA
Phlegm "Bulletproof Tit in the Gluepool/Metal Theatre of Nits/Merrylands Dandruff Foundation" MR. HOO-HA VISITS THE NON-STOP PISSING CIRCUS
Amps For Christ "Live at Twin Palms 2" SONGS FROM MT. ION
The Make-Up "I Am Pentagon" SAVE YOURSELF
Johnny Dowd "Worried Mind" WORRIED MIND ep
Jessica Kane "Mother Washed My Mouth Out With Soap" VARICOSE DAYS

Enon "Rubber Car" BELIEVO!
Apples In Stereo "Look Away" LOOK AWAY +4 ep
Hopewell "Sunny Days" PURPLE BALLOON
Guy Klucevsek "Transylvanian Softwear" TRANSYLVANIAN SOFTWEAR
Chris Stubbs "Burgers with you, Scott" (answering machine)
w/ Donovan "The River Song" HURDY GURDY MAN
The Beta Band "To You Alone" 12" single
Satya Sai Maitreya Kali "Ice & Snow" APACHE INCA
John Cale "Amsterdam" VINTAGE VIOLENCE

Liquidrone (untitled) V/A: VDO STUDIOS PRESENTS - TEKITO VOL. 1
The Residents "Rhapsody in Blue" GEORGE & JAMES
The Noisettes "Zen Picnic Morlocks!" ANOTHER HO-HUM DAY IN PARADISE
Ethiopian Hunger Strike "Spare Time 4 / Sticks & Stones" THE HAILE OFFENDED EP
Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers "Ne, Ne, Ami Chan" LITTLE DARLA...14

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Iechyd Da" INTRODUCING GZM
Zappa / Mothers "Cruising for Burgers" UNCLE MEAT
Tripsichord "The New Word" TRIPSICHORD
Electric Birds "Tensonic" ELECTRIC BIRDS
Spring Heel Jack "My Favorite Things" TREADER
Jackie O Motherfucker "Native Einstein" FIG. 5
Friends of Dean Martinez "Nothing at All" A PLACE IN THE SUN

Men's Recovery Project "The Olive Salesman / Boums to Zanzibar" BOLIDES OVER BASRA
Remko Scha "Shake" MACHINE GUITARS
Annbjorg Lien "Baba Yaga" BABA YAGA

The Ladytron "(Get Yourself a) Telegraph" THE LADYTRON

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