Mike Goodstein

Playlist for May 17th, 2001

Thursdays 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
blues run the gamejackson c. frankblues run the game
part 1darren gray/loren mazzacane connorsthis past spring

operations of spirit communciation pt 2cm von hausswolffoperations of spirit communications
live at teh spitz(part 1)morphogenesisin streams (volume 1)

a safe substitutestormbugslet's go outside & get it over
le cerveaumartin tetreault & xavier charlesmxct
bolgeryttertore elgaroythe sound of the sun
track 7peter warren & matt samolisbowed metal music

supernal infanite space/waikiki easy meatacid mothers templeabsolutely freak-out
skrubbaparson sounds/t
jugband bluespink floydsaucerful of secrets

dairy of a geniusdavid candyplay power
the readymake shoe repairkonishi yasuharu (f.. pizzicato five)popshopping mixed up
urizendavid axelrodsong of innocence
swiming trippuffy amiyumispike
funky kidedide warnerle jazzbeat
le depeuleur(extract)zbigniew karkowski/kaper t. toeplitz
le depeuleur

marathonerase erratatypical girls comp

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