Mike Goodstein

Playlist for April 19, 2001

Thursdays 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
on the beachda biz7"
talk about the pastthe waketalk about the past 12"
the ugly mantransmitters12"

at warmark perrysnappy turns
or whatsightings7"
smile friendsblack dicecold hands
pnc.1.mixgatethe lavender head/my dear sweet reluctant sweetheart
dach 2durrant/lehn/malfattidach
franco's prayerl. voagthe way out
bide's piano was rahter ordinarythe fifth columnearly fifth column/indiscreet music

immolation sceneilhan mimarolgumusiques noirse
vibes from the tribephil ranelin & tribemessage from the tribe
liveacid mothers templemakoto kawabata - private tapes 3
holle im angesichtpeter frohmadernekropolis
mekanik kommandomagmatheusz hamtaahk
brief blankaufgehoben no processthe violence of appropriation
crazy 'eadafflicted mani'm off me 'ead
numro ba besch (general buddy buddy, version for tape)ake hodellverbal brainwash
concerto for housekeeperphilip corner40 years and one: philip corner plays the piano

flayededdie prevostcrux/flayed
livehypnotischer krachlive split lp with sprung aus den wolken
solidersgods gift12"
instrumentalrema rema12"

knack onvoice crackknack on
schneewitters.y.p.h.denk daran comp.
bannnasunrest work &playsound every day
devil's anviledid warnerle jazzbeat volume 2

(i want you) more than everthe clientelesuburban light

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