Mike Goodstein

Playlist for February 1, 2001

Thursdays 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
touchlori & the chameleonsthe zoo: uncaged 1978-1982
lovesickorange juice7"
dumbheadsharadeslets go joe meek's girls
save my soulwimple winchmaximum freakbeat

groovy girls make love at the beachgary wilsonyou think you really know me
v-neck sweatermadison electricdrive-in/season split 7"
theme de yoyoart ensemble of chicagoles stances a sophie
ain't it funkainblue guerrilla
swinging nordwestmax meier-maletzpop-shopping
marathonerase erratacdr
quality crayon wax o.k.essential logicbeat rhythm news

use humans insteadcoup de graceslaughter ov the innocent
tabletalkbeequeentreat the gods as if they exist

omisoshilu (miso soup)hanayogift
whoopee catyukari freshcityrama
wxjlhuman leaguetravelogue
live part 1unslive at the target comp.
taboumichele bokanowskitabou
am trafop16.d4three projects
human & uterus remixmerzbow & jojo & miki sawaguchihuman & uterus
outlaw lovertraci lords1000 fires

time goes by so slowdistractionsseeds volume 1 comp.
rewardteardrop explodeskilimanjaro
midnight blue visionplagal grind12"
gone b4 yr homele tigrefrom the desk of mr. lady
a-b-cmathemiques modernesles visiteurs du soir
kitchen motorscrash course in sciencecakes in the home 7"
122 hours of fearscreamersin a better world
10 seconds to forevere/brainstormhawkwindspace ritual live 1973
led zeppelin'nishinihhons/t
monogoloidasshoboken sucks
american societyeddie & the subtitlesbloodstains across california
love is peaceamon duulparadieswarts duul

the others waycat's miaowwhirl wheels comp.
don't ever say nosassy oneswild angels girl group
hey loverthe aislers setaislers set/the how split
1-2-3 red lightpooh sticksorgasm
koroleva ne polermaukranianspizni iz (the smiths)
emanuelsnapperxpressway pile up comp.
hang outkaleidoscopes/t
monstersnervous gendermusic from hell
bandit macawsleepenfolded in luxury
auto retrato sobre paisaje portenojorge anuntesmusica eletronica 70's

train to yellovil junctionbubblegum splashsurfin in the subway

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