Mike Goodstein

Playlist for December 29th, 2000

Thursdays 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
gunboatsswell mapsa trip to marineville
stretchmaximum joystretch 7"
hyperboloid of engineer gitarkinmesserchupsmiss libido 2000
walk that walkthe waistcoatsstark raving mod!!!!
honky top hopthe beau-bellesmore great rocking girls
hillbilly soldier joethe johnson sistersamerican war songs: hitler & hell

trust me i'm a doctormomusdon't stop the night
lightning strikesklaus nomis/t
hurtglass candymetal gods 7"
the wind seasoncrispy ambulancethe plateau phase
a report on an investigationtakako minekawamaxi on
mon soldateleganteshistoires de filles
sexopolisjean-pierre mirouzeshake sauvage compilation
i am the witchcircus 2000s/t

part 1karuna khyalalomooni 1985
toasterpolwecheselpolwechsel II
requiemmichel chionrequiem

peking ocantago mago
untitledlightning boltlive in the devil's triangle
rrrrrrrrrrrrhalf japanese1/2 gentlemen/not beasts
cry of the earthkonrad boehmeracousmatrix volume 5
meadow mealfausts/t/so far... two classic albums from FAUST
pleasurescubismo graphicomini
i'll be your suprisehurrah!boxed: long shot pomes from broke players

poor old soulorange juice7"
you'd better cryteddy robbin & the playboyspepperisms
letter from an ocupantthe new pornographersmass romantic
wake upessential logicwake up
track 1trance & the arcadesurvival in infinity
ein schwarz kleid und ein Edie toedliche dorisder siebenklopfige informatorů
in/sineaubeaube/katsumi/kosaki/monde bruits
ball channel Avoice crackball channel 7"
alloycharlemange palestinegolden 1

track 3general magicrechenkonig

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