Mike Goodstein

Playlist for July 6th, 2000

Thursday's 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
Can You Keep a Secret Amelia Fletcher Can You Keep a Secret
Love Hour Oval We are Icerink (Comp.)
I'm Lonely & I Love It Future Bible Heroes I'm Lonely E.P.
You're In a Bad Way Collette Invita HiFi Comp.
He Took Her To A Movie Ladytron Miss Black & All Her Friends
The Robots Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto El Baile Aleman

Moody (Spaced Out) E.S.G. A South Bronx Story
The Rain Eddie Gale Ghetto Music
In My Room Walker Brothers Greatest Hits

Lemon Mr. Bongo All Sysems are Go Go Ursula 1000 Comp.
Natacha Czerkinsky Czerkinsky
Amour Spacial Stereo Total Ro 3003 Comp.
Crush the Flowers The Wake 7"
Fast of Friends Bubblegum Splash 7"
Formula One Racing Girls Helen Love Radio Hits 1
Summertime Fun Nicki & the Corvettes S/T

Trixie Stapleton... Part IV Fille Qui Mouse Trixie Stapleton...
Your Own Hair-Your Own Chance L. Voag The Way Out
Finally We Have No HairGlove Compartment Look at That Film
Cut Your Hair Zip Code Rapists Sing & Play the Matador Records Catalog
Mother Canada Nihlist Spasm Band More Music Less Parking: WFMU Live from Jersey City
Windstille Die Todliche Doris Sechs
La Peur Henri Chopin Audiopoems

Suit Kaffe Matthews Pointy Stunt

Amboss Ash Ra Tempel S/T
Nocturnal Rev. Dwight Frizell Natural Selection

Conan Lightning Bolt Conan 7"
Airplane II Apsu Steamy Sh!t
Schizephrensis II Candi Nook Extreme Music From Women Comp.

Bring Me Back My Man Chicks on Speed Will Save Us All
My Heart Went Zing Taylor Jones Detroit Girl Groups Comp.
The Last Fond Goodbye Grab Grab the Haddock four more songs by Grab Grab the Haddock
Look Around Beat Happening Crashing Through 12"
Heroes & Villains Pooh Sticks Orgasm
Wealth of Imagination Red Sleeping Beauty Singles
London Noonday Underground Self Assembly
Sweeping the Nation Spearmint A Week Away

Say Those Magic Words The Embrooks Our New Day
Sha La La Lee Plastic Bertrand An 1
Save My Soul Wimple Winch Maximum Freakbeat Comp.
The Majestic Clinic the Return of Evil Bill E.P.
Saturday The Clientele A Fading Summer E.P.
Caravanna Lucksmiths A Good Kind of Nevous
Take Me Slowly Secret Shine Birth of True Comp.
All of A Tremble- Our Secret 7" St. Christopher Birth of True Comp.
Reprends Tot En Main Velocette Green "Get Yourself Together 7"

Coming Through Pastels Truckload of Troubles

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