Mike Goodstein

Playlist for June 29th, 2000

Thursday's 2-6 A.M.

Title Artist Album Title
Sky PilotEric Burdon & The AnimalsGreatest Hits
Red InvasionK-PersYeah Yeah Yeah Comp.
Vietnam '67Collette MagnyVietnam 67/Mai 68
Kill For PeaceFugsFugs 4 - Rounders Scene

Shakey JakeJoe McPheeNation Time
Night of the SadistLarry & the Blue NotesBack from the Grave Volume 4 Comp.
BabyTasmanians"Howlin" for my Darlin: Maximum R&B Teenage Shutdown Comp.
ChickenThe Spark Plugs7"
I Love You Everyday SandyCarnabeatsTeen Trash from Psychedelic Tokyo - Volume II Comp.
Bad WomanThe Fallen AngelsI'm a No Count: Teenage Shutdown Comp.
You're Holding Me DownThe BuzzFreakbeat Fantoms Comp.
Vox Wah Wah Peddle AddThe Electric PrunesPebbles 2 Comp.
My Father's Name is DadFireChocolate Soup Comp.
She Said YeahPainted ShipBack from the Grave Volume 8 Comp.

SuspenseCraigRare Beat Treasures 2 Comp.
Come See MePretty ThingsGet the Picture
My World is Upside DownThe ShamesBack from the Grave 6
Upside DownJesus & Mary ChainBarb Wire Kisses

What A Way To DiePleasure SeekersWhat a Way To Die Comp.
SecurityThane Russell ThreeEnglish Freakbeat 4 Comp.
What Am I Going to DoDoversNuggets IV Comp.
Meanwhile Back in My HeartFive Steps BeyondFaint Hearts & Fair Mades
Zippered up HeartThe Reign7"
Black SnowBonniwell Music MachineIgnition
In a RoomMystic SivaS/T

La Pluma ElectricaKaka De LuxeBloodstains Across Spain
HysteriaThe HaggardA Bike City Called Greasy
I'm a BugThe DishesS/T
Shake MeFreakTripping in the Basement Comp.
DeerhoffClitstop Comp.

I'm Knot - Not Untied - 2ZeitkratzerSoundinx

Hibiki Hana-MaIannis XenakisElectronic Music
De KoldMeesAkio SuzukiSoundsource

Foolish Little GirlShirellesFoolish Little Girl
If you Haven't any Hay…Skip JamesPiano Blues, Rag Stomp
Aries the RamArab Srap

Ghost PowerThe CordsBuzz, Buzz, Buzzzz Comp.
Take the Money & RunKilldozerFor Ladies Only
See Me BurningMotorheadWe are Motorhead
Be a CavemanAvengersPebbles 3 Comp.
Death & the MaidenVerlainesJuvenilia
Dreamy DrawSun City GirlsDreamy Draw

Duree 10Christmann/LehnTemps Duree
Naga the Eight Head Serpent Part IIIHi-God PeopleS/T

Hurtin All OverPleazersDefinitely Definitive Pleazers

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