Frank O'Toole's Set lists for Mar 5, 1999

Serious fun time...

Friday 11PM - 2AM

...what the next 2 weeks will be like, here at FMU, as well as where you are. Stay tuned, and more important, respond to our plea. Thanks, in advance, for your generosity. 'ight?

--- Compil.
Is This The Bamboo Joke? I Feel HypnotisedFxo Tape Mix 
The Music Must StopQuentin CrispPillows&Prayers Compil. LP
Quincy's Lunch808 State7" A-Side
Kipper LynchScientific Support Dept.Bentism Compil. LP
Dark Star(Live-3/6/97)David Murray OctetTape Mix
I've Got You Under My SkinNenah CherryRed, Hot, & Cool Compil. LP
Pre-Marathon Looney TuneTom DalyDaly's Tape Mix

LoudRichard X. HeymanHey Man! LP
Can't Wait Too LongBeach BoysSmile Demo Tape Mix
Nothing To DoCha Cha CohenEponymous LP
The Innocent BystanderDan HicksEarly Muses LP
God's KidsBikeride7" B-Side
Newly Born SoulHidenobu ItoN.S. Comfusion/Tokyo Tech Breakbeats Compil. LP
SpriebwartsdrallMetabolismusEponymous LP
A Girl Named SandozEric Burdon&The AnimalsGreatest Hits LP
Barbara's ThemeLovin' SpoonfulYou're A Big Boy Now Soundtrack LP
IntoThe CucumbersTotal Vegitility LP
Coward Of The YearThe ControlsOne Hundred LP
Mood For LovePrince PaulPrince Of Thieves LP
Home Again/Muses Of LevaquinThe ControlsOne Hundred LP
Lightning Never Strikes TwiceThe MoveMovements LP
Lift808 StateRemix Ep

Fu YuD.J. Krush&Toshinori KondoKi Oku LP
AlphaPaisley BabylonAlpha Wave Variations LP
Jackie Did ItBusyditchLost It In The Airport Tape Mix
(With)Space Paranoid RapSlacker Soundbite 
I Control(Audio Collage #2)Meat Beat ManifestoOffbeat! A Red Hot Sound
Ultra Freaky OrangeNeotropicUltra Freaky Orange Ep
The Return, ThereofThe Rainbow GuitarsFxo Tape Mix

I'd Be A Yellow Feathered LoonOf MontrealThe Gay Parade LP
The Autobiographical GrandpaOf MontrealThe Gay Parade LP
ParKitty CraftBeats And Breaks From The Flowerpatch LP
Naughty Mouse Mice At The OrganMr. ScruffFreestyle Files Compil. LP
Cowboys And SailorsGhosts And Vodka7" A-Side
Dirty Thirty SomethingStock, Hausen, & Walkmen7" A-Side
Down Route 66, With Sharkey At NightThe Usual SuspectsFxo Tape Mix

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