Frank O'Toole's Set lists for Dec 25, 1998

"I Swear, The Wreath Told Me To Do It!"

Friday 11PM - 2AM

...well, this one just flew right by. I wasn't sure how into "tha spirit" I'd be. Then the phones started to ring (all encouraging), and I learned to work with it, as a means to escape the mundane miasma(?) of the day-to-day. If you can't stand it, well... it's over.

Hypnoxmas/A Bamboo FableFxo Mix Tape 
Sing This Song AltogetherRolling StonesTheir Santa Majesties Request LP
Love, Peace, & HappinessChambers BrothersLove, Peace, Etc. LP
Over Rusty WaterXtcRag &Bone Buffet LP
Christmas CardsThey Might Be Giants7" Record
We Just Go Nuts At Christmas(Fxo Id)They Might Be GiantsTape Mix
SleighrideR. Stevie MooreClips(Tape #180)
The VoyageHarvey Bainbridge50 Years Of Sunshine Compil. LP
Jingle BellsJoseph ByrdA Christmas Yet To Come LP
Ringo Christmas MessageBeatles Fan Club LP 
Visit From NickDamon CardwellKbc 1998 Christmas Tape
Still There'll Be MoreProcol HarumHome LP
KrupaApollo Four FortyEp Remix

TimberGrantbyPop Fiction Compil. LP
HummingPortisheadLive-Roseland, Nyc LP
Open Up, Said The World At The DoorThe MoveLooking On LP
Santa's Going To Be LateKay MartinKbc 1998 Christmas Tape
Making Plans For NigelXtcBbc Studio Sessions LP
The Will Of LifeD.J. Matsuoka12" Ep
Redd Foxx(Excerpt)/I'll Do Anything, I'm SorryGinuineSony/Legacy 1997 LP
Sample Of CroinersJim Tapes 

Close The Gap, Part 2Beanfield 12" Ep
Velvet Pants(Spare Pants Mix)PropellerheadsDigital Empire 2 Compil. LP
Strictly BusinessMantronik Vs EpmdDigital Empire 2 LP
ThighwigBaby MammouthAnother Day At The Orifice LP
Christmas Noise CollageFxo Mix Tape 
Human4 HeroTwo Pages LP
More Christmas Noise CollageFxo Mix Tape(Inc. Irene Trudel Mastermix) 
Whistle For DrummingBiskTicklish Matters LP
Wind ChimesBeach BoysGood Vibrations Box Set
Lo Que SucedeBloqueEponymous LP
The Buddha NatureMachaEponymous LP
To ZionLauryn HillThe Miseducation Of... LP
Dictionary Of Modern MarriageXtcTape Loop

PylonsSnowponyThe Slow Motion World Of Snowpony LP
Wait Til ThenBeekeeperOstrich LP
Sharkey/Route 66The Usual Mix 

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