Frank O'Toole's Set lists for Nov 6, 1998

"Newt's been neutered"

Friday 11PM - 2AM

so, politically, it was an alright week. The bull-shit will prevail, though, doncha think?
During this program, I actually heard from quite a few of you, North (Mass.), South (Virginia and D.C.), East (England), and West (California). All FMU converts.
Ain't it cool?
Stay in touch.

Hypno Joke/The Bamboo Opener
The Music Must StopQuentin CrispPillpws & Prayers Compil. LP
We'll Be Right BackSteinski & Mass MediaThe Sonic Boom Compil. LP
WhateverYellow NoteWe're Not The Beatles LP
Good Red RoadWorld StandardCountry Gazette LP
Invocation/Help On The WayJoe GallantThe Blues For Allah Project LP
Slipknot!/Franklin's TowerJoe Gallant&IlluminatiBlues For Allah Project LP
Daly's Looney ToonTom DalyTape Excerpt

Capt. Beefheart's Appearance On Letterman (1983)Fxo Tape 
Ice Cream For CrowCapt. Beefheart&The Magic ^BbandIce Cream LP
River Of OrchidsXtcTape
Casino RoyaleHerb Alpert&Tijuana BrassBurt Bacharach Box Set
The JokerSpearheadHempilation #2 Compil. LP
Cut #2Billy?Billy? Plays Funny Moods LP
Charlie Can't StartPharmacopiaPop's English LP
ProceedThe RootsRemix Ep

Bye Bye LoveSteinberg & KatzTan Sleeve Tape
The Ship Trapped In The IceXtcTape
Showstop Hic HupThe High Llamas/Mouse On Mars MixLollo Rosso LP
Free To ChooseEverythingHempilation #2 Compil. LP
After The FoxOranj SymphonetteThe Oranj Album LP
San Franciscan NightsEric Burdon&The AnimalsGreatest Hits LP
I Found That Essence RareGang Of 4100 Flowers Bloom Box Set
(Love Like)AnthraxMiss MurgatroidNew LP
It Sounds/We D'nationD.J. SoulslingerUpload: A Continuous Mix LP
TravellerTalvin Singh/4 Hero MixRemix Ep
Rainbow SoundsRainbow GuitarsFxo Tape

Odd SightBiskTicklish Matters LP
ToxygenThe OrbU.F. Off/The Best Of LP
Quartet No. 6 In D-MinorFree DesignRaindrops LP
Contrast And CompareBright EyesLetting Off The Happiness LP
Cold BrainsBeckMutations LP
That Old Devil MoonPetula Clark&Don FrancksWarner Bros. 75th Anniv. Box Set
On The CornerSandUltrasonic Seraphim LP
Look HereThe ClashSandinista LP
Gangster TrippingFat Boy SlimYou've Come A Long Way Baby LP
Dictionary Of Modern MarriageXtcTape Loop

The Symphonies Of BeethovenMomusLittle Red Songbook LP
Sharkey Goes Home Via Route 66Laurie&Bill Meet NelsonTape Mix

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