Brian Turner's Playlists for Feb 17, 1999
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
Brother Jt & VibroluxI Saw The EyeDosed & Confused Live
Mission GiantTitanFriends Of Sound
CherryAll WomanVarious-Hippie Goddesses
BubblepuppyHot Smoke & SassafrassBo
Harry PussyShowroom DummiesLive
King Of BesecityFlash DanceVarious-Mi Caballito Chulo
U Ohn LwinSabeVarious-White Elephants And Golden Ducks
Jenn Kiese & Haela MaricichA Girl In The SkyVarious-Yoyo A Gogo
Family FodderCold WarsSavoire Faire
Mission Of BurmaThats When I Reach For My RevolverMission Of Burma
AlvaroDrinking My Own SpermDrinking My Own Sperm
Orquesta De Pablo ValenzuelaAgapito Ven, VenVarious-Cuban Danzon 1906-29
Beny MoreDonde Estalas TuLe Collecion Cubana
Gene MooreExcerptSdtk-Carnival Of Souls
Men's Recovery ProjectI Am A Big ChildrenGrappling Of The Homonids
Rafael ToralCyclorama Pt 2Aeriola Frequency
BorbMona LisaBlast Off With Borb
Marble Sheep & The Run Down Sun's ChildrenMelted MoonWhirl Live
Six Organs Of AdmittanceSun Of All HeavenSix Organs Of Admittance
Phillip GayleGallinule LegsPnbna
Smiley WintersMini Drum SuiteSmiley Etc.
Arthur DoyleNovember 8 Or 9 I Can't Rememeber WhenPlays Alabama Feeling
DogsSlash Your FaceKilled By Death
DinosaurCrackedYou're Living All Over Me
25 SlavesWe Love Detroit7"
Fleur De LysCircles-
Brothers JohnsonCome TogetherLook Out For #1
FeverBlack Around Me-
Invisible Skratch PiklzVs. Da Klamz Uv Death12"
UbzubRed SpotTake The Bullet For Oswald
Rrr 500ExcerptRrr 500
Fred Wesley & The JbsBlow Your Head-

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