Brian Turner's Playlist for December 12, 2000
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(*) denotes new cut

Karpaty Magiczne "Plecy Utopii" (Karpaty Magiczne)*
Daisuke Tobari "5" (Til the End of the Dream)*
Dead Hollywood Stars "All-Star Western" (Gone West)*

The Frogs "Whisper" (new songs)*
Jun Togawa "Comme a la Radio" (20th)*
Lo-Hi "Just Mind" (Kind of Like a Feelgood Thing)
New Pornographers "Letter From an Occupant" (Mass Romantic)*

The Scene Is Now "Yellow Sarong" (Burn All Your Records)
Anal Cunt "Split 7" with Psycho" (Early Years 1988-91)*
Biz Markie "Biz Dance Pt. 1" (Best of Cold Chillin')*
DJ Snax & TJ Free "No Es Ese Tipo de Fiesta" (Fast Cars, Fast Women)*
Dickbath "First Song" (Dickbath)*
MF Doom "No Snakes Alive" (Split with MF Grimm)*

Rufus Harley "Bagpipe Blues" (Pied Piper of Jazz)*
Muslimgauze "Open Sesame (Talvin Singh mix)" (Abu-Dis)*
Annexus Quam "Kollektiv" (Osmose)
James Brown "Excerpt" (Various: Celebrities at their Worst 2)

Faxed Head "Spanish Rice" (Uncomfortable But Free)
Jolly Boy Horse "Excerpt" (Various: Sounds For Little Ones)
Slums Attack "Czas Przemija" (Various: Osiedle Peilne Rymow Czyli Hip Hop Jak Okiem Siegnac)*

Mr. Velcro Fastener "The Process" (Lucky Bastards Living Up North)*
Christine 23 Onna "Mondo Nude Mode" (Shiny Crystal Planet)*
Neil Young "All Along the Watchtower" (Road Rock Volume 1)*
Dirtbombs "Maybe Your Baby" (7")

Swell Maps "Real Shocks" (International Rescue)
Joe Pernice "Bum Leg" (Big Tobacco)*
Peter Weiss & Brian Charles "Quinn Boys II" (Various: Naked in the Afternoon: A Tribute To Jandek)
High On Fire "Baghdad" (The Art of Self Defense)

Nurse With Wound "Brained (Unconscious Mix)" (Sugar Fish Drink)
Aarktika "Inebria" (No Solace In Sleep)*

Bonga "Mu Nhango" (Angola 72)
Jean Pierre Sabar "Vai Vai" (Various: La Guepe 3)
Messerchups "Die Warze Von Mars" (Miss Libido 2000)*
Buttfinger "Dope" (Fucked By the Fickle Finger of Farmville)*
Animal Things "It's Dark In Here" (Various: Red Spot)
Sightings "Flashing Lights" (Demo)
Peaches & Gonzales "Red Leather" (Red Leather)*

Neurosis "An Offering" (Sovereign)*
Teodoro Anzellotti "Gnossiene #2" (Compositions of Erik Satie)

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