Brian Turner's Playlist for November 14, 2000
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Special Live Set today from the Acid Mothers Temple

(*) denotes new cut

STRANGLERS "Get a Grip On Yourself" (Various: DIY:UK Punk)
MOLDY PEACHES "NYC's Like a Graveyard" (Moldy Peaches)*
THE FROGS "Vacation" (Various: Unsealed)
SCORCHED EARTH POLICY "Arson" (Keep Away From the Wires)

INTONARUMORI "Discus" (Intonarumori)*
DUKE ELLINGTON ORCHESTRA "The Clothed Woman" (Various: Mirage)
DEAD GOLDFISH ENSEMBLE "Blue Danube" (Various: An Der Schonen Blauen Donan)
REV. CHARLIE JACKSON "Fix It Jesus" (Louisiana Gospel Dynamite)
ARCHIE SHEPP "Attica Blues" (Attica Blues)

PANDA BEAR "Ohne Titel" (Panda Bear)*
COIL "Freebase Chakra" (Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil)*
BINGO GAZINGO "Rock the Rock" (Rock the Rock)*
BAD BRAINS "Don't Bother Me" (Black Dots)
THE SCHOLARS "Heart of Stone" (Hello Dolly)*

LIVE IN THE WFMU STUDIOS: The Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso UFO
Engineered by Irene Trudel (70 mins)

Kawabata Makoto: Guitar
Atsushi Tsuyama: Bass, vocals, WWF shoutouts
Ryo Ozawa: Drums
Cotton Casino: Electronics, vocals
Higahi Hiroshi: Keyboard, guitar, vocals

PATTY WATERS "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair" (Sings)
JOHNNY CASH "The Mercy Seat" (Solitary Man)*
TOTO LA MOMPOSINA "Carmelina" (Carmelina)*
LAS HERMANAS DEGOLLADO "No Se Porque Te Quiero" (Various: Soulful Women Duets of South Texas)*
MOTELLI SKRONKLE "Lumi" (Collection)*

LOLLIPOP SHOPPE "You Must Be a Witch" (Just Colour)

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