Brian Turner's Playlist for October 3, 2000
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(*) denotes new cut

MUSTAFIO (Excerpt) (Mustafio)*
GEEZ N' GOSH "I Believe in Jesus" (My Life With Jesus)*
MIDNIGHT MATINEE "Thin Ice" (Songs From Midnight Matinee)*
ALEMAYEHU ESHETE "Tchero Adari Negn" (Ethiopiques 8: Swinging Addis)*
E.W. WAINWRIGHT'S AFRICAN ROOTS OF JAZZ "The Healer/Don't Break" (12")

PRIAPISTOL "Hittin' the Hard Stuff" (III)*
CORE "Fleetwood" (The Hustle is On)
GREAT PLAINS "Letter To a Fanzine" (Length of Growth)*
RADIOHEAD "Optimistic" (Kid A)*
CASSIE ROSE & THE PICKLED PUNKS "Spanish in Me" (Various: Naked in the Afternoon)*

VIRGINIA DARE "Johnny Depp" (Baby Got Away)
FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND "Otoko" (From Pussies to Death)
ANDREA MARQUEE "Zumbi" (Zumbi)*
DJ SUSHI "Underdog Is Here" (Lost Dub Plates)*
URE THRALL & THE FRUITLESS HAND "Divine Nod" (Forbidden Fruit)*

EDWARD ARTIMIEV "Excerpt" (Stdk: Stalker)
RETCONNED "Untitled" (new)*
KIM FOWLEY "Invasion of the Poloroid People" (Son of Frankenstein)
ABWARTS "Monday on My Mind" (Amok)
COMBAT WOUNDED VETERAN "Operation: Head Superimposed" (I Know a Girl)*
SIGHTINGS "Two Thoughts" (Sightings)*

SUN RA "The Idea of it All" (When Angels Speak)*
HARTLEY C. WHITE "Music Is Music or Is It" (Come Out Fighting)*
GRAMME "Telephone Me" (Pre-Release)
GO-BETWEENS "German Farmhouse" (Friends of Rachel Worth)*
KISS "Deuce" (Kiss)
MIKEY WILD "Stuff My Bunny" (I Was Punk B4 You Were Punk) CONTROLLERS "Another Day" (Controllers)*
ADVERTS "One Chord Wonders" (V/A: Lipstick Traces)

CONNIE ACHER & JELLY "Old Faces" (Love Pop)*
NT FAN "Secret Mausoleum of Mankind.." (V/A: Bad Times Are Ahead of Me)*
OKAY TEMIZ "Galaxy Nine" (Drummer of Two Worlds)

CC WHITE "Hound Dawg" (V/A Auraloffalwaffletenpintsofbitter...)
BROADCAST "Illumination" (Extended Play 2)*
THE KINKS "This Is Where I Belong" (Kink Kronikles)
MIKE COOPER "Start of a Journey" (Do I Know You?)
o1o "Pizzazz" (Still Life With Peripheral Grey)*
ANDREA PARKER "The Unknown" (Kiss My Arp)

MR. QUINTRON "Hurricane" (Unmasked Organ)*
THE D.O.C. "Portrait of a Masterpiece" (No One Can Do It Better)
VOLVOX "Touched By the Mouth That Is Wrong" (The Damage Begins at the Mouth)*
L?K?O "Slow Breathing" (V/A: Turntable Solos)
PECHINEY PARK HEAVY INDUSTRIES "No Phunk Last Night" (V/A: Extracted Celluloid)
ADD N TO FU(XA) "And Another Thing" (Add N to Fu(xa)*

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