Brian Turner's Playlist for Aug 29,2000

ArtistSongAlbumLabel   (*) = New Cut
Angus MacLise Haight Riot Mime Brain Damage in Oklahoma City* 
Apes of God Part 2 How To Pick Up Girls 
American Head What a Bore This Provincial Life is Killer* 
Schoolhouse Funk Intro-Scorpio Schoolhouse Funk* 

Trans Am Play in the Summer Red Line* 
Doug Gillard Malamute Jute Malamute Jute 
Doug Gillard Flying Backwards Malamute Jute 
Skywave Ceremony Live WFMU - Scott's show 8-13-00* 
Sightings Two Thoughts I Just Realized Too Many Songs End in S* 
Shellac Ghosts 1000 Hurts* 

Vibracathedral Orchestra Padded Like a Starlight Saint Lino Hi* 
David Bowie Heroes Heroes 
Mikey Wild I Was on Dope I Was Punk Before You Were Punk 
El Duce Living on Welfare Pt 1 Slave To Thy Master 

Kev Hopper Mr. Chuff Chuff Whispering Foils* 
St. Germain Rose Rouge 12"* 
Nico Gomez Aquarela Various: La Guepe Volume 3 
Death In June Flieger Operation Hummingbird* 
Jet Black Crayon Tonic Water Low Frequency Speaker Test* 

Goblin Mix Winter Song Complete Goblin Mix & Exploding Budgies 
Neil Young Don't Cry No Tears Zuma 
Royal Drunk Vampires Royal Drunk* 
Electro-Putas 15% Book and Pipeman 6 or 7 Special Operates 
Masayuki Takayanagi Resistance One Live at Moers Festival 80* 

Utter Bastard Death Metal or Die Various: KDVS HC* 
Artemis Pyle Injustice at North County Civil Dead* 
Diamond Shamrock Hunny Diamond Shamrock* 
Jel Stop (and Listen) Various: Ropeladder 12* 
American Head Chopsticks 2 This Provincial Life is Killer* 
Porn Theater Ushers Me and Him 12"* 
Large Professor Love Guy Saga 12"* 

Species Being 4 Orgone Therapy* 
The Bodhies Consciousness Send Me to Space* 

Reidar Ewing Worse Than Ever 10"* 
Soul Brothers Six You Better Check Yourself Various: All Night Soul Stomp 
Diamanda Galas The Thrill Is Gone Malediction & Prayer 
Pierre Berthet Percussion 2 Un Caere de Piano Prolongue* 
Allan Bryant 2B or Nat 2B Spaceball 
Groundhogs Walking Blues Scratching the Surface 
David Peel & the Lower East Side I Like Marijuana And the Rest is History* 

Hezekiah & the Houserockers Going to California Hezekiah & the Houserockers* 

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