Brian Turner's Playlists for June 27, 2000
Live Session with the Bellrays 4pm
ArtistSongAlbumLabel   (*) = New Cut
Biosphere Sun Baking Various: Touch T-Zero-O* (Touch)
Great Phone Calls The Man From HOTT Great Phone Calls (Amarillo)
Lollipop Shoppe Who'll Read the Will Just Colour (No Label)
Mometers I Gotta Walk Meet the Mometers* (Mometers)
Crude Summer Pt. 1 Inner City Guitar Perspectives (Flying Nun)
Max Tundra Cakes Some Best Friend You Turned Out to Be* (Domino UK)
Hopewell Drop Contact (Burnt Hair)
Dream Syndicate Some Kinda Itch EP (Down There)

Deviants Mona This Vinyl Is Condemned* (Total Energy)
Hugo Montenegro Sugar Seymour Sdtk: Lady in Cement (No Label)
UFO Or Die Ghetto DNA (Motorhead Mix) Cassettetape Superstar (Public Bath)
Jackie Mittoo Hot Tamale Keyboard King of Studio One (Universal Sound)*
Miss Frosty Sensual Pleasure Eating Me* (Mold on an Orange)
DJ Logic Flat As a Board Project Logic* (Rope-A-Dope)
Harvey Milk Go Back To France Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men* (Tumult)

Marumari The Wolves Howl The Wolves Hollow* (Carpark)
Amon Duul Special Track Experience 4 Experimente (Captain Trip)
THE BELLRAYS - Live on WFMU -Engineers: Diane Farris & Joe Belock

  • New Kid
  • Street Corner
  • Rude Awakening
  • You're Sorry Now
  • Shot Gun
  • Thunder All the Time
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Black Is the Color
  • Tell the Lie
  • Long Dark Time
  • I've Been Searchin'
  • Behind the Gun
  • Stone Rain
  • Tie Me Down
  • Voodoo Train
  • BOB VENNUM : Bass
  • TONY FATE : Guitar
Bloodclot Gangsta Youth Kill or be Killed 7"* (Full Watts)
Imminent - Synapscape Eval Screenwalker* (Ant-Zen)
Igor Wakhevitch Licores Dr. Faustus (Fractal)
Banda Ionica Pianto Eterno Passione (Dunya)
Cattle Decapitation Joined at the Ass Homovore* (Three One G)
Jay Cotton God Save the Queen One Hell Sandwich (Blast First)

Coffin Cheaters Horns Run in the Family 7"* (Coffin Cheaters)
Rusty Nails Oblivion No Miracle in Ruins* (Coolidge)
Computer Cougar Stunt Pilot Computer Cougar (self-rel. cassette)
Apes of God Part Two How To Pick Up Girls* (Oracular Laboratory)
Pat Conte Xhoomei BW 2x Drop* (Varieties of Musical Experience)
Touch-Tone Terrorists Excerpt A Permanent Lapse of Reason* (Infestation)
Sun City Girls Where Dead People Live Cameo Demons & Their Manifestations* (Abduction)
Amadeo Roldan Ritmica # 5 Various: Ballet Mechanique* (Electronic Music Foundation)

Joe Morris & Mat Maneri Slight of Hand Soul Search* (AUM Fidelity)
Kletka Red Who Created You? Hybrid* (Explain)
Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers Vietnam Mambo* (Cannonball)
Bonga Balumukeno Angola 72 (Tinder)

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