Brian Turner's Playlists for June 6, 2000
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
Mazinga Phaser A Diamond in Shrink Wrap Abandonallhope
Scott Walker The Cockfighter Tilt
Peter Cook Bedazzled Sdtk-Bedazzled

Le Shok Mind Your Own Business We Are Electrocution*
Howardian On the Avenue Various: Selector Dub Narcotic
Smersh Hoedown The Beat From 20,000 Fathoms
Idiot Flesh Dead Like Us Fancy
Dusty Springfield The Look of Love Anthology

The Frogs Whisper new-untitled*
Ill Bill How to Kill a Cop 12"*
Judy Garland Excerpt Speaks*
Shadow Ring I Am the Black Piper Lighthouse
MF Doom Who Do You Think I Am Operation Doomsday*

Futique Finger Lick Go.Low
The Bran (Another Plight of Medic's) Pos Parsnip Maker Amantis Incongrue*
Carnival of Coal Baker Street French Cancan*
Bob Dylan Day of the Locusts New Morning
Connie Acher X-Files Recap Love Sick Lip Service*
SF Seals SF Sorrow Truth Walks in Sleepy Shadows

Foehn Carousel Beneath the Sea Hidden Cinema Soundtrack*
Dafeldecker - Fussenegger - Kovacic Dun Printer*
Elly Nieman & Rikkert Zuiderveld De Steen der Wijzen -
Jackson C. Frank Don't Look Back Blues Run the Game

Hungry Ghosts No Prior Convictions Alone, Alone*
Uriah Heep Gypsy Uriah Heep
The Creation Making Time Best of

Sound Providers Yes Y'all 12"
Non-Phixion I Shot Reagan 12"
Five Deez Dope 12"*
Anom Open Season 12"*
People Under the Stairs Youth Explosion 12"*
Charles Wilp The Bunny The Bunny
Piero Umiliani Blues of the Vagabond Ode to Duke Ellington*

Goblin Mix Kenneth Anger Exploding Budgies
Doof (Treat Me Like) the Man I Am Various: I Hate the Pop Group
Machine Gun TV Christopher's Crossing the Line HQ
Thomas Meinecke's Famous Waikiki Rechanneled From Stereo Various:Clicks & Cuts
Mieskuoro Huutajat Star Spangled Banner EP
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System Depth Charge Dub Voyage*
Missing Brazilians Missing Brazilians Warzone
Paolo Conte Elisir Best of

Gun Club Run Through the Jungle Miami

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