Brian Turner's Playlists for Feb 22, 2000
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
East Bionic Symphonia8:15-8:43 PMLive*
ConfusionsVoice From the Inner SoulVarious: Simla Beat 70-71*
NirvanaLove BuzzBleach
Orchester 33.3SplitterOrchester 33.3
Other Dimensions in Music5Time Is of the Essence Is Beyond Time*

Remko SchaSweepMachine Guitars
Nurse With Wound & Diana RogersonDead RoadsThe Swinging Reflective*
Sammy Davis Jr.Sam's SongSammy & Friends*
DuotronEi Yi!We Modern! We Now!
L?K?OSlow Breathin'Various: Turntable Solos*
Los MadrugadoresLa Bella Maria1931-37*

ShorteeShortee's returnThe Dreamer*
Push Button ObjectsTrotDirty Dozen*
Art & Language with the Red CrayolaAn HarangueCorrected Slogans
Trans AmBallbadosTrans Am
MotorheadBomberNo Remorse
PachinkoMagnusSplendor in the Ass 2: Electric Boogaloo*
Amps For ChristInteruptorSongs For Mr. Ion*

SuicideSpace Blue Bamboo2nd Plus Frst Rehearsal Tapes*
Zelijko KerletaDangerous JobSpace Runner*
C4iExcerpt 1st TrackCopenacre*
Taj Mahal TravellersPart 2 (excerpt)Live Stockholm 1971*

Ritual Mouth OrgansDance For the SacrificeRitual Mouth Organs of the Murung
The MartinisBullseyeVarious: Vital Organs*
Fastback BandWhy Is It So Hard To DoFeel My Soul
Okay TemizPenguinDrummer of Two Worlds*

Billy ChildishGood Times Are Killing MeTorments Nest
Bad LiversMan Vs. FateBlood and Mood*
KleenexULiliput 2CD
PiecesGingerI Need 5 Minutes Alone
FutiqueSugar In the RawGo.Low*

Pooh SticksI'm In YouThe Great White Wonder

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