Bob Brainen's playlist August 30, 2000 email to Bob
Sorry, I have to find Luna.
Well, I showed up to do my show today, but my cat Luna has been missing. When I checked my answering machine right before the show, someone left a fresh lead. Brian Turner was good enough to fill-in, literally, at a moment's notice-I was two songs into the show. I raced home and looked for my cat. I haven't found her yet, but I'm still looking.

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Hank Levine and his Orchestra Image, Part One (show intro. theme) CD-Rfrom the Brainen Archive
Trilok Gurtu DJ Didgeridoo African Fantasy-CD this point Brian took over. He asked me to put on a Sun Ra CD, and I chose "Strange Strings."

from the Brainen ArchiveThe marked selections are from the Brainen Archive.

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