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No more dogs in this house!
Hank Levine and his Orchestra Image, Part One (show intro. theme) CD-Rfrom the Brainen Archive
Mu Ain't no Blues Best of-U.K. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Albert Ayler Omega Love Cry-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Free Spirits Early Mornin' Fear Out of Sight and Sound-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Eric Mingus Address Unknown Um Er Uh-CD
Curtis Mayfield Power to the People (demo) Curtis-bonus track-CD
Wintsch-Hemingway-Oester NT Identity-CD
Patt Patterson and his Champion Pep Riders The Cats Whiskers Slidin' on the Frets-comp. CD
Victoria Williams Water to Drink Water to Drink-CD
Wynonie Harris w/Sun Ra Dig this Boogie Mr. Blues-Swedish LPfrom the Brainen Archive (Sun Ra's 1st or 2nd recording session!)
Charlie Rich Lonely Weekend Don't put no Headstone on my Grave-LP (track minus "sweetening")
R. Stevie Moore I wasn't drinking (I was tired) Love Compartment-CD-Rfrom the Brainen Archive
Beach Boys All this is that Carl and the Passions-So Tough/Holland CD
Marshall Crenshaw Whenever you're on my mind (demo) "Marshall Crenshaw" (reissue of 1st LP-bonus cut)
Gene Clark w/ the Gosdin Brothers The Same One Gene Clark with the Gosdin
Brothers-LPfrom the Brainen Archive    
Argent Schoolgirl Argent (first album)-U.K. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
McDonald and Giles Is she waiting? McDonald and Giles-Japanese CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Fairport Convention Chelsea Morning Meet on the Ledge-2 CD setfrom the Brainen Archive
Yardbirds Only the Black Rose Little Games-U.K. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Vashti Bunyan Love Song Just Another Diamond Day-U.K. CD
Kinks She's got Everything New Great Lost Kinks album-CD
Flying Burrito Brothers Cody, Cody Hot Burritos-2 CD setfrom the Brainen Archive
Youngbloods Tears are Falling "Youngbloods" (1st LP)-U.K. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Emitt Rhodes Somebody made for Me "Emitt Rhodes" (1st LP)-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Left Banke Nice to See You Too!-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Beach Boys Goin On Keepin' The Summer Alive/"Beach Boys"-CD
Beach Boys Good Timin' L.A. (Light) Album/M.I.U. Album-CD
Beach Boys Good Time Love You/15 Big Ones-CD
Fairport Convention Sir Patrick Spens Ashley Hutchins-The Guv'nor Vol. Two-comp. CD
NRBQ Tonight you belong to Me Grooves in Orbit (CD bonus cut)-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Harvey Reid Racing the Storm Guitar Voyages-CD

from the Brainen ArchiveThe marked selections are from the Brainen Archive.

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