Syd’s Songs Sung
A Feelings Collection of Covers

Thank you so much to all the bands that participated!

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This really is a dream come true for me. I love Syd, and his records mean so much to me. Having musicians that I admire recreate some of the most special songs ever is magical.

Big thank you to Mario Santana of Out of the Box Recordings for his master mastering skills!

The Madcap Laughs is the debut solo album by the English singer-songwriter Syd Barrett. It was recorded after Barrett had left Pink Floyd in April 1968. The Madcap Laughs, released in January 1970 on Harvest in the UK but not released in the US until 1974, enjoyed minimal commercial success.

1. Terrapin by Sherbert (Bandcamp)
2. No Good Trying * by Flowertown (Bandcamp)
3. Love You by The Besnard Lakes (Bandcamp, Instagram, Website)
4. No Man’s Land by Family Fodder (Bandcamp)
5. Dark Globe * by Attia Taylor (Bandcamp, Instagram, Website)
6. Here I Go * by Children Maybe Later (Bandcamp)
7. Octopus * by Elysian Fields (Bandcamp, Instagram, Website)
8. Golden Hair by Kristin Oppenheim (Bandcamp)
9. Long Gone by Iditarod (Bandcamp)
10. She Took a Long Cold Look * by Francesca Tedeschi (Soundcloud)
11. Feel by Cate Le Bon (Bandcamp, Instagram, Website)
12. If It’s In You * by Billygoat (Bandcamp)
13. Late Night by This Mortal Coil (Spotify)

Barrett is the second and final studio album of new material released by Syd. Recording began at Abbey Road Studios on 26 February 1970, and lasted for 15 sessions until 21 July. Barrett was released in November 1970 on Harvest in the United Kingdom, but failed to chart.

1. Baby Lemonade * by Georgia Hubley (Bandcamp)
2. Love Song by Livid
3. Dominos * by Emily Robb (Bandcamp, Instagram)
4. It Is Obvious * by The Garbage and the Flowers (Bandcamp)
5. Rats * by MV & EE (Bandcamp)
6. Maisie * by Kilynn Lunsford (Bandcamp, Instagram)
7. Gigolo Aunt * by Matching Outfits (Bandcamp, Instagram)
8. Waving My Arms * by Nina Ryser (Bandcamp, Instagram)
9. I Never Lied To You * by Aquarian Blood (Bandcamp, Instagram)
10. Wined and Dined * by Syko Friend (Bandcamp, Instagram, Website)
11. Wolfpack * by River Flows Reverse (Bandcamp, Instagram)
12. Effervescing Elephant * by Lost Luna (Bandcamp, Website)

Opel is a 1988 album compiled from recordings made by former Pink Floyd frontman Syd Barrett between 1968 and 1970. The album is a compilation of unreleased material and alternate takes of recordings from sessions for Barrett’s solo albums.

1. Opel * by Nightshift (Bandcamp, Instagram)
2. Dolly Rocker * by Austyn Wohlers & Jamison Murphy of Tomato Flower (Bandcamp, Instagram)
3. Word Song * by Glenna Van Nostrand of Omnivore (Bandcamp)
4. Swan Lee * by Silica Gel (Bandcamp)
5. Birdy Hop * by Angel Dean & Sue Garner (Bandcamp)
6. Let’s Split by Blanche Blanche Blanche (Bandcamp)
7. Milky Way * by Nighttime (Bandcamp, Instagram)

Despite the numerous recording dates for his solo albums, Barrett undertook very little musical activity between 1968 and 1972 outside the studio. On 24 February 1970, he appeared on John Peel’s BBC radio programme Top Gear playing five songs—only one of which had been previously released. Three would be re-recorded for the Barrett album, while the song “Two of a Kind” was a one-off performance.

Bonus Track: Two of a Kind by The Heaven Insects (Bandcamp)

* Songs with asterisks represent tracks created specifically for this project *