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Powered By Love Iron-On (2003) – The first ever WFMU iron-on by Danny Hellman.

The Best of LCD Book (2008) – The best of WFMU’s old program guide ‘zine, edited by Dave the Spazz.

The Worst of LCD (2010) – Outtakes from WFMU’s old program guide ‘zine.

Best Show: Garden State Inn – L (2010)
Best Show: Garden State Inn – S (2010)

Live Music From A Dead Campus WFMU Live Music 2CD (1998)
Upsalapalooza WFMU Live Music 2CD (1995)

Dave the Spazz: Spazzy Sports Legends (2019)
Darren: Shinku Ongaku (2019)
Vocal Fry: Stirrups and Crickets (2019)
Avant Ghetto: Green Minus Yellow IV (2019)
Gaylord Fields: WFMU Sells Out (2019)
Garbage Time: Lava Lamp Music (2019)
Frow Show: New Titans of the Pedal Steel Guitar (2019)
Evan “Funk” Davies: What About the ’80s? (2019)
Duane Train: Dancin’ in Space (2019)
Honky Tonk Radio Girl: Forgive Me: Duets from the Depths (2019)
Inflatable Squirrel Carcass: Television (2019)
Radio Ravioli: Alien Americana (2019)
Norflax Oxdun Sidetower: Ninja Lung Ice (2019)
Nick Name: Now THAT’S What I Call Music 1981 (2019)
Nickel and Dime Radio: Make It Last Forever (2019)
Music of Mind Control: I Am a Being of Violet Flambe (2019)
Morricone Island: When an Actor Sings (2019)
Weekly World Blues: Crackers (2019)
Long Rally: Jazz Realities (2019)
Todd-O-Phonic Todd: Glam Slam Vol. 2 (2019)
Teenage Wasteland: Joey Ramone’s Throne (2019)
This Is the Modern World: Glow Your Own (2019)
Surface Noise: Down That Country Road (2019)
Strength Through Failure: The Lounge of Failure (2019)
Sophisticated Boom Boom: Maneater (2019)
Sinner’s Crossroads: Let the Bass Lead You (2019)
Scott Williams: Have You Checked the Children? (2019)
Samantha: Songs Recorded in Cathedrals (2019)
Reggae Schoolroom: All-Time Jamaican #1s (2019)
Zoe: Leaving Shire (2019)
Give the Drummer Some: Heartmelters (2019)
Fringe Factory: Fringin’ Faves Vol. 4 (2019)
Flange and Frigate: Crowd Pleasers (2019)
Explorer’s Room: Pagan Fruits and Other Rare Birds (2019)
Crayons to Perfume: Birdy Num Nums (2019)
Cool Blue Flame: Darkest Ours (2019)
Continental Subway: Translation Station (2019)
Bodega Pop Live: Back in the USSR (2019)
Big Planet Noise: Rare Acetates, Vol. 1 (2019)
Wake: D:O Radio, With Strings (2019)
Global Grease: The Revolution Will Be Live Volume III (2019)
Stop Hitting Yourself: Scratchy 78s (2019)
What’s Happening?!?!: Live at the Woof-Moo (2019)
Testify: Souled Gold (2019)
100% Whatever: 1989 (2019)
Make with the Shake: Shake After Dark (2019)
Medium Cool: Sound Houses (2019)
Long Way Home: South West Tex Mex Sampler (2019)
If You Lose Your Horse: YouTube to .mp3: Streaming-Only Oddities (2019)
Otis Fodder: Fodder’s Friendly Persuaders (2019)
Neighbors Noise: Bogs and Fells, Frogs and Bells (2019)
Ridgewood Radio: Equilibrium & Hysteria (2019)
Music for a Free World: Spontaneous Radio Performances (2019)
Hinky Dinky Time: Which Way Is Far Out? (2019)
Hi-Waisted Modernists: Tale of the Unexpected (2019)

Surface Noise: Alternagrrrls – Girls to the Front in the ’90s (2018)
Three Chord Monte: In Any Other Language, Vol. 2 (2018)
Scott Williams: Kraut Kovered (2018)
Frow Show: Hits from the Cloud, v. 4 (2018)
Pseu’s Thing with a Hook: Got Off the Hook (2018)
Morricone Island: For a Few Callers More (2018)
Weekly World Blues: There Are No Words (2018)
Irene: Waves of Faves (2018)
Duane: Feminist Funk (2018)
Irwin: Writersongs (2018)
Honky Tonk Radio Girl: Walkin’ the Dog (2018)
Evan “Funk” Davies: Starting with the ’70s V – Quintessential (2018)
Nickel and Dime Radio: Guarambembere (2018)
Radio Ravioli: Do-It-Yourself Ravioli (2018)
This Is the Modern World with Trouble: Que Quoi (2018)
Strength Through Failure with Fabio: The House of Mirth (2018)
Dave the Spazz: Nutty Knock-Offs (2018)
Nick Name: Now That’s What I Call Music 1983 (2018)
Stan: Stan’s Smoke Shop – The Audio (2018)
Downtown Soulville: Nonhitsville (2018)
Shrunken Planet: Tapes World (2018)
Bob Brainen: The Alt-tune-iverse (2018)
Michael Shelley: Make Your Own Kind of Music (2018)
Fool’s Paradise: More Stoopider (2018)
Transpacific Sound Paradise: World Covers! (2018)
Zoe: Women of Kraut (2018)
Reggae Schoolroom: By the Rivers of Reggae (2018)
Teenage Wasteland: R-R-Real Rock & Roll, Vol. 18 (2018)
Samantha: Glass Sounds (2018)
Gaylord Fields: Skank Your Lucky Stars (2018)
Avant Ghetto: Lost Strings (2018)
Global Grease: The Revolution Will Be Live Vol. 2 (2018)
If You Lose Your Horse: Auto-Tune: A Revisionist History (2018)
Tony Coulter: Stumptown Underground (2018)
Neighbors Noise: New Bliss (2018)
The Long Way Home: Best of the First Fifteen Months (2018)
100% Whatever: Sugar Spell It Out Vol. 2 (2018)
Ridgewood Radio: Noise by People (2018)
Bodega Pop: Burma Pop (2018)
Testify!: Way Out West! (2018)
Give the Drummer Some: Best of Give the Drummer Radio Vol. 2 (2018)
Hinky Dinky Time: Exclamations, Interjections & Ejaculations (2018)
Destination: Out: InstruMENTAL (2018)
Crayons to Perfume: Freak Meow-t (2018)
The Whig Out: Something in the Water (2018)

Surface Noise: What’s Your Sign, Girl? Zodiac Soul (2017)
Three Chord Monte: Celebrities at Their Best Vol. 5 (2017)
Duane Train: Disco Fights the Power! (2017)
Irwin: Cass-CD: Artifacts from Irwin’s Cassette Era (2017)
Evan “Funk” Davies: Make Your Own Mayhem – The Final Chapter (2017)
This Is the Modern World with Trouble: Dance with Me (2017)
Strength Through Failure with Fabio: Inward Bound (2017)
Dusty Show: Clay’s Classics Nine (2017)
Sinner’s Crossroads: Stealing the Devil’s Tunes (2017)
Dave the Spazz: Demos to Spazz By (2017)
Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B.: The Laziest Gals in Town (2017)
Daniel Blumin: Speak Unless Spoken To (2017)
Inflatable Squirrel Carcass: The Cold War (2017)
Bob Brainen: WFMUzac (2017)
Fool’s Paradise with Rex: I’m with Stoopid (2017)
Todd-o-phonic Todd: Glam Slam! (2017)
Transpacific Sound Paradise: Electromigration (2017)
Reggae Schoolroom: Mr. Reggae (2017)
Teenage Wasteland: That Was Now, This Is Then (2017)
Gaylord Fields: Fayelord ’66 (Plus 25 Other Bossa Novas) (2017)
100% Whatever: From Cover to Cover – Live! (2017)
Kaminsky Kamoutsky: Name That Name That (2017)
Ridgewood Radio: Distressed, Disturbed, Disrupted & Displayed (2017)
Hinky Dinky Time: Beyond the Footlights (2017)
Destination: Out: 1984: Freedom Is Jazz (2017)
What’s Happening?!?!: Sings for You (2017)
Eternal Now: Torch the Earth Songs (2017)

Three Chord Monte: Celebrities at Their Best Vol. 4 (2016)
Scott Williams: Cover Girls Vol. 3 (2016)
Duane Train: Sibling Soul (2016)
Evan Funk Davies: Starting with the ‘70s IV (2016)
The Long Rally: Hottest on Record (2016)
Diane Kamikaze: On an Iron Horse He Flies (2016)
Hearty White: Miracle Fireside Chat (2016)
Dave the Spazz: Spazzy Phone Calls (2016)
Daniel Blumin: Blue (2016)
Shrunken Planet: Outside Llewyn (2016)
Todd-O-Phonic Todd: Best of the Guests (2016)
Transpacific Sound Paradise: Electro-Planet (2016)
Reggae Schoolroom: One Hit Wonder (2016)
Bill Kelly/Teenage Wasteland: R-r-real R’N’R Vol 16 (2016)
Gaylord Fields: The Beautiful Sounds of WFMU (2016)
Avant Ghetto: Songs to Fill the Air (2016)
Live from Leroy: Soulin’ Alabama (2016)
Fringe Factory: Fringin’ Faves Vol. 2  (2016)
Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves: C&W R’N R (2016)

Michael Shelley: Even More Superhits of the ’70s (2015)
Eternal Now: Panorama of Peculiarities (2015)
Daniel Blumin: Me and My Rhythm Box (2015)
Irene Trudel: Thinking Outside the Music Box (2015)
Dr. Gameshow: Audio Game to Play (2015)
Jim Price: One-Minute Melodies (2015)
Thomas Storck: Kristallen in Kleur (2015)
Billy Jam: Put the Needle on 4 Guest DJs (2015)
Amanda Nazario: Squeaky Feelings (2015)
Kaminsky Kamoutsky: Say What, Now? (2015)
Hinky Dinky Time: Cavalcade of Stars (2015)

Frank O’Toole: Found Sound Around (2014)
Do or DIY: Gwilly Edmondez Sings Chart Sweep (2014)
Distort Jersey City: This is Jersey City Not New Brunswick (2014)
Ken: KHLAM! (2014)
Diane: Kamikaze Kontenders (2014)
Martha: Metals. Rocks. Elements. (2014)
Daniel Blumin: Your Song, My Foot Vol. 2 (2014)
Bill Mac: Cycle-delic Snooze Alarm (2014)
Small Change: Ritual (2014)
Kaminsky Kamoutsky: Ritmo Falso (2014)
Fabio: Enlightenment Through Failure (2014)
Stan: Destination Saturn (2014)
Knuckle Sandwich with Dave Bombay: Stay Under the Covers (2014)
Miniature Minotaurs: Your Cesky Hit Parade (2014)
Put the Needle on the Record with Billy Jam: 30 Years in Radio (2014)
100% Whatever: The Ladies of Last Year (2014)
Reggae Schoolroom: Sing I Some Music (2014)
World of Echo with Dave Mandl: Hippies (2014)
Hinky Dinky Time: The Many Heads of Uncle Michael (2014)
Irene Trudel: Fingers Aflame! (2014)
Trouble: Stop the World and Let Me Off (2014)
Eternal Now: An Exacerbating Eclectic Collection (2014)

Frank O’Toole: Who Done What? When? (2013)
Irene Trudel: Playdate! (2013)
Jesse Krakow: The Best of Minor Music (2013)
Dan Bodah: Wrapped in Tangled Up Tape (2013)
Nat Roe: DJ Interventions (2013)
Jesse Jarnow: Fallout from the Frow Zone (2013)
Mary Wing: The Language(s) of Love (2013)
Julie: Insomniantics (2013)
Scott McDowell: Run Come Rally (2013)
Kurt Gottschalk: Friday the Kurteenth (2013)
Rich: Floatin’ Round the World (2013)
Bill Mac: Tulips on the Organ (2013)
Shrunken Plant: Peaceable Kingdom (2013)
Daniel Blumin: The Thirteenth Letter (2013)
Thomas Storck: Don’t Hide Your Hate (2013)
Reggae Schoolroom: Reggae Rockin’ Tonite (2013)
Gaylord Fields: Nicked Names (2013)
World of Echo: Ebony & Ivory Revisited (2013)
Therese: We Don’t Regret the Error (2013)
Amedeo: Come Fluke with Me (2013)
Jesse Kaminsky: Neighbor’s Noise (2013)
Tony Coulter: Out Demos Out! (2013)
Amanda Nazario: Players’ Worktime (2013)
Charlie: Do Your Own Thing (2013)
Jim Price: Best of Blegvad (2013)
Underwater Theme Park: Greetings from UTP (2013)
Distort Jersey City: Live (2013)
Antique Phonograph Music Program: Moving in Mono (2013)

Frank O’Toole: B.C. Mixers with Dim Sum Loops (2012)
Scott Williams: Scottify (2012)
Benjamen Walker: The Music of Too Much Information (2012)
Marty McSorley: 24 Hour Marathon Premium (2012)
Antique Phonograph Music Program: Hits of the Acoustic Era (2012)
Nat Roe: Supercuts Supercut (2012)
100% Whatever: Sugar Spell It Out (2012)
HotRod: The Secret of the Rod (2012)
The Long Rally with Scott McDowell: Red-Hot Iron Ball (2012)
Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk: Radio Silence (2012)
Bill Mac: A Cappella Is Not an Ice Cream Flavor (2012)
Transpacific Sound Paradise: TSP Rocks the Globe (2012)
Reggae Schoolroom: It’s Time for Reggae (2012)
Bill Kelly: R-r-real Rock & Roll, Vol. 12 (2012)
The Frow Show with Jesse Jarnow: Love and the Needing of It (2012)
Tony Coulter: Radio Homebrew (2012)
Andy Ortmann: The Eternal Now (2012)
Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock: Celebrities at Their…Best! (2012)
Underwater Theme Park: 24 Degrees of Separation Pt. 3 (2012)
Fatty Jubbo: Gibberish (2012)
Irene: Through the Studio Glass (2012)
Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich: Music to Color By (2012)

Frank O’Toole: Ephemera (2011)
Liz Berg: Bratty (2011)
Too Much Information: Info Dump Vol. II (2011)
Dan Bodah: Hissing of Chrome Snakes (2011)
Woody: Twang Pandemic (2011)
Trouble: I Hear a New Girl (2011)
Diane: Frain Breeze (2011)
Antique Phonograph Music Program: Moral Turpitude (2011)
Nat Roe: Adult Contemporary Redux (2011)
Bennett 4 Senate: Epic Tangent (2011)
Pseu: Snooki Pickled Your iPod (2011)
Bill Mac: Squeeze Me, Don’t Tease Me (2011)
Transpacific Sound Paradise: Hour of Babel (2011)
Glen Jones 2011 CD (2011)
Doug: Love Your Motherlode, Vol. 2 (2011)

Talk’s Cheap: Best Things in Life Are Freeform (2010)
Martha: Paint It Freeform (2010)
Noise & Syrup: Post-Scarcity Frequency Collisions (2010)
The Eternal Now: Soundtrack to Infinity (2010)
Bill Kelly: Real Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol 10 (2010)
KBC: Bitslap Survival Kit (2010)
Dan Bodah: Buried Under Air (2010)
Dave Emory: Lone Nuts (2010)
Diane Kamikaze: You Drive Me Nervous (2010)
Evan “Funk” Davies: Radio Heart (2010)
Frank O’Toole: Tit for Tat (2010)
Hatch: Disco Yacht (2010)
Tale of the 12 with Lou: Flipside (2010)
HotRod: Carnal (2010)
Jeffrey Davison: Great Lost Trombone Album (2010)
Liz Berg: Clap Off! (2010)
Maria: You Rang (2010)
Marty McSorley: Protect Youself (2010)
Michael Shelley: Cut That Out Vol 2 (2010)
Reggae Schoolroom: Reggae for Children (2010)
Scott McDowell: Live/Long (2010)
Scott Williams: Broke (2010)
$mall Change: Ruffage (2010)
Too Much Information: The Info Dump (2010)
Trouble: Dance with the Girls (2010)
Fabio: Sliced, Diced and Spliced (2010)

Dave Emory: Geopolitical Grab-Bag (2009)
The Best Show: DOG: A Tribute to RAM (2009)
Scharpling & Wurster at the Speed of Sound (2009)
Brad LaBonte: No One Can Leave this Room (2009)
The Speakeasy: Couched… (2009)
Talk’s Cheap: Speaking in Tongues (2009)
Pat Duncan: 30 Years of Hardcore (2009)
Antique Phonograph Program: 12 Inches of Delight! (2009)
Ken: Corn Weenie (2009)
Kurt Gottschalk: Discyard (2009)
Irene Trudel: Monday Will Never Be the Same (2009)
Sinner’s Crossroads: The Sensational Sensational Sensationals (2009)
HotRod: Drum Poll, Please (2009)
Pseu Braun: Sasha & Malia Dissed Disney! (2009)
Michael Shelley: Cut That Out! (2009)
Daniel Blumin: Rockist Distendencies (2009)
Tale of the Twelve with Lou: Flipside (2009)

Dave Emory: Nazi Connections to 9/11 (2008)
Dave Emory: Curve Ball (2008)
Liz Berg: Insert Coin (2008)
John Allen: Twisted Nerve 1977-1982 (2008)
Frank O’Toole: Loop De-Lite (2008)
Hatch: Roses and Rainbows (2008)
Three Chord Monte: One Man’s Trash (2008)
Small Change: De-Evolution (2008)
Fabio: ANOTHER 7 inches of Pleasure (2008)
Diane Kamikaze: Hold That Thought (2008)
Ergo Phizmiz: Little Blue Mixes (2008)
Pat Duncan: THEY’re LIVE (2008)
Doug: Children of the Corn (2008)
Bill Mac: DJs at Play (2008)
The Reggae Schoolroom: What’s Your Name? (2008)
Glen Jones feat. Ray Burns (2008)
Martha: Doom for the ADD Generation (2008)

Seven Second Delay: Dead Air (2007)
Seven Second Delay: Amazing Ventriloquism (2008)
Best Show: Fantasia in Best Show Minor (2010)
Live at Monty Hall, Vol. 1 (2017)
Scott Williams: Archives Vol. 1 (2010)
Hearty White/Miracle Nutrition: Hearty White Show (2013)
Hearty White/Miracle Nutrition: At Home with Hearty (2015)
Hearty White/Miracle Nutrition: My Dinner with Hearty (2017)
Hearty White/Miracle Nutrition: The Walk (2018)
Ken: 100 Ringtones (2018)
Billy Jam: Put the Needle on the Video Hip Hop Mix (2018)
Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza: A Series of Dreams (2018)

23″ x 7″ Ward Sutton sticker (1999)
WFMU Missing Persons Playing Cards (1996)
WFMU Crackpots & Visionaries Cards Vol. 2 (1994)
Kelly and Bronwyn C.: Paper Doll Set (2004)
Bronwyn C.: DJ Nightmare Board Game (2008)
Best Show for Life Tote Bag (2009)
Marty McSorley: Known Unknowns & Unknown Unknowns cassette (2009)
Trent: Instant iTunes Party Pak (2010)
Rich H: Inflatable Squirrel Carcass Coloring Book (2010)
Rich H: Another Inflatable Squirrel Carcass Coloring Book (2011)
Sinner’s Crossroads: Church Fan (2011)
Dave Emory: Tea Party Fascism (2011)
Trent: Daily Wellness Book and Brush Kit (2011)
Shut Up, Weirdo: 2012 Wall Calendar (2011)
Jesse Jarnow: The Frow Zones MP3 CD (2011)
KBC: The Bitslap Reader MP3 CD (2011)
Eternal Now: I Never Promised You a Rose Garden cassette (2011)
Three Chord Monte with Joe Belock: Lost Episodes (2011)
Cherry Blossom Clinic Flashlight (2012)
John Allen: JA in the AM Shot Glass (2012)
Shut Up, Weirdo: 2013 Wall Calendar (2012)
Best Show: Rated G.G.: G.G. Allin Tribute 7″ (2012)
Shut Up Weirdo Pen (2013)
Nardwuar: Punk Rock Calendar (2013)
Chris M.: Imaginary Radio Mixtapes, Vol. 2 MP3 Disc (2013)
Best Show: Rain poncho (2013)
Best Show: 4-button pack (2013)
Best Show: Magazine with flexidisc (2014)
Nat Roe & Marty McSorley: Bandana (2014)
Seven Second Delay: Bingo Boards (2) (2014)
Kenzo: To Decadence in Obsolescence (2014)
Dave Mandl: The World’s 181 Best-Loved Music Tweets Book (2015)
Pablo Galeski bumper sticker (2016)
Dave Hill Patch Set (3 patches) (2016)
Andy Ortmann: The Eternal Now magnet (2016)
Dr. Gameshow poster (2017)
Scott Williams sticker (2017)
Brian Turner: Budget Budokan IV MP3 disc (2018)
Seven Second Delay Six Pack of Beer Labels (2018)
In Real Life Merit Badge sticker set (2018)
Irwin Chusid Filed and Defiled Calendar (2019)