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Be shaken. Be stirred. A whimsical wham-bam of exotic enchantments, sleazy oddities, pop fancies, and swingin’ slingers broadcast from Ridgewood, NYC’s very own Shangri-Lounge. Best served chilled, garnished with signature swizzle schtick.

Tuesdays 6 - 8pm (EST) | On WFMU's Sheena's Jungle Room
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Options October 6, 2020: Lounge Lizards Inc.

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Artist Track Approx. start time
The B-52's  52 Girls   Options 0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Mummy the Peepshow  Theme of Ten Chei   Options 0:05:48 (Pop‑up)
The Cardigans  Lovefool   Options 0:08:46 (Pop‑up)
Mario Grigorov  Magic Circus   Options 0:10:08 (Pop‑up)
Stereolab  French Disko   Options 0:13:48 (Pop‑up)
Peter Gunn Theme  Poison Ivy   Options 0:17:49 (Pop‑up)
The Delmonas  Peter Gunn Locomotion   Options 0:21:52 (Pop‑up)
Bob Elger  Satan Superstar   Options 0:24:04 (Pop‑up)
Lene Lovich  Bird Song   Options 0:26:35 (Pop‑up)
Buster Poindexter  Bad Boy   Options 0:31:02 (Pop‑up)
Piero Umiliani  Mah Nà Mah Nà   Options 0:34:04 (Pop‑up)
Kid Creole & the Coconuts  Mister Softee Deluxe   Options 0:36:00 (Pop‑up)
The Revillos  Scuba Scuba (Japanese Version)   Options 0:42:03 (Pop‑up)
The Delmonas  Dangerous Charms   Options 0:44:10 (Pop‑up)
Terminal Sunburn  Where in the World is Poison Ivy Rorschach?   Options 0:46:12 (Pop‑up)
Bow Wow Wow  Aphrodisiac   Options 0:48:51 (Pop‑up)
Big Joanie  Cranes in the Sky   Options 0:51:48 (Pop‑up)
The Waitresses  I Know What Boys Like   Options 0:57:28 (Pop‑up)
Boozoo Bajou  Night Over Manaus   Options 1:02:21 (Pop‑up)
Suzanne Vega/DNA  Tom's Diner   Options 1:07:40 (Pop‑up)
Thelonius Moog  Bye-Ya   Options 1:11:22 (Pop‑up)
Bent  So Long Without You   Options 1:14:52 (Pop‑up)
Martini Kings  Return to Moorea   Options 1:22:25 (Pop‑up)
The Bristols  Little Baby   Options 1:25:29 (Pop‑up)
The Swinging Blue Jeans  The Hippy Hippy Shake   Options 1:27:38 (Pop‑up)
April March  Caribou   Options 1:29:33 (Pop‑up)
Zofka  Bikini Lounge   Options 1:32:26 (Pop‑up)
The Bangles  Walk Like an Egyptian   Options 1:36:20 (Pop‑up)
Devo  Uncontrollable Urge   Options 1:41:11 (Pop‑up)
Combustible Edison  Spy vs. Spy   Options 1:44:32 (Pop‑up)
Cake  Frank Sinatra   Options 1:47:46 (Pop‑up)
Cherry Glazer  Self Explained   Options 1:51:11 (Pop‑up)
Elvis Presley  Suspicious Minds (Remastered)   Options 1:55:35 (Pop‑up)


Listener comments!

Avatar 6:02pm Mr Fab:

Hey DJ! Ready for some mellow dramas.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:03pm Lotisunge Lizard:

Melo dramamine dreaming.
Avatar 6:03pm solo mon:

Love the lemonheads xoxo
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:03pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

Avatar 6:05pm solo mon:

Fun show today lotislounge lizard!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:06pm ARB:

It's so hard to decide between bowling shirts
Avatar 6:07pm Lounge Losenge:

I can’t tell if you are a lot lizard or a lounge lizard ;-)
Avatar 6:07pm shangri-lounge:

tbh, all bowling shirts are good ones. but i'd definitely prefer something with a name like Ralph embroidered on it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:07pm Lotisunge Lizard:

Just imagine the shirt in your mind and look, it's on you! I am wearing a Fred Flintstone water buffalo lodge pattern.
Avatar 6:08pm Martinibomb:

Dj Shangri-La Tyme! XoXo <3 <3 <3
Avatar 6:08pm shangri-lizard:

I think I have to join you as one of the lizard people, Otis!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:08pm Lotisunge Lizard:

I have Horace on my patch. My bowling shoes are blue and white.
Avatar 6:09pm Lounge Losenge:

Oo cardigans!
Avatar 6:10pm shangri-lizard:

Waiting for "the Lizard" to become a dance movement.
Avatar 6:10pm Lounge Losenge:

It’s Sweater Weather
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:12pm Nut Peg:

I'm Peggy. My bowling shirt looks like a popcorn box.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:12pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

A grange hall near my home built in the 40s, was a popular local dance place into the 70s, has a sign up on the wall that says 'No Gatoring', due to a dance that was popular with boys in the 50s.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:12pm Lotisunge Lizard:

I am dancing the Fat Kitty. Moderate that food... brush that fur... chase that string, fall in a bag... repeat.
Avatar 6:13pm shangri-lizard:

Wow, I'm dancing the fat kitty with my partner Otto the cat, as well. He's on a diet. And, it's difficult!
Avatar 6:14pm shangri-lizard:

I'm gonna have to google the gator bc I am very curious. Suzy's show featuring dance crazes has got me wondering about a few!
Avatar 6:15pm shangri-lizard:

i think this song might be dedicated to martinibomb.
Avatar 6:16pm shangri-lizard:

i have another song for martinibomb coming up later if he is still tuned in. i think this is his ish.
Avatar 6:16pm Martinibomb:

Hah! Thanks Shangri did you listen to my show last week with Morgane from Stereolab?
Avatar 6:17pm Mr Fab:

you didnt see "Animal House"? "Gaatooooor!" Then they all lie on the floor and flop around.
Avatar 6:17pm shangri-lizard:

i didn't yet! but i'm going to asap!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:17pm Lotisunge Lizard:

Difficult here with an elderly cat who is thin and only eats dry and the young girl wants to eat all his dry food and consume all food, wet included. Moved my girl to Science Diet food weight control a few weeks back and she loves it, hoping for the best... monitoring food is a job in itself.
Avatar 6:17pm shangri-lizard:

i've never seen animal house! there are a lot of formative-type movies i've never seen.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:17pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

People attribute Gatoring to Animal House, but it predates that. A friend told me it was a fad in the 60s and lots of teen clubs had to ban it for some reason.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:18pm Nut Peg:

My cat only eats celery. It's a Los Angeles cat.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:18pm Lotisunge Lizard:

There's a lobster on the loose!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:18pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

Oh, Animal House is hilarious. Some elements haven't aged well, but still pretty funny.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:18pm Lotisunge Lizard:

I wish my Lil' Riot Grrrrl only ate Celery... she would destroy it and scratch it up for sure.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:19pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

We have a cat that LOVES steamed broccoli.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:19pm Lotisunge Lizard:

Animal House has aged better than Porky's, that's for sure!
Avatar 6:19pm shangri-lizard:

otis, i am lucky to only have one cat. he's still fairly new to our household though. and it took a long time to find something he would eat regularly, so we got a bit outta balance. we bought him this garden greens variety wet food, and he can't get enough! it's crazyyyy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:19pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

Ivy! <3
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:19pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

I've never seen Porky's.
Avatar 6:20pm Lounge Losenge:

My cats are hustlers they turn it on real hard when they want food then just ignore me the rest of the day.
Avatar 6:20pm shangri-lizard:

steamed broccoli! i've seen some brooklyn cats messing around with some leftover chinese broccoli in the trash. maybe it's a thing!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:21pm Nut Peg:

The cats in Bangkok eat poutine
Avatar 6:21pm Martinibomb:

My cat chews on my records when she wants me to feed her. She knows exactly how to annoy me.
Avatar 6:21pm shangri-lizard:

they're manipulative! but you gotta respect it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:21pm Lotisunge Lizard:

Here in Montreal too!
Avatar 6:23pm Lounge Losenge:

Oo Delmonas ! Love them
Avatar 6:24pm Martinibomb:

I wonder if they still play Peter Gunn at High School Football games.. Pretty sure they still play another one bites the dust
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:26pm Lotisunge Lizard:

With the amount of covers of S.W.A.T. on HS band records from the 70s, I hope that one is still marched out.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:27pm WR:

Ok, thanks for the help in deciding, Chinese broccoli to go with the pasta tonight.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:28pm Nut Peg:

Hey, it is Jocktober
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:28pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

yeah, Peter Gunn had an 80s heyday because of the Art of Noise cover.
Avatar 6:28pm shangri-lizard:

broccoli is an underrated veg. high fiber, full of vitamins, almost comforting? i said it!
Avatar 6:30pm Martinibomb:

Okay i gotta go get my littly puggy a shot update. Great show today Shangri! Luv
Avatar 6:30pm shangri-lizard:

thanks, martinibomb. i'll tell you later which song i included your benefit!
Avatar 6:31pm shangri-lizard:

for your benefit*
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:31pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

I'm probably making broccoli tonight. I love it.
Avatar 6:33pm shangri-lizard:

rich, that's how you stay looking like such a young grandfather!
Avatar 6:33pm shangri-lizard:

it must be all the broccotini's.
Avatar 6:35pm Mr Fab:

broccoli makes me nauseous. just the smell. Science people say "broccoli haters are reacting to compounds called glucosinolates, which are also present in brussels sprouts and other so-called cruciferous vegetables. Some people taste these as intolerably bitter"

So you guys like it because you CAN'T taste it. I'm like a super-taster!
Avatar 6:36pm shangri-lizard:

Mr Fab, you should be a sommelier. Do you also hate cilantro?
Avatar 6:36pm Mr Fab:

Thx for the Buster. David Jo and the Dolls are always considered cool, but Buster gets the fluke one-hit-wonder rap. But those Buster albums are full of good stuff.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:37pm WR:

This version was the first time I'm understanding all the words to Bad Boy and then pleased to find out it is Lil Hardin Armstrong song she recorded in 1936. Thank you.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:37pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

My wife can't stand brussel sprouts or cauliflower for that reason. Oh, and cilantro! She hates that.
Avatar 6:37pm Lounge Losenge:

Mr softeeee! Yay!
Avatar 6:39pm Mr Fab:

see also: asparagus. Took me a looong time to come around to any veggies. Childhood dinner traumas!
Avatar 6:39pm Mr Fab:

Kid Creole & the Coconuts should have been as famous as Van Halen.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:40pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

Tasty cuts, shangri-lizard!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:40pm Nut Peg:

All i wanted as a child was raw vegetables but what i got was microwaved meat
Avatar 6:40pm shangri-lizard:

as a kid, i've always loved vegetables. followed up by a healthy dose of candy and ice cream. but mushrooms are really the antichrist. and i'll hold on to that through death.
Avatar 6:41pm Lounge Losenge:

I love veggies! Broccolini especially little skinny ones mmmm
Avatar 6:43pm Lounge Losenge:

Mahna mahna is from a soft porno movie - Sweden heaven or hell
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:43pm Nut Peg:

So you aren't in the Morel Majority?
Avatar 6:44pm shangri-lizard:

LOL, lounge losenge. That's kinda great that the muppets did their version of it, then.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:44pm Lotisunge Lizard:

So funny it was picked up after on the Muppets. Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (ouh la la la)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:45pm Rich Lounging in Washington:

I went to a pal's funeral a couple of years ago and Mah Nà Mah Nà was played by his request.
Avatar 6:46pm Lounge Losenge:

Yeah more delmonas!
Avatar 6:48pm Lounge Losenge:

Even weirder, the song mahna mahna from the movie written by umiliani is a rip off of a song from the year before called “mais non, mais non” by Henri Paris.
Avatar 6:48pm shangri-lizard:

this is a more upbeat show for me. it's vastly improving my tuesday night!
Avatar 6:48pm shangri-lizard:

oh wow, i gotta check this henri paris song out.
Avatar 6:49pm shangri-lizard:

henri paris. definitely the fakest name available.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:50pm Rich in Washington:

Wasn't Henri Paris also the pseudonym of an American porn producer?
Avatar 6:51pm Lounge Losenge:

Lol maybe rich?
Avatar 6:52pm shangri-lizard:

i mean. knowing nothing about (either?) henri. it checks out.
Avatar 6:53pm Lounge Losenge:

Henri Salvador is the artist who did mais non lol sorry I did get it mixed up w the porn producer hahaha
Avatar 6:54pm Lounge Losenge:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:54pm Lotisunge Lizard:

So many great covers from Mah Na from The Dave Pell Singers to the Kipper Kids. Even Hot Butter's version is pretty poppy.
Avatar 6:55pm shangri-lizard:

hot butter pop.
Avatar 6:55pm Lounge Losenge:

I did a mahnamathon on our local station one time, played every version I could find. It was on April fools day.
Avatar 6:57pm Lounge Losenge:

People were frantically texting in begging me to stop hahahahaha
Avatar 6:58pm shangri-lizard:

lollll, love that.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:58pm Lotisunge Lizard:

I would have pledged more.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:58pm Rich in Washington:

never heard of Big Joanie until now. This is really something!
Avatar 6:59pm Lounge Losenge:

It would have been great for sheenas. Maybe next year. If we have a year next year...
Avatar 7:00pm shangri-lizard:

i hope we have a next year :-/
Avatar 7:01pm Mr Fab:

Remember, it's a 2 hour show, don't leave yet
Avatar 7:01pm shangri-lizard:

positivity isn't my strong suit, but i'm grasping what i can tightly!
Avatar 7:01pm shangri-lizard:

i have more eye-opening stuff for Rich, and plenty of hits coming!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:04pm melinda:

Hi folks!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:05pm Nut Peg:

Just got my ticket to the Talent Show, I can not miss Mr Fab doing stand up!
Avatar 7:06pm shangri-lizard:

Wut?! When is that one??
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:07pm Rich in Washington:

This Saturday at 7pm Eastern
Avatar 7:08pm shangri-lizard:

Wow, yes I gotta catch that one. Hadn't looked into the deetz yet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:08pm Rich in Washington:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:08pm Nut Peg:

Gonna be zoooooomin all day if we do our regular sheena hang
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:10pm Rich in Washington:

We should all be on Zoom all the time like those people in the early 2000s, what was that? There was a documentary on them.
Avatar 7:11pm shangri-lizard:

the jetsons?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:11pm Nut Peg:

Infinite Jest?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:11pm Nut Peg:

Infinite Jetsons?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:12pm Nut Peg:

Finite Jesting
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:12pm Rich in Washington:

No. Dammit. Some documentary, quite a while ago now. They all agreed to be online all the time and live in this wired up apartment building.
Augh! It's killing me that I don't remember.
Avatar 7:13pm shangri-lizard:

Smart House on the Disney Channel?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:14pm Nut Peg:

I was completely offline in the early oughts, literally living under a bridge
Avatar 7:14pm shangri-lizard:

Sorry, that joke was bad.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:15pm Rich in Washington:

No. It was some weird doc. It's like they all got scammed by some psycho and it all fell apart. It must've not been that interesting or I'd have remembered the title. Pay me no mind.
Avatar 7:16pm shangri-lizard:

Lol, no prob.
Avatar 7:17pm shangri-lizard:

This is the song I chose for our dearly departed Martinibomb who is no longer with us. I think it's his ~*style*~.
Avatar 7:18pm Mr Fab:

Thelonius Moog, so great. And Thelonius Monster have a new album, which makes me ever so happy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:20pm melinda:

@Rich I sort of remember that, and feeling smug watching people who agreed to be online all the time go nuts.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:21pm Rich in Washington:

Now we're all online all the time like ants in an antfarm. Pardon me while I go move this thing that's ten times my own weight.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:22pm Rich in Washington:

That was lovely. It was rather Martinbombesque!
Avatar 7:28pm shangri-lizard:

i'm very excited to have discovered this group (the bristols) recently. Fabienne Delsol (the front-lady) is very cool!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:28pm Lotisunge Lizard:

Fun show Shangri-Lizard. Gotta run, have a hot date with two Samosas in the kitchen. Bye all, cool Tuesday radio day today!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:30pm Rich in Washington:

That was wonderful. They're kinda in the Billy Childish orbit, yes? Seems like that's what I remember of them.
Avatar 7:30pm shangri-lizard:

nice! thanks for checking in, Otis!
Avatar 7:31pm shangri-lizard:

yeah, they were released on damaged goods!
Avatar 7:32pm Mr Fab:

That Bristols song used the venerable Bo Diddley "I'm Alright" bass line. Most famously swiped by the Beastie Boys for "Girls." Will have to check 'em out.
Avatar 7:33pm shangri-lizard:

It's originally a Joe Meek song! I was gonna mention that when I go on-air again.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:34pm Rich in Washington:

It was also covered (sort of) by The Fall as Oh Brother.
Avatar 7:36pm shangri-lizard:

Oh, cool. Love The Fall. Gotta check that out, too.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:36pm Rich in Washington:

it's like he steals bits of the chorus. I didn't realize it until I heard the Meek song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:42pm Rich in Washington:

Avatar 7:43pm shangri-lizard:

this song has 27 stars next to it. so i knew it'd be a hit, haha!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:43pm Aitch:

One of the best track ever this DEVO. Nang nang nang nang
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:43pm Rich in Washington:

Avatar 7:43pm shangri-lizard:

*chattering teeth noises*
Avatar 7:43pm shangri-lizard:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:45pm Rich in Washington:

One of the few songs with Eno's voice on it. He apparently sang and played all over the recording and Devo had final say and largely faded all his stuff down in the mixdown.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:45pm melinda:

DEVO and the 80s tunes are taking me back
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:46pm Rich in Washington:

Both Mark and Jerry have said at various times that they should release a version with Eno's contributions put back in. I do hope I get to hear that version at least before I die.
Avatar 7:47pm shangri-lizard:

i think i'm gonna do more playlists like this in the future! it was honestly a lot of fun to make this one.
Avatar 7:47pm shangri-lizard:

yes, that would be cool, rich!
Avatar 7:48pm Scott67:

Loving your show, as usual. But wanted to say hi, & love from Bendigo, Australia xx
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:48pm Rich in Washington:

This is a fun show! Good thing there's no limit on clicky stars!
Avatar 7:49pm shangri-lizard:

Aw thanks, Scott! I very much appreciate that.
Avatar 7:49pm shangri-lizard:

My 7 or 8 y/o self is unbelievably stoked to be including this song on this playlist.
Avatar 7:50pm shangri-lizard:

People forget about this era of Cake. I mean. Me, included. Until now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:52pm Aitch:

This Cake was played when new in an office I worked in 90's
Avatar 7:53pm shangri-lizard:

Ha! It's pre-short skirt/long jacket Cake. Which is a no thanks.
Avatar 7:54pm shangri-lizard:

My dad would describe that particular Cake song as "Starbucks music," without realizing that it's kind of an insult.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:56pm Rich in Washington:

My parents don't get that when I compare a restaurant to an Applebee's that it's an insult.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:57pm Rich in Washington:

That's one thing I won't miss; trying to choose a restaurant I can take my mom and dad to.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:57pm Aitch:

Very fun show. Enjoyed that.
Avatar 7:57pm shangri-lizard:

lol, yes. same vibe.
Avatar 7:57pm shangri-lizard:

thanks for tuning in, aitch!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:58pm Rich in Washington:

Aitch and Scott67: do you have Applebee's in Australia?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:58pm Rich in Washington:

Wonderful show, shangri-lizard! Thanks for making radio today!
Avatar 7:58pm shangri-lizard:

next week i MAYYY have a theme song. so if anyone is interested, please tune in next tuesday for the debut!!
Avatar 7:59pm shangri-lizard:

your knowledge was most appreciated, rich! have a good night!!
Avatar 7:59pm Scott67:

Nope! Thankfully not yet anyway. But I feel your pain Rich.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:59pm melinda:

Probably my favorite Elvis song. Great show!
Avatar 8:01pm shangri-lizard:

Have a good night, all! Thanks for tuning in. <3
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:02pm Aitch:

Not here RiW. Maybe like Sizzler?
Avatar 8:06pm Mr Fab:

Loved it, thx!
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