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In Real Life is a weekly show hosted by Emily and Kimzilla on WFMU. In each episode, Kim and Emily follow their own curiosity to interview people on about a variety of themes, getting the real scoop and learning about the real people behind each topic. Previous WFMU aired episodes include topics such as circus performers, taxicab drivers, bartender therapy, alien abductions, nudism and so much more.

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Options January 23, 2019: Shutdown Stories

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This week:

Kimzilla and Emily fulfill their promise of last week to act a little more mature and take their talk show more seriously (this week) by jumping into the topic of the government shutdown. We will be sharing stories from Julie Burr, a contractor who works for the Dept of Transportation; a tech contractor, let’s call him Mr. X, tells it like it is; Doug Church, a union spokesperson from the National Air Traffic Association talks safety concerns; Bill Striffler an air traffic controller from Newark shares some family news, and Rachael Wymen from Montclair Bread Company talks about ways she is helping the federal community.

Contacting your Senators

National Air Traffic Controllers Association

The Stephen Colbert official shutdown mug- 100% of the proceeds benefit World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen and the #chefforfeds initiative

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Interview with Mr. X  0:37:39 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
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Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:03pm Henry in Hopatcong:

Hello Kim and Emily, looking forward to tonight's show.
Avatar 7:03pm dale:

just put a line of television sets with free netflix on the border. no one would leave it.
  7:04pm zpulpa:

Good evening friends!!
It feels like I was just here in the real life! The week flew by!
Avatar 7:05pm dale:

i know it's being presumptuous of me but i find it hard to believe that so many government employees live paycheck to paycheck. not having walked a mile in their shoes i'm sure it's more common than not.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:05pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:05pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How did your birthday go, Emily?
Avatar 7:08pm JakeGould:

This is sad and insane honestly. And food banks are getting hit up, so now they have a strain on that. So what? Stinks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:08pm ultradamno:

The grand Trump tradition of stiffing contractors.
Avatar 7:08pm duckiekiller:

oh AmeriCorps, I forgot about those guys. Jeez.
  7:09pm Sam:

Aren’t we still dropping bombs in Yemen though? Is that shut down?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:09pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Auto companies need to get new models certified by the EPA before they can go on sale, so that's going to cause some production delays.
Avatar 7:09pm duckiekiller:

@ ultradamno grrrrrrr
Avatar 7:10pm JakeGould:

The Trump loons believe this is part of “draining the swamp.” Meaning “non-essential” employees can just be eliminated. This is crazy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:11pm ultradamno:

At least the situation has given volunteers the opportunity to clear Joshua Tree of all those pesky trees that can no longer reproduce due to global warming
Avatar 7:12pm duckiekiller:

@ Jake, I do believe he could be trying to get them to quit so he can fill the posts with fops and Russians.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:12pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Putin is laughing at us as his puppet does his bidding. We're the laughingstock of the world. Sad!
  7:15pm Listener Robert:

Actually this DOES seem to be a great opportunity to find out which employees are nonessential.
Avatar 7:16pm kimzilla:

@Dale, a good number of federal workers get paid very low wages, like TSA workers, and really how many people do you know, Govt or not that don't live paycheck to paycheck these days?
Avatar 7:16pm duckiekiller:

@ Robert non essential in the short term maybe
  7:17pm Emily:

Hi everybody!
@Ken from HP it was very nice, thank you! A bit of a whirlwind.
So much of this show surprised me—listen close y’all.
Avatar 7:17pm dale:

no offense, but i've been unemployed for much longer stretches than a month without any kind of unemployment check and i didn't need to start a charity for myself. i feel like this generation is shameless in asking for dough. sorry, i had to say that.
  7:18pm zpulpa:

How did you manage dale?
Avatar 7:18pm kimzilla:

@Ultradamno, that article made me soo angry!
  7:18pm Kiriyama:

Used to be a contractor with the EPA in NC and I still keep in contact with my former team. The IT department is made up of mostly contractors who are parked on standby.
  7:19pm zpulpa:

It seems like folks with children and/or debt are hit hardest.
  7:19pm Listener Robert:

The longer the shutdown lasts, the longer the term we know we can get along without them -- and there's no proof they'd EVER be needed.
Avatar 7:20pm duckiekiller:

maybe he's trying to get the contractors to go elsewhere so his company and the company's of his friends can step in. . .
Avatar 7:21pm dale:

zpulpa - i was a saver.
Avatar 7:22pm dale:

trump has no ulterior motive of replacing everyone - this is all about ego and besting pelosi and schumer. that's ALL it's about.
  7:24pm Emily:

@Kiriyama hello! Oof, It does seem contractors are getting a particularly short end of the stick.
Avatar 7:24pm duckiekiller:

@ dale, you're probably right
Avatar 7:25pm kimzilla:

@Robert, but what kind of proof are you looking for, there are so many roles that just improve safety and quality of life. For example, trainers that train air traffic controllers, that will slow down, which will slow down air traffic, increasing risk, but we will just adjust to that new norm?
Avatar 7:25pm ben abs:

Dale, I'm sorry, but that kind of self righteousness just leaves a real sour taste. Did you have any dependants when you where out of work? Were you tasked with supporting and feeding a family? - I've seen you post this sort of comment before and you were not. There are different circumstances for everyone, and generation blaming, frankly, isn't any chest beating solution.
  7:27pm Robert Tables:

Just yesterday it came out that FBI investigations have been compromised because they couldn't pay their informants and so risk losing them. Or they don't have the staff to speak with informants in their native language.
  7:28pm Listener Robert:

So, Kimzilla, this is an opportunity to find out which ones DON'T improve safety and quality of life.
  7:29pm zpulpa:

I very much agree with Ben Abs, the luxury of saving is just that, there are so many obstacles that keep folks from putting money away, to simply say tough it out why don’t you have a savings, seems really unfair and besides the point. The right to unemployment if suddenly laid off, or any kind of job security I believe should be a demand, otherwise all the government is good for is killing people.
  7:29pm Robert Tables:

Avatar 7:30pm duckiekiller:

@ Robert Tables well that sounds like a by-product Trump would support
  7:30pm Kiriyama:

@Emily It's the usual story down here when anything in the government goes down. We had the same issue a few years ago and some of the contractors were forced to actually drop their current contract holder and be "rehired" at a lower rate of pay to keep their positions. Contractors usually take a hit if anything goes wrong.
Avatar 7:31pm kimzilla:

Yeah, but how do you quantify the experience at a National Park?
  7:31pm Epz:

If anyone is pro-abortion and mad about not getting paid, I have no sympathy. Don't like being denied your money? How do you think the unborn likes being ripped apart limb from limb and denied life? I call it justice for pushing Satan's agenda of death in America.
Avatar 7:31pm dale:

i wasn't offering a solution. no - i don't have any children because i chose NOT to because i was a freelancer for much of my life and my income wasn't guaranteed. i think if you are an adult with a full time job and can't bank a couple months worth of living expenses then you may have some issues.
Avatar 7:32pm kimzilla:

I'm saying that they are essential as far as I'm concerned.
  7:32pm Listener Robert:

There are things that were believed to enhance safety that turned out not to, by experiment, in medicine. I've no reason to believe that doesn't apply to occupations as well.
Avatar 7:33pm ben abs:

@dale, I think you may have some issues.
  7:33pm Listener Robert:

I think the unborn don't even feel it.
Avatar 7:34pm duckiekiller:

@ dale so do you think the administration is trying to sort out what is essential? or do you think that's just an opportunity incidentally available because of the shut down?
Avatar 7:34pm dale:

whatever you think.
Avatar 7:34pm kimzilla:

This message board is on fire with opinions tonight!
  7:34pm Listener Robert:

Unfortunately my chicken will be on fire if I don't get to it soon.
Avatar 7:35pm dale:

duckie - no, when did i imply that? we all know the government is bloated but i don't think trump cares about that.
Avatar 7:36pm duckiekiller:

@ dale, just wondering.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:36pm Henry in Hopatcong:

Thank you for giving these people a chance to be heard on how they are being affected by the shutdown.
Avatar 7:37pm kimzilla:

@henry- thanks! It's so important to hear their perspective.
Avatar 7:38pm dale:

sorry duckie - i think govt never wants to shrink itself.
Avatar 7:38pm ben abs:

I just think a single white male who is able to operate as a 'freelancer' (which is also a position I have come from, although thankfully I gained full time employment and left the freelance game) the holier than thou position is just frankly gross. Do you have empathy for people in positions other than your own? - Do you consider the fact that some people had families, that happened - and they did their best by getting a job, they made it month by moth, supporting and loving their families, only to have that suddenly ripped away? -Second Henry's comment btw :)
Avatar 7:38pm JakeGould:

@ListenerRobert: Considering your very vocal oversharing of your own life/job situations your POV is very cold and ridiculous.

@Epz: Shut up and make me a sandwich.
Avatar 7:39pm duckiekiller:

@ dale I don't disagree. I jut think there's a better way to sort this out.
Avatar 7:39pm dale:

the issues these people are having is what a lot of non-government employees do ALL THE TIME.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:40pm Nymor:

There are probably better ways to establish whether and where the govt is bloated than shutting it down and seeing what happens,
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:40pm Ken From Hyde Park:

If that wall (that Mexico is supposed to be paying for) was so important to have, why wasn't that an issue for the last two years? Why now? The president had majorities in both houses of Congress. #shenanigans
Avatar 7:41pm JakeGould:

Anyone defending this shutdown for any reason—including these ridiculous philosophical ideas of how this is somehow “good” in the long run—should be smack upside the head… Heck, ALL sides of the head.
Avatar 7:43pm duckiekiller:

@ Ken, THAT's what I want to know. Is it really only the drama of taking on the dems?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:43pm chris:

what Jake said. thanks for doing this show, Emily and Kimzilla.
  7:44pm AP Triot:

I agree with Dale on the banking of money and that this is all about ego, except it seems to me that it is pelosi and schumer trying to best President Trump. This is crystal clear based on the FACT that they and many other democrats are on the record supporting illegal immigration control and protecting our boarders. The 5 billion is gum on their shoes compared to the entire budget. It pales in comparison to the cost of crime, jail time for illegal criminals. Illegal immigration is a poke in the eye to those of us who took the risk, spent the time and money to come here legally.
Avatar 7:44pm ben abs:

Yes Dale. Nobody is denying that. "no offense, but i've been unemployed for much longer stretches than a month without any kind of unemployment check and i didn't need to start a charity for myself. i feel like this generation is shameless in asking for dough. sorry, i had to say that." - Is a statement that doesn't even hint at that though, and also, again, absolutely no sign of empathy.
  7:44pm Mom:

Very meaningful, powerful (and frightening) show tonight. Great idea to add actionable items.
Avatar 7:44pm dale:

schumer gave speeches in the past where he said a border wall was imperative. now he says no. this is his fault as well.
Avatar 7:47pm dale:

i have empathy. sympathy not so much. these people most likely all have a government retirement plan they could borrow from if things got really tight as well. you do what you can.
Avatar 7:47pm kimzilla:

Creating a constant sense of alarm is Trump's MO. Drug dealers, or terrorists are getting into this country by planes and other means. This is a red herring.
Avatar 7:47pm duckiekiller:

Have you guys seen the video of the border from the gulf of Mexico to the Pacific? If you haven't, go look. The idea of building a wall that long over that terrain is pretty silly.
  7:48pm John from Florham Park:

Guys I am trying to stay away from politics on chat rooms and social media in general because u think these political food fights just piss everyone off so I am going to bow out
Avatar 7:49pm kimzilla:

@Duckie Killer, I did. That was incredible, the terrain would be impossible to wall off.
Avatar 7:49pm JakeGould:

@dale: “people most likely all have a government retirement plan they could borrow from if things got really tight as well.” Dale, you obviously have never faced hardship and your PoV reflects the ideas that all government worker are somehow all connected to piles of $$$ or are somehow gold bricks. Your PoV is no better than Trump supporters. And maybe you are one, but that would be a disappointment.
Avatar 7:49pm dale:

kimzilla - if there WAS a wall there and the problem inevitably persisted then trump would be the chump. that's why i don't care if they actually do it.
Avatar 7:50pm kimzilla:

Sorry John, we'll be back with alien duck owners next week.
  7:50pm Emily:

@John I understand that impulse—thanks for tuning in, though! I’m mostly just trying to listen.
  7:51pm Mom:

Everyone: stop politicizing this show. It's about the effect of the shutdown, not the cause.
  7:51pm John from Florham Park:

Thanks Emily very much
Avatar 7:51pm JakeGould:

@kimzilla: Just a heads up that “John from Florham Park” drops some kinda “I’m not into politics…” nonsense on other playlists even when it is 100% not even political. Just saying!
Avatar 7:51pm dale:

how do you know i've never faced hardship jake? i've slept on lot's of friends floors in my life.
Avatar 7:52pm kimzilla:

@jake, he does represent others that feel the same way though. I get it.
  7:53pm Johnzon:

food fight!!
  7:53pm Johnzon:

Avatar 7:53pm duckiekiller:

@kimzilla the canyons with walls of rock several hundred feet straight up/down on either side were most compelling. A 30 foot wall on either side of that would be pretty useless.
Avatar 7:55pm Jeff Moore:

@dale: When did Schumer support a border WALL? He always says that good effective border SECURITY is imperative; what make no sense is the ridiculous idea of a whole-border physical wall.

It's always been a completely impractical idea which would get bogged down in right-of-way fights, long stretches of terrain where construction would be essentially impossible, huge cost overruns... and wouldn't be nearly as effective as smarter uses of a fraction of the money.

Anyone sensible immediately rejected that dumbass idea. But somehow that symbolic rally speaking point is being treated by some as an actual possible project, and the toddler tyrant is doing real damage to people's lives and our nation's security every day of this tantrum.
Avatar 7:56pm duckiekiller:

@ Johnzon I'm in!!! Ask Emily about food fights!
  7:56pm JakeGould:

@dale: Because your POV that these workers being affected are somehow “goldbricks” is obnoxious and disconnected. The only people I know who have ever said things like that are just bigots.
Avatar 7:56pm dale:

there's a recording of him from 8 or 9 years ago that i keep hearing played on the radio - it's real and he said exactly that.
Avatar 7:57pm ben abs:

@JakeGould - Word
  7:58pm JakeGould:


@dale You are clueless to the issues the working poor face. Enjoy your life in the Hudson Valley.
Avatar 7:58pm dale:

when did i say anyone was a goldbrick?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:58pm Nymor:

@dale - 8/9 years ago .... come on
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks for airing this topic tonight. Let us hope for a speedy resolution to this shutdown.
  8:00pm JakeGould:

@dale: When you said this the implication is these folks are somehow sitting on a pot of gold, “these people most likely all have a government retirement plan they could borrow from if things got really tight as well. you do what you can.”
Avatar 8:00pm dale:

"Enjoy your life in the Hudson Valley." - does that imply i'm welathy?!

nymore - HE SAID IT, and during the obama administration. he never said why he's changed his point of view.
Avatar 8:00pm ben abs:

@Kimzilla & Emily, thanks for such a wonderful, thought provoking and apparently controversial show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:00pm Nymor:

Kimzilla and Emily - thanks for the show. I hope this nonsense ends soon.
  8:01pm AP Triot:

The Chinese did it. The walls [barriers] built by the Ming dynasty measure 5,500 mi. This is made up of 3,889 mile sections of actual wall, 223 mile of trenches and 1,387 miles of natural defensive barriers such as hills and rivers.
It won't and can't be a wall 100% of the way.
Avatar 8:01pm dale:

how is that saying they're goldbricks? if they have money in savings and can't pay the mortgage this month then just dip into it. it's not rocket science.
  8:04pm AP Triot:

Dale, they're deflecting from the real issues. Redirecting from what was actually said into what they want to hear/portray.
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