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A live, improvised sound collage experiment, going back 28 years, weaving mesmerizing new soundscapes from found and collected materials right in the present moment.
Pop music, speeches, live phone calls and spontaneous monologues become ambient loopy layered threads riding the liminal spaces between waking and dreaming. [On hiatus.] (Visit homepage.)

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Favoriting July 25, 2018: Karen's Dead and other Austin favs (Shows #262-266/#602) | Download full MP4

Live sound collages from the start of the Austin radio era! The favorites "Karen's Dead (give her the goddamned camera!)", "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8", "Rainbow Dementia", and "Back and Forth." Stream/download it anytime!

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza  Karen's Dead (give her the goddamned camera!)   Favoriting Show #262, from 7/23/03  2003  Soundtrack to the beautiful unending experience of Ordinary People.

Contains: Ordinary People, Timothy Hutton, Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore, Judd Hirsch, Elizabeth McGovern, Scott Doebler, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Numbers 1-4, Aimee Mann, Wise Up, Magnolia, Johann Pachelbel, Canon in D Major, Marvin Hamlisch, Robert Redford, Alvin Sargent, Judith Guest, Brian Eno, Variation #1 on Canon in D Major, Discreet Music, Fridge, Five Four Child Voices, Happiness, Hannah-Barbera, Sproings, Sandra Beckmeier, Lonny Stern, KVRX, Don Billett, Meg Mundy, Richard Whiting, Basil Hoffman, 30/3000
0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8   Favoriting Show #263, from 7/30/03  2003  Number 2 of 3.

Contains: Philip Glass, Einstein on the Beach, Lonny Stern, Randall's, Mendy, Sandra Beckmeier, Yann Tiersen, Amelie, KVRX, Ordinary People, Timothy Hutton, Judd Hirsch, Robert Redford, Judith Guest, Alvin Sargent, Raising Arizona Theme, Ode to Joy, Carter Burwell, Yellow Submarine, Dick Emery, George Dunning, Al Brodax, Jack Mendelsohn, Lee Minoff, Erich Sega, Microsoft Agent, Mary, Fridge, Five Four Child Voices, Ken's Eudora email subject lines, Andrew Dickens audio test CD
0:27:54 (Pop-up)
Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza  Rainbow Dementia (Kids are strange)   Favoriting Show #265, from 8/6/03  2003  Final installment in three-week series, not a children's show, not a political show, but more likely a soundtrack to an unknown world.

Contains: Kermit the Frog, Rainbow Connection, Muppet Movie, Jim Henson, CB Kids, Giant Tickle Feather, King Missile, Indians, Way to Salvation, 30/3000, Sandra Beckmeier, Yann Tiersen, Amelie, Don Reno, Arthur Smith, Twelfth Street Rag, Banjo Hall of Fame, Charles Penrose, Laughing Policeman, Childrens Classics Collection, Valentino Sound Effects Library, Crowds applause, Paul Angelis, Yellow Submarine, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, Ghost of a Dog, Ween, Mollusk, Lonny Stern, Julie Dawn Cole, Leonard Stone, Anthony Newley, Mel Stuary, I Want It Now, Veruca Salt, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Phillip Glass, Anthem Part 2, Powaqqatsi, Truman Show, Tim Maloney, Extra Sugar-free Gum, Free Speech For Sale, Edith Frost, Cars and Parties, Wonder Wonder
0:58:10 (Pop-up)
Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza  Back and Forth   Favoriting Show #266, from 9/3/03  2003  Self-reference.

Contains: Fourtet, My Angel Rocks Back and Forth, Slow Jam, Shining, Polymorphia, Sonoris, Pachabel, Canon in D major, Ordinary People, Herb Alpert, Rise, Sandra Beckmeier, and excerpts from past Ken's Last Evers:
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (many copies?), beatles chaos fugue 4 of 4, cats meow, insert coin-sluggish tape phone, insert coin-rushing pianos pacman, insert coin-decomposing pianos, elsewhere-qbert bach terror, elsewhere-short attention collage (pretty brief), i'm going to kill myself tomorrow, karen's dead, rainbow dementia, sarabande (brief), world manipulation
1:28:52 (Pop-up)
dj BC  Einstein on the Beast   Favoriting Glassbreaks      1:55:40 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

Avatar 5:07pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

We could have the best year of our whole lives.
Avatar 5:10pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

I can't let it out.
Avatar 5:14pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Everything's jello and pudding to you, dad; you don't see things.
Avatar 5:19pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

I'm gonna peel off. (She hates me, can't you see that?)
Avatar 5:19pm northguineahills:

Most boinging since Joe McGasko's intro...
Avatar 5:19pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

On playlist as "Sproings"
Avatar 5:24pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Marvin Hamlisch on spooky piano
Avatar 5:24pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Mary Tyler Moore on spooky mothering
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:24pm fred:

Hello Kenzo and all. Too hot to sleep anyway, so I might as well hang around for a while
Avatar 5:24pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Melt in, fred
Avatar 5:26pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Tonight, I'm sort of taking the lazy approach.
Avatar 5:28pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

KOOP and KVRX share a frequency because they both applied to the FCC at the same time.
Avatar 5:29pm northguineahills:

Einstein on the BEach!
Avatar 5:30pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Hell yeah. I might play Einstein on the Beast for the closing at 6:55pm
Avatar 5:30pm northguineahills:

(I'm not a lyrics person, but I have this opera memorized).
Avatar 5:32pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

I was panicked when I was assigned a weekly 30-minute radio slot, in which I'd have to play 5 minutes of PSA's and UA's and a sign-off for the handoff to the other frequency, plus the news show before me tended to run 2 minutes over. Prior to this I'd been doing 3-hour collages. It worked out great! Forced conciseness.
Avatar 5:33pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

This is Sandra Beckmeier, whose timeslot I took over.
Avatar 5:34pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Wait it didn't happen that way. Anyway, something like that. I think I took over the kids' show slot after these two.
Avatar 5:35pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

So I'll next play what I did with the kids' slot, in this series of half-hour revisits to the beginning of the Austin era.
Avatar 5:36pm northguineahills:

A thirty minute show? I'd be lucky to get one song in....(maybe more if I can do audio multiples w/ four turntables).
Avatar 5:38pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

I had about 23 minutes to work with. And I had to warm up in the improv. Yet, some of my best shows, IMO.
Avatar 5:41pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Feels like Kenny G suddenly
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:42pm Rand al'Thor:

Actually remembered to tune in to a show for once. Hello, all!
Avatar 5:42pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Welcome, Rand! Thanks for appreciating the lack of reminders sent your way!
Avatar 5:42pm northguineahills:

Now I want to listen to the Mexican radio god.....
Avatar 5:43pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:44pm fred:

The one live show I attended didn't last long either, but was great, so there might be something to that theory
Avatar 5:44pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Oh but the venue proprietor sure thought it lasted long
Avatar 5:45pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

It ("Working Out Issues," show #403, from July 8, 2009) was actually an hour long.
Avatar 5:45pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

I like that radio stations try to make me play PSA's
Avatar 5:46pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

fred, sorry it's been 9 years since I've been to Paris
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:47pm fred:

Really, she gave you grief over it? You didn't have a drum kit, and it doesn't look like her (she's an arts teacher)
Avatar 5:47pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

It was a guy
Avatar 5:48pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

His grief was barely suppressed. I think he was concerned with the show running into the closing-of-the-metro midnight hour.
Avatar 5:48pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

"Ken's Eudora email subject lines"
Avatar 5:48pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Microsoft text-to-speech engine
Avatar 5:49pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Gosh I haven't gotten email from any of these folks in a while
Avatar 5:50pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Jon Leidecker! 15 years before he took over Over the Edge
Avatar 5:50pm northguineahills:

Free103point9. Good friend of theirs, used to play there! Now they run the Wave Farm.
Avatar 5:51pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Irwin Chusid! I remember him
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:51pm fred:

Was that Jedrek? Well, he usually cuts off his own sets abruptly after 15 minutes max. Though once he had to sweat out an almost one hour long one when a band he's in opened for Nisennenmondai and they were held up by snow
Avatar 5:51pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Jedrek, that's right. I felt bad. Also, the show wasn't ready to finish. It all went well, I think you think?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:52pm fred:

I loved it, which doesn't necessarily mean it went well
Avatar 5:53pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

fred, I wonder what streaming radio show you were missing for it
Avatar 5:53pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

This audio test CD kept saying "right" in the left channel.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:54pm fred:

I'm used to missing radio shows. Plus, there are archives
Avatar 5:54pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Avatar 5:55pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

ngh: I used to play on free103point9 when was in Brooklyn
Avatar 5:58pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Another giant universe in half an hour comes to an end. Here comes the third in the series, this time taking over for the children's show (which immediately gave up upon hearing this) and so I begin until the news show gave up a year later and my show grew to an hour
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:59pm fred:

I don't think Jedrek ever gave a fuck about metro times (unless he was depending on it to get home that day, which is unlikely). I think the time worry was more about the neighbors, not necessarily about the music, but people talking loudly outside, which is the leading cause of death for venues in Paris
Avatar 5:59pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

I wonder why it is that so many shows I choose to replay wind up being played on their exact anniversary. Moods, seasons.
Avatar 6:05pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Goodness that was creepy
Avatar 6:07pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Hello hidden listener chresti! wfmu.org...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:08pm fred:

Also, Jedrek is doing a lot with basically no money, so a complaint leading to fine (a real threat) would have been devastating. I think that was on his mind
Avatar 6:08pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

He seemed like a fine and dedicated individual
Avatar 6:13pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

I think the KOOP kids' show ("Kids are fun") made me uncomfortable. Like, that wasn't what I wanted to hear when I was a kid. I did this fill-in to show what some of us kids were into.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:15pm fred:

He seems so to me, and although I don't know him well, nobody who does has told me different. Sorry you didn't have a better experience with him, but shows can be stressful
Avatar 6:17pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Oh, I wasn't complaining. I just was stating my perception of a fact that there was a time tension. I hope his experience was good.
Avatar 6:23pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Naked Rabbit
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:24pm fred:

Again, I planned to sleep. Again, I started listening to this show and can't turn it off
Avatar 6:25pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

My sleep deprivation is your sleep deprivation.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:25pm fred:

Yours makes mine worth it
Avatar 6:26pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Nobody get any funny ideas about emailing that address
Avatar 6:28pm still b/p:

It's like an auction! What am I bidding on?
Avatar 6:28pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

sold to the commenter in the green font
Avatar 6:28pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

They sure expected me to read a lot of things in my short timeslot
Avatar 6:29pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Endless running gag about never finishing the Kermit song
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:30pm fred:

Good thing is that I have hours of tests to run for an AVX port of a resampling routine, so I don't really need a functioning brain tomorrow (I'm more than halfway through, so most issues should have come up by now, famous last words)
Avatar 6:33pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Yay down with functioning brains
Avatar 6:36pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

This was the first show in my official slot. No more trying to impress anyone with normalcy
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:39pm fred:

I think I also have a meeting with a new boss tomorrow. Functioning brain might be a hindrance
Avatar 6:39pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Finishing this show is the boss level
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:54pm fred:

Wow, you did talk fast back then
Avatar 6:55pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Am I sllooooooow now?
Avatar 6:55pm northguineahills:

danks, Ken!

@fred: I've forgone attempting having a functioning brain for a few years now, w/ mixed results.
Avatar 6:55pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

It was lovely to relive this 15-year anniversary moment with you all. Thank you!
Avatar 6:55pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

@ngh: Here's Einstein on the Beast as promised
Avatar 6:57pm northguineahills:

gracias, Ken!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:57pm fred:

Thanks Kenzo. Now I'll try to sleep
Avatar 6:59pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Happy to have helped, fred. Bye, ngh, Rand, still b/p, chresti, mcat, and other hidden ones. Hear it again here...archive has been posted!
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