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$mall ¢hange returns to freeformland with the late late night space madness shee-it. Oh my beloved ice cream bar... how I love to lick your creamy center! HOOOWWWWWW... (bites soap)... and your oh-so-nutty chocolate covering! You're not like the others... you like the same things I do!
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Options September 14, 2017

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Pete Guitar Lewis  Ooh Midnight   Options 0:00:00 ()
Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers  Strange Happenings   Options 0:06:08 ()
John Carpenter  Assault on Precinct 13 (Main Title)   Options 0:06:21 ()
Goblin  Buio Omega   Options 0:07:18 ()
Fred Myrow / Malcolm Seagrave  Mineshaft Chase   Options 0:08:51 ()
Cluster   Plas   Options 0:11:19 ()
Cluster  Festival International De La Science Fiction 1977   Options 0:15:31 ()
Gas  Narkopop IV-V   Options 0:21:26 ()
Python  Serpent Superstition   Options 0:25:10 ()
Viking Crown  Asmodeus Rising   Options 0:28:20 ()
Vondur  Kynning-Einvaldnir Er Hir   Options 0:33:49 ()
Sex Gang Children  Killer K   Options 0:36:57 ()
The Stranglers  Nice and Sleazy   Options 0:39:47 ()
Toasty  The Knowledge (Vex'd Mix 2)   Options 0:43:14 ()
Mala  Miracle (Commodo Remix)   Options 0:45:45 ()
Sp:Mc  Trust Nobody   Options 0:48:13 ()
Sleezy D  I've Lost Control   Options 0:50:43 ()
Idjut Boys  Dubstyle   Options 0:55:48 ()
Section 25  Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)   Options 0:59:17 ()
Daniel Salinas  Straussmania   Options 1:14:22 ()
Yesterday's New Quintet [Mad Lib]  Too High   Options 1:18:31 ()
Charles Earland  Red Clay   Options 1:21:03 ()
Som Tres  Irmaos Coragem   Options 1:28:07 ()
Osmar Milito  Cantaloupe Island   Options 1:31:48 ()
Mike Longo  Matrix   Options 1:34:21 ()
Heath Brothers  (There's) A Time and Place   Options 1:40:38 ()
June Gardner  99 Plus One   Options 1:48:07 ()
Ohio Untouchables  I'm Tired   Options 1:50:07 ()
Earl King  Poor Sam   Options 1:52:29 ()
Travis Wammack  Louie Louie   Options 1:54:47 ()
The Four Pennies  You're A Gas With Your Trash   Options 1:56:39 ()
Baby Huey and the Baby Sitters  Just Being Careful   Options 1:59:10 ()
Jackie Paine  Go Go Train   Options 2:01:31 ()
Bobby Martin  Shake Your Tambourine   Options 2:04:00 ()
Tommy Vann & The Professionals  Soul SIster Annie   Options 2:06:49 ()
Dynamics  Soul Sloopy   Options 2:09:23 ()
DJ Madd  After Dark (feat. Jay Spaker)   Options 2:16:37 ()
Touchy Subject  Creationz   Options 2:20:30 ()
Om Unit and Distance  Half The Bottle   Options 2:23:04 ()
Fat Freddy's Drop  Cay's Cray (Digital Mystikz remix)   Options 2:27:25 ()
TMSV  Modification   Options 2:28:52 ()
Loefah  Fire Elements   Options 2:31:19 ()
Cerrone  Funk Makossa (Todd Edwards Mix)   Options 2:33:27 ()
Quando Quango  Love Tempo   Options 2:38:17 ()
Rahaan  Be Thankful   Options 2:43:04 ()
quantic and alice russellw/the combo barbaro  I'll Keep A Light In My Window   Options 2:48:11 ()
Tim Maia  Rational Culture   Options 2:53:32 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 9/14/17 12:13am Mike tp:

coming in on the mineshaft!!!
  Thu. 9/14/17 12:13am rw:

Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 12:24am dan in wisconsin:

Rest In Peace William Berger. You are missed.
  Thu. 9/14/17 12:25am $mall ¢hange:

yes godspeed. didn't know him super well but always nice, had many good convos over the years. really great show and ridiculous music head. RIP
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/14/17 12:36am fleep:

enjoying the tribute, top choices
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 12:37am khd:

i concur, a very nice memorial set
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 12:40am coelacanth∅:

i've got a feeling this is a tribute to Mr.Berger!
greetings $mall ¢hange and ¢hangelings
  Thu. 9/14/17 12:42am V Priceless:

Stranglers! Hey!
  Thu. 9/14/17 12:45am Dean:

WB banned me a year or two ago from comments, I think because I tend to be contrarian. A few months later I was listening when he complained that nobody was commenting. I chimed in that he'd banned me. He recalled and replied that he'd been in a shitty mood that night. Thereafter I was in again, and I think I connected with him once or twice regarding, e.g., great Krautrock. But the show was always a bravura performance, and I'm really sad he's gone.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 12:47am northguineahills:

WB was gold to me. Got me through a lot of rough insomnia filled nights. Also posted links of free dark noise when I couldn't buy music. I'm indebted.
  Thu. 9/14/17 12:48am Ike:

Righteous! Farewell WB, much love.
  Thu. 9/14/17 12:50am Mike tp:

this saddens me takes the wind out of me!!it's that way when any wfmu dj passes!
  Thu. 9/14/17 12:53am $mall ¢hange:

for sure. held it down for many years. def a loss
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 12:54am coelacanth∅:

have there been any others while they were currently on the schedule? i don't recall....
(my brain is in a bad way these days.)
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 12:55am northguineahills:

Now that I'm mapping water sample of the Everglades acidity, it's now a good time for to mention I appreciated SC lowering the pH of tonight's proceedings....
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 12:56am northguineahills:

water samples..., crack, I can't type today.
  Thu. 9/14/17 12:56am ?:

iii keep telling everyone ... if we dont use science to conquer death , then all this is pointless .. no one listens .. no one seems to care .. from baby hole in a woman to the hole in the ground in an endless stream .. slaves to fashion and and meaningless diversions .... there seems no one willing to make a concerted collective effort to do anything about death , except be upset about it...
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 12:57am coelacanth∅:

ngh are you saying he's dropping acid?!
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 12:57am future transport:

today its billy, tomorrow its you
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 12:58am northguineahills:

close, coel, just that's he' dropping acid house beats (or was that what you were saying..)
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:01am coelacanth∅:

ngh yeh but trying to be punny; all double entendre-like...
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:01am northguineahills:

I look forward to death, just not today, never today....

I don't understand the fear of death. (just my comment on the subject, I don't want to affect others' belief on the subject).

Crap, we nee more light in here, it's gotten dark! (still waiting for power at my place so I can go home).
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:02am northguineahills:

I thought so coel... (too exhausted from breaking up trees and hauling them the last few days).
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/14/17 1:03am fleep:

if we are living in a simulation then the death thing is just an illusion. i wouldn't want this personality forever. i get bored of me fast.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:03am future transport:

death is impractical and inconvenient for doing anything
  Thu. 9/14/17 1:05am $mall ¢hange:

this is true future trans. very inconvenient. William was a unique voice here not replaceable
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:05am future transport:

wait til you find out how just getting old sucks
  Thu. 9/14/17 1:06am $mall ¢hange:

on my way...
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:06am coelacanth∅:

there actually is a way to conquer death - to obliterate all life.
...'doesn't seem like a great alternative to the pleasure of joy/tragedy that is normal and should be accommodated emotionally and spiritually, in my opinion; but it's the only solution to death.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:06am future transport:

death is the loss of everything you hold dear
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:07am coelacanth∅:

Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:08am future transport:

obliterating life doesnt negate death .. the immortals who created us would not be interested in your failed announcement
  Thu. 9/14/17 1:09am Dean:

No fear, @fleep. https://qz.com/914002/youre-a-completely-different-person-at-14-and-77-the-longest-running-personality-study-ever-has-found/

Hmm, seems to me death isn't the loss of anything of the person who died.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:12am future transport:

jesus had one immortal parent .. it made him not fit in here ... others in the same kind of parent situation .. {gilgamesh .. alexander the great } royal bloodline had this odd affliction ... mortals dont seem interested in wising up in general
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:14am northguineahills:

I don't give in to the gossip and rumors, Alexander was fathered by Philip II of Macedon no matter what his mother wanted everyone to believe.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:15am coelacanth∅:

a thinking human being would understand that nothing that's not alive dies and immortals, if such exists also don't die. so, "problem" (not that it ever was one) solved. no death.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:16am future transport:

damm ... jesus .. F@#$%%K.. death is loss of everything and everyone ... everything single thing down the toilet of the universe ... must be conforting to be so complacent
  Thu. 9/14/17 1:16am rw:

Thanks DJ $mall ¢hange.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:17am coelacanth∅:

wrong. must hell to be so shallow.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:19am future transport:

iii guess you are zombie then mr. undead .. good for you .. most of the rest of us are not so lucky
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:20am future transport:

what hell ? who said anything about hell ? iii am talking about real issues .. life and death .. thats real.. not mythology
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/14/17 1:22am fleep:

one person's mythology is another person's savior. me, i like these chocolate limoncello balls ladyfleep brought home. little time bombs.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:23am future transport:

the immortal gods who created us are traceable to an actual source ... the bloodline of the elohim ... no mythical hell mentioned
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:24am coelacanth∅:

be careful fleep!
  Thu. 9/14/17 1:29am Dean:

Nice tune. I love Earland, whose music I came to late. I first learned of "Red Clay" through Jack Wilkins' rendition, c.1977, just a few years after he recorded it, not long after Hubbard's.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:29am future transport:

ok .. you kids play now
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:31am coelacanth∅:

we'll continue to think. you should try it one day.
  Thu. 9/14/17 1:31am $mall ¢hange:

right, Hubbard's is 1970, Earland's Leaving This Planet LP is 74
  Thu. 9/14/17 1:32am Dean:

And Wilkins' is '73. I distinctly recall having to "special order" it through the record store where I would soon work. In fact, I think I bought it mid-'76, because later that year I joined the staff of the store.
  Thu. 9/14/17 1:34am $mall ¢hange:

nice 1
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/14/17 1:41am BennettCap:

I'm so happy I'm still awake for this.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:41am northguineahills:

I haven't heard that Earland, thanks...

It's all one of the same, two inevitables, you can't avoid dying, and bursting through your barriers, they are one of the same.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:46am khd:

nice to be listening live... i'm usually conked out by now. feel like i need to keep the connection going for WB. death is irrevocable, but may WFMU live for as long as i do...
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:48am future transport:

you cant avoid dying because you are busy believing the words you write .. and you will continue tomorrow doing the same things you did yesterday
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:49am coelacanth∅:

exactly ngh. it's a cycle and death is part of life; life cannot exist without death. backward transport cannot comprehend that. she made the post @12.56, which is ludicrous enough that i thought it probably was a joke.
...the other thing is that life without tragedy would suck. there would be no highs without lows.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:49am northguineahills:

and fearing death is boring...
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:52am northguineahills:

Glad to listen live, again, small change, hoping I can return to work by Friday assuming my town gets power (t'would be nice to go home, I just moved there).
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:52am future transport:

the immortals have a completely different perspective ..jesus had one immortal parent and he had a completely different perspective .. he tried to teach you mortals something and all you want to do support each other's lack of knowledge .....
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:56am coelacanth∅:

the one thing that amazes me, having witnessed backward transport's rantings and ramblings many times (including being banned from playlists on wfmu) - is that i always thought she was someone in her early 20s, who was just particularly childish...but now she claims to be old.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:56am future transport:

gene editing could remove the errors in your dna but insufficient numbers of show any interest
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:58am future transport:

how old am iii
how many times was iii banned
what is my exact gender

you seem only interested in things that arnt important
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:59am khd:

like jesus
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:59am coelacanth∅:

...and you supported trump.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 1:59am future transport:

and you dont even know those things
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:00am khd:

trump being the antichrist seems so hack
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:00am northguineahills:

I've read every bible (yes, multiples, w/ multiple books and multiple translations), every holy book, and every mythology through various cultural linguistic studies just b/c of basic curiosity. If you don't know the historoigraphy of said books and writing, look them up. I know of a good sources that can get you started.

Corporeal immortality is an illusion, the tools that will help gain it will slowly strip the humanity for better or worse.

Certain life experiences can give you certain perspectives, sometimes you can see across the barrier
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:02am northguineahills:

ok, this is the contrarian coel I haven't seen in a while (actually fleep too). It's just like old times!
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:02am khd:

how does banning work? you just get banned from that week's playlist or that dj's?
  Thu. 9/14/17 2:02am $mall ¢hange:

comments board is def live haha
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:04am future transport:

iii guess you could say that an immortal is old .. yes ... and this evening's forum is an example of why immortals dont mix with mortals very ofton
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:06am coelacanth∅:

the dj can block a commenter, which also removes posts already made by that person. (which i find a little unfortunate, because it makes the comment board make no sense!) i don't know if it carries over to that dj's future shows.

Ken (& only Ken?) can ban someone from all posting.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:07am northguineahills:

infinite is mathematically subjective. The term 'immortal'is explained very well by Joseph Campbell, "The Power of Myth". You should read it.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:08am coelacanth∅:

i love the soundtrack!
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:08am future transport:

why do you keep talking about bannishment

why are you so hurt
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:09am northguineahills:

I'm a pretty shitty commenter, as I've never been banned. This has been the most surreal WFMU comments board in ages, thanks Small Change, loving the zounds...
  Thu. 9/14/17 2:09am $mall ¢hange:

yeah surreal is def the theme. cheers man!
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:10am coelacanth∅:

no, genius - someone asked how banning works.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:10am future transport:

the term immortal is very well defined by the nature of those gods and goddeses whose image we were created in
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:11am northguineahills:

You create yourself in whatever image you see fit.... You're looking for the term "confirmation bias".
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:13am future transport:

the aliens who created had their predececessors also ... this has been going on forever.. its the life span that iii was trying to bring interest to
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/14/17 2:17am fleep:

had a friend who took a taste of the ancient mysteries, and it drove him bonkers, because there's a lot of physical remnants of a technology we somehow lost. ancient explanations conjured up gods and immortals. they may have just been us.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:18am khd:

$mall ¢hange have you ever banned someone
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:18am northguineahills:

Do you want to hear a tale of the Curonian (Balt tribe from nowdays Latvia), and their devotion to the tree groves and said spirits and their pantheon of gods, and their similarities to the Sammi, Norse, and Mongol gods?

The quest for immortality is written in every culture out there, and the end result is the same.

Your life is already infinite, who wants more? The greedy.

So, if you want to live in a DC Comics fantasy world and keep on watching Ancient Aliens, go ahead.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:21am coelacanth∅:

"Your life is already infinite, who wants more? The greedy."
...and i'd add selfish control freaks.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:21am northguineahills:

Heck, even in the Middle Ages, many people couldn't comprehend how the Romans created such amazing infrastructure, and thought 'ancient giants' created it. A lot of math and science was only reintroduced by the Muslims via Andalusia centuries later.

Ancient science in both hemisphere was lost in both hemispheres, but it never got beyond advanced Euclidean mathematics.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:23am northguineahills:

Thanks coel, I thought I was the only one that thought like that.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:24am coelacanth∅:

ngh, Thankfully not!
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:25am northguineahills:

Touchy Subject (somewhat relevant to this discussion), new to me and digging. Rec label? (trying to get the discussion back on the rails).
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:29am northguineahills:

This Om Unit and Distance reminds me of Rhythm & Sound. deep....
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:30am northguineahills:

or maybe Fat Freddy's Drop...
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:30am coelacanth∅:

well, i have a lot of dream fuel! time to use it.
Thanks $¢! Excellent program and Thanks for the Wm.Berger tribute...wasn't expecting that!

good night, mortals, immortals, faeries, figments...
rest in peace Wm.
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:33am northguineahills:

I'm going that direction too, thanks $¢! Thanks William Berger for the aural salves you delivered. thanks wfmu, and I hope I didn't offend anyone (I'm turning Canadian, apparently).
  Thu. 9/14/17 2:35am $mall ¢hange:

I have banned a few ppl haha. if its too much lemme know. thought it was entertaining tbh
Avatar Thu. 9/14/17 2:38am northguineahills:

no one stepped over the line IMHO, thanks!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 9/14/17 11:14am fleep:

I crashed around 2:20 but I had to come back this morning to see the rest of the conversation. Great show, $mall ¢hange.
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