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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options September 4, 2017: It's Labor Day dammit and Dave won't shut up about it. Tonight's focus is on calls, stone cold jams, and putting up with author James Taylor Johnston's bullshit. Brijet rocks the phones.

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Exceedingly long show intro...     
0:00:00 ()
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options Angel Witch 
0:02:29 ()
John Fitch & Associates  Romantic Attitude   Options  
0:05:16 ()
Teenage Fanclub  What You Do to Me   Options  
0:09:31 ()
Jacqueline Taïeb  La premiere a gauche   Options  
0:11:20 ()
Dave talks on the phone. No way!     
0:24:27 ()
The Jam  Pretty Green   Options  
Tirogo  Disco Maniac   Options  
Quicksand  Illuminant   Options  
The Birthday Party  Release the Bats   Options  
Dave talks on the phone again. Deal with it.     
Sweet Apple  World I'm Gonna Leave You   Options  
The Group  I Don't Like to Lose   Options  
Virtue  We Stand to Fight   Options  

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 8:58pm Aswipe:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:00pm Switchblade Batman:

Damn! That's good @aswipe
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:01pm Supermeowy:

greetings Hill People if Ill Repute!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:01pm LightninBluEyes:

Hullo everyone!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:02pm Debbie:

Hi Dave! Hope Luci is well and enjoying Labor Day!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:02pm fleep:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:02pm DaveHill:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:02pm chad from oregon:

Witch Taint: The Polka is a thing waiting to happen!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:02pm DaveHill:

Happy Labor Day, folks!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:02pm Aswipe:

Is Dave gonna be on? (should I fix a G&T)
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:02pm Stephen Radford:

Morning people! Who doesn't love Monkey Trouble!?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:03pm Lilith21:

Hi Dave! Hi SuperMeowy!! And All!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:03pm DaveHill:

I am here, Aswipe! Make ten G and T's!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:03pm Debbie:

Why do days off go by so much faster than days at work?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:03pm Bob from Toronto:

How's the weather in Jersey City? it's a big thunderstorm here in Toronto.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:04pm Lilith21:

Morning Stephen!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:04pm Danne D:

  Mon. 9/4/17 9:04pm Wade:

Hola Peeps!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:04pm iandiareii:

s. feinberg, still much missed.

so to shaina, the mister, and baby sonoboner all best wishes.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:04pm JakeGould:

Wow, Dave Hill… Wow!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:04pm DaveHill:

The weather here is glorious!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:05pm DaveHill:

I gotta get Shaina in here!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:05pm Switchblade Batman:

Heya @DaveHill
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:05pm JakeGould:

@DaveHill: In your pants!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:05pm xyrus blaze:

  Mon. 9/4/17 9:05pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 9/4/17 9:05pm Amy:

Hello everyone!!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:05pm brycepunk:

Just finished my fifth 12-hour shift in five days... Got my beer, got Dave Hill starting. Life is good!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:06pm JakeGould:

  Mon. 9/4/17 9:06pm Lilith21:

Hi Xyrus! Hi Amy!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:06pm DaveHill:

Welcome, brycepunk! Hot times!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:06pm Amy:

Dave, you're the hardest working man in show business ... working on Labor Day!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:07pm Switchblade Batman:

Is there an update on the Sarah / Yng situation @DaveHill?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:07pm Lilith21:

Agreed Amy!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:07pm chad from oregon:

My marathon pin arrived a few days ago, but I have a problem with it! Who do I address my letter to???
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:07pm Jeff in Whately:

No, YOU'RE an angel witch. Hi all.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:07pm DaveHill:

Thanks, Amy. Just doing my part until this baboon heart gives out.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:07pm DaveHill:

What is the problem, Chad?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:08pm Amy:

Hey Lilith!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:08pm chad from oregon:

The problem is that it GOES WITH EVERYTHING.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:08pm fleep:

We can find another baboon. You will not leave us.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:08pm DaveHill:

Sarah and Yng are expecting twin ulcers.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:08pm JakeGould:

@chad: Shove it!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:09pm DaveHill:

I love it, Chad!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:09pm Switchblade Batman:

Awww. I want a love that'll give me an ulcer too. Good for yng.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:09pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:09pm DaveHill:

This is a stone cold jam, in case you hadn't noticed.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:10pm Wade:

Hi everybody!!!! Happy Labor Day!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:10pm chad from oregon:

Jake, that is the one place I won't wear it! Thanks for the suggestion though!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:10pm Stephen Radford:

I wonder if Yng will beat Don at the starter pistol at poll position this time?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:10pm Lilith21:

Absolutely is Dave!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:10pm Debbie:

Thanks, Dave for the stone cold jam on a humid Monday night.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:11pm Lilith21:

Ohhhhhhh!!! I luvvvvv this song !!!!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:11pm Supermeowy:

I was worried Chad was going to say the pin caused too much flooding in ladies' downtown real estate.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:11pm Slick Goldtooth:

@Dave, is that gif for Angel Witch from some film version of the Roald Dahl book Witches?

I just remember the witches being bald in that book and then it gets depressing at the end where like the kid kinda accepts that he dies a witchhunter or something.

I forget. Roald Dahl was a fucking character and wrote some sorta dark dismal shit, also did the bond flick You Only Live Twice
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:12pm Dennis D:

Hi everyone
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:12pm JakeGould:

Hey Dennis D!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:13pm cosmic matrix:

Dave, what you do to me.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:13pm chad from oregon:

The Yngs: YngDave, YngSarah, and YngMom living under one roof... with their wacky neighbor Don who checks in every week at around the same time for a misunderstanding which turns into an adventure is a thing that should be a thing. It writes itself.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:13pm Dennis D:

how's it going Jake?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:13pm DaveHill:

Hey, Dennis!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:13pm Supermeowy:

YES!!!!!! LE POP EN FRANCAIS!!! Merci, Dave!!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:14pm Amy:

Hey Dennis!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:14pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: Odd, weird, but fine… Like you fell like crap but look in the mirror and look fine. One of those days.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:14pm Dennis D:

hi Dave how are you doing?
Haven't seen you in awhile.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:14pm Lilith21:

SuperMeowy!!! Yipeee! Joie De Vivre!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:14pm Dennis D:

Yo Amy
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:14pm chad from oregon:

Supermeowy: I was let off with a warning about that Saturday night... I don't have flood insurance, but with this pin, it would be the responsible thing to do.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:14pm Monstrositor:

What's up, Hiillfolk?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:15pm JimmyfromKearny:

Happy Labor Day Comrades!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:15pm Dennis D:

How;s the Texas peoples doing?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:16pm Stephen Radford:

The pin is "above the law!"
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:16pm Debbie:

The First on the Left (http://lyricstranslate.com/en/la-premi%C3%A8re-%C3%A0-gauche-first-left.html)
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:17pm Amy:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:17pm Cooh John:

Hi Dave from another of the 3C's in OH. Hello to my fellow damned as well.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:17pm xyrus blaze:

Does he know he's going to be "on the air?"
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:17pm Supermeowy:

Texas is recovering from historic flooding of basements...... created by Dave's visit to Austin.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:17pm Switchblade Batman:

Wait that weird guy from last week is calling back>
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:17pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Labor Day can mean only one thing: the annual Angel Witch telethon supporting many different YngDave ailments, hosted by Dave Hill. Call 201-209-9368 and have your credit card ready.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:18pm Aswipe:

dave hates me
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:18pm Switchblade Batman:

Hey meowy! How's it with you?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:18pm Moreguinness:

hey you sexy bastards!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:18pm Monstrositor:

Between the flooded basements and the melted faces, Austin's gonna take some time to recover.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:18pm DaveHill:

I love you, Aswipe!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:18pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 9/4/17 9:19pm Supermeowy:

Wade!!!!! being a prick! kudos! hi Lilith and Aswipe!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:19pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 9/4/17 9:19pm Debbie:

#WADE!!! You sound great!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:19pm JakeGould:

@Monstrositor: Austin is not flooded. Houston is. Austin is just weird with a slight tinge of yuppies.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:19pm chad from oregon:

Wasn't James Taylor Johnston one of the kids from Home Improvement?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:20pm Monstrositor:

Jake, you didn't see the floor of that theater last night.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:20pm Aswipe:

I know dave loves me , he's just afraid of accidentally calling me "asswipe" on the air [thanks MOM AND DAD]
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:20pm Supermeowy:

hey switchblade! it's going! I'm going to rehab from withdrawal of Dave sightings in Austin.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:20pm JakeGould:

@Monstrositor: I guess everyone wet their pants.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:21pm Moreguinness:

Wade loves a good thick slab of meat!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:21pm Monstrositor:

I peed a little and I don't care who knows it.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:21pm Aswipe:

daves a gentleman, he doesnt just ask the caller "WTF do u want?"
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:21pm Lilith21:

Hahaha!! @moreguiness
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:22pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:22pm Switchblade Batman:

HA! I helped bring butt chugging to the public consciousness.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:22pm xyrus blaze:

I thought buttchugging was like a beer enema?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:22pm Lilith21:

Pictures Wade!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:22pm Switchblade Batman:

And yeah, people died from butt chugging
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:22pm Aswipe:

i hear ya, dave, i just learned i'm not supposed to swallow suppositories
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:23pm chad from oregon:

The tampon with alcohol thing seems way too complicated, not to mention a distraction when you're trying to talk to people while you drink.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:23pm Slick Goldtooth:

I reckon the lining of your poop shoot gets affected in a bad way but I ain't a butt doctor
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:24pm BriJet:

  Mon. 9/4/17 9:24pm Moreguinness:

yay brijet!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:24pm Monstrositor:

You gotta start slowly, with a beer-soaked cotton ball. After four or five times, then you can graduate to a rum enema.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:24pm fleep:

Show has a deep bench, hey BriJet
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:25pm Aswipe:

why not cut out the middle man, chad, and just sit on a bottle of vodka?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:25pm Lilith21:

Hi Brijet!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:25pm chad from oregon:

I only play a butt doctor on tv.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:25pm xyrus blaze:

buttchugging/vodka tamponingis 4 ppl that can't shotgun.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:25pm Slick Goldtooth:

Moon is lookin' like big wheel o' cheese today
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:25pm Lilith21:

Nice YngDave!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:25pm dez:

evenin, everybody!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:26pm Aswipe:

drink dave, it curbs the pangs of fatigue. works for my chronic fatigue----AILMENT ALERT!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:26pm Switchblade Batman:

@SuperMeowy, well there's the archives if you need a fix.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:26pm fleep:

dez of the mountains, yo
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:26pm Lilith21:

Hi Dez!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:26pm Aswipe:

the FCC hasnt banned that --- yet
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:27pm BriJet:

Call in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:27pm Moreguinness:

Dez are you suffering from post buttchugging trauma?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:27pm Supermeowy:

I step away 5 minutes and everything becomes all about the butt!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:27pm Dennis D:

i love trombones
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:28pm Lilith21:

You should be Enraged
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:28pm xyrus blaze:

Lilith- By thumbdrives or music?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:28pm Moreguinness:

bum drives
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:29pm Dennis D:

i agree not good sleeping music from the bone
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:29pm xyrus blaze:

@moreguinnness that's a step up from buttchugging.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:29pm Aswipe:

omg this guy just blew out my woofers
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:29pm JeffHQ:

Thumbdrive to Paradise.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:29pm fleep:

Is burning a CD less heinous than a thumb drive?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:29pm Lilith21:

By annoying folks in general@xyrus
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:30pm Aswipe:

if this guy hums does it vibrate the plaque off his teeth?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:31pm Aswipe:

ive seen fire and ive seen my johnson
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:31pm Aswipe:

dave should hire me as a writer
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:32pm Aswipe:

will work for velvet
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:32pm Switchblade Batman:

Tell him he's on the radio!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:32pm Aswipe:

get Joni Mitchell Jones on , Dave
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:32pm Lilith21:

Now that's him
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:32pm Switchblade Batman:

or he's gonna flip.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:33pm Dennis D:

he doesn't wear pants until he gets on the line with Dave
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:33pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 9/4/17 9:33pm Xyrus Blaze:

This dudes act is so great.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:33pm Lilith21:

Is Toodles the cat , okay?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:34pm Slick Goldtooth:

Toodles the now feral cat
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:34pm JakeGould:

Burning a CD is really old fashioned.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:34pm Slick Goldtooth:

Dave Hill, coastal elite. bahahhaha
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:35pm Slick Goldtooth:

The Lake Erie variety
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:35pm JakeGould:

During my late night walks around the neighborhood last night I found 36 cents. That makes me a musician!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:35pm steve:

usb makes more sense than cd lately... especially with people under 30
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:35pm Dennis D:

100s of listeners?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:35pm Xyrus Blaze:

I take it back.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:35pm fleep:

No one likes needy, James.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:35pm JeffHQ:

Double crust trustfund.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:36pm Dennis D:

he's got a complex. Dave was fine to him
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:37pm Switchblade Batman:

I swear, it's like I'm listening to a character from an edgy sitcom. Like Bojack
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:37pm Bobby:

I will buy you a pizza if you hang up on this guy right now
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:37pm JakeGould:

@steve: Also, most every discount story out there sells old fashioned radios that have USB or SDHC card slots in them. The olds use USB!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:37pm LightninBluEyes:

This guy is such a pretentious douche.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:37pm JeffHQ:

Meow Mix copywriter.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:38pm JakeGould:

All men have the potential to be douches.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:38pm Slick Goldtooth:

@switchblade batman, the production of Bojack is so weird. basically a lot of dumb luck and Michael Eisner seeing it and being like, aight this could work
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:38pm Xyrus Blaze:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:38pm Cooh John:

Alan Alda went to Fordham.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:38pm Debbie:

He's full of himself and boring.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:39pm LightninBluEyes:

@Debbie Extremely boring.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:39pm gregory:

Sounds like one of scharplings routines
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:39pm Switchblade Batman:

@Slick, I don't know much about the production. But that does sound pretty interesting. I like that show, but it's so exhausting.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:39pm Slick Goldtooth:

Blowfly is my only porn parody source.

Also I hear it's good luck to smoke a fat one in the Dave Hill Learning Annex at Fordham before an exam
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:39pm JeffHQ:

Zodiac Driller!!! Hahahaaaaa
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:40pm Aswipe:

or Ajit Pai is gonna spank ya
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:40pm Aswipe:

just to spite marcia?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:40pm JeffHQ:

Bagel City Titty.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:41pm Aswipe:

I used to play the barnie miller theme song bass part on my weiner for my last gf. gee, i cant imagine why we split
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:41pm Slick Goldtooth:

@switchblade, yeaaaaaaahh. It gets a bit heavy and a little too much
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:41pm Debbie:

#JakeGould is an aware man. The guy talking to Dave is not.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:41pm chad from oregon:

Yahoo Serious is alive.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:42pm Switchblade Batman:

Something is telling me you're getting punked @DaveHill
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:42pm chad from oregon:

I accidentally went to the Yahoo Serious wikipedia page last week.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:42pm Aswipe:

and now called Verizon Serious
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:42pm Dennis D:

played bass on a weiner, good trick
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:42pm chad from oregon:

Apparently, he tried to sue Yahoo.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:43pm Slick Goldtooth:


ohhh yeaah i remember Richard Dreyfuss in this. Rented it from a local one horse video store in the catskills when I was a kid.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:43pm dez:

my weekend of consumption has done me in. time to go fall asleep trying to finish off twin peaks
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:43pm Aswipe:

i even have video! no lie
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:43pm Debbie:

Hang up on this jerk!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:43pm Switchblade Batman:

@SLick, espechially that last season. Ugh, that was hard when his costar died?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:43pm JeffHQ:

Positive Synergy! Enjoy it.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:44pm Aswipe:

Pounding the ol flesh bologna?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:44pm chad from oregon:

Aswipe: His new mature material as Verizon is out of this world.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:44pm Slick Goldtooth:

@switch yeaaah.

Jesus this is either trolling at an adult level or this guy is just a punk ass.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:44pm Xyrus Blaze:

I withdraw my previous comment.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:45pm Switchblade Batman:

He's trolling at a master level @Slick.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:45pm fleep:

I feel better about myself with every word this man says.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:45pm Elle Tor's Husband:

I knew it was Randy...
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:45pm Switchblade Batman:

lol @Fleep. Me too
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:45pm moreguinness:

anyway we can conference in the Colonel on this call
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:45pm Slick Goldtooth:

He's like a one off Prove It All Night Pat Byrne creation taken too far to the point of annoyance.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:46pm Switchblade Batman:

He's trolling. He's soooooooo trolling
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:46pm Debbie:

hahahaha, hear that ladies, he's available. I don't believe it.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:46pm Lilith21:

Helll Yeah@moreguiness!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:46pm Debbie:

Royal Liquer. I LOVE IT!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:46pm Aswipe:

can we have some booze droned to dave to relieve his fatigue and to tolerate this caller?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:46pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 9/4/17 9:46pm Bobby:

Yes please get someone from Kansas City on the phone
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:47pm Slick Goldtooth:

This is the greatest development in this show's recent history.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:47pm Debbie:

hahahaha, this is the best radio bit I've heard in a long time.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:47pm Rich in NC:

Evening all
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:47pm Aswipe:

did somebody say kansas city? oh no u ditnt
play at 1/8 volume under shopw
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Dave and Hillarians!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:48pm Slick Goldtooth:


ask about Toodles the cat
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:48pm xyrus blaze:

Why would you need heat in Tampa?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:48pm Aswipe:

^ I'm with him
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:49pm Debbie:

But do they have Internet to stream WFMU-FM?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:49pm Cooh John:

This is like a train wreck. I cannot turn my ears away.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:49pm Wade:

I really hope James Taylor Johnston can get back on his feet soon! He's a good guy!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:49pm Matt from Springfield:

  Mon. 9/4/17 9:49pm Debbie:

Dave, you are earning your money tonight with this call!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:50pm Lilith21:

Agreed Wade!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:50pm Aswipe:

this guy reminds me of Charles Grodin
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:50pm Debbie:

Now, he's sexist!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:50pm Matt from Springfield:

  Mon. 9/4/17 9:50pm Lilith21:

Chooch!!! Hahaha!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:50pm Ms. Sim:

Oh my god, I made it home in time to hear the hermit crab monologues. #blessed
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:51pm Matt from Springfield:

"High's Dairy Market", if I recall.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:51pm JeffHQ:

These are Jefferences.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:51pm Aswipe:

Ive encountered some nice choochs in my time
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:51pm Lilith21:

Toodles Needs Help!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:52pm Debbie:

hahahaha, is he for REAL?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:52pm Supermeowy:

Roy Al Likoor - at 555-TRLL
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:52pm Aswipe:

yeah daves gotta roll
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:52pm Lilith21:

I can't breathe.. hahaha!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:52pm JakeGould:

This guy sounds like a date rapist. Hang out on him!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:52pm fleep:

No. I have his real name if you want it.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:52pm Wade:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:52pm Aswipe:

cal him anything but late for dinner
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:53pm Debbie:

NO, Dave change your number!!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:53pm Switchblade Batman:

Oh, god. I don't know if he's brilliant or the saddest person ever.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:53pm Aswipe:

Eric KRauthammer? the pundit?
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:53pm Debbie:

He could be a speech writer for Trump.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:53pm Wade:

Lilith21 HAHAHAHA!!!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:54pm JeffHQ:

@Wade: its "Roy Al Liquer."
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:54pm Bobby:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:54pm Matt from Springfield:

DC101 - that was cool decades ago. I haven't listened in years.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:54pm Aswipe:

a 5 year old could be the speech writer for Orange 45, debbie
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:54pm Ms. Sim:

So today I had to interview the person who's replacing me at the office. I didn't know I was being transferred, she didn't know she was replacing me. And she's SO COOL.

It's like one of those movie where the wife and the mistress meet up and become BFF.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:55pm JeffHQ:

Dougman at DC101
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:55pm Debbie:

True, Aswipe!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:55pm Aswipe:

WHFS baby! im hip, im cool, im 47 [screech what??]
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:55pm Lilith21:

Luv it!!!@Wade!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:55pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ms Sim: And you put off a major prank on your boss together, right?!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:55pm Ms. Sim:

We might... *DUN DUN DUNNNN*
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:56pm Aswipe:

"id like 1 way tkt to the 14th st bridge please"
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:56pm Debbie:

Ms.Slim where are you going?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@Aswipe: Likewise, that was supercool in the 90s and before.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:56pm Aswipe:

Word, Matt
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:58pm bobdoesthings:

hello all.
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:58pm Lilith21:

Hi bobdoesthings!
  Mon. 9/4/17 9:58pm JeffHQ:

Tony the mortgage broker \m/
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 9:59pm Ms. Sim:

@debbie not leaving the office, just transferring to a new (crappy) manager. Technically it's a promotion, but I hate the new boss. So, kinda a mental demotion.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Is BriJ fielding calls today?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:01pm Ms. Sim:

YngDave is onto the comedian call-in ruse. Can't put one over on the Yng.
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:01pm moreguinness:

Hey Bob...how are the things you are doing?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:02pm chad from oregon:

Yng just got Zng'ed!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:02pm fleep:

Endless negotiation.
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:03pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:03pm bobdoesthings:

hi ya moreguiness - things are ... things. so that's good.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:03pm Matt from Springfield:

LaBr iJet Day
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:04pm chad from oregon:

Coors... the beer refreshing.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:04pm JakeGould:

@BobDoesThings: Hey! Hope you doing good.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:04pm Aswipe:

is this guy candian? if so make him say aboot!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:04pm Aswipe:

paints a pretty picture
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:04pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:05pm JakeGould:

“An old man urinating forever.” So someone is groaning every 5 minutes as the liquid drips?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:05pm Aswipe:

what's it all aboot?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:05pm Aswipe:

"tell me all aboot it"
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:06pm JakeGould:

Say hi to my Canadian girlfriend.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:06pm Ms. Sim:

I tell you whut, I'm feeling pretty nihilistic tonight. do I even need to go to work tomorrow? Can't they transfer me to a non-labor division?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:06pm Aswipe:

he'sa pretty pissed offf Canadian. easy buddy
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:06pm fleep:

gravity at the equator is really cheap
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:07pm chad from oregon:

Ooops. I meant Hamms!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:07pm Matt from Springfield:

LaBlatt's Day!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:07pm Ms. Sim:

lol @matt
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:07pm Aswipe:

and nobody knows labor day is about labor unions, shh, the man doesnt want u to think
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:08pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: "If you want a vision of the future, imagine an old man urinating - forever." - George Orwell
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:10pm JakeGould:

I loved drinking Moosehead with my Canadian girlfriend in the 1980s as we watched SCTV and talked about maple syrup.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:10pm Ms. Sim:

Oh snap, it's the Velvet Throat.
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:10pm Lilith21:

JAMS!! Yes!
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:12pm Lilith21:

Oh man. Better look out there JMJ!
Don is coming for ya!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:12pm Slick Goldtooth:

Hamm's beer and Lionshead lager
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:13pm Aswipe:

hamms beeer is pretty good!
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:14pm Lilith21:

Go Xyrus!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:15pm Ms. Sim:

I adore the frequency with which call-in personalities feud with call-in personalities on this show. Can we get some legit beat-downs and monetize this on Paddy Power? I need some coin.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:15pm Aswipe:

[take a whiz]
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:15pm Slick Goldtooth:

A good time to sing bread and roses
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:16pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@Slick: That would be nice for today!
But Jimmy tends to sing the Internationale for these occasions - needs to expand the Labor hymns repertoire.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:17pm Slick Goldtooth:

Ahahaha, Oxycontin ring. Spit up my milk on that line.

Everyone knows all the good stuff is coming straight out of your local private school
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:18pm Lilith21:

Happy Hermit Crab Day !!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:19pm Slick Goldtooth:


checks out cooper beach, southampton
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:19pm trappermark:

Don't know who this guy is, but he has the voice of an angel
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:20pm Dennis D:

How;d he get back to NJ, did I miss that part?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:21pm Matt from Springfield:

See? He's sung this before.
"Joe Hill" he's also brought out a few times.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:21pm fleep:

He wakes up.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:21pm Supermeowy:

This Dave B character better not complain about the French pop played earlier.
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:21pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:21pm Ms. Sim:

100% powerful labor day song. But I wish he'd done Billy Bragg's version of "Power in a Union."
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:22pm Aswipe:

steely dan? the stars know the radio doesnt [still] play enuf Steely Dan
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

That story sounded quite a bit like some Jon Wurster shtick.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:23pm Aswipe:

thumbs up on the Billy Bragg mention. www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:23pm Ms. Sim:

No lie, I was honestly depressed when I heard about Walter Becker.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:24pm Aswipe:

a stely dan cover would be unique
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:25pm Lilith21:

Oh my God! I was just listening to this week!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:25pm Dennis D:

my first band covered Steely Dan
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:25pm Matt from Springfield:

"Power in a Union" would be great as well!
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:26pm Rickwaukee:

Thought this was a version of "Swing Town" at first
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:26pm Matt from Springfield:

"Steely Dennis"
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:26pm Dennis D:

Pretzel Ligic and it was a fun song to do
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:26pm xyrus blaze:

It's pretty ill to hear to hear The Jam though.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:26pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:26pm Dennis D:

oops Logic
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:28pm Slick Goldtooth:

I loved that episode where Dave was taken aback by Julian's constant use of referring to Steely Dan as "The Dan" and how that'd be the thing someone with some cocaine on their person would say.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:29pm Ms. Sim:

omg @slick, yes! "the Dan!"
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:30pm Dennis D:

I had to stop myself from calling them the Dan
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:30pm Moreguinness:

speaking of Julian is anyone making out to his show at Joe's pub next weekend?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:30pm DaveHill:

It's true, Slick Goldtooth!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:30pm Matt from Springfield:

BBC 6 played some Steely in tribute - I always liked them.

The Numero Group's faux-70s "record sampler" WTNG: Solid Bronze said it was for fans of all "the Dans" - Steely, Fogelberg, Hill, and Seals (England Dan).
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:31pm DaveHill:

What is the best "Dan" jam to play?!
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:31pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 9/4/17 10:32pm trappermark:

Huge fan of out of tune singing
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:32pm Slick Goldtooth:


I know it. Wearing all White, maybe even a white kangol in tow as well with a mustache of sorts.


kinda like a member of the band Starbuck
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:32pm Dennis D:

I'd like to hear Pretzel Logic but for selfish reasons
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:32pm Moreguinness:

I think Dave b is the best qualified to pick a Dan Jam
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:32pm chad from oregon:

Did "The Dan" ever cover Disco Maniac?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:33pm Matt from Springfield:

"Josie" - Aja
"Kid Charlemagne" - The Royal Scam
"The Fez" - The Royal Scam
"Doctor Wu" - Katy Lied
"Bodhisattva" - Countdown to Ecstasy
"Do It Again" - Can't Buy A Thrill
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:33pm Ms. Sim:

Not like you can plan this shit in advance, but if Julian was on tonight this would be a proper legend 'Dan memorial.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:33pm Dennis D:

anything but Reelin in the Years
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:33pm Lilith21:

You must play "PEG" of course Dave!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:34pm Matt from Springfield:

"Any Major Dude" from the Pretzel Logic album would also be a good'un.
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:34pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:35pm JakeGould:

Play “Deacon Blues!” 15 years ago there was a guy at Rudy’s on 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen who would spend a good chunk of the night there drinking and ENDLESSLY play “Deacon Blues” on the jukebox.

“They got a name for the winners in the world. I want a name when I lose. They call Alabama the Crimson Tide. Call me Deacon Blues.”
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ms Sim: Though not exclusively - Julian couldn't help but segue into Neil Diamond and (part-time Danner) Michael McD as well!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:36pm Supermeowy:

The gif for this song is giving me a heart attack.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:37pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: HA! I'm surprised he didn't obsess over fellow Aja track "Black Cow":

"I saw you at Rudy's / You were very high"
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:37pm Ms. Sim:

@matt absolutely true. The man is a meandering keyboard magician.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:37pm Aswipe:

is there a Steely Dan song relevant to Labor Union Day?
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:38pm Wade:

YES!!! The Birthday Party!!! Dave Rules!!!
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:39pm Lilith21:

Holy crap!! Yay for me and Wade! Haha!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:40pm Matt from Springfield:

@Aswipe: "Show Biz Kids" on Countdown to Ecstasy - I didn't suggest since it's not radio-friendly!

"The Show Biz Kids / Make movies about themselves / And they don't give a fuck about anybody else"
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:41pm Amy:

I think Dave was describing the lyrics to Sister Christian. ?
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:42pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:43pm Matt from Springfield:

"Yes it is hi Dave Hill!.."
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:44pm Ms. Sim:

Sara! So, I think I may have missed a week. Is Sara over the Yng slight?
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:44pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 9/4/17 10:45pm Bobby:

Best caller
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:45pm cash:

A Growwwwlllerrrrrr! Take one home.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:45pm Aswipe:

lol dave
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:46pm Slick Goldtooth:

Welp guess it's gotta be listed as "The Dan" when it comes up in the queue
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:47pm Ms. Sim:

Snuck out to see the Dan at 16?? ok, now I love Sara.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:48pm Aswipe:

i think Steely Dan are a bunch of metal dildos
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:49pm Ms. Sim:

What in the hell, Sara's casual "oh hey did I tell you?..." stories are guaranteed more exciting than any deliberate adventures I've ever had in my life.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:50pm Aswipe:

"that's hot!"
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Public Displays of Making Out!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:51pm fleep:

Vermont: Hotter Than You Thought
  Mon. 9/4/17 10:51pm Richard Glen Averitt:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:51pm JakeGould:

The one armed guy? You mean MIKE?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:51pm Slick Goldtooth:

Burlington's a magical place
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:51pm Skullfarmer:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:52pm LightninBluEyes:

I call embellishment. Sounds like a story one would exaggerate at 16 years old. But makes for good entertainment, that's for sure!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:52pm Switchblade Batman:

I thought Sarah was supposed to go down to him?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:52pm RomanDogBird:

holy shit her yngdave impression is spot on
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:52pm Matt from Springfield:

This slo-motion romance is on schedule. There will be an YngSara romcom within 2 years.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:53pm Ms. Sim:

lol, Sara's Yng impression kills me. I entirely believe he has called her and said those words.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:54pm Ms. Sim:

Also, when you're done with one-arm Adam, can I take a turn?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:57pm Aswipe:

people caring -- ewwww
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:58pm Aswipe:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:58pm Aswipe:

can i become sara's travel companion? i need some adventure again!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 10:59pm LightninBluEyes:

Can't understand how someone can seek out drama when all I want is to escape it. *Shakes my head*
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:00pm Aswipe:

drink that fatigue away, dave! i am! it works.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:01pm Trip (satellite state):

Sorry I'm late, fam. Up to no good like usual ;D
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:02pm BriJet:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:02pm JakeGould:

@LightninBluEyes: Some people are masochists.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:03pm Slick Goldtooth:

Someone was telling me scalpers were trying to resell those Bruce tickets for 5 grand or something ridiculous
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:03pm LightninBluEyes:

@JakeGould That's true...
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:06pm Ms. Sim:

Wait, not that Danne isn't an awesome chef, but why wouldn't Dave want ordinary pizza?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:07pm JakeGould:

@Ms.Sim: Some of us avoid carbs like that. I lost 5 pounds just avoiding stuff like that. No disrespect, Danne D.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:08pm Matt from Springfield:

What topping are on the pizza?
Garlic, oregano, any onions? Ham? Soppresata? Artichokes?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:09pm Ms. Sim:

Oh! Thanks, JakeGould. I didn't know Dave was restricting carbs.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:10pm JakeGould:

@MsSim: I’m one of those weirdos who seeks out salads.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:10pm Dennis D:

How's the pizza Dave?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:11pm Aswipe:

youre on the air [translation: what the fuck do you want?!]
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:11pm Switchblade Batman:

@Supermeowy jaywalking is what we do here. It's a superpower, a gift, and a right all in one.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:12pm bobdoesthings:

why is it that the last hour of this show.. every week... mics start peaking..
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:12pm Aswipe:

yay [my] not getting married!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:13pm Aswipe:

yeah i bet shes been training them to do "acts" [illegal in most municipalities!]
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:14pm fleep:

Acrocats on Late Show www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:14pm Aswipe:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:14pm Slick Goldtooth:

If you're into cats, Keeping Up with the Kattarshians is quality entertainment.

It's Icelandic slow tv that shows a tiny scale home made for cats on a 24/7 web cam stream, it's better than 90% of the shows on basic cable's fall lineup
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:15pm bobdoesthings:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:15pm chad from oregon:

YngSarah would have been prepared for the Acrocats
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:15pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:15pm LightninBluEyes:

Yes, Dave, mic is peaking painfully.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:16pm Aswipe:

oh thank u, slick: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:16pm Ms. Sim:

Wow, there are souls being laid bare on the show tonight. Strength, woman.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:17pm Slick Goldtooth:

@aswipe say goodbye to productivity friendo. It's so good.

I mean slow tv in general is awesome like the train rides and ferry streams from the front in Scandinavia
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:17pm bobdoesthings:

this caller sounds like she's on the brink.. those nervous fake laughs in between each sentence, i feel uncomfortable
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:17pm Aswipe:

outward and wayward?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:18pm Switchblade Batman:

I think I the laughing is endearing, and she's single now....
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:18pm Ms. Sim:

Oh snap, wise words from Sara to Sarah. Preach, honey.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Therapy good. Yes.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:19pm Aswipe:

im addicted already, slick. oh man, this'll be good esp at bedtime, noam chomsky?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:19pm Aswipe:

cats r crazy, haaa!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:19pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Cat Lady needs someone (anyone) to talk to. Just someone to listen and go "uh huh" periodically. The poor thing.
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:19pm xyrus blaze:

I've been working on a standup routine that starts with "my friends keep telling me I should just go to therapy."
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Lovers tiff! This will be GREAT for the romcom script! :)
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:21pm fleep:

And suddenly, it's Dr. Phil
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:21pm JakeGould:

An innuendo is an Italian suppository.

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:21pm Ms. Sim:

Listen to Yng with the nonsense innuendo. You had a chance to hook up, you biffed it!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:21pm JakeGould:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:22pm Aswipe:

when yng has sex is a guitar involved? [any john waters fans noam chomsky]
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:24pm Switchblade Batman:

I sort of imagine yng as Trevor from GTA V. Mother issues, a bit psychotic.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:24pm Ms. Sim:

Yng, get yer ass to Vermont!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:25pm Switchblade Batman:

Fuck that, Sarah get your ass to Bensonhurst.
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:25pm Danne D:

ugh what a pain gettin in here. hiya folks :)
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:25pm LightninBluEyes:

Hullo Danne D!
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:25pm Karl:

This is great theater of the mind
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:25pm Ms. Sim:

Hi Danne! Send me pizza!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:26pm fleep:

Course of true love never runs smooth. Or whatever this is. Either way, not smooth.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:26pm JakeGould:

Who is this? Bob Does Things?
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:26pm Karl:

Wait... is it Roof or Ruff
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Pussy Mama? Uhhhhhh...
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:27pm Danne D:

Is the cat gonna push Cassius off the roof?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:27pm Aswipe:

@jake "An innuendo is an Italian suppository." eggsellent.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:27pm chad from oregon:

This has suddenly turned into a Mommy Issues installment of the GDDHS
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:28pm Aswipe:

then they start listneing to Coldplay?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:28pm chad from oregon:

Well, I guess the Yng mother issues are a weekly thing.
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:28pm Danne D:

Cat on a hot taxi roof
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:28pm JakeGould:

@BriJet: Who is this? Cassius?
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:28pm Karl:

I miss Mittens the cat...
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:29pm Danne D:

@Jake yeah Catsius
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:29pm Karl:

Next on Pussy Talk...
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:29pm Aswipe:

is Mettalica's In Justice For All playing in the background?
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:30pm Aswipe:

then mama cats eats them for dinner mwhahahaha
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:30pm LightninBluEyes:

I had a cat named Mittens. She was polydactyl.
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:30pm Danne D:

  Mon. 9/4/17 11:31pm Danne D:

Cat - CounterCat
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:31pm Danne D:

Cat - CounterCat
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:31pm Ms. Sim:

Dang, this is getting hot. I side with Brijet.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:31pm fleep:

  Mon. 9/4/17 11:31pm Danne D:

Awww LBE :)
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:32pm xyrus blaze:

That's birds.
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:32pm Karl:

I need the number to call in...
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:32pm Ms. Sim:

Cassius needs to take a seat.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:32pm Dennis D:

hahaha good timing
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:32pm JakeGould:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:32pm Slick Goldtooth:

Cassius is a fucking chump for hatin' on Don's voice.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:33pm JakeGould:

Birds do not shun birds if a human touches them. It’s all bullshit.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:33pm JakeGould:

Don sounds like he’d lean over to you at 2:00am at a bar and say something sleazy.
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:34pm xyrus blaze:

It's probably humans.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:34pm Aswipe:

I find birds to be quite annoying
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:34pm Slick Goldtooth:

Nah birds sense of smell isn't strong enough to be bugged by human scents.

I wanna say the only time you can really fuck with a bird in that scenario is if you ruin or move or take it's nest
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:34pm moreguinness:

Birds are fine if you touch them
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Deadbeat Morning Dove, opening for Rasma Tas this Thursday at the City Winery.
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:34pm Karl:

This show has turned...dark
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:35pm LightninBluEyes:

I had a baby cardinal fall out of the nest in my yard. It's parents were chirping like crazy and flying around the tree branches above, so I put the bird back in the nest and twice it kept jumping back out, so I said eff it. Though, I did hunt down bugs and chopped them up and fed the bird with tweezers in the dark just cause I felt bad.
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:35pm Danne D:

Hi LBE :)
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:35pm xyrus blaze:

Don has a velvet throat. I'm out for the night. \m/
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:36pm Aswipe:

just hum on the bird dude
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Stop Anti-Donism!!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:36pm fleep:

it's deer. don't touch baby deer.
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:36pm Danne D:

awww I hope the bird was okay LBE
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:36pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:37pm LightninBluEyes:

Sadly I woke up the next morning and couldn't find it...
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:37pm Trip (satellite state):

So many shots fired tonight
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:37pm JakeGould:

Don’t touch a turtle.
Don’t diddle a duck.
Don’t pinch a pigeon.
Don’t walk in front of a truck.
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:37pm moreguinness:

bird was probably ran into something and was stunned. Best bet is to leave them alone or if there is predators aboot put them in a cozy box and let them chill for a bit
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:38pm Aswipe:

Don's vocal cords are stronger than my biceps.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:38pm Dennis D:

Cassiusa can take a brick to the head
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:38pm Aswipe:

dave's gotta pee , shut up everybody!
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:39pm moreguinness:

steely dan
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:39pm Karl:

Use a well crafted seat during the break
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Just like picking up your dog Luci from the vet: Let's drive this bitch home!!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:39pm Aswipe:

niagara falls !
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes, bring out Steely Dan now.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:39pm Aswipe:

let er rip dave!
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:41pm Debbie:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:41pm Ms. Sim:

Man, whatever 'Dan track Dave is holding back must be a barn-burner, because he's really building the tension.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:42pm Dennis D:

he's gonna play the intro to Reelin in the years and then skip it
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dennis: Not a bad choice, conceptually :)
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:44pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Hmm, never heard this group ("The Group") or this song before. Is this obscure 60s soul, like the "Northern Soul" songs of Britain?
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:47pm Wade:

Cello, people!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:47pm Aswipe:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:48pm Ms. Sim:

No offense, Virtue, but Thor did this one better as "We Live to Rock." WAY more entertaining.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ms Sim: Did it have a solo THIS awesome though?!?
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:50pm Wade:

So much tapping!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:50pm Ms. Sim:

No, it did not. But the costumes!!!
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:51pm Lilith21:

Love a lot about em too!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks for the interesting, well-planned show tonight, Dave. Stay tuned for Sasha, filling in for Jesse coming up next.
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:54pm Matt from Springfield:

I don't like the tone of your negative talk, mister!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:55pm bobdoesthings:

goodnight all
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:55pm DaveHill:

Is that sarcasm, Ken?!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:56pm Ms. Sim:

I thank the angels I made it home to listen to tonight's show. THANK YOU, ANGELS!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:57pm Monstrositor:

Thanks for sharing the URL, BriJet
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:57pm Wade:

Goodnight everybody!!!
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:57pm Karl:

Bless you
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:57pm LightninBluEyes:

Good-night everyone!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:57pm Trip (satellite state):

Goodnight delicious delinquents ;*
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:58pm Danne D:

Thanks for a great show everyone :D
Until next time!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:58pm Ms. Sim:

Love you, everyone! <3
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:58pm Aswipe:

smell ya later [but i will be here till the bitter end ]
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Well, maybe a little. The show was excellent and funny. I didn't mean it as a put-down. I truly loved the show tonight.
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:58pm Karl:

You're the best Dave!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:58pm Matt from Springfield:

"Say good night, Yng"
"Good night, Yng"

Thanks Dave and BriJ and all you fans out there! See ya next week!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:58pm Aswipe:

people named Lars r yer friend, dave
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:59pm fleep:

A lot of show in one show, thanks Dave
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:59pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:59pm DaveHill:

Thanks, Ken!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:59pm Aswipe:

omg a viking song , creepy!
Avatar Mon. 9/4/17 11:59pm bobdoesthings:

oh boy..
  Mon. 9/4/17 11:59pm Wade:

❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you, Hill people
Avatar Tue. 9/5/17 12:00am Aswipe:

thx dave!
  Tue. 9/5/17 12:00am Karl:

Why do we call it the Sun... instead of a space heater?
Avatar Tue. 9/5/17 12:00am Switchblade Batman:

ruh roh, ya Broke it Dave Hill
Avatar Tue. 9/5/17 12:01am Aswipe:

im gonna show u wat luv is baby
  Tue. 9/5/17 12:02am Karl:

And broke our hearts...
Avatar Tue. 9/5/17 12:02am Aswipe:

...we're go on down to the Odeonplex and watch Herbie Does It Again.
Avatar Tue. 9/5/17 12:03am Aswipe:

i'm swooing in honor of dave to ths song, whos wit me?
Avatar Tue. 9/5/17 12:03am Aswipe:

[whiteman overbite going on - you know it]
Avatar Tue. 9/5/17 12:09am Aswipe:

cool music
Avatar Tue. 9/5/17 12:32am DaveHill:

Thanks for listening, everybody!
Avatar Wed. 9/6/17 12:37am Roy L Liquer:

Goddamnit Dave, James Taylor Johnston wont stop harassing me !
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