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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options August 28, 2017: It's the last Monday in August! No way! Anyway, Dave welcomes comedian Rob Cantrell and musical guest Twiggy Branches! James rocks the phones!

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Artist Track Album Images Approx. start time
Weirdly long intro...     
0:00:00 ()
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options Angel Witch (duh) 
0:03:42 ()
Tom Jones  Thunderball   Options  
0:05:14 ()
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  Thirsty Dog   Options  
0:07:07 ()
Negative Approach  Pressure   Options  
0:10:42 ()
Baby Huey and the Baby Sitters  Hard Times   Options  
0:11:47 ()
Dave talks on the phone. It's incredible.     
0:25:57 ()
Guided by Voices  Tractor Rape Chain   Options  
Gil Scott-Heron  Angel Dust   Options  
Eyehategod  Parish Motel Sickness   Options  

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 8:55pm Aswipe:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 8:55pm Aswipe:

Where's my case of turtle wax?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 8:55pm Aswipe:

maybe, a lil rice a roni?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 8:56pm Rich in NC:

Hey Dave, Hey Dez
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 8:58pm Aswipe:

nice eagle
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 8:59pm Rich in NC:

Thanks, it's stained glass
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:00pm Amy from Iowa:

Hello everyone!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:00pm Aswipe:

ive been to nc many times
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:00pm daveB from before:

yippe kai yay mother truckers!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:01pm Dennis D:

hi Amy hi everyone else :)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:01pm Dan From Albany:

Yo yo yo yo
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:01pm Switchblade Batman:

what up sexy singles
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:01pm P-90:

Hi Dave! Did you make it to Macari's Music in Charing Cross? Did you do your sexy kitten dance?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:01pm fleep:

Melting ... melting ... what a world what a world
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:02pm James Fernandez:

evenin, everyone!!!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:02pm Amy from Iowa:

Hey Dennis!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:02pm JakeGould:

I give up.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:02pm daveB from before:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:02pm Switchblade Batman:

what up @dez
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:02pm Dan From Albany:

Hey James aka Dez
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:03pm Wade:

Good evening, People of the Hill!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:03pm Supermeowy:

Hill People Unite!!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:03pm Dennis D:

do Brits really say "flippin"?
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:03pm Amy from Iowa:

Hey Dez!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:03pm LightninBluEyes:

Hullo everyone
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:03pm Lilith21:

Hi Dave!Hi Dez! Hi Amy and All!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:04pm Dan From Albany:

Hey Supermeowy.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:04pm JeffHQ:

Better than running 6 miles in subzero temps and not drowning in your own blood. #windriver
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:04pm Lilith21:

Yes! SuperMeowy!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:05pm Lilith21:

Well Hello Wade
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:05pm Amy from Iowa:

Hey Lilith! Hey Meowy!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:05pm daveB from before:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:05pm Switchblade Batman:

Hey Meowy
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:05pm Stephen Radford:

I think it was Richard Dreyfus who aptly put it, "who the HELL are you people?!"
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:06pm fleep:

We represent the Lullaby League, who's askin
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:06pm Dan From Albany:

I love this song.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:06pm Danne D:

Hey folks :)
Hey LBE :)
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:06pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:06pm Moreguinness:

fucking Thunderball!!! brilliant!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:07pm DEZ:

Tom Jones deserves most of the glory
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:07pm Drunken Creep:

Best peace and evenings to all!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:07pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

I once had a girlfriend who'd get really horny when we went to a James Bond movie. I did too.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:08pm JakeGould:

Tom Jones, who sang the new theme song, fainted in the recording booth after singing the song's final, high note. Jones said of the final note, “I closed my eyes and I held the note for so long when I opened my eyes the room was spinning.” en.wikipedia.org...
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:08pm Moreguinness:

no one is Tom Jones cool!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:08pm Lilith21:

Hi MoreGuinness!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:09pm P-90:

I had a NASTY case of Thunderball once
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:09pm Lilith21:

Ohhhh Yes!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:09pm DEZ:

full house, everybody is here!!!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:09pm Wade:

NICE!!!Nick Cave!!!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:09pm Lilith21:

Shake it Wade!!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:09pm Stephen Radford:

I just threw my underpants at the wall he's so powerful
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:09pm brycepunk:

Aawww yeah! The Dave mutha-fuckin' Goddamn Hill Show... I messed that up but I am too excited.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:09pm Dan From Albany:

@Dez, Full House or Fuller House?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:09pm DaveHill:

Howdy folks! Thanks for tuning in! Together we can make a difference!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:10pm Lilith21:

Great choice Dave!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:10pm daveB from before:

Wade Snook's pants just flew off!!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:10pm Rich in NC:

Hi Lilith 21
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:10pm spacecowboy:

i have a feeling we cant
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:10pm Wade:

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:11pm Lilith21:

Hi Rich!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:11pm Supermeowy:

hi everyone, I blacked out for a second there after dealing with Tom's Thunderballs (coming soon to a frozen food aisle near you)
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:11pm Stephen Radford:

Dave Hill super radio program go!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:11pm JakeGould:

The lamb is thirsty in the GIF, tho.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:11pm Moreguinness:

oh btw hi everyone...I hope you're all doing swimmingly!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:12pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:12pm daveB from before:

'sup Scott?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:12pm spacecowboy:

i wonder if the antics and tomfoolery will be off the hook tonight- christ am i ever sorry!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:12pm Stephen Radford:

Need More Guinness!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:12pm Rich in NC:

So much love for Dez on the board!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:12pm Lilith21:

Haha!! @Supermeowy
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:12pm Dennis D:

lamb are always thirsty
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:12pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Hello You God Damn Dave Hill Show idiots!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:13pm Switchblade Batman:

i just wanna know where we are with the yng / sara saga
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:13pm spacecowboy:

sweeet jam of the funkyness
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:13pm spacecowboy:

i always sensed dave had an inner funkiness
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:14pm Supermeowy:

I'm feeling pretty good about tonight's chances at hearing some smokin hot French pop!!!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:14pm Moreguinness:

just had some sexy pork time with the wife...also there was yams
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:14pm daveB from before:

that would be the first French Pop of the summer (blessedly)
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:14pm Xyrus Blaze:

Hey Lilith21! Was great meeting you and everyone at the witch taint show. Let's talk ring resizing stuff soon.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:15pm Aswipe:

not pulled pork like usual moreguiness? ;-)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:15pm DEZ:

meowy, will you settle for gerard depardu uncorking a wine bottle?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:15pm Dan From Albany:

Tonight's show is extra soulful for some reason.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:16pm Lilith21:

Hi Xyrus!!!
Lovely to meet you too!!
Yes! Sorry-I lost the darn cocktail napkin -,have to send me your info!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:16pm moreguinness:

hey xyrus!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:16pm BnowB:

Listening for last 15.. GOdDamn I DIG!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:16pm Dennis D:

I yam what I yam
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:17pm BriJet:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:17pm spacecowboy:

umm some live deep purple from 1972 would;d be sweet
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:17pm Supermeowy:

DEZ. that would be a hard non.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:17pm Slick Goldtooth:

Love me some Baby Huey
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:17pm daveB from before:

"talent orgy" is dave Hill's new prog rock side proj
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:17pm Lilith21:

Hi Brijet!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:18pm Slick Goldtooth:

Baby Huey was larger than life, i.imgur.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:18pm BnowB:

The Thunderball GIf... too funny but wait .. its sorta hot.. god damn.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:18pm Aswipe:

yay it's dave!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:18pm spacecowboy:

hilarity endues
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:18pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:18pm daveB from before:

"within reason" is Dave Hill's new EDM side project
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:18pm spacecowboy:

i mean ensues
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:19pm BriJet:

Hilarity in NUDES
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:19pm Dan From Albany:

This chat room is so much cooler, now that BriJet is here.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:19pm Aswipe:

i'm rockin the new AOL, dave!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:20pm Supermeowy:

doesn't sound like a lot of time to call in to talk about Dave's smoking hot appearances at Austin's Out of Bounds Comedy Festival!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:20pm BnowB:

LOL @ dave say "internet" again lol
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:20pm Aswipe:

dave is afraid to say my name for fear of the fcc goons
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:21pm Supermeowy:

happening over the Labor Day weekend if you're in Austin.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:21pm ike:

Remember folks, if you hear a pirate interfering with WFMU's FM signal(s), report it! Or at least tell Brooklyn Pirate Watch on Twitter. Don't let anybody interfere with the great WFMU.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:21pm DEZ:

duly noted on the depardu
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:21pm Aswipe:

as-wee-pay -- not Ass-wipe! god, for 40 something years i deal with this! thanks ma and pa
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:21pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:21pm BnowB:

Hey I'm in Montclair!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:22pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:22pm chad from oregon:

The talent orgy is the main act, if you know what I mean
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:23pm Supermeowy:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:23pm Dennis D:

no prison calls lately
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:23pm Aswipe:

shana is the trunk of daves car, i know it. raisin a baby -- my ass!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:23pm BnowB:

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:23pm P-90:

Guess Danne's efforts to chew through his electronic ankle bracelet haven't borne fruit. Yet(?)
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:23pm JeffHQ:

On a DC Metro train next to a short man with a tall bike.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:24pm Xyrus Blaze:

Lilith, totally chill. I was 2 drunk 2 write my email. So it definitely looked like hell.

Howdy moreguiness!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:24pm Aswipe:

which line, jeff?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:24pm DEZ:

BREAKING NEWS! Phone lines are full by 9:23, setting a new record!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:24pm daveB from before:

is Don on the line?
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:25pm Lilith21:

Yes Dez!!!! Yay!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:25pm ἶkε:

If you've heard a pirate fucking w/WFMU, go here!
And click on "radio"! Just fill out as much as you know! Most of them are Haitian or Caribbean pirates at 90.9. They're especially bad in southern Brooklyn, greater Elizabeth, the Bronx, Queens, and Paterson. (Not those bastard classical stations though, them's legal.)
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:25pm lolly:

Hi Hill-folk, Hail Satan! Having some ginger ale. Think there's a pic of hat on Twitter?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:25pm spacecowboy:

YEah ! i can feel daves self esteem risin what with a crochet related pattern named after him
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:25pm daveB from before:

aka "The Union Beach Lineman"
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:25pm Xyrus Blaze:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:25pm DEZ:

you called it daveB!!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:26pm JeffHQ:

@Aswipe Red line, of course.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:26pm Lilith21:

Oh boyyy!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:26pm spacecowboy:

the union beach lineman song needs to be written
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:26pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:26pm DEZ:

Ike, has the pirate thing been an issue lately?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:26pm JakeGould:

Union Bitch *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap*
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:26pm Aswipe:

Union Beach? isnt that near Lavalette? Bradley bch, etc. i dont know how i would find that out in 2017
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:26pm herb.nyc:

Hi all, spk'ng of books, I just started The Leavers by Lisa Ko. I apologize for reading *during* the show; is Dave enraged? -- aww, Dave got a hat and scarf. Dorchester? I've a Charley the Ashmont Records dog, r.i.p., tee. They're based in Dorchester.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:27pm Drunken Creep:

The palisade peach of union beach
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:27pm P-90:

"Half Laid Back": possible band name?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:27pm BnowB:

I'm do the pot, even now. Can I stay? Ok I will.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:28pm Aswipe:

does this guy get himself off by the vibrations of this own voice? if i had that voice i'd say low frequency things to amuse myself.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:28pm Slick Goldtooth:

Nancy Sinatra You Only Live Twice is a total banger and lights down low cigarette in hand tune.

As basically the scene in Mad Men was like
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:28pm Aswipe:

thats bad, mkay, bnowB
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:28pm BnowB:

Paul ? really now? lmao
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:28pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Ashmont Records run partially by a close aide to Mayor "Mahty" Walsh. Jpyce Linehan. Sent hi-vehicles to HOU today. okeedokee.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:29pm BnowB:

lol mkay
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:29pm JeffHQ:

Ok, everyone talk about cookies for 20 minutes til im back above ground.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:29pm P-90:

Do the pot, Baby!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:29pm Aswipe:

so bad i must do some research on that, BRB...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:29pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

I like oatmeal raisin.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:29pm spacecowboy:

crap summer cANT END!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:29pm lolly:

Oh, I do love Jack White. Still, "GOLD-FINGAAAAAH!" My fave version. Artist? She's so great!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:30pm JakeGould:

@MayorFrankRizzo: You got problems with the shits or something?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:30pm BnowB:

got it out and he is in bed...
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:30pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:30pm fleep:

Well, that was a phone call.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:30pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:30pm StRts:

hahha He was talking about Jack White's duet with Alicia Keys... Pure bullshit!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:31pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

I like them. They are good.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:31pm Slick Goldtooth:

When the hell are we going to get a radio drama serial with Don being the voice of a private eye in a city gone mad?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:31pm BnowB:

ASWIPE - i have a test kit
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:31pm BnowB:

You gotta do the Taka ta tak mantra- like clay in the morning.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:32pm Aswipe:

oh im not testing! im pretty certain
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:32pm ἶkε:

@DEZ, it's *always* an issue. Ask Station Mgr. Ken. (They're often just on the air at night and on weekends, though, not 9-5.) Should I call in about it to bring more attention to it? I'm kinda mealy-mouthed though, that's why I don't usually call.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:32pm BnowB:

@dave lmao haha god u be so funny
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:32pm spacecowboy:

how the f does the bachlorette exist
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:33pm StRts:

Jack White = Overrated
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:33pm DEZ:

I'm sure Ken has his finger on the pulse of the pirate scene these days but I will mention you said something, Ike
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:33pm BnowB:

Next Monday is labor day ... thats sorta the end.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:34pm P-90:

Sep 22: end of summer '17
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:34pm Aswipe:

St Vitus?! I saw them at the catalyst here in santa cruz ca. if i lose my hearing late in life its due to them! lol good show.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:34pm BnowB:

Thats called Fall.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:34pm Switchblade Batman:

I was hoping for one more beach day too :(
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:34pm Lilith21:

Beautiful ,awesome bar! St Vitus!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:35pm Dennis D:

water kale
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:35pm P-90:

Darn that kelp!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:35pm JakeGould:

What is this? Joe Franklin? Talking about Ron Jeremy.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:36pm chad from oregon:

""hanging out", heh heh"
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:36pm Slick Goldtooth:

@strts but you can't deny Jack White is a hell of a fighter.

Gotta love that fight reference line in Sleaford Mods Bronx in a Six about his violent incidents.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:37pm P-90:

Hedgehog's new racket?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:37pm BnowB:

it well down "hill" from there... hmm
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:37pm BnowB:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:37pm ἶἶἶkε:

Yeah @Dez, Ken already knows all about it, that's all I was saying. He's def. on top of it.

("Be free w/your body" LOL LOL LOL)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:38pm BnowB:

you mean from batman ... HAHAHHA
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:38pm Slick Goldtooth:

Bronson Cave dog
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:38pm Aswipe:

are you saying that the White Stripes guitarist kicked some ass??
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:38pm BnowB:

hahahahahaha @dave
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:39pm BnowB:

"the bat pool" lmao
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:39pm fleep:

Pat Boone?
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:39pm StRts:

ahahhaha.... genious
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:39pm BnowB:

yea batman is dead so fuck him lol
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:39pm Dennis D:

Batman hates water
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:40pm spacecowboy:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:40pm Drunken Creep:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:40pm BnowB:

HHAHAHAA how have i missed this show????
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:40pm Slick Goldtooth:


yes i know it sounds crazy cause you don't think Jack White would beat the shit out of anyone.

But yeah he beat the singer from the Von Blondies en.wikipedia.org...

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:40pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:40pm fleep:

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:40pm StRts:

LOL Call back in 2 years
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:41pm JeffHQ:

Yng World has surfaces.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:41pm Stephen Radford:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:41pm DEZ:

i dig what jack white is up to
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:41pm BnowB:

New to show and I'm falling off my chair in laughter.. is that the proper response.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:41pm Lilith21:

Hahaha!! Oh boy- Oh boy!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:42pm Drunken Creep:

worldwide #1 hoss
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:42pm P-90:

B side of Smokin' in the Boys Room was a cover of Barefootin'. But damn, it SHOULDA been a split single with Bachman Turner...
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:42pm Lilith21:

You are #1!!!:)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:42pm DEZ:

BnowB, you could get away with saying that your basement is flooded as well, current circumstances notwithstanding
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:42pm BnowB:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:42pm Dennis D:

Jack White has beat up many people
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:43pm BnowB:

@dez lol im not in parents basement i swear
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:43pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:43pm BnowB:

I like chest hair. There yea have it.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:44pm Supermeowy:

Who's suffering from a flooded basement?
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:44pm Lilith21:

Hahahaha!! Oh man !!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:44pm Dennis D:

he has chest hair on his vocal chords
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:44pm Lilith21:

Line Up?!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:44pm P-90:

My wish list now includes a bat pool in the basement
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:44pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:44pm BnowB:

He had muscles on his knuckles.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:44pm tp:

not cuz i hate ya
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:45pm tp:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:45pm Slick Goldtooth:

Psh who needs some hokey ass scripted Bachelor in Paradise when you got the sultry action of this show?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:45pm Aswipe:

my last gf would get reaaaally irritated when i'd play the bass line to 7 nation army. i mean she hated it. i dont get why.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:45pm Lilith21:

Awwwhh!! So sweet!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:46pm Lilith21:

Thank you Dave!!
Always a pleasure!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:47pm Aswipe:

haaa, there's a priest joke there somewhere
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:48pm Supermeowy:

Oh no, the vinyl guy is crying. This is dreadful.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:48pm DEZ:

I was sweatin like a whore in church!!!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:48pm JeffHQ:

Vinyl saves.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:49pm DEZ:

a favorite line my good friend always used!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:49pm Lilith21:

Yes Dez!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:49pm Slick Goldtooth:

@Dez a classic line.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:50pm Wade:

I'm worried Dave might be having a stroke on the air. Dave, do you smell toast?!?!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:51pm BnowB:

78 calls she got bumped to front.. call screener? Who are you here? lol
This is my new best show. Oh no you didn't. yup I did.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:51pm JeffHQ:

Looking California, feeling Jersey-soda.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:51pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:52pm P-90:

Is Journal Square the PATH stop you hit if you miss the one for the radio station?
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:52pm ButtWeenies:

Brewskies... am I right?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:52pm BnowB:

Pay Attention caller god dammit. Really the last record island question..
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:52pm Wade:

Third Eye Blind, Dave
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm Aswipe:

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm P-90:

Not that I've done that *ahem*
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm JeffHQ:

@Wade: Toast with jam or jelly?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm listener #126464:

the outfield
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm Wade:

Hi Lilith!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

She's a bot.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm daveB from before:

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm xyrus Blaze:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm BnowB:

hell yea.. you just picked my 3 fav bands. This caller driving me MAD !
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm Aswipe:

now i'm just randomly yelling out bands
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm Lilith21:

Yes! Dave!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:53pm Drunken Creep:

A toast to all!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:54pm Aswipe:

Brian Eno!!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:54pm Lilith21:

Did she say The Keenks"?!
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:54pm big fan:

not the beatles?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:54pm BnowB:

The smiths! that ends it
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:54pm JeffHQ:

To pry by your side...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:54pm Aswipe:

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:54pm Amy from Iowa:

  Mon. 8/28/17 9:54pm Lilith21:

Mercyful Fate!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:54pm Slick Goldtooth:

I feel like a part of The Smiths' catalog is only depressing if your family was broke in Northern England and had a reason to hate Tories and Thatcher.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:54pm Supermeowy:

Hey DEZ, if I call in will there be 71 calls ahead of me???
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:55pm bobdoesthings:

ahhh I forgot it was monday! Hello all! what'd I miss?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:55pm Aswipe:

Punctured biiiiicycle ....on a hill
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:55pm BnowB:

WHos the other guy talking him out of the smiths?
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:55pm JeffHQ:

Oingo Boing...DOH!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:55pm seaks:

bobby mcferrin, hawkwind and donnie iris..easy
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:56pm Aswipe:

dave, try having a show where you just yack about music youre currently playing in the background
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:56pm BnowB:

@SlickGoldtooth HAHHAHA
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:56pm Lilith21:

Too difficult too choose
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:56pm big fan:

this chick is ok in my book.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:56pm xyrus Blaze:

Jeff, was gonna yell that too.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:56pm spacecowboy:

what about bing crosby
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:56pm JeffHQ:

Like a Tower Records PULSE instore magazine.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:57pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:57pm Drunken Creep:

elo, chet atkins, witch taint
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:57pm P-90:

Wait, one needs a REASON to hate Tories
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:57pm Supermeowy:

The Cure, Radiohead, Glen Campbell
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:57pm Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

I would choose Neil Young and Yo La Tengo for their huge back catalog. Then either Husker Du or The Replacements.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:57pm BnowB:

AHHH this caller..
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:57pm Supermeowy:

Hi Bob Does!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:58pm Aswipe:

you never saw Gilligan's island mr mayor, there's a lot you can do with a cononut.
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:58pm Lilith21:

XYRUS! Yes! You definitely would choose Oingo Boingo!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:58pm bobdoesthings:

Is there electric power on this deserted island? I have a lot of questions...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:58pm daveB from before:

where's Erma to defend Wilco?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:58pm BnowB:

lol @ dave wasting my time.. petty
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:59pm big fan:

the smiths jammed?
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:59pm JeffHQ:

Wilco Crisco.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:59pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Oh, now their going to concerts on their deserted island with Wilco...
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:59pm Lilith21:

Ohhh My God! Hilarious!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:59pm daveB from before:

Wilco are in my rare "I've seen 5 or more times" list
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:59pm BnowB:

I can hear more of her (caller) background then her lol
  Mon. 8/28/17 9:59pm moreguinness:

The Ramones for sure
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 9:59pm spacecowboy:

perry como
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm Aswipe:

why worry about life's complexities when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat? [cut me off]
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

I think I might kill and eat this woman on a deserted island...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm Slick Goldtooth:

Hang up

Abandon all hope, it was fun , good night
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm spacecowboy:

bing crosby
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm Lilith21:

Hang Up!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm spacecowboy:

glen miller
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm big fan:

coldplay? i take it back she's not cool at all
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm JeffHQ:

Coldplay Cosplay.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

I don't like this chick after she said Coldplay.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm Switchblade Batman:

I have some fond memories of cold play from way back when, otherwise. No
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm daveB from before:

Yes Rizzo!!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:00pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

  Mon. 8/28/17 10:01pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:01pm spacecowboy:

dave is a spectacle
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:01pm Slick Goldtooth:

I needed this,baaaaad.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:01pm xyrus Blaze:

  Mon. 8/28/17 10:01pm listener #126464:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:01pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

My brain ...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:01pm spacecowboy:

what about the iron butterfly !!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:01pm daveB from before:

I want the sons to rise up and kill Mumford
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:02pm Lilith21:

Beardy , Stompy bands Dave!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:02pm Drunken Creep:

The world is great enough for bands we don't want. Bless em
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:02pm big fan:

basically most bands nowadays suck
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:02pm BnowB:

@moreguinness GOOD ONE!
I'd be good with The Clash.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:02pm Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

ich bein Dave Hill. I use Shazam in coffee shops to identify what shit I am subjected to.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:02pm Slick Goldtooth:

I think this would be a good moment to turn the caller down and raise up some Poison
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:02pm spacecowboy:

ok yellow is pretty good
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:02pm Lilith21:

Yes! @moreguinness
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:03pm fleep:

101 Strings. They could play anything.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:03pm xyrus Blaze:

I'll give coldplay props for that single song. But nothing else.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:03pm Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

"yellow" was a snoozefest. All Coldplay songs are about a boring build up.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:03pm JeffHQ:

Songs For The Dentist Office Waiting Room.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:03pm BnowB:

the BF - "hey wanna 3some"
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:03pm spacecowboy:

oh my god becky !!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:03pm ob-vee bob duhhh:

oh my gawd!
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:03pm lolly:

Coldplay cold be utilitarian if u want to end it all instead of drinking salt water
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:04pm Drunken Creep:

It's hilarious that people are evolved enough to get mad at bad bands.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:04pm big possum:

possums eat ticks. do you like ticks?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:04pm Slick Goldtooth:

Get out the .22 and get to it, Tex.

Putin's America baby , gun in every home , possum in every pot.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:04pm spacecowboy:

possum rights
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:04pm daveB from before:

"The Possum Project" is Dave Hill's new Bluegrass side project
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:04pm Lilith21:

Is that Don Jr.?!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:04pm Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Even possums have problems with Coldplay.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:04pm tp:

*human problem
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:04pm moreguinness:

mission impossumble
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:04pm Dennis D:

Good question Dave
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:05pm spacecowboy:

the possums need to have a safe space
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:05pm lolly:

You could break Coldplay disc slit ur wrists. Possum gonna eat that poodle
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:05pm BnowB:

BF needs a therapist just a little talk therapy. no biggie
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:05pm bobdoesthings:

dave is heated, huh?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:05pm Dennis D:

Opossums love Dominos
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:05pm xyrus Blaze:

Dude should listen to some country.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:05pm bobdoesthings:

The Toadies - Possum King
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:05pm Slick Goldtooth:

Also before Know It All/Peter in Glen Ridge calls in, what we know as possums in North America are Oppossums and Possums are critters from Australia. Sugar Gliders are technically in that possum family.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm JeffHQ:

(slowly writes protest sign for possums)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm Rich in NC:

Way to be Dez
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm bobdoesthings:

although I forget if that's actually about possums or not..
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm daveB from before:

nice Bob!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm BnowB:

I gotta do anything but talk to you anymore. Cold play sucks! lmao
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm moreguinness:

  Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm BnowB:

j/k lol sorta i think...
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm sam:

phish song called possum too
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm Frulia:

And Possum Kingdom by some band from the 90's
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm Aswipe:

is this a pee break ,too? i gotta close my car up here in scz and rinse the salt off. i am so wasted.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:06pm Amy from Iowa:

@lilith that's what I thought too!
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:07pm lolly:

Play Coldplay, nem 'possums will flee.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:07pm big fan:

coldlumiplaycovett bros
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:07pm Marc15:

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a possum in a pear tree
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:07pm BnowB:

Bruce Springsteen's Possum Christmas
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:07pm Lilith21:

I'm crying laughing!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:07pm spacecowboy:

  Mon. 8/28/17 10:07pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:08pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

No please. How about some Harvey Milk?
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:08pm moreguinness:

That was enraging DEZ!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:09pm BnowB:

Bruce - worlds greatest song writer with the worst voice ever.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:09pm Rory:

If you play Coldplay....I'll tell Station Manager Ken.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:09pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

My publisher wanted me to call...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:09pm BnowB:

How about some Harvey Rollins?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:09pm spacecowboy:

how do you f up cat sitting?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:09pm Aswipe:

get a pic of the pet and go buy an identical one. theyll never know.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:10pm herb.nyc:

In movie Laurel Canyon, Lou Barlow was told the band would be like Coldplay / Radiohead. He said "can we name the band Radioplay?".
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:10pm daveB from before:

"Cat Sitting for a Friend" is Dave Hill's new yacht rock side project
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:10pm JeffHQ:

Mr Johnston for Mr Hill...go for Dave...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:10pm BnowB:

100's of books...
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:10pm Lilith21:

Yes Amy! It's from a podcast Dave was on and he mentioned of Beardy ,Stompy bands Haha!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:10pm BnowB:

playboy press... The Book!
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:11pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:11pm fleep:

fakey fakey eggs and bakey
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:11pm Lilith21:

I love that book!! Haha!
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:11pm JeffHQ:

Pages 66 and 67 were stuck together.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:11pm Aswipe:

I read a lot of "articles" back in the 80s
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:11pm bobdoesthings:

@spacecowboy - I once saved a tiny kitten b/c a neighbor was suppose to be "cat sitting" they left the window open.. this little tiny kitten crawled out.. went up the fire escape.. walked across the roof and came down my fire escape and meowed outside my window in about 10-15F degree winter weather when I was very intoxicated.. long story short.. I got the cat back to it's owner..
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:11pm BnowB:

HAHHAHAHA this dude is funny ... i love porn titles haha
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:12pm ἶἶἶkε:

Hi Randy!!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:12pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

His Front: Giant of the Stars (1989) - A small farmer in Iowa journeys to New York City in search of his ultimate girlfriend.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:12pm BnowB:

See he got good Title writer..
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:13pm Lilith21:

Bahahahahaha ! Omg!!
This is so great!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:13pm BnowB:

Wait dave You can get he title to your book from this caller....
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:13pm Aswipe:

awww, nice story, bob
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:13pm Switchblade Batman:

The japanese also did a weirdass version of spiderman img.buzzfeed.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:13pm Slick Goldtooth:

I wonder if this guy is a fan of Joe Bob Briggs and Monstervision
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:14pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Joe (1979) - A timid man journeys to Japan in search of an analogue lifestyle.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:14pm Switchblade Batman:

  Mon. 8/28/17 10:14pm JeffHQ:

This book talk is tighter than a Dunkin Donuts overtime check.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:15pm Lilith21:

Time to brainstorm your 3rd book title
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:15pm Wade:

I'm glad James Taylor Johnston gets to list every single one of his hundreds of books!
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:15pm Greek Titan:

I called the station several times, and nobody answers. Is it just difficult to get through?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:15pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

We Don't Need It (2001) (January) - A hoarder kills his mother and preserves her body under his bed.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:15pm bobdoesthings:

"skateboarding rabbi" this guy is ripping off comedian Josh Androsky .. check out him high as fuck on mushrooms getting onto the Price Is Right on youtube.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:16pm DaveHill:

Author James Taylor Johnston on now!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:16pm BnowB:

His cat.... This guy?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:17pm Aswipe:

oh hell awesome traffic out in gaihtersburg to dc
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:17pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Remember the DC sniper?
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:17pm JeffHQ:

All this cat food behind the Target at Wheaton Plaza !
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:17pm DaveHill:

His book: www.amazon.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:17pm BnowB:

Dick James?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:18pm Switchblade Batman:

Just call dez, dez. Wouldn't that work?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:18pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Call him Sweet Baby James. Do not call him by any other name.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:19pm BnowB:

Under the board walk? Playboy Press?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:19pm bobdoesthings:

wait.. Dez has another name?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:19pm Slick Goldtooth:

Jesus Christ this is fucking poetry in motion
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:19pm Aswipe:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:19pm bobdoesthings:

is this guy the guy who calls in as the Colonel?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:19pm Supermeowy:

Stinker lets loose is usually what my kid yells at me when I don't close the bathroom door.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:20pm BnowB:

no gas no electricity .. writes porn .. friends with a child molester.. divorced 4 times? toodles... and now toodles is fucked.. bojangles.. thats where you end up
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:20pm moreguinness:

No Bob that's someone else...also there is only DEZ!
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:20pm JeffHQ:

Cookin w gaseous discharge.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:21pm Aswipe:

Night of the Clap
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:22pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Taipan Honey (1975) - Without a home, a man makes his nut in a child molester's home while watching his pedophile cat.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:22pm JakeGould:

You really can’t beat “Any Which Way You Can.” The Orangutan is wearing a wristwatch and drinking beers in a bar at the beginning of the film and nobody blinks. It’s like completely normal.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:22pm Erma Gherd:

good evening all.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:22pm Dennis D:

wet heads
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:22pm bobdoesthings:

alcoholics (kinda) anonymous
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:22pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:23pm Supermeowy:

Is this guy single? Asking for a friend.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:23pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Erma Gherd, I'm sorry you're coming in in the middle of all this.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:23pm JakeGould:

This guy’s smarmy vocal fry…
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:24pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Wax (2004) - A yoga class goes fucking insane with candles.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:25pm Dennis D:

she lost her face
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:25pm JeffHQ:

I just laughed cracks in my rejuvenating facemask.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:25pm Dennis D:

i think it was a face replacement
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:25pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Let's Make A Deal (1988) - A woman has her faced ripped off by her "domestic" chimpanzee. She was from Connecticut. Nuf said.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:25pm chad from oregon:

Orangutans have been doing head replacement surgery for decades.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:26pm Dennis D:

chimps for for extremities, will rip you cock and balls over ate tearing your face off
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:26pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

  Mon. 8/28/17 10:26pm xyrus Blaze:

The first successful face transplant was like lastyear. A bike messenger named Dave in NYC got hit by a car, went brain dead, and his face was put on some firefighter. It's crazy cos theres a 20 year difference between donor and recipient.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:26pm JakeGould:

“My Three Sons” (1967): All of the sons gently diddled in bed by an escaped ape. Father blames self and is now an alcoholic.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:27pm Switchblade Batman:

I refuse to believe Chachi is a Rhodes scholar
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:27pm Erma Gherd:

Mayor Frank, I'm a bit baffled but haven't heard enough to be truly irritated yet.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:27pm Dennis D:

that would be weird getting another face
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:27pm Slick Goldtooth:

I feel like Charles In Charge's exterior shots were New Brunswick and the college he was supposed to be attending was like a knock off of Rutgers
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:27pm JakeGould:

@Erma: This guy’s vocal fry.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:27pm bobdoesthings:

I'm a couch scholar.. lesser known. but comfy.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:28pm JeffHQ:

Chicken v Paramount
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:28pm Lilith21:

"Major Burns ,Eats Worms"!
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:28pm Danne D:

Whoa wait an Elwyn sighting?!?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:28pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

M*A*S*H* - (1976) - No.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:28pm Erma Gherd:

@Jake - he sounds enough like Jimmy Spader that I'm ok with it!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Peephole, peephole who need peephole...

Dave! Hillfolk!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:29pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:29pm chad from oregon:

"The first successful facial reconstruction by an Orangutan was completed in 1962." - Wikipedia
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:29pm JakeGould:

@Erma: James Spader? media.giphy.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:30pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

  Mon. 8/28/17 10:30pm Lilith21:

"Wuthering Crabs"
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:30pm Erma Gherd:

gah the self-promotion lately is embarrassing.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:30pm Dennis D:

no I'm Jimmy!
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:30pm JeffHQ:

All emissions are unsolicited.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:30pm JakeGould:

Stop yelling at me.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:31pm Erma Gherd:

@Jake - I know, I know, but I'd hate-fuck him...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:31pm JakeGould:

Is that the definition of “hate fuck?”
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:31pm Switchblade Batman:

Jesus, that was really awkward.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:31pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Glow Lights (2019 - preorder) - Squids climb up the rocks of Maine and eat vacationers then get caught and eaten. #sweetbabyjames
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:32pm Slick Goldtooth:

Holy fucking shit.

This is why I tune in
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:32pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:32pm Erma Gherd:

someone you know is probably a total douche but you'd still hit it? that's my definition.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:32pm Switchblade Batman:

Me too! Mike!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Michael McDonald, more friggin' self-promotion...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:32pm Supermeowy:

James Johnston closing out with some strong insults there. Pretty shocked about all this.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:33pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:33pm Erma Gherd:

as always, Dave is level-headed and kind where I jump to fuck that guy!
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:34pm Danne D:

I am loving this caller :)
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:34pm Lilith21:

He's a cat sitter of Toodles
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:34pm Slick Goldtooth:

This guy has a point. Dave I called in 2 or 3 times in my entire time listening, I think you should pay me to walk your dog.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Guidance ain't free, pal!

@Erma: Not only hate-fucking but *rushing* to hate-fuck?? ;)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:34pm Slick Goldtooth:

God where is Yngdave or Don when we need him, woof
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:35pm JeffHQ:

This guy is like generic Cheetos compare to Johnston.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:36pm Slick Goldtooth:

Fuck yes GBV
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:36pm Switchblade Batman:

I always thought cheetos was a generic cheez doodles @Jeff
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:36pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

  Mon. 8/28/17 10:36pm Frulia:

Dont worry Dave Hill, you're doing great, forget the haters!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:36pm Erma Gherd:

haha, Matt, I know, I worded it badly. I want to do dirty things with James Spader. I don't with this other James/Jimmy.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:37pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:38pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

This Dave talks on the Phone gif has me hypnotized...So does GbV..
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha, at least we have a visual for James Spader. He's made a career out of making characters you hate and yet...
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:39pm Xyrus Blaze:

I've been on hold for 58 minutes. I forget why I called.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:40pm Matt from Springfield:

@Xyrus: That's fine, we forget why we listen!!...
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:40pm Lilith21:

Keep trying Xyrus!;)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:41pm Erma Gherd:

There are not a lot of men that make me weak in the knees. He does! But I have a broken picker.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:43pm DEZ:

xyrus, i didnt know that was you! sorry, man. this is the price we pay for hot phone action
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:45pm xyrus Blaze:

Dez, it's all good. I've been pretty entertained. My only complaint is the music sounds terrible on the phone. Like "on hold" audio quality. Good selection tho.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:46pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Are these the gentlemen with nooses around their necks and bags upon their heads covered in blood?
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:48pm JeffHQ:

I just wanna DANCE man!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes, one of the last poets.
Besides her(pes).nyc, who do we have left?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Donovan "Hurdy Gurdy Man"! (1968)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:49pm Dennis D:

Gil I don't think was in the Last Poets
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:49pm Drunken Creep:

Herdy Gherdy Man
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:49pm Wade:

Dave, I'm sorry James Taylor Johnston called you an asshat. None of us think you're an asshat, probably.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:49pm Matt from Springfield:

Erma Gherdy, DC!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:50pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:50pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Nerdy Furtive Man.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Sexy Flower Child, went from Guthrie-folkie to higher consciousness psych quite a while before then.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:50pm Dennis D:

contempary of Bob Dylan but English
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:50pm Lilith21:

Quite Right!
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:50pm dez:

i wanna hear don doing hurdy gurdy man!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:51pm Matt from Springfield:

H. DON Benjamin from Union City!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:51pm chad from oregon:

That should happen.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:52pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dennis: Exactly. He was similar to Dylan in those early years but they were influenced by Guthrie in parallel. Then Donovan went very pop psych under Mickie Most's production.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:52pm JeffHQ:

Jon Benjamin with sriracha polyps.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:53pm chad from oregon:

I also want to hear Don sing Like A Possum.
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:53pm Lilith21:

Heyyyyy nowwww
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:53pm dez:

jeff hq, nailed it!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:53pm Matt from Springfield:

"The heart of the sun / The heart of the sun..."
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:54pm Matt from Springfield:

@JeffHQ: Uh, sure, that too! :)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:54pm Slick Goldtooth:

My sides I can't even
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:54pm Dennis D:

Judge Judy makers 47 million a year
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:54pm Drunken Creep:

eyes to the sky -union beach
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:54pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

  Mon. 8/28/17 10:55pm Lilith21:

So many things flying over head...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:55pm seaks:

dave got a yes ma'am
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:55pm Lilith21:

Xyrus!!!! Yay!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:55pm Matt from Springfield:

"Scold/Counter-scold: Weeknights at 7:30 on your PBS station."
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 10:58pm bobdoesthings:

I just saw Rob Cantrell like 2 weeks ago!
  Mon. 8/28/17 10:59pm Wade:

They are pretty sweet outfits!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:00pm Dennis D:

Satan in satin
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Does the Church of Satan run clothing thrift shops? How is the robe/hat selection, good condition or just the crap they're trying to get rid of?
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:00pm lolly:

I'm just mad about saffron...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:01pm Matt from Springfield:

@Rob: Tom Scharpling has described (Anton LaVey's) CoS philosophy as Ayn Rand with costume role play.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:01pm Matt from Springfield:

@lolly :)
Qu-ite right-ly.
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:03pm lolly:

@matt groovy!
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:03pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:03pm Erma Gherd:

station ID!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:03pm BnowB:

That old Lost Highway
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:04pm xyrus Blaze:

Dammit. I forgot to ask my question. Next time!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:04pm Slick Goldtooth:

Shenandoah National Park is dopee
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:05pm dez:

thanks erma!!
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:05pm Lilith21:

I Know You're Out There!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Byoonavista, VA!!!

"Buena Vista", in the Shenandoah they have a way of saying foreign names :)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:05pm bobdoesthings:

@DAVE/DEZ --- Rob Cantrell's mic is HOT! peaking!!
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:05pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:05pm Matt from Springfield:

"Stan-tin", "Mount Video", "Mc-Gak-keys-ville"...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:06pm Aswipe:

yes how can one think other than literally?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:06pm Erma Gherd:

I never know if it's my computer or what but yeah, hot mic!
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:06pm Lilith21:

Next time Xyrus!!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:07pm Dennis D:

stop yelling in the mic Rob!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:08pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

  Mon. 8/28/17 11:09pm Lilith21:

Did you get the note from a Raven?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:09pm Matt from Springfield:

He's not only a loser, he's not what he appears to be.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:09pm Erma Gherd:

is this real?!?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:09pm Switchblade Batman:

Holy hell. What is up with that guy?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:10pm Matt from Springfield:

And he's pantless too...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:10pm Switchblade Batman:

This is a show for the books.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:10pm Slick Goldtooth:

Good fucking jesus
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:10pm bobdoesthings:

it's ob-vee not real brahhhsss... duhh - let's listen to some coldplay already
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:10pm JeffHQ:

Like napalm eclairs.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:10pm seaks:

it worked..i bought the book
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:10pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:11pm Matt from Springfield:

GNFAB, Jeff.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:11pm Dennis D:

he doesn't get a fuckin penny
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:11pm Slick Goldtooth:

This is easier a better act than The Colonel and Vinyl Bureau Agent combined or someone taking real umbrage with the show
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:11pm xyrus Blaze:

"let me put on my pants"
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:12pm Drunken Creep:

Bringing good, along with true indianian black metal
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:12pm Matt from Springfield:

WHOA! This is the same guy who talked about this 3 years ago!! He was a tween in Roanoke VA, and saw that first hip-hop tour where they toured outside of NYC. And yes, The Fat Boys rapping about cheeseburgers and wowing all the other 13 year old boys!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:12pm Erma Gherd:

I feel like I saw this show in Indianapolis! Market Square Arena. Also I think Heavy D and the Boys were on that tour.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Jul 15 2014, I so remember this!:
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:13pm Aswipe:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:13pm Erma Gherd:

oh dear, Heavy D and the FAT boys.
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:13pm Lilith21:

Grand Master Flash opened for The Clash @Pier82-
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:14pm Slick Goldtooth:


And there was an eyehategod and GBV song played too.

Fuck me man, we gone full circle
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:14pm JeffHQ:

Rare Essentients
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:14pm Aswipe:

I remember people like that in the south in the 80s and 90s. such an organic innocent time.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:15pm Erma Gherd:

hilarious, I commented then about MSA as well. I totally forgot about this!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:15pm Dennis D:

The Clash and Big Audio Dynamite were really into boom boxes and urban music.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:15pm bobdoesthings:

tragedy + time =
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:16pm Erma Gherd:

B.A.D. was so fun. Let's have a ball tonight (let's have a ball!)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:16pm Matt from Springfield:

@Slick Wooohooo!!!

@bob: Indeed, there wouldn't be any stand-up if you went about your day with no problems or no surprises (as one comic described how to make a routine).
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:16pm Dennis D:

my buddy Don Letts was in the first version, saw them a bunch
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:16pm bobdoesthings:

@matt SF- I can't wait for a few years until I can crack jokes about my mother's death.. hmmmmm mmmm.. that'll be worth the wait
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:17pm JeffHQ:

DMV in dahouuse!!!!
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:17pm xyrus Blaze:

Jokes about your dad dying are the hardest to make. Even when they're funny, people immediately want to apologize.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:18pm Dennis D:

I'm listed at the end of Don's book, I think it mentioned anyone who got him weed
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:18pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

This is great...
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:18pm JeffHQ:

Spastic Fantastic!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:19pm Matt from Springfield:

"First Cut Is The Ill-est"
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:19pm herpes.nyc:

Rob Cantrell loves Mantronix,
He should put a sock on it.

(I don't know what this means)
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:20pm Lilith21:

Awwwwwhhhh!! That was so sweet,Dave
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:21pm dez:

matt with the archive deep dive!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:22pm Matt from Springfield:

"Daaaaaaave Hill. G'night boyy."
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dez: That's why they call me "The ArchiviZt"!
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:24pm Lilith21:

It's all about balance
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:24pm Erma Gherd:

oatmeal and yogurt sounds disgusting.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:24pm Drunken Creep:

Oat Boats of Goats
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Granola and yogurt is great, but that's oatmeal that's been mixed and processed first. Sometimes I crave dried oatmeal, right outta the jar, but mostly that wouldn't be so good with just yogurt.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:25pm Slick Goldtooth:

Throwing back to Bond, Twiggy Branches sounds like the Shady Trees character from Diamonds Are Forever
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:26pm Erma Gherd:

Fage has the sidecar, Chobani has the flip and tip. I am a yogurt enthusiast but NO OATMEAL in it.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:26pm Aswipe:


Matt from Springfield:

"First Cut Is The Ill-est"
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:26pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Reeses in the freezer fahgetaboutit.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:26pm Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Heath bars are the best!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:27pm Erma Gherd:

Fage is pronounced fi-yuh according to the packaging.

Matt - I agree, granola is good in yogurt.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:27pm Slick Goldtooth:

Get Yngdave on that meetup
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:28pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

I think I just got hit in the head...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:29pm Aswipe:

tell me about it dave
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:29pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:29pm Dennis D:

I got to figure out to get to Bensonhurst so I can jam with YngDave
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:30pm Drunken Creep:

deblaggio haha
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:30pm Lilith21:

Yes! Do it DennisD
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:31pm Dennis D:

shouldn't be too hard to get to
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:31pm Switchblade Batman:

Take the D train or the N
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:31pm Matt from Springfield:

ShWEET! Dennis-Yng BensonJam!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:31pm Erma Gherd:

long-ass subway ride but totally manageable!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:31pm Dennis D:

it will happen
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:32pm BIGJoE:

I wanna jam too!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:32pm Dennis D:

D train is good for me thanks
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:33pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

What is the full name of twiggy?
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:33pm Lilith21:

Awwwwhhh!! The Great Kazoo
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:33pm Matt from Springfield:

I wouldn't want Luci to get jealous of everyone else watching the eclipse.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:33pm Aswipe:

nice effect yng!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:33pm Erma Gherd:

Dave from before, do you have any acoustic guitars?
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:34pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Dave, can i intro? new voice. strong hard GWAR!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:34pm Aswipe:

play led zep over the hills and far away
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:35pm Matt from Springfield:

"Waste Not, Want More"
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:35pm Aswipe:

houses of the holy is my one of 10 desert island discs.
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:36pm Danne D:

how does it sound? levels good? :)
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:36pm dez:

aswipe, i heard that on the way in! still a righteous jam!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:36pm DaveHill:

I do, Erma!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:36pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:36pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Out On The Tiles.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:36pm Dennis D:

sounds good to me
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:36pm Danne D:

sorry I haven't been on boards much :( runnin' crazy
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:37pm dez:

carol miller is still getting the led out. she interviewed the cover artist of that one tonight!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:37pm bobdoesthings:

goodnight all.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:38pm DaveHill:

Where you going, Bob?!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:38pm Erma Gherd:

@davehill - just wondered, I figured you did but have only seen you play electric!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:38pm Erma Gherd:

good night bob!
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:39pm Danne D:

Hi Bob!
Goodnight Bob!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:39pm Matt from Springfield:

That IS the stuff!! \m/

G'night bob! Always do things!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:40pm Aswipe:

I really like LZ3 . it grew on me like most good things do. not sugar,
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:41pm Aswipe:

ive got out on the tiles playing in background at 1/8th volume:
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:41pm Aswipe:

phys graffitit. yes good album
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:42pm Aswipe:

the ending is the best part dave
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:42pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:42pm Dennis D:

they suck
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:43pm Lilith21:

Night Flight!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:44pm Aswipe:

if you listen carefully on Houses of the holy you will hear a phone ringing in the studio on The Ocean
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@Aswipe: Do you have the timestamp on the track? I may try to listen for that.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:46pm Alex of Chicago:

You better not be bull----ing me, Aswipe.
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:47pm Lilith21:

Boogie With Don
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:47pm Dennis D:

yeah weird piano keys
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:48pm Whosondephone:

Thank you for the show Dave! I was having a bad day. You brought me back to a proper perspective. Truly lifted my spirit. I hope to listen more often!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:48pm Aswipe:

No, matt. i just discovered it bc i kept turning the music down thinking the phone rang. the nthere's the sabbath track with "i;m in love with adrug" sung in the Lp outtrack. good shit! bass drum squeeek on Ive been lovin you. im a drummer, i have an ear
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:49pm Aswipe:

but, fuck, houses is a damn fine quality sound and arrnage,ment album
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:49pm dez:

those little nuggets are the best, aswipe
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:50pm DaveHill:

Thank you, Whosondephone!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:50pm dez:

i was deep on all the early albums up to Houses in high school but when I got a lil older, physical graffiti finally revealed its true self to me
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:51pm Erma Gherd:

everyone knows about "if you hear this whisper, you're dying" on Floyd's Dark Side, yes?
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:51pm xyrus Blaze:

Lilith! email me bout ring sizing stuff. cheapparlortricks@gmail.com
If anyone else wants to send me spam, go for it.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:51pm Aswipe:

one of my fav nuggest is Orb Halford singing at end of fadeout on Sin AfterStarbreaker. fadeout was way too soon and too low... um...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:52pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:52pm Dennis D:

If you listen carefully, you can hear a phone ringing in the studio at 1:37-1:38 and ...
according to google
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:52pm Aswipe:

Orb?! lol
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:52pm dez:

yes, erma!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:52pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

clap clap clap. nice stuff..
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:53pm Aswipe:

not me i g ocommando!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:53pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

DO IT ALL THE TIME! (everybody!)
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:54pm Lilith21:

Will do Xyrus!! ;)
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:54pm Aswipe:

i think the sabbth bugget is on hole in the skiy album. that oeriod.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:54pm Erma Gherd:

@dez - i figured! i came to them latish.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:55pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

Bum dee bu doo buh, bum deep do beedum do bum...
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:55pm Aswipe:

imagine being completely fucked up with volume cranked to 11 and hearing these nuggets. good times.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:57pm dez:

In Gimme Shelter, you can hear Mick hoot after the backup singers voice crack when she is wailing. It's my favorite!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:57pm Matt from Springfield:


All right! Thanks Dave, Rob, Twigs/Branches, Dez, callers and commenters and everyone!

Have a good night!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:58pm Erma Gherd:

ooh that's a great one!
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:58pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:58pm Dennis D:

Some crazy phone stuff tonight
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:58pm dez:

gnite, everyone!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@Aswipe: I'll have to investigate "The Ocean" phone ringing.
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:58pm LightninBluEyes:

Goodnight everyone
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:58pm Aswipe:

i gotta tell you guys in the studio i love when someone is noodling on their instrument sand dave just chimes in , real laid back and chill.
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:59pm Lilith21:

Good Evening Dave ,Dez and Alll!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:59pm Aswipe:

thx dave!!!!!! u da man!
  Mon. 8/28/17 11:59pm Amy from Iowa:

Great show Dave! 'Night!
Avatar Mon. 8/28/17 11:59pm Mayor Frank Rizzo:

that was an ok show!
Avatar Tue. 8/29/17 12:00am Aswipe:

im positive
Avatar Tue. 8/29/17 12:00am Erma Gherd:

good night all!
Avatar Tue. 8/29/17 12:00am Slick Goldtooth:

hoo boy this was an intersting one
Avatar Tue. 8/29/17 12:01am Dennis D:

have a good week
  Tue. 8/29/17 12:01am moreguinness:

night kids
Avatar Tue. 8/29/17 12:04am Aswipe:

i think it's 1:39
Avatar Tue. 8/29/17 12:39am DaveHill:

Thanks for listening, everybody!
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