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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options August 21, 2017: Dave has returned from the UK just hours ago as he welcomes a mystery guest to Studio A for hot times. Also, a belated tribute to the late, great Glen Campbell.

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Artist Track Album Images Approx. start time
Exceptionally long show intro...     
0:00:00 ()
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options Angel Witch 
0:02:38 ()
Glen Campbell  Gentle on My Mind   Options  
0:07:15 ()
Glen Campbell  The Moon's a Harsh Mistress   Options  
0:08:31 ()
Glen Campbell  Galveston   Options  
0:11:18 ()
Dave talks on the phone.     
0:25:35 ()
Glen Campbell  Wichita Lineman   Options  
Glen Campbell  Highway Man (live)   Options  
Glen Campbell  Wishing Now   Options  
Glen Campbell  Ghost On The Canvas   Options  

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:01pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:01pm Asswipe:

Yay #2 dammit!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:01pm LightninBluEyes:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:02pm chad from oregon:

Weekend At YngDave's is on NetFlix next month.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Take off your polka pants, the next show is starting!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:03pm Danne D:

Time for the YngClipse!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:03pm Danne D:

HI LBE! :)
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:03pm Lilith21:

Welcome Home Dave!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:03pm Danne D:

glad to see you
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:03pm DEZ:

Evenin, everyone!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:03pm LightninBluEyes:

Hullo, Danne D
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:04pm Lilith21:

Hi Dez! Hi All!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:05pm Danne D:

Yngel Witch tonight
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:05pm Aswipe:

Jimmy Strurr Orchestra, you gotta go, it's time for dave's show.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:05pm Aswipe:

unless u can play angel witch on the accordion
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:05pm Supermeowy:

school's in session and I can listen again! it's a magical day with Dave back from his hang with Jay-Z, solar eclipse, and more!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:05pm Stats (Stephen):

Good morning everybody!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Next time, I'm flying Angel Witch Airlines. Round trip departures from Angel Witch Airport on the hour!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:06pm Lilith21:

Hi SuperMeowy!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:06pm Aswipe:

supermeowy: why do they send kids back to skool b4 labor day?? makes no sense. why dont they wait a week or 2??
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:06pm chad from oregon:

Oh nice. He did play Angel Witch this week.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:06pm Lilith21:

Morning Stephen!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:07pm Lilith21:

Awwwhhh.. man...
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:07pm Danne D:

RIP Glen Campbell :(
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:07pm Aswipe:

i just finished drinkypoo #1, anybody got an ailment?
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:07pm Lilith21:

So lovely
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:07pm Supermeowy:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:08pm DEZ:

so much to catch up on!!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:08pm dan from Albany:

Sup, folks?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:08pm DEZ:

that pig is gonna stick the landing one of these times
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:09pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 8/21/17 9:09pm Supermeowy:

I am so happy school started, Aswipe!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:10pm Stats (Stephen):

The piglets gif is sorta like counting sheep. Also, why aren't the piglets bouncing off the angelwitch halo?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:10pm Aswipe:

I wish i was in skool. workin is for da birds.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:10pm Supermeowy:

OMG!! I am so happy to hear that sweet Glen voice twice in a row!! thanks, Dave!!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:11pm Stats (Stephen):

Folks without a desktop view of the playlist will be so confused by my mentioning that.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:11pm JakeGould:

Thirty sixthsies!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:11pm DEZ:

i felt it was best to leave the GC tribute in the Monday nite slot to Dave
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:12pm DEZ:

I did almost play Tom Jones' Witchita Lineman last week tho
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:12pm JeffHQ:

It's all moonlight from here, amirite?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:12pm Trip (satellite state):

Hey peeps <3
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:12pm Lilith21:

Yes Dez!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:13pm DaveHill:

Hey, everybody! Thanks for tuning in! Your hair looks incredible!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:13pm Dennis D:

hi Dave Hill
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:13pm bobdoesthings:

good evening all
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:13pm Supermeowy:

  Mon. 8/21/17 9:13pm Moreguinness:

hey gang!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:14pm DaveHill:

Hey, Dennis!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:14pm DaveHill:

Hey, moreguinness!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:14pm Lilith21:

Hi Dave!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:14pm DEZ:

bob, meowy, guiness, Lilith!! Y'all are here!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:14pm Lilith21:

Hi More Guinness!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:15pm James Fernandez:

  Mon. 8/21/17 9:16pm Wade:

YES!!! You brought the "axe"!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:16pm Lilith21:

Yesssss!! Dez!!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:16pm Danne D:

Wooo Dave has the axe! Hopefully the YngAxe will be there too :)
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:17pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 8/21/17 9:17pm JeffHQ:

Heat complete.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:17pm James Fernandez:

DANNE , you aren't making any sense! YngDave?Who is YngDave?
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:18pm Lilith21:

Hi Wade!! Great suggestion!!! Wahooo!!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:19pm Wade:

Hey Lilith!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:19pm chad from oregon:

Wow, this is bringing too much sexy to the airwaves. Wasn't there an edit of this?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:19pm northguineahills:

Down here, it started to cloud up around one and rained on and off. It got darker then normal, but that's all I could tell.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:19pm JeffHQ:

Operating on the spectrum of 31 flavors and nutrients.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:19pm Wade:

I could listen to those sweet "licks" all night!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:19pm spaceghost:

Whoa! One of the most rippin' solos I've heard!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:20pm Stats (Stephen):

therapy shred followed by reverb house cleaning.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:20pm Stats (Stephen):

and that's about all the time we have. goodnight everybody!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:20pm ChrisB.:

Listening to Dave Hill address the nation tonight.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:20pm Aswipe:

like bill hicks said, somebody get a broom, dve is on the ceiling
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:20pm Wade:

That was probably the best 20 minutes in the history of radio, Dave!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:21pm Stats (Stephen):

Oh man! He didn't sleep on the flight. That means there was a baby on board!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:21pm cosmic matrix:

uh oh some bad 60 cycle hum
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:22pm BillDolanBDC:

Never been this
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:22pm Aswipe:

no goofballs dave?
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:22pm BillDolanBDC:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:22pm cosmic matrix:

oops my bad! my hum. never mind.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:22pm BillDolanBDC:

during an eclipse ever
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:22pm Aswipe:

a dead lois?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:23pm bobdoesthings:

my stream keeps lagging :((((((((
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:23pm Lilith21:

Hi Nude Bill!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:23pm chad from oregon:

This suspense...
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:23pm chad from oregon:

...is causing an eclipse in my pants
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:23pm fleep:

Gad. Zooks. Gadzooks. We been teased.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:24pm cosmic matrix:

hi dave! (blush)
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:24pm chad from oregon:

And I forgot my special glasses.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:25pm Lilith21:

England invasion Insta- stories!!!!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:25pm P-90:

Welcome home from all those -hams, Dave
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:25pm Wade:

I have it on good authority Dave's secret guest tonight is....
Sean Spicer!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:25pm Aswipe:

ive got my vodka tonic goggles on, chad from oh-ree-gone
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:26pm Amy from Iowa:

Hi everybody!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:26pm James Fernandez:

tell us when you've reached totality, chad
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:26pm lolly:

FUBAR radio show was funny funny last wk. Found on their APP, under menu, "catch up." Scroll down to DH!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:26pm James Fernandez:

hey, amy!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:26pm Lilith21:

Hi Amy!!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:27pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:27pm Aswipe:

what civil servants is she banging tah-day?
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:27pm Andy:

Sara from Kansas! Yay!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:27pm chad from oregon:

Aswipe, that's a solid brand.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:28pm Amy from Iowa:

Hay Dez! Hey Lilith!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:28pm lolly:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:28pm fleep:

She's drunk AS the job.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:28pm chad from oregon:

I actually reached totality twice during the polka show, so it might take me awhile.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:29pm Lilith21:

It's. Bacchanal!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:30pm Aswipe:

if you reach totality is that totalitarianism?
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:30pm Lilith21:

A Bacchanal!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:30pm Moreguinness:

you can really taste the hagar in it
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:31pm dan from Albany:

Coming soon: Dave Hill's Turpentine.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:31pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 8/21/17 9:32pm P-90:

YngCat out of the YngBag!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:32pm DEZ:

  Mon. 8/21/17 9:32pm lolly:

Cannot drink tequila since fell in a window-well & cracked a rib.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:33pm Drunken Creep:

Oh good! Late to the party, and ready to party now! Always great to hear from the pride of Royal Liquors!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:33pm JeffHQ:

Holiday heart syndrome.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:34pm chad from oregon:

The GDDHS just got real for a minute.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:34pm Dennis D:

hello Amy
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:34pm LightninBluEyes:

I wish I could exchange her 'life's drama' with mine. Hers sounds like a cake walk compared to mine, damn. xD
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:34pm Stats (Stephen):

I can't drink tequila because I chased police riot vans demanding a lift home,
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:34pm Supermeowy:

I'm taking applicants for sugar daddy. HMU
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:35pm Matt from Springfield:

I would like to go to Vermont for any reason. Particularly to see the autumn foliage. I can get Ben & Jerry's here and can shoot guns in the rural Shenandoah Valley here, but I'd like to get Ben & Jerry's and shoot guns up in VT as well. Cider and cheese would be great as well.

HI Dave and Hilladelphians!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:35pm Lilith21:

Arya Stark!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:35pm Drunken Creep:

She's got someone in every state to fly her out and look after her house and belongings! She's living a dream! Not to mention there's a cidery involved.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:36pm Aswipe:

In May 2015 I flew to NC got a car from my sis' hubby and drove to Quebec and never stopped in VT. It was pre-Bernie. I now regret not stopping in as a now Bernie volunteer.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:36pm JakeGould:

Cider is great but honestly—as someone who really likes cider—Woodchuck Cider is the most common and actually the best.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:36pm lolly:

@stats Stephen haha--fellow ex-Tequila casualty
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:36pm Lilith21:

Thanks Dave!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: Agree! Sweet and tart, flavorful, not too bitter.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:37pm Amy from Iowa:

Hey Dennis D!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:37pm JakeGould:

And it’s cheap and gets you good and drunk real fast.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:37pm Aswipe:

"smoke up john-nay!"
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:38pm Danne D:

Hipster Cigarettes
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:38pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:39pm JakeGould:

@DanneD: Isn’t it those natural American Indian cigarettes?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:39pm Dennis D:

I love where I come from!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:39pm Aswipe:

Little Richard - Kansas City
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:39pm JakeGould:

@DaveHill: I love those piglets near the beginning of the playlist.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:39pm Matt from Springfield:


"Easier to Kiss Boys Out in Kansas City", inspired by the best-selling YA novel. Rated PG-13.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:40pm Aswipe:

play at 1/8 volume
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:40pm chad from oregon:

This call has "spin-off" written all over it.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:41pm Drunken Creep:

"The Keys were in the Cherry Picker" NYT #1 best seller
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:41pm Lilith21:

Where's Melissa now?!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:41pm Matt from Springfield:

If you don't like the rules, NH may be the even better option.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:42pm Aswipe:

the are harder in kansas city is because of racism. it gives the cops and judges the discretion to let whites go and pummel the black folks. thats how it out that way.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:42pm chad from oregon:

"I Need to Feel Dirty" - coming soon to The Moth.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:42pm Aswipe:

thats why they do it
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:42pm Supermeowy:

Sarah sounds great!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:43pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:43pm JakeGould:

Ohhhh… Burlington hate!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:44pm Drunken Creep:

In the winter they have to call it Brrrrlington...
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:45pm Lilith21:

Ohh boyyyy
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:45pm Dennis D:

poon tang
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:46pm JakeGould:

Might be a spoonful of sugar… Might be a spoonful of something something…
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:46pm Danne D:

  Mon. 8/21/17 9:46pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Mmmm, Lake Champagne....
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:47pm Aswipe:

"debbie fuckin wassermann schultz!"
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:47pm fleep:

I picture this guy's voice wearing a red shirt, silk jacket, and gold chains.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:47pm listener #126464:

beautiful this time of year
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:48pm Drunken Creep:

This is already a solid gold classic, and still ramping up...
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:48pm Matt from Springfield:

@fleep: Real silk? I picture sateen or imitation.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:48pm snif:

hey dave hillers!
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:48pm BillDolanBDC:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:48pm JakeGould:

Is this guy going to interview exotic dancers after this call or what?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey listener! I'm close by you, at 123931! :)
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: Of course he will. He supports diversity, and so will interview *exotic* dancers.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Another fan of our NRBQ live show! Really got to see those guys live sometime.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:50pm Dennis D:

NRBQ is a great live band
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:51pm Aswipe:

when i wasa kid i associated nrbq with bbq and food. so i never checked them out
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:51pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:51pm bobdoesthings:

anyone else having tons of lagging issues? I can't seem to find any stream that doesn't get stopped. :(
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:52pm Lilith21:

App is always delayed@bobdoesthings
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:53pm Lilith21:

That Would be Amazing!!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:53pm Aitch:

Echidna most likely.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:54pm Aitch:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:54pm JakeGould:

@bobdoesthings: The eclipse is really screwing up electronicals.
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:54pm Lilith21:

Who drove YngDave ??
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:55pm bobdoesthings:

@jake - stupid moon!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:55pm fleep:

Evelyn, a Modified Dog
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:55pm Aswipe:

right at I80 and I287! wahoo!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:56pm Aswipe:

i got detained at customs at the border
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:56pm chad from oregon:

I hope YngMom calls in.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:56pm Aswipe:

i was like "what's this all aboot, officer?"
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:56pm JakeGould:

“America will blow up the moon…” youtu.be...
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:57pm DEZ:

Gerry is too kind
  Mon. 8/21/17 9:57pm Lilith21:

Yes! Dez!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 9:57pm Matt from Springfield:

J'acuse, baby! Syracuse!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:00pm Matt from Springfield:

"Embryonic Taint"!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:01pm chad from oregon:

I'm so glad that the eclipse is over now!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:01pm bobdoesthings:

Saturday Night ... Prove It All Night?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:01pm chad from oregon:

It was stressing me out!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:01pm fleep:

Prove It All Night, yes. YngDave's double triple fourple life.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Eat Qdoba to stop this eclipse - many chickens sacrificed for this purpose.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:03pm Lilith21:

Whaaat??? Stopppp!!@BillDolan
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:03pm Supermeowy:

Oh my, Dolan is in bad shape.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:03pm DEZ:

dolan sounds rattled
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:04pm fleep:

Check your leg, it may be getting longer.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:04pm Supermeowy:

Have you ever heard a grown man cry???
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:04pm Stats (Stephen):

Oh man somebody better check on him. if not just to take photos
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:04pm Matt from Springfield:

I felt that coming.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:04pm JakeGould:

The sun was leaving the sky.
Someone was gonna cry.
Oh my fucking god, enough of this guy!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:04pm Lilith21:

Have some New York Pizza!@BillDolan
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:05pm Stats (Stephen):

Matt, we all felt it. sympathy heartburn
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:05pm Lilith21:

Dollar Pizza will set you straight!@BillDolan
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:06pm Drunken Creep:

These calls are really solid tonight. A journey from cideries to gavascon and beyond
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:06pm ChrisB.:

Dave! Station ID!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:06pm JakeGould:

Dollar pizza is made out of human hair.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:07pm Matt from Springfield:

The World Wide Jimmy Webb has been delivering great tributes to Glen.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:08pm BillDolanBDC:

I want you for all time...
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:08pm Lilith21:

Only "human" hair?@JakeGould
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:10pm Aitch:

Don't ask where the cheese comes from...
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:11pm Matt from Springfield:

NOICE! Celtic-folky composition and performance.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:11pm JeffHQ:

Shat his lifeblood on the shade.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:12pm peter_aitch:

his voice is so good it almost sounds fake
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:13pm Matt from Springfield:

One of my faves by Glen, we'll miss you :`(
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:14pm JakeGould:

@Lilith21: Don’t make me think.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:15pm Syphonfett:

Hey all, Dave my man... I miss listening to your show, it's been a couple weeks... hope your doing swell and all's well.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:15pm Supermeowy:

This is going to be one of my Top 3 episodes of the GDDH because the musical selection is a top-notch dedication to the great Glen!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:16pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:16pm chad from oregon:

If dollar pizza was made of human hair, it would cost at least two and a quarter
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:17pm Drunken Creep:

Just remember real human hair is different from human hair flavoring
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:18pm fleep:

Question from the far frontier: Is this an actual chain called Dollar Pizza, or just generic one dollar pizza?
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:18pm GrandéBlondé:

I'm loving all the Glen Cambell! This is great.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:18pm JakeGould:

Stop yelling at me.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:18pm SoCalDebbie:

Hi Dave! Welcome home. Great music for today's solar event.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:19pm Syphonfett:

I hope the colonel calls in tonight.....
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:19pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, Paul Westerberg!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:21pm Dennis D:

1 dollar pizza is generic not a chain
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:21pm fleep:

Dennis D, thank you, that reduces the horror a bit.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:22pm Lilith21:

No idea,Dave
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:22pm Dennis D:

its made with frumunda cheese
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:22pm Aswipe:

the guards just wanted to see your ass in them
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:22pm P-90:

Watching Glen in True Grit on telly with sound off while listening. Was actually gettin' a might tearful for a minute there...
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:22pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: It’s a pseudo-chain behind the scenes because while some stores are individually owned, they all use basically the same supplier. Kinda like how all of the take out Chinese food in NYC is really chain-isa.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:23pm Slick Goldtooth:

I shit you not, I came through the Quebec border back into NY in January years back at the meatball clownshoes American guard literally said to me "How have you heard of Canada?"
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:23pm Dennis D:

I thought it was a pizza price war
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:23pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: It’s a rabbit hole of retail.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:24pm bobdoesthings:

is a brooch a broach?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:24pm LightninBluEyes:

I thought it was broach...
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:24pm Dennis D:

I've never had 1 dollar pizza pizza, but I do remember when pizza was 15 cents a slice but I'm very old
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:25pm DEZ:

i'd go broach
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:25pm Aswipe:

say what slick?slick, the candaian [qeubecois guard chatted to me about the grand prix.] thats the diff between our dickhead people and theirs.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:25pm Dennis D:

definitely broach to me
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:25pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: In the 1970s you could get a pizza for 75 cents and with the change buy a comic book for 25 cents.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:26pm Matt from Springfield:

"Rhinestone Cowboy" counts as a Glen song, but only at 43.65%.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:26pm Dennis D:

in the 60s all pizza was 15 cents a slice
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:26pm ?:

I want dave and ying to call me
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:26pm Switchblade Batman:

It's brooch
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:27pm Matt from Springfield:

And in the 60s you could probably buy a mono 45 single with the change after buying a slice.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:27pm Switchblade Batman:

Broach is a way to approach a sensitive subject. "How will we broach Jacky's smack habit"
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:27pm ?:

Im good and drunk now ready to talk to ma man
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:27pm DEZ:

shannon hoon
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:27pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: Was that in line with subway fares as well?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:28pm Aswipe:

im 2.5 down "?"
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:28pm Switchblade Batman:

Him too @Dez
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:28pm Switchblade Batman:

heya sexy singles, sorry I'm late.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:28pm Slick Goldtooth:


The Canadian guards are always model people. Even when they asked me to pull into the office(they thought something was up with my passport, but it was just some weird glitch) and they were so apologetic

The chucklefucks they got coming back into US are total bozos.

Yeah the guy I guess was trying to do like a rough tough cop routine thinking I'm transporting stuff and I guess he slipped up and wanted to say " why were you in Canada"
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:29pm BillDolanBDC:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:29pm DEZ:

yes, switchblade!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:29pm bobdoesthings:

dark side of the hoon
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:29pm Lilith21:

Spelled brooch ,pronounced broach- correct @lightningblueeyes
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:29pm P-90:

@Matt: yes you really could, or a stereo 45. And a comic book, and subway fare home.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:29pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 8/21/17 10:30pm BillDolanBDC:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:30pm Matt from Springfield:

GoooooooooOOOOO Radio Neil Young DEZ! :)
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:30pm Moreguinness:

go DEZ!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:31pm Switchblade Batman:

Well the eclipse happened, so all sorts of weird shit today.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:31pm bobdoesthings:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:31pm DEZ:

now I'm blushing
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:31pm Slick Goldtooth:

\M/ \M/ \M/ \M/ \M/ \M/ \M/ \M/ \M/ \M/ \MM/
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:31pm Lilith21:

Ohhhh!! Boyyy!!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:32pm JeffHQ:

Live in drive time!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:32pm Switchblade Batman:

And heya @Dez, sorry
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:32pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: Splendid!

But what a lot of us youngsters need to realize: is that first, you had to GET an entire dollar back then, before inflation. That was an hour of minimum wage work at the time.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:32pm Asweepay:

@slick - if i could only carry lifelong badges of the places ive worked or do work at i'd sail across the border in the ezpass lane. right, matt from springfield?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:32pm JakeGould:

YngDave is in the studio?
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:33pm JeffHQ:

Eli Roth in Hostel?
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:33pm syphonfett:

yngdave, the man myth legend.... this was a long time coming, live in the studio!!!! good show, Dave!!!! asssssss always!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:33pm Slick Goldtooth:

@asweepay, troof

Gotta get that sweet card.

God I love Canada.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:33pm DEZ (not Dez):

sure looks like it :)
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:33pm P-90:

I knew this was gonna be one of those GDHS episodes I wish was UStreamed
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:34pm Asswipe:

I really love hearing people shred on this show
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:34pm BillDolanBDC:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:34pm Slick Goldtooth:

Yng sounds good on the radio mic, I'd probably listen to an hour and half Moth radio, Fresh Air sort of thing with him narrating.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:34pm Matt from Springfield:

It's the eclipse, man. All kindsa strange occurences today.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:34pm Frulia:

Don't worry, I am a girl and know what open strings are!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:34pm BillDolanBDC:

  Mon. 8/21/17 10:34pm JeffHQ:

The Thong Remains The Same.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:34pm Lilith21:

In one day blind and deaf?!!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:34pm BillDolanBDC:

  Mon. 8/21/17 10:35pm BillDolanBDC:

  Mon. 8/21/17 10:35pm Lilith21:

Definitely need photos !
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Well, don't you all start masturbating at once now...
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:35pm Switchblade Batman:

www.inverse.com... - just a friendly warning to all you eclipse viewers
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:37pm Dennis D:

@Jake I remember the 15 cent subway token to but I don't remember if they rose their prices when pizza did
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:37pm JakeGould:

Staring at the eclipse is no different than staring at the sun. So if you grew up staring at the sun, you can deal… Feh with all the fear mongering.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:37pm Wade:

You and YngDave have to do a jam!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:37pm DEZ (not Dez):

If you can possibly handle it the number is 201-209-9368
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:37pm Asswipe:

@ Matt from Springfield: a 70-75 yo man just tried to take a cell phone shame pic of me today when i was out for a 2 hour walk. some of these effing ppl r crazy here in santa cruz ca.

"It's the eclipse, man. All kindsa strange occurences today. "
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:39pm Lilith21:

Always give YngDave luv!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:39pm Asswipe:

talk about a topic yng, es got the gift of gab and a brain
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:39pm Matt from Springfield:

@Aswipe: Well that and all the plentiful weed in Santa Cruz is prob a factor..
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:39pm Lilith21:

YngDave -yngcave haha!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:40pm fleep:

Sarah might be in sales mode.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:40pm Lilith21:

We Love YngDave!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:41pm JeffHQ:

Love Confection.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:41pm Lilith21:

Make it Happen!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:41pm Asswipe:

@ matt - no, the weed ppl r the sane ones!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:42pm SoCalDebbie:

Oh, a younger man - 50!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:42pm P-90:

15 year old sugar daddies is rare
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:43pm Dennis D:

sleep on the way there
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:43pm Switchblade Batman:

Hell, I got nothing to do. I'll go.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:44pm BillDolanBDC:

Please play this for YNG
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:44pm BillDolanBDC:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:44pm Matt from Springfield:

That's telegraphing it to YngDave!
She's got a "king-size Tempurpedic" - and ready to use it!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:44pm BillDolanBDC:

GO YNG GO!!!!!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:44pm snif:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:45pm Slick Goldtooth:

The sauciest development in the field of radio. Howard Stern, who?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:45pm Switchblade Batman:

Come on Yng!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:45pm Drunken Creep:

Yng, if you wanna go, go!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:45pm Asswipe:

PLEASE, someone tell her it's pronounced yng with an I sound not Y. nails on chalkboard
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:45pm snif:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:45pm Asswipe:

fuck yeah roadtrip!! id go for a 5 hour ride anywhere!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:46pm Matt from Springfield:

I love fictional characters! They're usually pretty consistent.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:46pm Lilith21:

Sara giving you so much love!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:47pm BriJet:

  Mon. 8/21/17 10:47pm snif:

Yng, don't be afraid. There's only NOW.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:47pm Slick Goldtooth:

Yo Yngdave, get that lobster dinner on the mailman's dime. Long con is best con
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:47pm Rich in NC:

Hey Dez
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:48pm Lilith21:

Hi Brijet!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:48pm Drunken Creep:

305 miles isn't even a full tank of gas
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:48pm Switchblade Batman:

Oh my god that would be so awesome @Yng, think of the adventure. I'm telling ya, leave Bensonhurst
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:48pm Dennis D:

one arm?
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:48pm P-90:

Welcome BriJet!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Does "one arm" constitute another drink?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:49pm fleep:

Gets better with every sentence.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:49pm P-90:

One arm. This gets better and better.
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:49pm SoCalDebbie:

It's adults only, kids!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:49pm Lilith21:

Alls Gooood!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:50pm Switchblade Batman:

Weed is legal in Vermont.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:50pm Dennis D:

bush weed
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:50pm Tome:

* covers the kid's ears *..
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:51pm Dennis D:

2 hooters
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:51pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:51pm Switchblade Batman:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:51pm Supermeowy:

Hooter suppository!!! OMG
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:51pm Drunken Creep:

hahaha yes!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:51pm Switchblade Batman:

Bus times!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:51pm Asswipe:

does Yng look like the dork from back to the future? crispin glover?
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:51pm Lilith21:

Holy crap!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:52pm Switchblade Batman:

You could make the 7 AM @DavewHill
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:52pm Slick Goldtooth:


DAVE! 12:15AM port authority, 50 bucks get on it
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:52pm Asswipe:

i swear oughta be dave's studio rat pack
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:53pm Slick Goldtooth:

There's plenty of buses going to burlington
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:54pm Lilith21:

Match made in Heaven!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Free Wifi - for Port Authority Men's Room TWEETS!!! \m/
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:54pm Switchblade Batman:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:54pm Slick Goldtooth:

Oh jesus christ this is a long bus, like 8 hours,. must be stopping in Boston? Or Albany or?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:54pm Switchblade Batman:

There's one at 5:30
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:54pm Asswipe:

a ride back to boston u stranded me at port authority in manhattan.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:55pm Switchblade Batman:

There's a train leaving at 3:15 from Penn Station
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:55pm Lilith21:

Come to Brooklyn Sara!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:55pm Asswipe:

i always smelled like diesel bus fumes when visiting family due to port auth
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:56pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 8/21/17 10:56pm herb.nyc:

I'm losing interest in this YngDave Sarah phone conversation. And if anything, YngDave, say yes you'll go bec you want to go. We may hear later on from YngDave that we made him do it.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:57pm fleep:

He has one arm and he works on jet engines.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:57pm Dennis D:

She's all yours yng
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Whoa, a deceased comment from Lilith21! Never saw that happen here!
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:57pm Moreguinness:

I've taken a Greyhound across country...I don't recommend it.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:57pm Switchblade Batman:

there's one at 11:33am out of penn
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:57pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:58pm Switchblade Batman:

It's only $71.00
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:58pm Slick Goldtooth:


I was contemplating going to seattle via amtrack to get to a weddingcause airfare is stupid, it was 225 bucks and would take 42 hours..

I passed
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:58pm BriJet:

Can hear Danne laughin in the background
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:58pm Slick Goldtooth:

From NYC
  Mon. 8/21/17 10:59pm Lilith21:

"Kiss Me,OnThe Bus"!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 10:59pm Asswipe:

I've taken a Greyhound from boston to st pete for 36 hours 1 way ...I don't recommend it.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:00pm bobdoesthings:

something about peer-pressured forced interactions is making me feel weird and uncomfortable.
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:00pm Lilith21:

Play the song for YngDave !
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:00pm Slick Goldtooth:

@asswipe, Florida yeah? Yikes fortunately it aint too bad to fly there, especially from smaller airports like that one in Atlantic City or Trenton
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:00pm Asswipe:

it's gettin' hot up in here
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:01pm P-90:

Can we call and pledge donations for the Greyhound fare? Will there be a premium?
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:02pm Lilith21:

There all watching usssss!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:03pm fleep:

Did I mention rings? Several large rings. Each hand.
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:03pm Lilith21:

They're !!
4 drinks !
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:04pm Dennis D:

If he doesn't want to go I'll go
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:04pm Danne D:

This MarYngThon is truly the best way to honor the memory of Jerry Lewis
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:04pm bobdoesthings:

@lilith whose they?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:05pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm wetting my pants just listening to their convo...
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Danne :)
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:05pm Matt from Springfield:

JerrYng Lewis
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:06pm ChrisB.:

Hey Don! Meet you at Ader's for a beer!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:06pm Asswipe:

this guys voice is like chainsaw
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:06pm Matt from Springfield:

This guy in Union City is like a poor man's H. Jon Benjamin.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:06pm cosmic matrix:

You're right, Asswipe! Same melody!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:07pm Switchblade Batman:

Phrasing! @Matt From Springfield
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:07pm Asswipe:

this guys vocal cords are bigger than my puny biceps
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:07pm snif:

Don keeping shit real.. finally
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:08pm Asswipe:

i lovvved jon benjis tv show. canceled . harumph. 1st get a life, then this. sobbb
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:09pm Lilith21:

The Replacements-"Kiss Me On The Bus"-reference @bobdoesthings
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:10pm Asswipe:

is this guy an enforcer for the mob?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:10pm bobdoesthings:

mic peaking! all mics.. phone call, yng.. all peaking
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:10pm LightninBluEyes:

The peaking on the mics is terrible
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:10pm snif:

killing speakers.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:10pm Drunken Creep:

hot sound!
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:11pm Danne D:

Too much heat for the microphones to handle!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:11pm Asswipe:

whoa so trippy
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:11pm Lilith21:

Only one wife??
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:12pm Asswipe:

break my kneecaps
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:12pm Slick Goldtooth:

Was there the station ID? or did I miss it when getting up?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:12pm Asswipe:

c'mon that was really funny
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:12pm fleep:

Everything is legal. So far.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:13pm bobdoesthings:

@slick - station ID was completed, no worries
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:13pm Slick Goldtooth:

@bob oh word
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:13pm chad from oregon:

Too hot to handle / too cold to hold!
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:13pm Danne D:

@Slick yes there was a station ID
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:13pm Drunken Creep:

Ever since that number dump, mic's peaking near and far
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:13pm Asswipe:

i have sleep apnea, welcome to my world
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:14pm Asswipe:

  Mon. 8/21/17 11:14pm P-90:

Pro tip for YngDave: when you get off the bus, just don't start talking her ear off about the sweet convenience store clerk you've been fixated on
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:14pm Marc15:

I never felt a woman's touch, but I'm gay
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:15pm bobdoesthings:

@DAVE/DEZ/DANNE - Mics are still peaking out.. especially Yng's and don when he was on
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:16pm Asswipe:

sweet music!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:16pm Drunken Creep:

Heck yeah, fine guitarship here
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:16pm Dennis D:

Marc15 maybe Sarah can make you straight
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:17pm fleep:

oh yes
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:17pm Asswipe:

dammit dave and yng oughta do this every show
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:17pm Dennis D:

good guitars stuff
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:18pm Matt from Springfield:

  Mon. 8/21/17 11:19pm P-90:

This jam shall be the stuff of legend
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:19pm chad from oregon:

If I had hold music, I would loop this and use this as my hold music.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:19pm LightninBluEyes:

This is epic as hell.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:19pm Asswipe:

  Mon. 8/21/17 11:20pm Lilith21:

Go to Shouthouseradio now!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:20pm chad from oregon:

(But then break in every 30 seconds to remind my grandmother that her call is very important to me and the calls are answered in the order they are received)
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:20pm Asswipe:

somehow toss in a little reggae dub, sweet!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:21pm chad from oregon:

I think she'd just want to listen to the sweet jams anyway
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:21pm Supermeowy:

Holy shit this guitar jam is incredible
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:21pm Marc15:

@Dennis D Why would I want to be straight? I'm proud of who I am. Besides, gay or straight is not a preference, it's how we are born
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:21pm Asswipe:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:22pm Switchblade Batman:

Hey @Supermeowy
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:22pm Asswipe:

man, if dave expanded his show two hours -- perfection
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:22pm bobdoesthings:

  Mon. 8/21/17 11:23pm cat:

damn yng that was some nice shtus
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:23pm bobdoesthings:

HAHAHA brij! awww...
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:23pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 8/21/17 11:23pm cat:

i didnt miss a note
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:24pm Lilith21:

We're still here !
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:25pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 8/21/17 11:25pm lolly:

AWESOME! Prolly woke up YngDave's mom at home from the studio.
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:26pm Moreguinness:

nice job gentlemen... sweet heat!
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:26pm Marc15:

No listeners were lost during the Yng And Dave Jam Session I
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:26pm Asswipe:

ppl, pls get avatars! jk
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:27pm Supermeowy:

Heya Switchblade Batman!
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:27pm dez:

did yngdave's number go out over the air?
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:28pm Marc15:

YngDave sounds great in studio
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:28pm Lilith21:

No Dez
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:29pm Switchblade Batman:

how's things @Supermeowy?
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:29pm Lilith21:

Although I might have missed it ,but don't think so
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:29pm fleep:

metal dueling banjos www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:30pm Asswipe:

i had a bad reaction from allergy shot and a beer. nuh-uh no dice, bad idea.
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:30pm Moreguinness:

the only ailment yng doesn't have is allergies?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:31pm DEZ (not Dez):

Phones are on fire!
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:31pm dez:

cool, thanks
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:32pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Radioactive guitar heat zone.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:33pm Drunken Creep:

This episode really has it all. The will they won't they romance, the gentlemen's guitar duel, the call from around the world, hidden numbers, the Glen Campbell sets, Bill Dolen lost the sun, Union Beach, and velvety throat. Well done to all!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:35pm fleep:

fire breathing metal donkeys
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:35pm Dennis D:

@Marc15 Just trying to get Sarah in VT hooked up, didn't mean to offend you and since you've never had a woman thought it might be worth checking it out
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:36pm Marc15:

Who is Don Quixote and who is Sancho Panza?
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:36pm snif:

He said YES already!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:37pm Matt from Springfield:

"Missouri Is Taking Its Toll On Me: Blues Recordings from the Show-Me State, 1926-1961"
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:37pm Switchblade Batman:

oh Yng... you broke her heart. You broke all of our hearts.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:37pm Matt from Springfield:

@SB: They always said Yng would be a "heartbreaker" when he grew up.
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:38pm SoCalDebbie:

What a sad, sad man Yng is...
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:38pm Switchblade Batman:

The prophesies were true @Matt
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:38pm fleep:

what about x days from now, before the next show, he needs to plan
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:39pm Matt from Springfield:

"Bill Dolan Lost The Sun" - recipient of the 2018 Cannes Jury Award.
Rated NC-38.
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:39pm snif:

Yng's not sad. He's just a afraid. Who isn't?
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:39pm Lilith21:

Preach ,Sara ,preach!
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:39pm Marc15:

Matchmaking is Evil
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:40pm chad from oregon:

Yng is playing the Angel Witch card. Very smooth.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:40pm fleep:

if he won't go to the mountain? YES
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:40pm lolly:

I feel YngDave's pain--he wants to stop at home, freshen up, pack his unctions, and grab some cash?
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:40pm Moreguinness:

Sarah come to the taint show!!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:41pm chad from oregon:

YngSarah has a certain ring to it.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:41pm Switchblade Batman:

This is the romcom we've all been waiting for. Come to him Sarah!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:41pm Erma Gherd:

@lolly - his unctions! His salves, his ointments
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:41pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 8/21/17 11:42pm Marc15:

@Dennis D No offense taken. I'm just not into women
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:42pm P-90:

"...can't wait to meet my future mother YngLaw." So romantic...
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:42pm Lilith21:

She really has to come to you !
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:43pm lolly:

Is Bill Dolan ok after eclipse emotional eating & gavascon overdose?
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:43pm Marc15:

I don't think Dave is lazy
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:44pm DEZ (not Dez):

He is so DemandYng
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:44pm Marc15:

Hello Mr. Byrne
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:45pm DEZ (not Dez):

Stephen if you see this please call back!
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:45pm Lilith21:

Hell yezzzz! Dez!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:45pm chad from oregon:

This whole love story tonight is so... between the anus and the gonads. In the best, most perfect way.
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:45pm lolly:

@Erma, I know! Want him to have whatever he needs.
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:46pm Asswipe:

i like to hump my microwave
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:46pm Asswipe:

its showing results, too
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:47pm Asswipe:

its never too loud dave!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:47pm DEZ (not Dez):

  Mon. 8/21/17 11:49pm Moreguinness:

is that the Scorpions Dave?
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:49pm fleep:

pix on twitter where grown men do not go @shouthouseradio
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:51pm Stats (Stephen):

got the connection back!
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:51pm c60 c90 go:

  Mon. 8/21/17 11:51pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:51pm Matt from Springfield:

"YngDave: No Mas, No Bus"
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:53pm Moreguinness:

go see Witch Taint on Thursday at Union hall in Brooklyn people!!
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:54pm Marc15:

I followed ShoutHouseRadio
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Have we ever determined what would we do, baby, without us?
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:54pm Wilson.:

That jam was awesome!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:55pm Drunken Creep:

Who wants to go to witch taint thursday, let's go
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:56pm Kevin:

Yngdave needs a mommysitter, getting a ride is the easist thing in the world. Losing faith in humanity straight up if Yng isn't resident ripper.
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:56pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:57pm DEZ (not Dez):

thanks everyone :) Until Next Time! :)
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:57pm Marc15:

Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Awright!! Amazing show, thanks! :)

Good night Dave, Dez, Yng, Danne, callers/commenters/characters/all!
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:58pm Moreguinness:

it shall be my 6th tainting
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:58pm P-90:

One nation YngDivisible!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:58pm Asswipe:

ya know what would be fun i if dave could do the station id in the worst passible manner possible. wouldnt that be fun?
  Mon. 8/21/17 11:58pm SoCalDebbie:

What a show!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:59pm Erma Gherd:

hahaha, @Matt!
Avatar Mon. 8/21/17 11:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Arrived in Albany. Yay, me!
Avatar Tue. 8/22/17 12:00am Asswipe:

maybe i'm just an asswipe, i know. gn all!
Avatar Tue. 8/22/17 12:00am Matt from Springfield:

Holadios, Erma! :)
Avatar Tue. 8/22/17 12:00am LightninBluEyes:

Night everyone.
Avatar Tue. 8/22/17 12:00am Dennis D:

bye bye
Avatar Tue. 8/22/17 12:00am DEZ (not Dez):

nite LBE :)
Avatar Tue. 8/22/17 12:00am chad from oregon:

Good night all
Avatar Tue. 8/22/17 12:01am Erma Gherd:

Hi and goodnight, Matt! Goodnight all!
  Tue. 8/22/17 12:01am Lilith21:

Thank you Dave for doing the show-sans sleep!
Thanks Dez!!
Avatar Tue. 8/22/17 12:10am Stats (Stephen):

Thanks good people!
Avatar Tue. 8/22/17 11:25am DaveHill:

Thanks for listening, everybody! Good to be back!
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