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March 19, 2017 Options

WFMU Marathon with co-host Dan Bodah
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Options Inhuman - Bren Yama (CD: Euphoria Love) [Jem]
Options Hey Joe - The Leaves (45) 1966 [Mira]
Options Doo Wah Diddy Shim Sham Shimmy (Bama Lama Loo) - The Pale Lips (12" LP: Wanna Be Bad) [Hosehead]

Options Dirt Road - Southern Culture On The Skids (CD: The Electric Pinecones) [Kudzu]
Options All Over Town - The Au Go-Go's (45) 1966 [Jest]
Options Tiger - Rastko (CD: Love, Hate And Twists Of Fate) [Vacilando '68]

Options Now You're Gone - Viv & The Sect (12" LP: This Will Pass) [Get Hip]
Options Night Time - The Strangeloves (45) 1965 [Bang]
Options Jerry (I'm Your Sherry) - Tracey Dey (45) 1962 [Vee-Jay]

Options Goodbye - Jon & The Vons (12" LP: Gratest Hits Vol. 1) [Soundflat]
Options She Needs Me - The Grains Of Sand (45) 1966 [Valiant]
Options Send Me A Postcard - The Shocking Blue (12" LP: The Shocking Blue) 1968 [Colossus]

Options Don't Know, Don't Care - The Weeklings (CD: Studio 2) [Jem]
Options Sugar And Spice - The Cryan Shames (45) 1966 [Destination]
Options Never Let You Go - The Five Discs (45) 1962 [Cheer]

Options Tune Out - Theatre Royal (CD: ...And Then It Fell Out Of My Head) [Vacilando '68]
Options Pain - The Midknights (45) 1966 [Style]
Options Fart - The Breetles (CD: Spooj) 1996 [Shuss Systems/No Fault]

Options Together Again - First Base (45) [La-Ti-Da]
Options Put The Clock Back On The Wall - The E-Types (45) 1967 [Tower]
Options Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows - Lesley Gore (45) 1965 [Mercury]

Options Worry - The Routes (CD: In This Perfect Hell) [Groovie]


Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 3:07pm Mr. Pumpy:

This sounds like Hey Joe mixed with Flower Punk by Zappa. What the hell is this?!
  Sun. 3/19/17 3:10pm JakeGould:

Woo! DB and BK!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 3:10pm Ken From Hyde Park:

$7500 an hour from now to midnight to attain the goal.
  Sun. 3/19/17 3:11pm torture me im poor:

did we make our goal? how close are we???
  Sun. 3/19/17 3:12pm JakeGould:

According to the homepage, $69,000-ish.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 3:13pm Mr. Pumpy:

Hey Joe by The Leaves...Jim Pons was with the Mothers of Invention for a while! Crazy coincidence/connection. I heard The Mothers in that Leaves song not knowing that. WFMU RULES!!!
  Sun. 3/19/17 3:21pm JakeGould:

Did Dan Bodah just drop a reference to the Chuck Berry bathroom camera debacle?
  Sun. 3/19/17 3:23pm em2cc:

overall station goal now at approx. $68,000
Avatar Sun. 3/19/17 3:38pm Dan Bodah:

@JakeG, yes I did "drop" that reference!
Folks, pledge $100 or more to get into the drawing for the Flex! Punk, Hardcore, and Power Pop Discography -- 2700 pages of record madness!
  Sun. 3/19/17 3:39pm fact checker:

From memory I know "All Over Town" - Au Go-Go's is 1965, not '66 as said on mic break.
  Sun. 3/19/17 3:41pm Bob Gaudio:

Bitch better have my money.
  Sun. 3/19/17 3:44pm SeanG:

way to go Finland
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 3:46pm fleep:

If you pledge for WFMU, all your wildest dreams will come true.
  Sun. 3/19/17 3:48pm steve:

Can anyone tell me, did the pyramid change when we hit 95%? I may be missing something obvious...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 3:49pm fred:

@fleep: is that a threat?
  Sun. 3/19/17 3:54pm fact checker:

"Night Time" - The Strangeloves was 1965, not '66 as said in the mic break
  Sun. 3/19/17 3:58pm em2cc:

$62,000 left to go!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 3:59pm dale:

damn good shocking blue!!
Avatar Sun. 3/19/17 3:59pm TehBadDr:

Luvs me some Teenage Wasteland!
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:00pm fact checker:

luvs Terre T.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 4:04pm northguineahills:

W00h00, Eesti!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 4:05pm brendanswfmuaccount:

I saw that Bowie got added to the pyramid, but I'm still not sure who the women next to Carrie Fisher, above Gene Wilder and Sharon Jones, is.
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:06pm Sarah:

hello from Ottawa woooopiieee
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:07pm em2cc:

via commenter Walt:

1) Alan Vega (from Suicide), Abe Vigoda, Merle Haggard, Alan Rickman (as Severus Snape), Fidel Castro

2) Gene Wilder (as Willy Wonka), Sharon Jones, Leonard Cohen, Phife Dawg (from A Tribe Called Quest)

3) Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher (as Princess Leia), Kenny Baker (as R2D2)

4) David Bowie, Prince
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 4:10pm brendanswfmuaccount:

Oh duh. Her being Debbie Reynolds seems so obvious now.
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:13pm em2cc:

I totally blanked on Alan Vega and Merle Haggard
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 4:16pm northguineahills:

For some reason, I blanked on Sharon Jones, as it didn't fit the image I had of her. I was slow w/ Debbie Reynolds, and I have to admit I'm ashamed I couldn't place Alan Vega.
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:19pm em2cc:

only approx. $60,000 left in the overall station goal!
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:19pm melinda:

Someone said they thought Alan Vega looked like Erik Estrada
Avatar Sun. 3/19/17 4:20pm chinchilla:

it took me a while to realize that was Snape, and I was like where's Alan Rickman?! I was disappointed I couldn't call Alan Vega
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 4:26pm fred:

I guess Greg has to scramble to put Chuck Berry on top now. While we have to scramble to put the station over the top
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 4:26pm Ken From Hyde Park:

There could've easily been another tier in the pyramid to fit Pauline Oliveros and some other notables meaningful to WFMU folks.
Nice hearing from Jenna from Finland. She gives so much each year.
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:28pm Joey the Sleaze:

Who is talking to bill Kelly?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 4:29pm fleep:

That's Dan Bodah, 700 pounds of solid muscle.
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:31pm fact checker:

who hosts "Vocal Fry" on FMU
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:31pm bex:

Tuning in from the cab, hi
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:31pm Joey the Sleaze:

Thanks! Super friendly voice that bodah has!!
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:33pm bex:

eta 30 minutes :0
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:34pm bex:

Belatedly: I always thought shape was Trent reznor
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:34pm bex:

  Sun. 3/19/17 4:34pm em2cc:

less than $59,000 left in the overall station goal!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 4:35pm fred:

@Ken: Yeah Jenna! She doesn't have much, yet always finds a way to support the station
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:38pm bex:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 4:39pm JakeGould:

What a good show this is! And amazing the station goal is reachable within a day.
Avatar    Sun. 3/19/17 4:39pm Sem Chumbo:

Been an impressive outpouring of pledges since late Friday afternoon.
     Sun. 3/19/17 4:41pm mcginniwa in wellington, nz:

Man, it's cool to hear others in my area pledging (I've previously pledged). Wonder if I know "Mark in Wellington", hmm.
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:42pm bex:

Welp donated again
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 4:43pm Stanley:

Hi Sem. It's been great this weekend. especially when it wasn't looking so good for a while. Gotta say, though, Glen Jones and X-Ray came through big today.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 4:43pm fred:

It looks like reaching the goal during the Hoof'n'Mouth could happen. Challenging, but not out of reach. Better odds than I expected even earlier today
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 4:44pm JakeGould:

I knew Dan B. was going to speak in tongues!
Avatar    Sun. 3/19/17 4:45pm Sem Chumbo:

Hi, Stanley, fred!
Yep, those two moved me to kick in for their T-shirt this year, again.
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:45pm em2cc:

Woah! Less than $53,000 left in the overall station goal!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 4:45pm fred:

@mcginniwa in wellington: NZ seems to be much higher that Australia in Bill Kelly's most favored nation list
     Sun. 3/19/17 4:47pm mcginniwa in wellington, nz:

@fred more sheep per person = more WFMU listeners per capita?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 4:48pm fred:

Hey Sem! Sonic Protest overlaps the marathon this year, so I'm too dazed to keep track of the marathon total closely, which is probably a good thing for my sanity
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 4:48pm JakeGould:

If every sheep in New Zealand gave a dollar (U.S.) then this marathon would be over in a second!
Avatar    Sun. 3/19/17 4:49pm Sem Chumbo:

woof +moo = baa baa!

Hahaa, fred. Such a keener, are you.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 4:50pm fred:

@mcginniwa in wellington: I guess with so many sheep around, people don't need to add to their numbers
  Sun. 3/19/17 4:53pm 934:

wow, a sheep joke about NZ. Can't believe it. who said the WFMU listeners weren't witty?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 3/19/17 4:54pm fred:

@Sem: Guilty as charged. And I'm even more so when it comes to dance
     Sun. 3/19/17 4:55pm mcginniwa in wellington, nz:

@934 haha, yeah, sorry, it's the commonly held NZ concept. Easy to reference. I'll switch to Lord of the Rings... ;)
Avatar Sun. 3/19/17 4:57pm Dan Bodah:

Get those last minute pledges in to be in the drawings -- $100 for the grand prize drawing (the FLEX! Punk HC & POWERPOP DISCOGS) and any pledge for the Bo Diddley & Los Fleshtones LPs
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 3/19/17 4:58pm JakeGould:

Call into pledge at 800-989-9368 or pledge online at:
  Sun. 3/19/17 5:02pm em2cc:

less than $52,000 left in the overall station goal!
  Mon. 3/20/17 12:07pm dirty filthy smelly commie folksinger hippie:

@WFMU Castro's not your pyramid pinnacle?
  Thu. 3/23/17 5:55am Greetings from Woburn, Massachusetts !:

Hi, I'm in Woburn, thinking of you. I've sightseen the H.S., 3 early homes, and this post office. Didn't know Amy Gore's “Send Me a Postcard I Wanna Be In Woburn” was a Shocking Blue cover. SB sure has a lot of song videos and photos filmed in the day. “Eve and the Apple” would be my next SB pick. Hope you've seen Mariska Veres on the Dutch “Top 2000 In Concert” TV show from New Year's 2006.
Wish you were here!
  Thu. 3/23/17 11:13am bk:

Thank you all for being there.
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