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February 12, 2017 Options

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Options Boys Room - The Charms (CD: Listen To The Charms) 2002 [no label] 3:0020
Options Baby Doll (Listen: ) - The Playboys (45) 1962 [Vee-Eight] 3:0415
Options St. Valentine's Day (Listen: ) - Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul (Digital single) [Wicked Cool] 3:0630

  (Listen to your DJ: ) Music behind DJ:
(Listen: ) mic break: 3:1140

Options Hate To See You Go (Listen: ) - The Rolling Stones (CD: Blue & Lonesome) [Interscope] 3:1320
Options I Don't Know Why (Listen: ) - Clarence "Frogman" Henry (45) 1961 [Argo] 3:1640
Options Dino Jay (Listen: ) - Surfer Blood (CD: Snowdonia) [Joyful Noise] 3:19
Options Your Painted Lives (Listen: ) - Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty (12" LP: Things) 1968 [Shamley] 3:2245
Options Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (Listen: ) - The Chords UK (CD: Out Of The Garage Vol. 3) [Bongo Boy] 3:2455
Options The Scotch (Listen: ) - Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads (45) 1962 [Audan] 3:2020

  (Listen to your DJ: ) Music behind DJ:
(Listen: ) mic break: 3:3020

Options Suburban Fever (Listen: ) - Wyldlife (CD: Out On Your Block) [Wicked Cool] 3:3250
Options We Got Something Going (Listen: ) - The Jades (45) 1967 [Fenton] 3:3555
Options Ron Rico (Listen: ) - Drew Weaver (CD: When Lonely Hits You) [Y&T Music] 3:3820
Options I'll Bring It On Home To You (Listen: ) - Carla Thomas (45) 1962 [Atlantic] 3:4110
Options Somebody Better Get A Room (Listen: ) - The Catholic Girls (CD: Somebody Better Get A Room) [Cinema] 3:4410
Options It's No Secret (Listen: ) - The Jefferson Airplane (45) 1966 [RCA Victor] 3:4735

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(Listen: ) mic break: 3:50

Options Find Another Way (Listen: ) - The Urges (12" LP: Time Will Pass) [Mersol] 3:5110
Options Hey Senorita (Listen: ) - The Penguins (45) 1954 [Doo Tone] 3:5340
Options My Baby's Cruel (Listen: ) - The Pip Squeeks (45) [Get Hip] 3:5545
Options This Week's Children (Listen: ) - 'Twas Brillig (45) 1966 [Date] 3:5750
Options Nogales (Listen: ) - Gregg Turner (CD: Chart Bustersz) [Feeding Tube] 4:0005

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(Listen: ) mic break: 4:0315

Options Up And Away (Listen: ) - Mod Hippie (CD: Big Wow) [Karma Frog] 4:0505
Options When My Pimples Turned To Dimples (Listen: ) - Jeanne Hayes (12" LP: Mad "Twists" Rock 'n' Roll) 1962 [Big Top] 4:0945
Options Trails! (Listen: ) - The Rebel Set (7" EP: The Rebel Set) [Hidden Volume] 4:1150
Options Abba (Listen: ) - The Paragons (45) 1967 [Bobbi] 4:1455
Options Run Boy Run (Listen: ) - The Pale Lips (12: LP: Wanna Be Bad) [Hosehead] 4:18
Options Crazy Date (Listen: ) - The Crazy Teens (45) 1959 [Scott] 4:2005

  (Listen to your DJ: ) Music behind DJ:
(Listen: ) mic break: 4:2325

Options Stay With Me (Listen: ) - The Connection (CD: Just For Fun) [Rum Bar] 3:2455
Options It's A Cry'n Shame (Listen: ) - The Gentlemen (45) 1966 [Vandan] 4:2850
Options Drowning (Listen: ) - The Sex Organs (CD: Intergalactic Sex Tourists) [Voodoo Rhythm] 4:3115
Options Seven Day Weekend (Listen: ) - Gary "U.S." Bonds (45) 1962 [Legrand] 4:3355
Options Bottom Of My Glass (Listen: ) - Susan Surf Tone (CD: Out Of The Garage Vol. 3) [Bongo Boy] 4:3625
Options Born On Saturday (Listen: ) - Saturday's Children (45) 1966 [Dunwich] 4:3910

  (Listen to your DJ: ) Music behind DJ:
(Listen: ) mic break: 4:4125

Options Now You're Gone (Listen: ) - Viv & The Sect (12" LP: This Will Pass) [Get Hip] 4:4325
Options I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent (Listen: ) - Frankie Lymon (45) 1956 [Gee] 4:4635
Options Girl Band (Listen: ) - The Dahlmanns (CD single) 2015 [Pop Detective] 4:4915
Options Run Girl Run (Listen: ) - The Movin' Morfomen (45) 1967 [Delta] 4:5155
Options Hey, I'm A Human (Listen: ) - The Midnight Snaxxx (12" LP: Chew On This) [Pelican Pow Wow] 4:5345
Options Rebel Rouser (Listen: ) - Duane Eddy (45) 1958 [Jamie] 4:5530

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Listener comments!

  Sun. 2/12/17 3:04pm DaveinPA:

Good Afternoon Bill K & Co.
  Sun. 2/12/17 3:08pm Al:

Pitchers and catchers report this week! A nice thought on a messy day in the Northeast.
Avatar Sun. 2/12/17 3:09pm artbrau:

V-Day Massacre. Such a great song by Little Steven. Alas, of the 3 versions, this the weakest. Cocktail Slippers is my fave.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/12/17 3:15pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Whatever LittleSteven says or is said about him - I'm grateful for the UndergroundGarage & all he & it have done for Duh Music - especially before I got my own interwebz & FMU dashed my brains out like a brick to the skull.
  Sun. 2/12/17 3:33pm noel:

I love shoveling. My Naavy blood.
Avatar Sun. 2/12/17 3:40pm artbrau:

"They" say something ill about LS? Lemme at 'em!
  Sun. 2/12/17 3:40pm muwfInMA:

cement weight snow in MA...
  Sun. 2/12/17 3:41pm noel:

we had the same heavy soggy stuff here too.
  Sun. 2/12/17 3:43pm noel:

Can't walk in this weather so the best exercise is a garden spade and some good tunes.
Avatar Sun. 2/12/17 3:50pm Mailman Tom:

Signe Anderson died just about 1 year ago today.
  Sun. 2/12/17 3:50pm MikeS:

I got a room! (It's just empty at the moment so tell the girls on that song to pound on the door anytime!)
  Sun. 2/12/17 3:53pm Old Dave:

Real as Rock gets Bill! Kudos..
Avatar Sun. 2/12/17 3:58pm Snortley:

91.1 transmitter has been dropping out intermittently for at least the past 4 hours.
Avatar Sun. 2/12/17 3:59pm JakeGould:

91.1FM just died like a minute ago it seems maybe possibly what do I know.
Avatar Sun. 2/12/17 4:01pm Snortley:

Yes. Dead. Just a weak bit of WSHU and nothing else.
  Sun. 2/12/17 4:02pm noel:

it's back now and gone and back probably the ice.
  Sun. 2/12/17 4:07pm DaveinPA:

Can anyone recommend a good documentary film about the origins / early days of garage rock?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/12/17 4:15pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@DaveinPA: No ! - now that you mention it !!...'That Thing You Do' is a decent Hollywoodization of the archetype to explain it to the squares...
  Sun. 2/12/17 4:20pm Old Dave:

@ Dave also in PA- Hi! Frank Zappa sure as hell made Joe's Garage for people like me who lacked the courage to jump in back then. Of course he had to poke fun, but worth considering, maybe.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/12/17 4:24pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

For all the docs being made - this is a giant glaring deficit. Then we'd need someone to not screw it all up.
Avatar Sun. 2/12/17 4:26pm Mailman Tom:

DaveinPA: You may like the Joan Jett movie that was made several years ago. I think it's called "Light of Day"
  Sun. 2/12/17 4:28pm Al:

@DaveinPA: If you don't mind reading a book rather than seeing a movie, read Dave Marsh's book about "Louie Louie". It's a great look at the Seattle garage scene of the late '50's.
  Sun. 2/12/17 4:28pm DaveinPA:

To get more specific, I'm interested in the early use of the fuzz pedal, and it seems a lot of the early garage / psych makes great use of that effect. I'm not enough of a musicologist to know what the technical term is for the particular sound I hear a lot on this program (BK calls it real rock and roll, and its hard not to agree) - that dark, minor-key echoey sound - it reminds me a bit of what Bill Monroe described Bluegrass as the 'high lonesome sound' but for another generation...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/12/17 4:31pm Ken From Hyde Park:

It's the snowy black hole of rock and roll!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/12/17 4:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

There are many things tangential to it - an ArthurLee & Love doc - & compilation videos - which is a model for resources - but not the Genre Doc that suddenly seems so obvious & necessary! The original compilers of 'Nuggets' defined it as the window in time & style between FratRawk like 'LouieLouie' & Post-Psych Prog late in the 1960s that got too ponderous & 'serious' (in terms of our Genre here)...that's pretty good, I think.
FMUvian P-90 has pointed out the earlier fuzzboxes were different than the latter ones - & many like myself have noted that the early ones actually *cut* your sustain & were like angry snotty buzzing mosquitoes. The later ones boosted your guitar & correlate more perfectly w/ the HeavyMetal era & big Guitar Heroes. Notably - Hendrix, in his quite brief career as a success, was transitional from one type (1st album) to the other (say, Woodstock)...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/12/17 4:35pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Signature Sonics *would* be but one critical focus of the GarageRawkDoc I now imagine...
  Sun. 2/12/17 4:36pm Old Dave:

I was pretty surprised how much info is here:
I nominate Rev Rabbit to consult on the project, and agree it's a thing worth documenting,
assuming 180,000 bands did come out of the movement.
That's a lot of beer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/12/17 4:38pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

One thing about the Genre - it's staggering that they're still trax one hasn't heard yet being dug up & circulated !! Lotsa damned Boomers scraping a 45 together. Amazing.
  Sun. 2/12/17 4:41pm Stridex:

MAD "Twists" Rock 'N' Roll tracks:
1. Throwing the "High School Basketball Game"
2. She Got a "Nose Job"
3. "Please Betty Jane" Shave Your Legs
4. "Somebody Else's Dandruff" on My Lover-Baby's Shirt
5. "Blind Date" Yaaaaaaaahhh!
6. "Agnes" the Teenage Russian Spy
7. "Let's Do the Pretzel" and End Up Looking Like One
8. Even If I Live To Be 22 "I'll Always Remember Being Young"
9. He Fell in Love with Me "When My Pimples Turned to Dimples"
10. "She's a Serious (Yeah! Yeah!) Teenager in Love"
11. All I Have Left Is "My Johnny's Hub Cap"
12. I Found Her Telephone Number "Written on the Boy's Bathroom Wall"
  Sun. 2/12/17 4:42pm Larry from Chicago:

Awesome show, Bill, as always.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/12/17 4:42pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...It seems obvious now that the next fourCD 'Nuggets' box needs to be NonWestern trax - not the U.S. (Vol. I) or Europe (II - w/ some International trax actually) - but Asia & Africa 7 the like...that's the buzz now...
'My pimples spelled I Luv You': the perfect musical representation of MAD...
  Sun. 2/12/17 4:58pm Old Dave:

Nice job, Mr Kelly. Love your show.
  Sun. 2/12/17 4:58pm DaveinPA:

@RevolutionRabbit - I build fuzz boxes (among other similar things) in my spare time, and you're right about about the early designs cutting sustain. The artists who used them had to wring the neck with heavy vibrato to get a good sustain out of them, but were rewarded by a glorious resulting effect - something that fell out of use once the more sustainy fuzzes (and later overdrives) came into favor. Erik Brann of Iron Butterfly had an unreal vibrato. Also the early fuzzes rolled off the highs coming from the guitar so it wasn't as pick-attack laden as the later units - more of a wooly howl.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/12/17 5:01pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

IronButterfly under-recognized yer ask me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/12/17 5:04pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Tangentially - what I call the 'SanFrancisco Vibrato' : very quick strong vibrato there - like sweating out a certain substance - once real Psych began...
  Sun. 2/12/17 5:18pm Joe:

@DaveinPA There was one called GARAGE ROCK USA that came out about 15 years ago. Seeds, Standells, Electric Prunes, and plenty others were featured. And on the topic of docs, don't forget SEX & BROADCASTING...all about WFMU! (But missing King Bill, though.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/19/17 3:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Thx Joe !
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