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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options September 26, 2016: It's another sexy night in Studio A as Dave welcomes comedian Brett Davis and hot rock band Crushed Out to the program to speculate on how the presidential debate they are not watching might be going.

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Artist Track Album Images
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options Angel Witch 
Hank Williams  Honky Tonk Blues   Options  
The Dirtbombs  Chains of Love   Options  
Dave talks on the phone and stuff. It's great for everybody.     
Towanda Barnes  You Don't Mean It   Options  
Guided by Voices  Tractor Rape Chain   Options  
Anohni  4 Degrees   Options  
The Misfits  Teenagers from Mars   Options  
Comedian Brett Davis live in-studio.     
Monster Magnet  Elephant Bell   Options  
Judy Garland  You Go to My Head   Options  
Dave orders a pizza.     
Crushed Out live in-studio!       

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:02pm Evan From Seattle:

Good evening Dave & everyone
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:02pm BenDoverMD:

An extra special flippin Mundy....hyuh Dave & davelophiles!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:02pm DaveHill:

Hello! Is anyone out there?!
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:03pm Supermeowy:

i'm here! stunned we only had to go 1 week without a live Dave experience!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:03pm Tome:

Hey Now
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:03pm LightninBluEyes:

Hullo, Dave! Hullo, everyone!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

"Prelude to Angel Witch."
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:04pm DaveHill:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:04pm JakeGould:

Hi Dave! Hi Ken! Hi Evan! Hi Ben! Hi Tome! Hi LightninBluEyes!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:04pm JakeGould:

Hi Supermeowy as well!
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:04pm goodgollymissmollie:

Hi y'all
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:05pm bobdoesthings:

good evening!!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:05pm DaveHill:

Hi Meowy!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:05pm BenDoverMD:

Good chance Trump or Hillary will call in to Dave in the next 90 minutes
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:05pm DaveHill:

Hey Mollie!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:05pm LightninBluEyes:

Hullo, JakeGould!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:05pm DaveHill:

Hey Bob!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:05pm DaveHill:

Hey Jake! Hey Ken!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:05pm BenDoverMD:

Hey JakeG!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:06pm JakeGould:

Hi Bob! Hi Mollie!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:06pm cbk:

No you'r an Angel Witch
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:07pm StephenRadford:

Good evening Angelwitchers!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:07pm bobdoesthings:

hello jake, molly, meowy, and alllllll
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:07pm BenDoverMD:

Vote Dave Hill in the special Metal Lëgends party
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:07pm James F:

evenin all!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:07pm bobdoesthings:

this is hank williams right?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:08pm DaveHill:

It is Hank, Bob!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:08pm chad from oregon:

I don't have a tv around. Did Trump really take the stage to Angel Witch?
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:08pm goodgollymissmollie:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:09pm bobdoesthings:

@davehill - Nice! love me some Hank Williams...
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:09pm JimmyfromKearny:

Hey Dave, et. al.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:09pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, Dave. How did Europe go?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:09pm DaveHill:

Europe was great, Ken!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:10pm DaveHill:

Hey Jimmy!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:10pm BenDoverMD:

any extra €uros laying around, Dave?
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:11pm JimmyfromKearny:

What's up Comrade!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:11pm JakeGould:

Hi Chad! Hi Jimmy!
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:12pm JimmyfromKearny:

Hey Jake!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:13pm chad from oregon:

  Mon. 9/26/16 9:13pm devlawn9000:

  Mon. 9/26/16 9:14pm ian:

i'm passing on the debate, i'm out of weed and my head would explode.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:14pm Andy Plants:

I'm here with you good sir
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:14pm cbk:

Hey Dave. Mayuko did a wonderful show last week but glad to have yo back. Thanks.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:15pm LightninBluEyes:

I miss my VCR.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:16pm Slick Goldtooth:

Who needs the debates when you got this quality programming block on.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:16pm Evan From Seattle:

I am counting on getting any updates from the debate on the show or here in the chat room. I've got my priorities.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:16pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:16pm JakeGould:

Hi Dennis D! Hanging in there?
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:18pm StephenRadford:

I have 4 VCRS in storage, just in case! You never know right.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:18pm Dennis D:

barely Jake but still here, MRI tomorrow
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Mayuko is back on at midnight filling in for Jesse, so stay tuned!
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:19pm goodgollymissmollie:

James on the phones woohoo!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:19pm cbk:

Next stop, Willowby.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:19pm BenDoverMD:

Good luck Dennis!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:19pm bobdoesthings:

hahahahaha timmy!
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:20pm StephenRadford:

Trust me, watching the debate live won't change the outcome. Enjoy your evening and Twitter will let you know who's offended tomorrow.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:20pm Slick Goldtooth:

@cbk just watched that episode for old times sake and I forgot how horribly depressing the dialogue is, especially when he asks his secretary for a razor and a map of the human body's major blood vessels
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:20pm James F:

hey mollie! panthers took a beatin last I saw of them
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:20pm ami ad:

Spinal Tap movie on the Laff channel
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:21pm goodgollymissmollie:

James it was a dumpster fire!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:21pm James F:

try being a jet fan
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:22pm Andy Plants:

ing Dave for president
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:22pm StephenRadford:

Humiliation is not an ailment.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:22pm chad from oregon:

YngDave still sounds a bit sore
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:23pm cbk:

@Slick Hey alot of those episodes were but love them anyway.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:23pm FYI:

Can you believe Morrissey will be at Pop-Up Shop at Brooklyn Dog Rescue this weekend?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:23pm bobdoesthings:

Macho Sluts - "Sloppy Leads" good song title!
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:23pm Supermeowy:

super excited about all the sexy singles here for Dave. I guess there really isn't anything on TV tonight.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:23pm James F:

what do we drink for mental ailments?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:23pm DaveHill:

He will, FYI?!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:23pm Slick Goldtooth:

@cbk gold star writing with that show, i've taken a lot of the monologues from the opening and close as inspiration for writing pieces and stuff
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:24pm FYI:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:24pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: Hang in there! Genuinely.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:25pm sahim:

I need some Yngdave/checkout girl fan fiction ASAP
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:26pm James F:

he's got all the smooth lines
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:26pm BenDoverMD:

Dave - can you confirm or deny rumours of a valley lodge pianos gig next month?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:27pm bobdoesthings:

YngDave .... toooo much.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:27pm goodgollymissmollie:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:27pm Dennis D:

Thanks Jake, I started smoking weed again and that's been helping, no longer suffering from nausea and have a bit better appetite.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:28pm P-90:

A gesture of acknowledgement! And it was mutual! The wheels are turning, the dice are rolling, big things coming, I can smell it
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:28pm FYI:

Typo it was this past weekend.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:28pm JakeGould:

She asked, “Paper or plastic?”
He responded, “Latex…”
The sex was incredible.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:28pm bobdoesthings:

@jake - HAH!
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:29pm SarahSahim:

how come the fan fiction didn't involve blepharitis?!?!
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:29pm StephenRadford:

Just reruns and dancing shows as usual Supermeowe
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:29pm FYI:

Sorry I'm a little drunk
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:29pm Derekulation:

  Mon. 9/26/16 9:29pm StephenRadford:

That's Supermeowy, with the 'y'
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:30pm James F:

morrisey pop up shop was this past weekend
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:30pm StephenRadford:

Nice erotic short Jake!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:31pm chad from oregon:

I like he has no hesitation to lay claim to erectile dysfunction, but hemorrhoids go too far.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:31pm JimmyfromKearny:

Hope you're feeling better Dennis...
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:31pm devlawn9000:

where are the gifs. Mayuko had a crazy gif last week.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:32pm James F:

i was nervous this call would go this way. my bad everyone. been a long lay off
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:32pm chad from oregon:

Not that there's any shame in erectile dysfunction. It happens to a lot of guys. I've heard.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:33pm herb.nyc:

(debate on now. Both have nice hair. Donald is just ranting and saying generalities, and making smart aleck remarks. I'll tune in later, very sorry)
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:33pm JimmyfromKearny:

Hey, Sarah, the hot young lady from across the pond!
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:33pm moreguinness:

well I'm here non...rejoice amongst yourselves
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:33pm ian:

sexy/single/baltimore here
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:34pm BenDoverMD:

this guy has represented marijuana smokers well
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:34pm cosmic matrix:

hahaha i was about to watch the puppet show ("debate") but bailed and am enjoying this much more. fuck that fucking shit.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:34pm SarahSahim:

lol hi jimmy
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:34pm Derekulation:

I have never met a man who has talked openly about there erectile disfunction...
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:35pm ian:

I never listen to this show i just tuned in to avoid the debates
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:35pm Dennis D:

Thanks Jimmy
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:36pm Supermeowy:

I consider Melissa my own personal heroine.... can't get enough of her cow tweets.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:36pm JimmyfromKearny:

OMG Melissa from Vermont!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:37pm BenDoverMD:

Melissa for Vice President
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:38pm JimmyfromKearny:

Wow, loads of hot ladies on the board and on the phone right now!!!
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:38pm JimmyfromKearny:

Alcohol poisoning...
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:39pm ian:

i'm just taking sips of my drink, not full on drinks here
that would be insane.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:40pm StephenRadford:

Do injuries also count in the drinking game?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:40pm cbk:

I dont start the Drinking Game until 10 or else I wont make it to the end of show.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:41pm chad from oregon:

I hope that YngMom is having a lovely evening.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:42pm SarahSahim:

I count "bio rhythms" as an ailment though
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:43pm StephenRadford:

cbk, wise decision!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:44pm bobdoesthings:

where is the drinking game poster exist? How have I not seen this yet
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:44pm JimmyfromKearny:

Ask Melissa to say "rascal"
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:45pm cbk:

Hey Stephen.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:47pm ian:

new listener. its so funny when somebody figures out about wfmu
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:48pm bobdoesthings:

when I delivered pizza I liked $3-4 or more..
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:50pm James F:

we've ventured into pizza fantasy stories
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:53pm LightninBluEyes:

Omg, this is awesome! xD
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:53pm chad from oregon:

I was hoping that he would say twenty minutes
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:53pm bobdoesthings:

One time I got $20 dollar tip b/c I got super lost couldn't find the place.. came back to the pizzeria.. then they called up screaming.. I was a scared 17 y/o high school kid and was sooooooo apologetic he felt bad for me. He asked me if I had spit on the pizza and I was sooooo apologetic he felt bad for me.
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:53pm StephenRadford:

Pizza place banter is always a good thing.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:54pm bobdoesthings:

I really hope sara delivers this pizza!!! exciting
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:54pm JimmyfromKearny:

Those two pizza calls were so early Letterman! Outstanding...
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:54pm Derekulation:

Wait, I feel this is the start to a fantastic erotic short...
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:56pm bobdoesthings:

@davehill - technically/legally - you are obligated to tell them they are on the air
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:56pm goodgollymissmollie:

I like this plan
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:56pm JimmyfromKearny:

I love going in pizza places, especially ones that have Italian employees, 'cause they always call you "Boss"
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:56pm herb.nyc:

(even though I'm in debate-land, I see the word EROTIC. OOH)
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:57pm Slick Goldtooth:

@Jimmy , it's also not a proper place if surly Italian grandpa isn't sitting at a table in the back chilling
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:57pm cosmic matrix:

ooooo nice comb filter effect. welcome back, dave!!!
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:58pm JimmyfromKearny:

You got it Slick...always a guy who looks like he's hurting in some way..
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:59pm devlawn9000:

psychoactive drug
  Mon. 9/26/16 9:59pm StephenRadford:

Jimmy, exactly what I was thinking! I recall the San Leone Pizza versus TGI balloon fiasco.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 9:59pm Slick Goldtooth:

Chantix makes you have night terrors, I'd probably be itchin to lighting up with all that
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:01pm cbk:

OK now it's drinkin time :- )
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:01pm bobdoesthings:

@DAVE - legally obligated to tell them they are on the air
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:02pm SarahSahim:

can't believe the pizza place ghosted Dave
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:03pm Derekulation:

  Mon. 9/26/16 10:03pm StephenRadford:

Did Amy get into chat yet?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:05pm bobdoesthings:

  Mon. 9/26/16 10:06pm JimmyfromKearny:

This is great!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:06pm chad from oregon:

Things have taken a delicious turn.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:06pm Derekulation:

This is what dreams are made of.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:07pm cosmic matrix:

holy moly this is HOT!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:07pm James F:

i came in lookin for slice, now there is a whole pie comin.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:07pm cosmic matrix:

is this the world's most perfect song...?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:08pm cbk:

@DAVE Will you invite Sara up to the studio when the pizza comes?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:09pm DaveHill:

Yes, I will invite her up!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:09pm cosmic matrix:

OMG now i want a "saturdae!"
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:10pm Slick Goldtooth:

oh funk yessss Dave I love you, good pick
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:11pm wehateyourhate:

oooo yea
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:11pm Moreguinness:

classic cheese adverts.. and long haul pizza deliveries!! This is a magical evening.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:11pm DaveHill:

Thanks, Slick!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:12pm DaveHill:

It's all happening, Moreguinness!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:12pm James F:

word has been passed down that pizza related calls only from this point on
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:12pm Andy Plants:

Thank you Dave
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:14pm chad from oregon:

Not to be a downer, but I may have had the worst pizza, in like three years, earlier tonight.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:15pm James F:

thats because it was in Oregon, Chad
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:15pm Derekulation:

pizza in oregon is no bueno.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:15pm JakeGould:

@ChadFromOregon: Ever have a pizza that had a nail and a hippie hair in it? I have!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:16pm chad from oregon:

Or I didn't have Sarah delivering it. We may never know.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Pay the bill in Euros (€), Dave!
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:17pm goodgollymissmollie:

Jake how in the world did that happen
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:17pm Derekulation:

Thats a topping in Oregon, the "happy trail hair" pizza.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:18pm wehateyourhate:

I miss NY pizza. Half the pizza I get my hands on since I moved to Pennsylvania tastes like spaghettios
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:19pm JakeGould:

@goodgollymissmollie: It was when I was living in the midwest and there was this stoner hippie place that made pizza for a place I worked at for some trade of goods or something. One night one person said, “Hey! I found a hair in my pizza…” and someone else said they found a fairly huge nail in their slice.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:20pm JakeGould:

  Mon. 9/26/16 10:20pm StephenRadford:

Speaking of Hyde Park, a Subway employee at Marble Arch tried to heat up my sandwich once filled with salad. I said "what the... There's salad on there man!" He ignored me and I just walked out. I had pizza elsewhere instead. The end.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:20pm Andy the painter:

I have been listening to Wfmu for over twenty-five years, and am a swag for life contributor and hard labor volunteer, but this pizza delivery scheme brings tears to my eyes, as I have always thought about a scenario such as this.

thank you.
listener # 17684

(just looked at my tattoo)
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:20pm chad from oregon:

Derek: It's not only offered on pizza. it generally a complimentary add-on with anything.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:20pm Slick Goldtooth:

In Cambodia, you ask for extra happy on your pizza and you get some special herbs on top of it that kick in after the fact.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:22pm StephenRadford:

I had a pizza in Italy once where the waiter offered to crack Parmesan over it. Turned out it wasn't parmesan, it was shaved horse. I was stunned.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:22pm chad from oregon:

Andy: That's a great tattoo.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:22pm StephenRadford:

Authentic Italian I guess.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:24pm bobdoesthings:

Im reheating some pizza I had in the freezer to join in the pizza eating fun
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:25pm Dennis D:

How'd the horse taste?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:25pm James F:

its actual radio magic happeing before our very ears Andy!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:25pm herb.nyc:

I read that if ya drizzle lemon on cold pizza, it's really good. Yes?
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:26pm Derekulation:

Have to say... I am here in Vermont and pizza isn't all that good... to close to Canada.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:27pm Slick Goldtooth:

@Derek, Vermont BBQ tho. It's stupidly incredible. Also the cheese, mead, beer, top notch
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:28pm devlawn9000:

Halibut is the best.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:29pm Derekulation:

yea... I work up the road from the alchemist... Drinking Sip of sunshine now.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:30pm ian:

my ex gf's dad was norwegian and did the raw salmon thing. interesting they all do that.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:30pm StephenRadford:

The horse could have been shaved anything else I wouldn't know the difference.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:31pm Slick Goldtooth:

Eel is dope too, I wish it was more common in the US. Everyone's on the eel train in Scandinavia and Chile
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:32pm wehateyourhate:

oh cool, Chipotle talk
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:33pm bobdoesthings:

who doesn't wanna talk chipotle ..... or poop..
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:34pm P-90:

LMU: Loyola Marymount University, a Catholic school. A very good one.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:34pm LightninBluEyes:

  Mon. 9/26/16 10:34pm ian:

is there any difference between chipotle and poop?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:34pm chad from oregon:

She really needs to lose the zero and get with the Yng.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:34pm bobdoesthings:

alcoholic poops... not solid.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:34pm wehateyourhate:

Poop has less salt
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:34pm P-90:

Tell her an alcoholic is never a keeper
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:34pm ian:

can confim bob
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:35pm Derekulation:

  Mon. 9/26/16 10:36pm goodgollymissmollie:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:36pm wehateyourhate:

Pork? I think you mean Carnitas
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:36pm ian:

she's making chipotle, i assume thats what she meant.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:36pm bobdoesthings:

@ian - ditto
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:36pm Slick Goldtooth:

Is this Sizzle, the woman who found Sasquatch in Vernon? (See recent Shut Up Weirdo episodes) ???
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:37pm Derekulation:

Wow ! Vernon My Hometown!
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:38pm P-90:

Looked up?! it's a famous school, anyone who's lived in Southern California knows it. Also Anyone who knows nationally-ranked Catholic colleges. "looked it up..."? #indignant
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:38pm ian:

dave is like a shy schoolboy tonight
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:38pm bobdoesthings:

isn't Loyola maymount also an all girls high school in the city?
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:38pm goodgollymissmollie:

The ladies are taking over
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:39pm James F:

pizza guy almost sounds like YngDave
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:40pm JimmyfromKearny:

Please say "rascal" for me Melissa!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:40pm rklump:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:41pm wehateyourhate:

  Mon. 9/26/16 10:41pm moreguinness:

Dave is currently love flummoxed by the bevy of would be suitors.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:41pm ian:

this is almost like the old days of the best show with all the fake callers but i think this is real?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:42pm James F:

turns out I know this pizza place the delivery is coming from. Gotta be honest, I've had better. but that was under different management then. We shall see.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:43pm P-90:

@bobdoes: yes, there's also a LM High School in LA. And it's chock-full of Catholic schoolgirls. Which is a great thing. I'm unclear whether it's connected to the University, it may be.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:44pm devlawn9000:

no pizza that's been in a car for an hour is going to be that good. This is about the journey.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:44pm bobdoesthings:

@P-90- I think the whole Loyola academic brand is littered across our great nation.. there's a lot of Loyolas and Marymounts..
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:44pm JakeGould:

The crushed pepper is incredible.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:44pm ian:

yeah theres one in maryland here too
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:45pm chad from oregon:

YngDave is about to drop another F bomb
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:46pm ian:

yngdave sounds just like the character from repo man that talked about synchonicity
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:46pm daveB from before:

Peppers and mushrooms and 40 minutes in the car...should be nice & moist...
Like Sully's airport harem
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:47pm chad from oregon:

YngDave, can you play us out with a bit of Synchronicity II?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:47pm JakeGould:

Free gluten?
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:48pm P-90:

This whole pizza schtick is making me SO hungry for a slice of this Vinci's pizza.
Possible new regular feature: "Garlic Knot Blotter"

Now I gotta take a shot of vodka, YngDave just expressed a suicidal ideation, that counts as an illness or malady. Now "psoriasis" too! That's good for a double chilled Svedka vodka shot
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:48pm daveB from before:

I actually consulted iwaspoisoned.com last week after a bad tangle with chick fil-A
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:49pm StephenRadford:

It's almost 4am here, I have no pizza ordering options.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:49pm JeffHQ:

@Dave: That's what she said.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:49pm devlawn9000:

The world cup is amazing.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:49pm Slick Goldtooth:

@P-90, if you're into vodka you need to give Luksusowa a go. Excellent potato vodka that is smooth as all hell and relatively cheap. Doesn't taste like paint stripper
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:50pm bobdoesthings:

can someone send me this whole TGDDHS drinking game poster/infographic?!?!
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:50pm SarahSahim:

i want to call and ask for dave's medical opinion on my depression but 3:50am is TOO LATE
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:51pm bobdoesthings:

You 4am folks in London?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:51pm DaveHill:

Call in Sarah! I can help!
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:52pm P-90:

Yeah, has anyone posted this drinking-game "flyer" YngDave was ranting about?
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:52pm SarahSahim:

it's on Wade Snook's twitter
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:52pm JeffHQ:

Betwixt Ft Totten and the subdermal access.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:52pm bobdoesthings:

didn't they say Vinci's was in Elizabeth? (pronounced "Elissabett" if you're from there)
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:53pm ian:

tendies. that old meme.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:53pm StephenRadford:

Yes, well Middleton Manchester here.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:53pm James Fernandez:

sara is from elizabeth. vinci's is in this weird part of union that penetrates into elizabeth.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:54pm devlawn9000:

Tendies are what the trump fans eat.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:54pm daveB from before:

What does YngDave have against the Chevy Equinox?
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:54pm ian:

there was a huge reddit meme about tendies awhile back
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:55pm cash:

it porks eliz.?
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:55pm JeffHQ:

Closing time. Top 40 special.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:55pm Slick Goldtooth:

bull shit, JC is like 35 mins tops
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:56pm ian:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:56pm bobdoesthings:

  Mon. 9/26/16 10:56pm devlawn9000:

We can't do it, hold on a second.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:57pm bobdoesthings:

@DAVEHILL - Legally speaking - you are obligated to tell them they are on the air when you call.
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:57pm Andy the painter:

@chad from Oregon.
yeah. was wondering abt the tastefulness of that, but got caught up in the excitement. sorry
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:57pm bobdoesthings:

disco fries!! Dave is learning NJ diner lingo!!
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:57pm JeffHQ:

Call a mar who?
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:58pm ian:

earn your good boy points
  Mon. 9/26/16 10:58pm Derekulation:

@Dave Order me the Sliced Roast Turkey.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 10:58pm chad from oregon:

Andy: I was a little envious of it!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:00pm Holy Shit!:

My mom came into my room to bring me a plate of chicken nuggets and I literally screamed at her and hit the plate of chicken nuggets out of her hand. She started yelling and swearing at me and I slammed the door on her. I’m so distressed right now I don’t know what to do. I didn’t mean to do that to my mom but I’m literally in shock from the results tonight. I feel like I’m going to explode. Why the fucking fuck is he losing? This can’t be happening. I’m having a fucking breakdown. I don’t want to believe the world is so corrupt. I want a future to believe in. I want Bernie to be president and fix this broken country. I cannot fucking deal with this right now. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I thought he was polling well in New York???? This is so fucked.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:00pm cosmic matrix:

who is that? i think i'm being hacked!
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:01pm ian:

fast on teh draw holy shit! but you didnt refer to tendies.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:03pm cosmic matrix:

i propose a simple "tendies" drinking game.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:03pm JakeGould:

You want ’za and tendies?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:03pm StephenRadford:

Tendies: Makes a good change from Cinnabon.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:04pm James Fernandez:

tendies for everyone!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:04pm cosmic matrix:

tendie suppositories DURING the pizza
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:04pm bobdoesthings:

@jake - no one refers to pizza as "za" ...
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:05pm JakeGould:

@bobdoesthings: Oh yes they do!
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:05pm JeffHQ:

Extra Pep Croix.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:06pm Derekulation:

Park west is a nice diner.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:06pm JeffHQ:

7-11 heaven and hell.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:07pm daveB from before:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:07pm James Fernandez:

is it tendy or tendie?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:08pm cosmic matrix:

Shout out to the Triangle Diner, Wingdale NY circa 1983. And the Center Restaurant, H-O-H.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:08pm bobdoesthings:

Life Pro Tip- dont get your tendies off of rt 46.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:08pm JeffHQ:

What's your sauce/side order question?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:09pm cosmic matrix:

Also, Seven Stars on Central Ave!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:09pm Slick Goldtooth:

Brett use your head man, Tick Tock in that area is king. They even have the cool story of the second cousin who put a hit out on the owner or whatever it was
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:09pm JeffHQ:

Cookin' w oil.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:11pm bobdoesthings:

NJ - Diner capital of the world. (true!) I still miss Seville in Westwood NJ ..since it closed.. I grew up as a teenager smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee there.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:11pm JeffHQ:

Exxon exit 12
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:12pm James Fernandez:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:12pm James Fernandez:

(This is Danne in the hot seat for a moment btw)
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:12pm P-90:

Bad news on the clinical front: "attractive" females don't become urologists
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:12pm bobdoesthings:

  Mon. 9/26/16 11:13pm Derekulation:

the pompton queen on RT 23 is my favorite diner
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:14pm James Fernandez:

I am dubious of this doctor that is giving Jimmy the business.

Sounds like he is looking for something else.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:14pm Slick Goldtooth:

Pompton Queen is class

also someone's mic is peaking
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:14pm bobdoesthings:

Jimmy's call is peaking .. lower the input volume
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:14pm StephenRadford:

I would like to request "The Wonder of You" as Jimmy's out song.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:14pm P-90:

Apparently, having someone "attractive" burn off your genital warts is a great way to get a date...?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:15pm StephenRadford:

Is somebody leaning on a cable or is that a flipped switch?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:15pm JakeGould:

Tumors in his nuts!
Tumors in his nuts!
Hi ho the derry o!
Tumors in his nuts!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:16pm chad from oregon:

Things are nearly going into crime blotter land, I'm afraid
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:17pm StephenRadford:

I hope this medical talk isn't going to interfere with appetite...
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:17pm SarahSahim:

every man who listens to this damn show is in a state of perennial sexual frustration
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:17pm James Fernandez:

Honestly we have to get the Michael Jackson doctor and Jimmy live in the studio for a whole 3 hour show some time.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:17pm James Fernandez:

Is this theeeeee Sahazzurp!?!?!?!]
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:17pm JeffHQ:

Ohhh. We are talking bbq vs buffa-helloooo!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:18pm James Fernandez:

(Still Danne here - James went to get the pizza or the band)
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:18pm Slick Goldtooth:

@James , that'd be gold
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:18pm SarahSahim:

asia's a giant continent, "asian" ain't that descriptive
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:18pm devlawn9000:

drink every time he says asian woman.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:18pm James Fernandez:

This pizza party is anything but a sausage party
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:19pm P-90:

He's wrong, it has nothing to do with sex or harassment, she was training and the attending physician supervising this "petite Asian girl" happened to be a dude.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:19pm bobdoesthings:

  Mon. 9/26/16 11:19pm ian:

sarasahim thats not true, i am only frustrated tonight. but then i'm not a regular listener.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:20pm bobdoesthings:

Jimmy singing PLUS pizza party!! this episode is firing on all cylinders
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:20pm devlawn9000:

  Mon. 9/26/16 11:20pm P-90:

Jimmy's gotta sing something about "digital exam"
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:21pm Debbie:

Does Dave have pounds or dollars for pizza?
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:22pm Derekulation:

  Mon. 9/26/16 11:22pm devlawn9000:

Fingers are different than tenders?
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:22pm P-90:

Don't tell me @Dave Hill is a lousy tipper?
Can't be!
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:24pm P-90:

What's Sarah wearing tonight? (Asking for my bud Jimmy)
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:24pm LightninBluEyes:

Mushrooms for the win!
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:24pm ian:

your buddy jimmy wilson?
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:25pm JeffHQ:

Strictly CVS ultraviolet violence.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:25pm StephenRadford:

I'm not a fan on mushrooms either. childhood trauma.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:26pm ian:

i like shrooms
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:26pm Dennis D:

Damn Cassius always talking about money!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:26pm bobdoesthings:

I think we all know that Cassius woulda taken that money and more
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:27pm Marc15:

It's strange that a cab is complaining about "overtipping"
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:27pm Marc15:

Cab driver*
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:27pm LightninBluEyes:

Cassius seems rather anal-retentive tonight
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:28pm Lolly:

YES Hubert gonna kick Cassius' ass.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:28pm herb.nyc:

I like Hubert. Says Herbert.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:29pm JeffHQ:

Belly's Feed The Me
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:30pm ian:

hubert vs cassius, both have awkward names
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:31pm P-90:

Vincent calls to follow up on the pizza, like a true Paisano
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:31pm James Fernandez:

So like a month after Cassius got jumped people are ready to see him get beat up all over again?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:31pm Slick Goldtooth:

throw in a Sebastian and we got a real weirdo stand off
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:32pm bobdoesthings:

I 'm loving yngdave's evil voice
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:32pm P-90:

Somehow, we almost got through one Monday night with no mention of "Mongoloid". Almost.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:33pm moreguinness:

all this excitement..plus a name check from yngdave. Today has been a whirlwind
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:33pm FYI:

Every time I hear Cassius I dislike him more and more. Keep up the good work!
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:35pm SarahSahim:

can Vinci join Macho Sluts?
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:35pm devlawn9000:

Dave Hill has a nice tip.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:36pm amy:

I MADE IT!! Just under the wire ...
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:37pm JeffHQ:

Season 2 of Anchoadies
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:37pm moreguinness:

amy I can't begin to explain what you've missed
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:37pm LightninBluEyes:

Hullo, Amy!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:38pm amy:

@moreguiness Noooo!!!
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:38pm P-90:

All this AND a band. Where else? This truly Is a friggin' bacchanal
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:38pm bobdoesthings:

@Amy - you might need to go back into the archives and listen to this one. the pizza ordering and YngDave call-ins have been topnotch.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:38pm amy:

@lightninblueyes Hello!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:40pm amy:

@bobdoesthings I'll be all over it!
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:40pm devlawn9000:

amy who won the debate?
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:41pm StephenRadford:

Amy made it!
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:41pm devlawn9000:

I thought the judy garland was going to be backing music.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:42pm amy:

@devlawn9000 I'd say Hillary. But I had a few vodka tonics .... so I might be the real winner
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:42pm amy:

@stephen I did!! Had to wait to get back to my computer after work/debate function :|
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:44pm chad from oregon:

I'm sure that the debate had slightly less "digital penetration" talk than the show did tonight, but I didn't watch.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:44pm JeffHQ:

Monster Shagnet. Awesome Powers.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:45pm chad from oregon:

It's been a night of digital penetration and garlic knots.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:48pm StephenRadford:

Yean, Amy, I decided to get on desktop too. easier with the typing.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:48pm JimmyfromKearny:

Sarah Sahim, I meant no disrespect to any people of Asian ancestry...please forgive me...
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:49pm LightninBluEyes:

Mic peaking...
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:49pm ian:

sound engineer, fix the mic! get a windscreen!
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:49pm Skippin:

Pretty hot mic
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:50pm P-90:

They share a clothes bag, that's so romantic. We gotta find YngDave a young lady he can share a clothes bag with. And we just gotta keep Jimmy away from "petite Asian girls"
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:50pm bobdoesthings:

mic peaking - i think its an instrument mic perhaps.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:50pm James Fernandez:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:51pm LightninBluEyes:

Better, indeed
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:51pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:51pm James Fernandez:

Thanks! :)
You guys are the best sound engineers
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:51pm bobdoesthings:

  Mon. 9/26/16 11:52pm P-90:

My roommate who watched the debate says "digital penetration" was only mentioned once the whole time, so The Dave Hill Show wins again!
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:52pm herb.nyc:

Wha? Jimmy and petite Asians? I'z Asian.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:52pm james:

sorry bout the mic popping. mushrooms got on the control board. all better now
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:52pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 9/26/16 11:53pm ian:

lolol mushrooms on the board
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:54pm ian:

that could have been a catastrophe.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:54pm JeffHQ:

Avoid Cincinnati.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:54pm chad from oregon:

There's always debate #2 when the candidates try to secure the dodgy prostate undecided vote.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:56pm JeffHQ:

Just blew out the sound system of this assisted living facility.
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:58pm Debbie:

Hot sounds LIVE!
  Mon. 9/26/16 11:58pm JeffHQ:

Live long and populate.
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:59pm amy:

'Night everybody!
Avatar Mon. 9/26/16 11:59pm Evan From Seattle:

Great show tonight as always!
Avatar Tue. 9/27/16 12:00am bobdoesthings:

  Tue. 9/27/16 12:00am Debbie:

Good times tonight, Dave.
  Tue. 9/27/16 12:01am moreguinness:

well that was epic
  Tue. 9/27/16 12:01am devlawn9000:

Avatar Tue. 9/27/16 12:03am Erma Gherd:

holy hell what did I miss?
  Tue. 9/27/16 12:14am P-90:

Good morning, DJ Mayuko! I'm ready for some good music after all that talk about medical problems and pizza on Dave's show.
Avatar Tue. 9/27/16 9:40am DaveHill:

Thanks for listening, folks!
  Fri. 9/30/16 10:57am Mc.Q:

There is an animated version of the Tendies Poem featuring a Grimace looking creature on YouTube, but I'm not sure if Tendies is the proper spelling of what you were talking about.
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