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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options August 29, 2016: Studio A is still smoldering from YngDave's visit last week as Dave welcomes comedian Marlena Rodriguez and musician Julian Velard to the show to fan the flames and whatnot. Also, Danne D brings cookies if history has taught us anything.

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Artist Track Album Comments Images
It's all happening!      Illustration by David Bamundo. He drew it while listening to this program, which rules. Go to bamundo.com for more. 
Napalm Death  Common Enemy   Options      
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options Angel Witch (duh)   
Important show intro       
Style Council  My Ever Changing Moods   Options    
The Melvins  Sweet Willy Rollbar   Options    
Dave answers the phone and talks to people and it's great for America.        
Disciple  Cherie Alamayonaika   Options    
Corrosion of Conformity  Wiseblood   Options Wiseblood   
Corn Mo  Lollipop   Options    
Poney Express  Le bruit du dehors   Options    
Negative Approach  Pressure   Options    
Buddy Ace  Screaming Please   Options    
Dave talks on the phone ever more.       
Magazine  Shot by Both Sides   Options    
King Diamond  Welcome Home   Options    
The Nerves  Hanging On The Telephone   Options    

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:01pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:01pm BenDoverMD:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:02pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:02pm Dennis D:

What's up?
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:02pm P-90:

Sexy Singles Assemble!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:02pm BenDoverMD:

Yet another flippin Mundy...gonna be hard to top last week's show...hyuh pals!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:03pm amy:

Hi everybody
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:03pm SeanG:

Time to SHRED Dave! Heading Out to the Highway! \m/
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:03pm Ms. Sim:

Oh man, last week's show was with me all week. That was some primo golden tar of radio.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:03pm LightninBluEyes:

Hullo everyone!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:03pm BenDoverMD:

Dennis D you were quicker on the draw with the yo!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:03pm goodgollymissmollie:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:03pm Dennis D:

hi Ms Sim, Amy BD, p-90
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:03pm Dennis D:

hi eyes
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:04pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:04pm Ms. Sim:

Hello fancy man Dennis D
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:04pm JakeGould:

This show is still on the air? I thought YngDave shut it down!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:04pm amy:

Hi Dennis!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:04pm Dennis D:

close though :)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:04pm DaveHill:

Hey everybody!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:04pm Dennis D:

hi Dave, GGMM
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:04pm BenDoverMD:

Some to all of my comments may have a Tony Weiner subtext. I'll try hard to keep that up! (That's 2 in one-wonder if he ever tried that)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:04pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:05pm amy:

Hi Dave!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:05pm JakeGould:

So Halloween has started early on this playlist as well? Jesus!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:05pm Dennis D:

hi Jake
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:05pm Danne D:

  Mon. 8/29/16 9:05pm P-90:

Hey Dave!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:05pm Linda Lee:

Dave my love!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:05pm Dennis D:

what is up with that dude?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:05pm chad from oregon:

Oh phew. I had a nightmare that WFMU was taken over by This American Life. Sweet, sweet Angel Witch making it all better again.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:06pm JakeGould:

Anthony Weiner gets a documentary made of him that shows him warts and all and then what does he do? Take a picture of his junk while lying next to his baby son. WHAT A CLASS ACT!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:06pm Dennis D:

hi DD hi Ken
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:06pm Ms. Sim:

This show has prompted me to SO much googling and wikipedia diving on Angel Witch. Let me tell you one thing, they have a COMMITTED fan base. Do not mock the Angel Witch.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:07pm Ms. Sim:

(But really, why would you?)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:07pm Ken From Hyde Park:

You're commenting like the wind, Dennis.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:07pm SeanG:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:07pm BenDoverMD:

I guess it's really hard to not be such a boner when your name is Weiner (3)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:07pm Dennis D:

did YngDave get home ok?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:08pm Dennis D:

yes must be that crystal meth I was dreaming about
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:08pm Ms. Sim:

Oh. My. God. I LOVE this song. Never thought I'd hear it on a face-melting show like the GD DH show.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:09pm BenDoverMD:

Kudos to SeanG for that Carlos Danger approved comment!!!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:09pm P-90:

So @Dave Hill did you make it to Macari's Music store in SoHo, London, England?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:09pm thermoanaero:

i was just listening to The Style Council yesterday, must be synchronicity
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:10pm JakeGould:

Looking up pictures of the “Style Council” on Google had having a giggle.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:11pm James on the phones:

evenin everyone!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:11pm JakeGould:

I mean… Seriously… www.google.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:12pm chad from oregon:

That song put me in the mood for sex. I was running in place and everything.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:12pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Dennis D - Is that what you intake if you can't find Crystal Pepsi®?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:12pm Ms. Sim:

Here we go, THIS is more like it. I STEP ON YOUR FACE PAUL WELLER!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:12pm thermoanaero:

Yeah they were a little earnest, took themselves a bit too seriously
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:12pm SeanG:

Carlos Danger! love it!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:13pm Danne D:

201-209-9368 is the number. up to 3 lines are open as YngDave surely is on the other one
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:13pm SeanG:

style council were MOD AS FUCK
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:13pm BenDoverMD:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:13pm amy:

Hi James
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:13pm JakeGould:

@DaveHill: I like this new trend towards GIFs on the playlist.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:14pm Dennis D:

I've never had Crystal pepsi, I wonder if it can still be gotten?
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:14pm JeffHQ:

All thongs to all people.
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:14pm herb.nyc:

Hi all. Am about to get naked (shower time, whether I need or not), but wanted to say I saw the Style C at midtown's Savoy sit down theater (Let's Active opened). I'm pretty sure I liked it. As for Julian Velard, I got 2 of his CDs via thrift shops in past year, and would like to see him perform.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:14pm JakeGould:

Carlos Tony Danger Weiner!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:14pm P-90:

It's gonna take about 5-10 in-studio appearances for YngDave to loosen up and be as comfortable as he is when he's calling from home. But it'll happen.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:15pm Ms. Sim:

So wait P-90, you think he's going to do that many in-studios? (fingers crossed)
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:16pm Rickwaukee:

Important show intro girl thought bubble: Bacchanaaaaal.
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:17pm goodgollymissmollie:

I need the reverb back
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:17pm Dennis D:

as YngDave would say "maybe"
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:17pm amy:

"home of the hits" in dejected voice LOL
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:18pm BenDoverMD:

JV bringing the Yacht Rock!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:19pm P-90:

I'm looking for the link to that blog post "When Tony Weiner Met Paul Weller", I'll post as soon as I find it
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:19pm Danne D:

did James break the reverb when he did his awesome fill in last week?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:20pm Dennis D:

we likey
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:20pm Philthy woman:

HEYO, LOVE the Angel Witch giff
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:20pm Danne D:

Giffy from Kearny
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:20pm herb.nyc:

Re Julian V and Billy Joel and Yacht Rock, try http://www.slate.com/articles/life/the_spectator/2009/01/the_worst_pop_singer_ever.html
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:20pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:20pm Mayuko:

very impressed with all these gifs.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:21pm Ms. Sim:

Every time you restart the show I assume that we've gone back in time and I consider myself younger. So keep restarting! You have my blessing!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:21pm Danne D:

Mayuuuuuko! :) :) :)
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:21pm P-90:

There's a certain "DJ Stashu" who' been known to leave the studio reverb on "experimental" settings.
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:22pm Supermeowy:

greetings Hill People of the World!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:22pm Mayuko:

Hola Danne where's my cookie!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:22pm BenDoverMD:

How's it hanging James F? (1)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:22pm Ms. Sim:

Meowy! Hello!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:22pm herb.nyc:

(My neice had a Shaina procedure as well, yest!!!). Dave is a Slickee Boy!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:23pm P-90:

@Dave Hill: will there be some seats available for a live audience at the London broadcast?
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:23pm JeffHQ:

Yo all: Supermeowy, myself and hopefully Matt from Springfield doing a DC Dave Hill meetup around late-October time of his Bentzen Ball gig w Weird Al and Malcolm Gladwell.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:23pm Ms. Sim:

omg, now I know what YngDave looks like. Heh heh... Heheheh... heheh...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:23pm Erma Gherd:

Hi chickens! Why is YngDave angry?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:23pm amy:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:23pm Dennis D:

Slickee Boys!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:24pm Dennis D:

hi Erma
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Erma, dear! Long time, no comment!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:24pm BenDoverMD:

I kind of still can't reconcile the Yngvoice with the Yngface
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:24pm SeanG:

rub one out bro
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:25pm Danne D:

Are you at the station Mayuko?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:25pm James on the phones:

little to the right, Ben, thanks. Hi Amy!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:25pm Ms. Sim:

Dave really shouldn't talk up the merits of his hands, or checkout girl will think he doesn't need her. Not good strategy.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:25pm Erma Gherd:

Hi Dennis, hi Ken! I keep forgetting to tune in, nice to see/hear everyone!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:25pm Danne D:

Erma :) Meowy :)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:25pm BenDoverMD:

Hi Erma! Good to see u! (Also check your email!)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:26pm Dennis D:

  Mon. 8/29/16 9:26pm Danne D:

Hi Mollie :) Hi BriJet :)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:26pm Erma Gherd:

Hi Danne! Hi Meowy! Hi all. (BenDoverMD - got it and replied!)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:27pm Dennis D:

hi Meowy
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:27pm James on the phones:

Superhero YngDave!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:28pm Folsom:

YngDave takes the ungrounded guitar from Dave just as he gets hit by water.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:28pm JakeGould:

Nobody tied people to train tracks until they showed it in the movies. One of the few examples of entertainment being a bad influence on people.
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:29pm herb.nyc:

Let's all Google DH *now*_ watch the Internet crash!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:29pm Mayuko:

@Danne home :(
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:30pm P-90:

This girl, working her way through Dental Assistant school behind that cash register in Brooklyn, still has NO idea she's a recurring character on a radio program heard all over the world. Dave H. should surprise YngDave by locating her and inviting her to appear as a secret guest the next time he comes in. Or: Maybe not
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:30pm Rickwaukee:

googling me, googling you, ah-haaa
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:30pm BenDoverMD:

Ahh, I see Erma! Got it!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:31pm T Joe:

Dave is king.
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:31pm P-90:

Salutations, Erma!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:31pm Mayuko:

@Danne home :(
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:31pm BenDoverMD:

A Newfie! Home of Great Big Sea!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:31pm moreguinness:

where the hell is snook
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:32pm amy:

@P-90 I love that idea!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:32pm Erma Gherd:

Hi P-90!

Rickwaukee, you made me laugh! ABBA 4 lyfe.
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:32pm Wade:

Okay Amy & Scott, I made it!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:32pm Erma Gherd:

Newfoundland makes me think of seal flipper pie and fried bologna sandwiches, thanks Annie Proulx and the Shipping News!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:33pm P-90:

St. John's in Newfoundland is GORGEOUS
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:33pm amy:

@moreguinness I think he's working on it, but needed directions :P
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:33pm amy:

@wade HELLO!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:34pm Erma Gherd:

  Mon. 8/29/16 9:34pm Rickwaukee:

@EG via Alan Partridge )
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:34pm Danne D:

Impressive I woulda bet Dave would've known a quarter of 'em
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:34pm Dennis D:

There was a guy in Inwood that had a Great Pyrenees and a New Foundland. He was a pillhead and the dogs would attack anyone walking by him as he nodded out. BIG dogs.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:34pm BenDoverMD:

Hey Guinness, What's up? Snook is a twitter snob! I don't think I've seen him on here...I was just thinking he needs to join the fun
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:35pm Erma Gherd:

hahaha, she called him out on the safety school.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:35pm BenDoverMD:

There he is! Hey Wade Snook!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:36pm StephenRadford:

Hello and good evening everybody.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:36pm amy:

I loved the dorms
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:36pm Supermeowy:

welcome Wade!!!!

yeah, if anyone wants to join the Hill People section of Dave, Weird Al & Gladwell show in DC let us know!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:36pm moreguinness:

it's a Snookabration
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Look at those little buildings that say "TELEPHONE"! There's only enough room for like one single person. You'd have to sleep sitting up and I don't know know where you'd go to the bathroom.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:37pm Dennis D:

hi SR
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:37pm JeffHQ:

Everyone shd try flunking out of law school in their 30s. Good times.
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:37pm P-90:

IF there is in fact a "University of Moosejaw", then THAT was Dave's safety school
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:38pm wade:

Hey everybody! I feel like Norm walking into Cheers!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:38pm JakeGould:

Moosejaw is the bulge in a guy’s pants, right?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:38pm Erma Gherd:

hi schnookie!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:38pm BenDoverMD:

Dennis D, Erma (& everyone) Valley Lodge announced a show at Pianos in October
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:38pm Dennis D:

hi wade
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Who would win if you had a contest between a Newfoundland and a Labrador retriever?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:38pm JakeGould:

@wade: Norm is respectable.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:38pm Erma Gherd:

@jakegould - mooseknuckle
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:38pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:39pm Dennis D:

If I am ambulatory by then I'll show
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:39pm P-90:

Wait a second: "Seal Flipper Pie" is a thing?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:40pm JakeGould:

@Erma: Gezhundheit!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:40pm BenDoverMD:

Good luck Dennis D!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:40pm goodgollymissmollie:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:40pm Erma Gherd:

P-90, I wish I didn't know this but yes apparently.

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:40pm StephenRadford:

What's wrong with the reverb? Has somebody been fiddling with Dave's nobs again?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:40pm Ms. Sim:

"Snooook-a-bration... we"ll all Smookabrate and have a good time..."
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:41pm cash:

hey wade, welcome2chatroom!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:41pm Dennis D:

You'd thing seal flippers are tough
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:42pm JakeGould:

I like saying I keep Kosher so as to lie to avoid eating things like seal flipper pie.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:42pm wade:

Thanks! You all are too kind!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:42pm Erma Gherd:

@jake, thank you! @bendover - thanks for the heads-up, I'm so out of the loop. @Dennis, what are you having done?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:43pm Dennis D:

at least I'd think the flippers are tough
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:44pm wade:

This is the jam from over the weekend! The drummer kills it!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:44pm Dennis D:

not sure if anything is necessary Erma, had x-rays of my pelvis done on Friday and hoping they will find if anything is wrong with me, or my leg gets miraculously better
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:44pm DaveHill:

Wade! Strong YngDave artwork! Well done!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:45pm Erma Gherd:

I don't ever want to find out how tough seal flippers are. Ugh.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:45pm glenn:

why wouldn't seal be kosher?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:46pm JakeGould:

@glenn: I don’t know but if it was Kosher it would be sold pickled somewhere in the world of “appetizing” Kosher food.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:46pm Linda Lee:

love the phone booths.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:47pm James Fernandez:

i cant stop focusing on the kung fu gif!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:48pm DaveHill:

Thanks, Linda Lee!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:48pm Erma Gherd:

@Dennis, I hope some PT fixes you up before they go straight to surgery. All best wishes to you.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:49pm Dennis D:

Thank you Erma, I'd like that too
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:49pm Ms. Sim:

Seals should def be kosher. Not an ungulate, not a shellfish... Unless there's a proscription against pinipeds because of how closely their limbs resemble humans'... Any rabbis in the room?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:49pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

Hi Dave Hill! Nice Jams! quick question, if you get time; what was the name of the author you had on your show last year who's book is about him growing up in in New York doing lots of drugs and getting in to lots of mischief. I was trying to find it in your archives to no avail. BTW your audio book was the Shiznit!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:49pm Dennis D:

at least I started eating again, that a step in the right direction
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:49pm JeffHQ:

(Wade's artwork then spurs Tarantino to recruit YngDave as the toastmaster in his upcoming romantic comedy...)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:49pm DaveHill:

Are the gifs too much to handle?!
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:50pm P-90:

"X-Rays of My Pelvis" new Hulu original series?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:50pm Linda Lee:

no! the gifs are lovely!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:50pm Dennis D:

i still like the gifs
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:51pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

Love the gifs... I cant stop watching the train rules.
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:51pm moreguinness:

they're ter-gif-ic
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:51pm James on the boards:

they're an awesome addition! message board game leveled up!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:51pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The internet says "not kosher." www.kosherconsumer.org...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:52pm StephenRadford:

Gifs are great. Like a really happening department store window. Damn fun addition!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:52pm Ms. Sim:

That cat gif almost makes me want a cat, except for how intrinsically evil they are. My rule is I have to be the most evil thing in the house.
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:53pm JeffHQ:

@Dave: The gifs are fun. Very cool in fact. But sorta distract from your raw genius. (Insert quarter to continue in 3...2...1...)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:53pm Dennis D:

oui oui
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:53pm Linda Lee:

lollipop kitty is the best gif ever. & this French jam is mighty sweet.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:54pm JakeGould:

@Ollie's18wheelsoffire: That would be Dennis Driscoll who is on the playlist right now as “Dennis D”… www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:54pm wade:

Thanks, Dave! I have one for you and Julian coming up soon...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:55pm wade:

@JeffHQ Hahaha!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:56pm Ms. Sim:

Ken, wow, thanks for searching that out! I find the answer a little lacking, though. Why are seals treyf? It lumps them in with shellfish as forbidden "mammals." Are all swimming mammals treyf?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:56pm Ms. Sim:

(So interesting)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:57pm wade:

I think YngDave is doing it all wrong. He should be hanging around a hospital instead of a grocery store to meet chicks! Maybe he could meet a nice nurse to take care of him.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:58pm Dennis D:

Hi Ollie! I'm that author
  Mon. 8/29/16 9:59pm P-90:

The definitive "Kashrut" section at www.jewfaq.org states that seal flippers are indeed Kosher, as long as the animals are slaughtered by the mandated humane methods, and the flippers are butchered under proper Rabinnical supervision. Just FYI
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 9:59pm JakeGould:

@Ms.Sim: If you really read that list of what is Kosher or not, your head will spin… Red caviar is kosher but black caviar isn’t? WHY!?!?!?!?!?!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:00pm Dennis D:

Hope to make it back on Dave's show sometime soonish
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:01pm Ms. Sim:

@Jake I could absolutely not keep kosher. That one rule would damn me — put fish roe in front of my maw and I don't even see color. It's 100% OM NOM NOM NOM NOM
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:01pm James on the boards:

ok elephant with bug eyes is funny but gets creepy the longer you watch
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:03pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

HaHaHa! @Dennis D looking forward to your return to the GDDHS... want to download your book! ;)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:03pm Supermeowy:

Quite fond of the 2 kitty gifs. The lollipop one is superb!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:04pm Dennis D:

Just have CD's no book yet, but someday I hope
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:04pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:05pm Ms. Sim:

Dave Guevara
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:06pm Linda Lee:

heaven help you if the Democrats are your nanny.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:06pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

This is Rad! Thanks, Dennis! I thought you were kidding. I'm gonna order both of these tonight.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:07pm Dennis D:

wow, thanks
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:07pm Rickwaukee:

This probably won't be too popular but I can't stand the gifs.
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:07pm P-90:

@Ms. Sim: I'm TOTALLY with you re: when fish roe is put in front of my maw
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:07pm lord freakington:

this dude is projecting
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:07pm Dennis D:

the are on Itunes and Amazon also
but the hard copies are more fun :)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:08pm James on the boards:

YngDaveHill Supergroup!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:08pm Ms. Sim:

@P-90 Totally doing the fist pump for the fish eggs. GET IN MAH BELLEH.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:08pm Erma Gherd:

where are the gifs from? Dave's brain?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:09pm JakeGould:

♫ Last night an YngDave saved a life! ♫
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:09pm Ms. Sim:

oh my god, Dave's exasperation at YngDave's maternal heroism.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:10pm Matt from Springfield:

I said....good day.
RIP Gene Wilder :(
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:10pm P-90:

Dave shut Professor Faraday right down when he suggested the "libertarian" option. Slammed the door.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:11pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:11pm Dennis D:

I think it was Eric Bell, my friend Frank Murray was their road manager.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:12pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Dave and Hill-people and everyone!
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:12pm derekulation:

Says Eric bell is founding member.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:12pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

Recently, started getting in to audible books and I remember listening to your interview on GDDHS while at work and then later wanted to hear more... Thanks for hooking me up! @Dennis D Can't wait to get my cd's!! ordering now.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:12pm Philthy woman:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:13pm James on the boards:

hey Matt
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:13pm Dennis D:

Great Ollie, I do appreciate it.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:13pm Matt from Springfield:

I could always use some fries. At any time. From any place.

Hey James!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:13pm Dennis D:

hi Matt From
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:14pm Erma Gherd:

Hi Matt!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:14pm JakeGould:

“How much of a deposit do I need to put down to get on the lay-a-way plan with you!”
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:14pm Matt from Springfield:

And Dennis D too!
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:15pm moreguinness:

hey checkout girl...check out these guns
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:15pm Matt from Springfield:

The proper pick-up line could be: "Let's say I cook your eggs...and then, I'll make you some breakfast!"...

ErMG, it's Erma Gherd! Hi! :)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:15pm amy:

"Did you hear that beep? That was me scanning you."
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:15pm chad from oregon:

YngDave should fill-in host the next time Dave is faced with a pre-recording!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:15pm Supermeowy:

@ErmaGherd - where have you been? Or am I suffering from temporary memory loss (if that counts as an ailment, everyone take a drink!!)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:15pm Ms. Sim:

I felt. The. Heat.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:15pm Dennis D:

You got me thinking about writing the Swan was not Eaten , Matt
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:16pm Erma Gherd:

are there pics of YngDave?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:16pm chad from oregon:

The Full-On Retard YngDave Show
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:16pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

who illustrated the yngdave portrait? Amazing!! @davehill
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:16pm Supermeowy:

I think it would be great if Dave said "LEAVE SAUSAGE" again to Danne D this week.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:17pm BenDoverMD:

Does Yng need to wear sandals John Turturro style?
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:17pm P-90:

Bienvenue, mon cher Matt de Springfield. (Dave Hill is encouraging French use tonight, iit "classes up the joint" apparently)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:17pm JakeGould:

What the heck is that “Napalm Death” GIF at the top of the list? Angel Witch with the cat should be first!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:18pm JakeGould:

@chadfromoregon: Full BLOWN Retard!

@ErmaGherd: Yes! www.instagram.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:18pm amy:

OMG!! "The Swan Was Not Eaten" made me laugh all week!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:18pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dennis: Guaranteed Pulitzer if you write that, something seems so postmodern and alienated about that story.

@P-90: French is the most classy of classifying languages--Italian is a close second!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:18pm Dennis D:

Erma there were pics on twitter of YngDave
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:19pm Dennis D:

I think Wade Snook did the Yngdave drawing
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:19pm Matt from Springfield:

"There ain't nothin' like a dame-slash-broad!"
(Rodgers and Dorsey, 1943)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Pictures here: twitter.com... There's a Lego YngDave showing up this week.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:20pm Supermeowy:

@P-90 - d'accord! Je parle francais, mes j'ecrit tres tres mal.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:20pm Matt from Springfield:

"Illustration by David Bamundo" -- concert T-shirt design quality!
Thanks David B!! :)
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:22pm P-90:

Those Jazz cats, always talking about "dames" and "broads" and stepping out back to "blow some tea with the Negro horn players"
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:22pm Matt from Springfield:

"Cases"?? That have yet to be solved?
Now I really am scared.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:22pm Erma Gherd:

Bon ben, vous etes tous les meilleurs! Merci de me montrer les photos. M. Bamundo est le meilleur illustrateur que j'ai jamais vu!
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:23pm JeffHQ:

Bon apres-feet.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Gates Mills, Chagrin Falls, towns of terror.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:24pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

Oh, I get it now... Got to the conversation late... I've had couple beers. Thanks, Dennis!!! :) cd's are on my way... I' seriously excited about this.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:24pm StephenRadford:

I think the drinking game should be expanded. Especially if you have a healthy week, a shot is downed whenever.
- a medical condition is mentioned.
- Dave is enraged.
- Dave cuts off a caller in mid-sentence / or mid-song.
- Danne D invades the studio unannounced.
- YngDave drops a conversation stopper.
- “20 minutes” is requested (another when honoured)
- When Dave freaks out, loses it…
- Dave drops a humorous innuendo.
- Dave yells “We’ve covered this…”
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:24pm Rickwaukee:

wonder where they disposed of the evidence? DUH
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:25pm Dennis D:

I think you will like the CD's Ollie
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:25pm Erma Gherd:

I love it when Dave is enraged. I'm just going to have a little beer in case.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:25pm JakeGould:

I’ve disposed of evidence… In my pants! HAHAHA! So funny.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@Stephen: Carried over from other call-in shows, I insist that listeners also drink whenever there's a "phone beep" - hitting the keypad with your head while calling in.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:27pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: BURN those pants! They'll just send a subpoena for those next!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:27pm StephenRadford:

Yeah Matt, right on with that.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:27pm Supermeowy:

THey just announced that Rick Perry is going to be on Dancing With the Stars. The news keeps on getting weirder and weirder.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Not to mention drinking at each "Goddammit, Danne!"
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:28pm JakeGould:

@Matt: I already applied the Kon Mari method… To some of my older pants I’ve donated to a charity!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Stephen, good list.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:28pm Ms. Sim:

This drinking game sounds designed to kill each of us before the second week!
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:28pm P-90:

Dave's gonna be in Heaven: a chat-room sausage party en français!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:29pm StephenRadford:

oh I should have added, whenever Dave says "In my pants..." but then we'd all be treated for alcohol poisoning... which would then be medical... and bam! another shot...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:30pm Erma Gherd:

I mean...alcohol poisoning and it's only Monday. I usually save that for Thursdays.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:30pm Supermeowy:

La fete de saucisse!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:31pm daveB from before:

thanks Matt from Springfield! Though I need to fix Yng's stache in Photoshop as it turns out to be more of a fu manchu....that was not visible in my source pic
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:31pm Danne D:

Dang Cassius really was attacked. not cool :(
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:31pm herb.nyc:

I should look for a Howard Devoto wnyu interview I have on cassette, 1984 ish. I listened to the Paul Westerbergstein one; am reading Trouble Boys (great!!!).
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:31pm StephenRadford:

Ms. Sim, I've never known a drinking game to not end in Crime Blotter material.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:31pm Matt from Springfield:

P-90: Fête de saucisses..!?

@Jake: I have some artificial velour, but no real nice velvet pants I could donate sneakily to charity--but I'm sure Dave does!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:32pm JakeGould:

@DaveHill: Thanks for removing that Napalm Death mutilation GIF and posting that one of the lady in a pant suit falling out of a chair in a courtroom.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:32pm Supermeowy:

Danne - What's this you say about Cassius???
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:32pm Matt from Springfield:

@Erma: THIS Monday, I'ma gonna need it! (Not the alcohol necessarily, but the poisoning part? "Yes please!")
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:33pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: Wait, WHUT?!!
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:33pm Danne D:

@Meowy I don't leave sausage I leave oreos
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:33pm Ms. Sim:

*sexy music*
Cleveland native Dave Hill murdered an entire chat room tonight...
*sexy music*
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:33pm StephenRadford:

The courtroom fall gif is hilarious.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:34pm amy:

@Matt You're on fire tonight!!
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:34pm cash:

imma call in in a min, divulge
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:34pm P-90:

I would be clinically dead by the halfway point playing the drinking game by ANY 50% of the rules on that list...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:34pm amy:

@MsSim Ah ha ha ha!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey, it's DaveB from before! Mucho appreciado for your naturally-fine design, it really captures that "mystique" of YngDave!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:35pm Supermeowy:

Danne D - you don't leave any oreos for me!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Take a drink if Anthony Weiner joins Dancing with the Stars.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:35pm Dennis D:

The Nerves version?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:35pm Dennis D:

Great song
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:36pm Erma Gherd:

@Matt, oy! I hope all is OK!

Question pour Monsieur DAVE HILL - est-ce que vous connaissez une marque de chaussures qui s'appelle BELGIAN SHOES et est-ce vous en avez quelques paires? Parce que je crois que vous les adoreriez. Je viens de m'en acheter une paire.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:37pm Dennis D:

me too Dave!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Freaks & Geeks GIF!! ZOMrma Gherd, Erma Gherd!! ;)

@amy/Erma: Thanks, but just 'nother tough Monday back @ work! Natural desire for Monday temporary poisoning, as (not) articulated by Bob Geldof!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:39pm Supermeowy:

@DaveHill - I'll be asleep probably by the time Julian arrives, but he came down to Austin (and I sadly missed it) for the recording of Brooke Van Poppelen's show. It's being produced by hometown favorite comedy recording duo Sure Thing Records. I heard the show was amazing.
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:40pm P-90:

"Belgian Shoes" mentioned on the comments board. Everybody take a shot.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Glasgow, fine place to meet a nice Señorita Rodriguez!
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:40pm JeffHQ:

(runs around track naked eating Oreos at 3 am in the fog)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:41pm JakeGould:

I apply the Kon Mari method to cookies… I just eat them.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:41pm Matt from Springfield:

"Aimentalympics", 1979 cartoon! ;)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:42pm StephenRadford:

Middleton Manchester. Sadly no Royal connections.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:42pm Erma Gherd:

P-90, I love Belgian Shoes, are you a hater?!?
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:42pm P-90:

That WAS cool, the way she said "psychic abilitays"
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:42pm JeffHQ:

James the Pusherman
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:43pm Ms. Sim:

Ailments? I'm already wasted because I'm drinking in pure joy. This show puts me in another realm — A realm of bliss. Of youthful exuberance. Of booze (lots of booze.)
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:43pm Danne D:

As an update to earlier in the show Mary Radzinski will be playing at Helium Comedy Club in Philly this weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:44pm daveB from before:

amazYng album art by Mr. Snook on the twitter... @w_snook
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:44pm Dennis D:

Paul Collins from the Nerves is playing in the club Berlin in October I think it is
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:44pm Supermeowy:

I'm researching the ladies shoe collection at Belgian Shoes. Very classic, lovely styling. Have never spent more than $200 on a pair of shoes. Do these serve drinks?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:45pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

Speaking of your girl friend... Har Mar Superstar "Back the Camel Up"
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:45pm JeffHQ:

(So I sayz to the girl, if you want food on this first date, it's the tapas winebar or the highway!)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:47pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jeff: "I'll show you squid, if you show me octopus"??
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:47pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dave: YOU are a POOR UNCLE if you don't know what Build-A-Bear workshop is!! (GAHWD!!!...)
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:48pm JeffHQ:

@Matt: Burning Down the House (Red)
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:48pm devlawn:

That's build a burger
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Build-A-Bear Group, of course, is where stuffed bears meet together to discuss dominating us "meatbags"..
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:48pm P-90:

The liquor store on Montgomery Street a block and a half away is still open. Danne could get there and back in 10 mins. (Danne: tell Mrs. Park behind the counter it's for the station, she'll throw some Slim Jims and stuff in the bag, gratis)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:48pm Dennis D:

Bilderberg Group.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:48pm JakeGould:

@Supermeowy: These so-called “Men’s Shoes” at Belgian Shoes are about $400 and fugly. www.belgianshoes.com...
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:48pm Danne D:

Another reminder - the one and only James Fernandez filled im for Sasha last week and you should check him out in the archives after you research the Build a Bear Group after tonight's show
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:48pm Erma Gherd:

@supermeowy - they do not serve drinks but preppy men will buy you drinks when you wear them, so maybe they can pay for themselves? I know they are pricey but you can wear them for years and get them re-soled and yeah.

No way Dave doesn't know about Build-A-Bear!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:49pm daveB from before:

She has a great incredulous "WYUTT?"
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:49pm Supermeowy:

BURIED THE LEAD ON THE BELGIAN SHOES BRAND -- their purses are gorgeous!!! I need a rich guy to buy me one!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:50pm Erma Gherd:

@jake - pffft. @supermeowy, I KNOW RIGHT?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:50pm JakeGould:

“The crests may be applied to any style Belgian Shoe $85 per pair”
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:51pm JeffHQ:

Hitchhiking on the Merritt Pkwy.
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:51pm JeffHQ:

Pay to play sandals.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:52pm Erma Gherd:

@jake ok ok I know but I love them. Without crests.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:52pm Matt from Springfield:

Marlena "Dietrich" Rodriguez and Julian "Lennon" Velard..

Yeah, this is an expensive to show to sponsor, you might not even get a guest slot, but you pay up the wazoo anyway!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:52pm Supermeowy:

They have a cat crest. I think I may be back in the shoe game.
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:52pm Marc15:

Did the money go to WFMU as a Pledge?
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:52pm cash:

yea, quite ridic to think u cant go fetch some booze in jc at this hour. just do it.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:53pm James on the boards:

Cassius you calling back in?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:53pm Erma Gherd:

Aw the Freaks and Geeks gif! I love that kid so much!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:53pm James on the boards:

This is Danne impersonating James
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:53pm daveB from before:

Cash! Give us the lowdown
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:53pm daveB from before:

As in - call in
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:54pm cash:

yes, jst wanted2give guests some time
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:54pm P-90:

@meowy: yes, preppy guys will buy you drinks when you wear them, and a bargain compared to what you pay for the Manolo Blahniks that will get the Eurotrash guys to buy you drinks.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:55pm wade:

MoreGuiness and David Bamundo did Yngdave illustrations. i did a poster before we knew what he looked like.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:55pm Supermeowy:

Are we talking about walking 500 miles? Sorry, everyone.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:56pm Ms. Sim:

This conversation is making me feel very comfortable. I'm taking off my bra.
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:56pm cash:

i did try calling in during crime blotter(!), but had on a new pair o headphones tht blocked out my voice apparently..dave hung right up
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:57pm JeffHQ:

Lay off the French Onion Lays.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:57pm daveB from before:

Coolio Iglesias? Oh wait, I misheard...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:57pm StephenRadford:

Glad we're keeping up with the French vibe. We need some Vanessa Paradis just to round it all off.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:58pm Supermeowy:

I'd like to point out to @DanneD that I waited 2 hours to bring up kale.
  Mon. 8/29/16 10:59pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:59pm Erma Gherd:

Vanessa Paradis followed by Carla Bruni-Sarkozy! Allons-y!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:59pm Supermeowy:

Tim Gunn was recently interviewed on Michael Ian Black's podcast and it was very powerful. They discussed pocket squares and I couldn't help but think about Dave.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:59pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

@cash you should drive yngdave in for the benefit of the world...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:59pm StephenRadford:

I shopped for kale the other day and thought about you Supermeowy,
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 10:59pm JakeGould:

Nice work on the “Hanging on the Telephone” GIF.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:00pm Erma Gherd:

Yale has a really nice art gallery. I haven't had pizza there though.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:01pm daveB from before:

Frank Pepe pizza considered by many to be the tops...lone was too long when I was there
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:02pm daveB from before:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:02pm Supermeowy:

When I die, I want people to remember me for two things: being good at math, being a kale enthusiast and being a Hill people.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:02pm JeffHQ:

CT roads remind me of MA roads with less vowels and more towels. Shrimp on the carbeat.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:03pm Danne D:

Death by kale
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:03pm JakeGould:

Great new YngDave characters:

• Full Blown Retard
• The Douchebag Jew
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:04pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

he should really stick to the hits tho....
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:04pm JakeGould:

Marlena Rodriguez’s Twitter: twitter.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:05pm Julie:

I'm gonna start a Kate Bush tribute band called Kale Bush and sing about nothing but vegetables
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:06pm moreguinness:

slow down kids I'm drinking whisky...I could die
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:06pm Supermeowy:

@Julie - I will be your #1 fan!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:06pm Ms. Sim:

I am now so wasted.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:06pm Danne D:

Kale and the Gang?
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:07pm JeffHQ:

Now available at Target: Axe bodyspray, Brain Drain Bonanza
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:07pm amy:

I already took my Ambien and am afraid I'll go Heath Ledger style if I participate!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:07pm Supermeowy:

Danne - glad to see you're joining in on the kale party!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:07pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

Yngdave, play a sweet solo!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:08pm JakeGould:

@Julie: Now I would support a “Kale Bush” Kickstarter.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:08pm Supermeowy:

Kale C and the Sunshine Band?
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:09pm JeffHQ:

Supercaliforni-station id.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:09pm cash:

ollie: he was jst driven in! AND, he doesnt need2be driven anywhere, he cld take mass transit to visit studio whenever he wants!
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:10pm Danne D:

@Meowy never!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Julie - Vicki played Kate Bush on Do or DIY earlier today. www.wfmu.org...
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:11pm Dave Sustain:

Mail rooms? YngDave is like the metal Bukowski
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:12pm Danne D:

It would make sense that a drug store would have employees with ailment names
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:12pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:12pm Supermeowy:

  Mon. 8/29/16 11:12pm herb.nyc:

@supermeowy- I see yr "math counting" joke; cute
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:13pm JakeGould:

@DanneD: Like someone named their baby “Shingles?”
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:13pm Ms. Sim:

This whole night is people with no frame of reference to one another!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:13pm Supermeowy:

I'm glad someone noticed my math joke, @herb.nyc .
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:14pm JeffHQ:

Torque Slope Tenders with BBQ sauce.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:15pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

Dave, can you play some misfits just for a moment... or 2. in honor of the reunion of glenn and jerry... and dave lombardo joining on drums this summer?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:17pm Supermeowy:

The Ro-Kales
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:17pm P-90:

"Dr. Bruce Goldberg" mentioned. Take a shot, gang.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:17pm herb.nyc:

(my fav math joke: how to boil water)
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:18pm Rickwaukee:

tallest midget radio
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Here's a site featuring a GIF of a lucky dog. blackflag.jalopnik.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:18pm Ms. Sim:

Bonus sexy music!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:19pm amy:

What did the zero say to the eight?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:20pm amy:

I like your belt.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:20pm JeffHQ:

Diamond in the bluff.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:20pm Danne D:

Is post-attack Cassius now sensitive Cassius?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:20pm StephenRadford:

Haha, Amy!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:21pm Supermeowy:

I don't know this one @amy .
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:21pm Danne D:

I hope Cassius is not calling from a dark alley right now :(
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:22pm JeffHQ:

Moltar! Zorak! Get me some wata!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:22pm JakeGould:

Q: Why was 6 scared of 7?
A: Because 7 ate 9.

*rimshot* *silence* *birds chirp* *someone shouts “you suck!”*
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:23pm P-90:

Marlene and YngDave had great chemistry (comedically.)
She really knows how to work with him.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:23pm Ms. Sim:

Oh, this live soundtrack is brill.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:23pm Danne D:

This is like a Joe Frank story getting put together on the fly
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:23pm JeffHQ:

Smooth jazzy sounds of sacrilege.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:24pm StephenRadford:

I almost got stabbed outside of a police station once. Like I thought it would be safer than an alley.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:24pm Erma Gherd:

Where did Napoleon keep his armies?
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:24pm Danne D:

A lot of criminals hanging around police stations though
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:24pm Erma Gherd:

Up his sleevies!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:24pm StephenRadford:

Almost being that he was so high I was able to casually walk in another direction while he tried to open his pen knife.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:25pm Supermeowy:

I love how worked up Cassius is getting. Good work, Dave!!
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:25pm P-90:

OK, now it sounds like it was actually Nick Name that got Cassius assualted, if you're following the details
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:25pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:26pm Ms. Sim:

Not an ailment? Thank Christ.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:26pm StephenRadford:

I know! What was I thinking?
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:26pm P-90:

A brick? A BRICK?!
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:26pm Rickwaukee:

he was struck repeatedly with a brick Dave.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:27pm StephenRadford:

Cassius really got slugged. He seems incredibly adjusted considering.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:27pm Erma Gherd:

Jesus this is terrible!
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:27pm Will Flipson:

Sex is like math:
Add the bed
Subtract the clothes
Divide the legs and pray you dont multiply
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:27pm JeffHQ:

I love it when you're clean.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:27pm P-90:

"...stitches 'n' staples": take another shot guys
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:28pm Danne D:

you can hear the broken nose in his voice
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:28pm herb.nyc:

Joe Pernice told of friend in a 2man band. One was a very big fat guy. Band was called 10. (Uh, I'm Chinese. That was kinda racist of Juluan. But funny)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:28pm JakeGould:

James is turning Japanese?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:28pm Supermeowy:

"I can't even play racist music right" -- line of the night.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:29pm StephenRadford:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:29pm Dennis D:

Sorry to hear that Cassius.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:29pm StephenRadford:

I'm no dentist...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:30pm Dennis D:

product of gentrification
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:30pm Danne D:

He's down an incisor and a canine
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:30pm JakeGould:

$700 Burberry watch? Cassius is rolling in it.

But sorry about the violence, Cassius.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:30pm StephenRadford:

Then again my dentist would call it "D3 is good, B2...corroded."
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:30pm P-90:

No, she was mistaken on a musical point: he was in an absolutely correct key when he first played the traditional "Generic Asian" jingle
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:31pm JeffHQ:

Chaplin trampstamp. Send royalties.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:32pm Supermeowy:

If Hola was here, she'd be able to school all of us on dentistry angle of this attack.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:33pm P-90:

Rule #16: when there's a lull in the story, fill in with a little Scott Joplin Rag
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:33pm Ms. Sim:

Asian soundtrack in question? i.imgur.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:34pm BenDoverMD:

I totally feel badly for Cassius, but this is drastically cutting into the potential time for a full yacht rock concert
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:35pm JeffHQ:

6 months until the youths take the Burberry watches.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:38pm JeffHQ:

Yacht lock saved.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:38pm moreguinness:

that story was brutal...however the phrase "Generic Asian" jingle will stick with me far longer than I'm comfortable with
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:38pm Erma Gherd:

  Mon. 8/29/16 11:39pm P-90:

Math joke dept:
Q: What did the zero say to the eight?
A: Nice belt!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:39pm JakeGould:

New phrases that will stick with us because of this show:

• Full Blown Retard
• The Douchebag Jew
• Generic Asian
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:40pm JeffHQ:

83 RIP
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:40pm JakeGould:

@P-90: Basically what Amy already said.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:40pm P-90:

How badly do you have to get beaten to rate a Top Shelf selection?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:40pm Supermeowy:

Add to the list "Leave Sausage"
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@P-90 - Please refer to 11:19.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:41pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

does this guy know in the garden of eden... aka inagodadavita
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:41pm JeffHQ:

Speedy healz.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:42pm Danne D:

Meowy the phrase from last week was "Sausage Leave". kale is scrambling your memory
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:42pm JakeGould:

UPDATED: New phrases that will stick with us because of this show:

• Full Blown Retard
• The Douchebag Jew
• Generic Asian
• Leave Sausage
• Kale Bush

This show is blowing my lexicon!
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:43pm JeffHQ:

Sweet Marinade
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:43pm Julie:

ahahah Kale Bush
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:43pm P-90:

@ Jake: was it? I'm having technical,difficulties tonight, I'm on the iPad and the gifs are eating so much bandwidth, I'm having trouble seeing/posting comments.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:44pm Ms. Sim:

Oh my.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:44pm JakeGould:

@Julie: Hat tip to you for that one; amazing words!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:44pm Supermeowy:

Leave Sausage / Sausage Leave -- either way, @DanneD - GET OUTTA HERE!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:44pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

wow! thats really nice!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:44pm Erma Gherd:

note to self: do not go to Sid's request room with these guys.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:45pm P-90:

Wow, Marlene does it all! Does she dance too?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:45pm BenDoverMD:

Ok...in what universe is this better than yacht rock?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:45pm Ms. Sim:

oh, dear me.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:46pm Rickwaukee:

my cat ran out of the room if I had a cat.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:46pm JeffHQ:

VMA after-after-after party. Bring band aids.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:46pm Supermeowy:

I'd like to request some generic asian music.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:47pm JakeGould:

YngDave is wonderful!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:47pm BenDoverMD:

Ugh...for once less YngDave more yacht rock
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:48pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

love boat theme
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:49pm Julie:

yacht rock yacht rock!
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:49pm cash:

they gave me morphine in hospital, &did prescribe me oxycontin, but i havnt needed it, dealt w it in a manly fashion..maybe ill sell th pills
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:49pm P-90:

"Sciatica": reaching for the chilled Svedka vodka...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:49pm Ms. Sim:

Oh my. Well now. This is certainly... Yes.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:49pm BenDoverMD:

Sentimental Lady or Dream Weaver fer chrissakes!!!! Ugh
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:50pm Erma Gherd:

yacht rock, yacht rock.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:50pm JeffHQ:

Hill, Marl, Vel and BVP. Arenas this fall.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:50pm Supermeowy:

A little Hall & Oates, please!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:51pm Erma Gherd:

she's sucking up all the air in the room.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:51pm Julie:

wow TMI on the Danne D front right there
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:51pm JakeGould:

Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:52pm James:

im headin out a minute early, folks. Peace!
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:52pm P-90:

These are all AFTRA songs. Station Manager Ken may call a little meeting after adding up the royalty payments
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:52pm Ms. Sim:

(omg I love Julian sewwwwww muhhhhch.)
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:53pm BenDoverMD:

Gaaah!!!! I'm tapping out. Goodnight my loves
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:53pm Julie:

Julian can play anything
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:54pm Supermeowy:

I'm sleepy! Have a great week Hill People! Eat your kale, stay street, stay hydrated! See you all next week.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:54pm P-90:

"Danne D is rock-hard right now": that's good for another shot
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:55pm JeffHQ:

Can we bring the serial killers to the stage for a choir?
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:55pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

my dreams just came true
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh no Se7en!! Starting soon-to-be Prez Hillary Clinton!!?!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:56pm Ms. Sim:

I don't even know why Julian is a guest if he can't just riff a full-on stream of consciousness bar-mitzvah night of music for hours and hours. IT'S GLORIOUS.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:56pm JeffHQ:

Cookin w gas.
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:56pm Erma Gherd:

later taters, see youse next week.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:56pm moreguinness:

is rock hard an ailment...close enough
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:57pm P-90:

"Seven" with Hillary Clinton was REAL scary
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:57pm Danne D:

Thanks for listening everyone :) Until Next Time :D
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:57pm JakeGould:

Here is Julian Velard’s Twitter for anyone to express their opinion on that “Generic Asian” vamp. twitter.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:57pm Ollie's 18 wheels of fire:

hahaha this is fucking incredible!!
Avatar Mon. 8/29/16 11:57pm Matt from Springfield:

This is like the Jewbadour all over again! :)

Thanks Dave and Marlena and everyone! Have a good night!
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:57pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 8/29/16 11:58pm Kyle:

Lit. Good job everyone
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:58pm Dave Sustain:

YngDave great timing
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:59pm JeffHQ:

Good game all.
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:59pm moreguinness:

thanks kids...hugs
  Mon. 8/29/16 11:59pm P-90:

OK, Marlene and Julian HAVE to come back again soon!
Avatar Tue. 8/30/16 12:00am Ms. Sim:

Avatar Tue. 8/30/16 12:00am Dennis D:

have a great week all
  Tue. 8/30/16 12:00am P-90:

Hopefully, Jesse won't distract anyone so bad that they get beat with a brick tonight...
Avatar Tue. 8/30/16 12:00am Ken From Hyde Park:

Nice station ID. See you all on Labor Day!
Avatar Tue. 8/30/16 12:02am Dennis D:

night all, sorry Cassisus
  Tue. 8/30/16 12:03am cash:

thanks 2everyone on here w well-wishes, much appreciated
Avatar Tue. 8/30/16 12:05am StephenRadford:

Great Show! You were ALL hilarious tonight. BE SAFE everybody!
Avatar Tue. 8/30/16 1:21am DaveHill:

Thanks for listening, everybody! See you next week!
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